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This story is fucking silly, but I guess it's inspired by Susan, as far as light-hearted gore goes. Anyway, first time writer, and all that. Here you go.

Car Fight

(m/f, loli, vivisection)

The two siblings had spent hours in the backseat by this time, and as anyone with experience would expect, they both grew fidgety as their boredom skyrocketed. Alyssa had resolved to behave this time, sitting quietly in her seat for the first several hours of the trip, confident that if - or realistically, when - a fight broke out, she would be free of blame. By the time the first blows were struck, however, she was leaning to her side in what could be interpreted as an encroachment of territory, which was exactly the justification given for the light kicks she was now receiving from her left.
"I'm just resting, geez!" she said, righting herself. The difficulty of maintaining vertical posture was nevertheless taking its toll, and in her annoyance, she reciprocated a few playful kicks.
"Hey!" shouted Alex. Their parents winced, recognizing that the tension had reached its breaking point, meaning the end of peace and quiet, probably for good. Soon enough, the children were pressed against their respective doors, kicking each other relentlessly until everything below their shorts was bruised and scratched.
Alex, having had enough, grabbed his sister's leg in mid-kick and twisted it hard. Alyssa cried out in pain as she felt something tear. The smirk on her brother's face left her more furious than ever. The violence was clearly escalating - why not take it a step further?
Alyssa took a hold of her brother's arm and bit down blindly and with intense force. Their parents rolled their eyes as Alex screamed, until her teeth met, with his little and ring fingers still in her mouth. She spat them all out at him, then stuck out her tongue.
Enraged, Alex grabbed her hair with his left hand and hooked her collar with his remaining fingers, tearing the shirt open and exposing her bare torso. Having just hit puberty, breasts were only hinted at; she had never needed a bra, but now she wished she was wearing one. In the meantime, her chest was prominent enough that Alex, having obtained some scissors from his box of school supplies, managed to skewer the nearest breast with the scissorhead, eliciting quite a scream from its owner.
As he proceeded to punch her exposed stomach, she yanked out the unguarded scissors - another blow, derailing her grip - and a severed nipple fell onto her lap. Tears streaming down her face, she stabbed downwards with the scissors, landing directly between her brother's legs. Jerking the scissors away, she held up her brother's erect penis, severed at the base of the scrotum.
A kick to her stomach caused her to drop the scissors, along with the genitalia, which Alex extracted and tucked firmly back between his legs.
Meanwhile, the raucous was taking its toll on the adult passengers. When it appeared that the two were scrambling over their seats to get at each other, their father shouted, "Kids, sit straight! What if there's an accident while you're monkeying around? And keep your seatbelts on!"
"We are!" Alyssa shouted back, though her body had recently been carved in half at the waist (just below her navel), making the strap rather useless in the event of an emergency. As her top half clambored over her brother's shoulder, biting into the muscle, Alex took advantage Alyssa's loss of feeling to strip her lower half and jam his fist into her cunt repeatedly, widening the hole with each blow. Just as his right arm fell off under his sister's incessant gnawing, his left went all the way through, penetrating the cervix and puncturing the top of the uterus!
He reached forward with his hand until he found the organ he was looking for, and gripped it. Then he pointed the severed abdomen at Alyssa, who was swinging his severed arm at him, and squeezed. "GROSS!" she screamed as her face became soaked with her own urine. "Moooom, Alex made me pee on myself!"
As usual, the specifics of the accusation were lost on her mother, who could only sigh and shake her head. Without taking her eyes off the road, she chided, "it doesn't matter who started it. If you were really that much better, you wouldn't still be fighting!" Their father chimed in, hoping to lighten the mood: "It's only an hour more, kids. Tell you what, if you prove that you can behave for the rest of the trip, I'll buy you ice cream as soon as we get there. How about it?"
The offer was dulled somewhat by the looming boredom of staying in a motel for the duration of their father's dumb colloquium, but if it was the only pleasant thing they would experience on this trip, they sure as heck weren't giving it up.
Alex withdrew his arm from his sister's vagina, sat her bottom half in her upper half's waiting arms with a grunt, then folded his arms and pretended to look out of the window. She set it down and tried to scoop up stray intestines, which she stuffed into her abdominal cavity haphazardly before handwalking over her severed lower half, dropping down with a sigh, and getting comfortable until she could move her legs again. Suddenly, her pussy felt sore and raw; she clasped her crotch and rocked for a few seconds, shooting a glare at her brother. He didn't seem to notice.
Scooting back, she felt something under her butt. "Aw maaan," she moaned, realizing that she had put herself back together with the lower strap of her seatbelt still behind her. With little hope, she implored, "can I just quickly just unbuckle--"
"No!" answered her father, firmly.
Alyssa sighed and brought the strap to the small of her back, inching it back and forth until she felt it slide into her spine, severing feeling in her legs again. Suddenly, she felt a snag. Looking down, she saw more urine trickle onto the seat. For some reason, the sight was all the more fascinating in the absence of any and all feeling in her nether regions. She reached down tentatively and prodded her clit with her index finger. Nothing. The sensation of having no sensation was... well, sensational, if she had to describe it. Trying to remain discreet, she yanked sharply on the elastic belt, inching it past her spine and into her belly, displacing some of her entrails.
She could feel the friction of her intestines against her upper half, as well as the sliding of her two halves against each other. The feeling in her gut was similar to what she experienced during free fall, or on a roller coaster. She slid a hand over her belly button and fingered the divide before slipping them inside. She let her fingers run downwards across the inside of her abdominal cavity, her other hand following on the outside. Soon, she was pressing her pussy from both inside and out, and it was to this exhilarating sensation that her legs - and twitching pussy - awoke, causing her legs to shoot out in an electrifying (but still quiet) orgasm.
"Please don't kick the seat, dear."


"Holy moly, you guys really made a mess back there," chuckled their father. His wife eyed him with a stern expression. "Those stains could be very difficult to clean. I thought that you would have matured since last time, but it's like you just never learn," she said, looking to the sky in exasperation. Alyssa recalled their previous kerfuffle. If she recalled correctly, she had emerged the victor with one remaining limb.
The siblings were wearing towels now, standing next to their car in the motel parking lot. "Sorry," they mumbled together, looking at their feet. "I won't do it again," they mumbled separately.
"Because of your nonsense back there, you'll have to walk through the hotel lobby in towels. I sincerely hope you've learned your lesson this time," continued their mother. Indeed, the towels were embarrassingly small, and no matter how she held it, Alyssa felt that she was leaving something exposed. She eventually settled on her butt, which was her least mutilated private part for the time being.
"Yes, ma'am," responded Alex half-mockingly. After a few steps, he paused, darted back to the car, appearing to search for something in the back seat. Lifting up the seat cushions, he produced his somewhat deflated dick, which he held by the tip, letting it dangle comically for a few moments before tucking it discretely under his arm.


Her nipple held on by a band-aid, and her waist held together by sheer balance, and remnants of the ice cream she had just eaten trickling out of her belly, Alyssa threw herself onto the bed in exhaustion. The little twirl she always did to land face down on the mattress succeeded in planting her face in her own crotch. Opening one eye, she turned her ass on its front, fluffed up her buttocks like pillows, and finally went to sleep.


Author of Susan here.

Once again, I'm honored to have inspired somebody else and right off the bat I have to give kudos for the hilarious and original premise.

Technical quality was good, the only real mistake I could find being using 'raucous' (which is an adjective) instead of 'ruckus'.

There were a few things that I feel could have been explained a little better, such as how Alex managed to cut through Alyssa's waist; the scissors don't quite seem up to the task. Also, Alyssa regaining any feeling in her lower body (or still being able to walk at the motel) after settling her top half on her lower half again seems a little strange given that her spinal cord didn't actually reconnect, as evidenced by the fact that she can slide a seat belt through the gap. Finally, I was left wondering why they were suddenly dressed in towels in the motel parking lot.

Still, it was an amusing story and I'm looking forward to more of your work. I don't know how if loli is your thing, but if it isn't I'd love to read something in which the protagonist was at least in her late teens. Anyway, that's just my personal preference. Keep up the good work!


Other author of Susan here. ;-)

Lots of mechanics that haven't been defined here. Not that they really need to be, but it'd fit well into the world I tried to sketch with, if you feel like it.


I love light-hearted stuff like this. Really enjoyed reading is.
What for mechanics, it's not even that they're not explained, they seem inconsistent. Like somtimes severed parts reattach just by putting them in place and sometimes they don't and have to be held by band-aids and balance.


I hope you don't mind if I borrow your setting...


“Even so, isn’t having a twin just like having a built-in friend?”

For a long second she just looked at Andrea, her lunch momentarily forgotten. How was she supposed to react to a crazy claim like that? They were sitting off to the side of the schoolyard, spending their lunch break in the shade of a tree, and the conversation *up until now* had been reasonable enough.


Her voice was shaking from suppressed emotion. Mirth, mostly. She couldn’t get angry at her best friend, not just because she was so utterly, horribly, horrifyingly wrong, but she sure could correct her. Her voice rose. “Friend, you say?”

“Isn’t he?” Andrea’s red hair gleamed softly in the sun, as she turned her head towards Alyssa. “I remember, when you started here you got bullied a bit. That lasted about a day.”

“Oh, sure. He won’t let anyone else hurt me…”

Or vice versa, she refused to say.

It didn’t help very much. He’d teased her mercilessly on the way back home after that day. She might have preferred the bullies; at least they didn’t know precisely the right buttons to push, and there was a limit to how much they could do.

“Look,” she continued, glancing around to make sure no-one else was near before she pulled her t-shirt up over her head. “That’s just from this morning. We got into a fight over the GameStation last night, which I won, so he snuck into my room while I was sleeping to get back at me.“

“I thought you looked a bit flatter than normal.” Andrea chuckled, the three years older girl completely unsurprised by the ‘revelation’. “Did he find a better hiding place, or something? You’re usually up so early, I’m surprised you didn’t fix yourself.”

“Or something,” Alyssa groaned. She looked down at her flat-as-a-pancake chest, wondering what her breasts were doing right now. They wouldn’t even grow back, not like this; as far as her chest was concerned she was perfectly healthy, just… flat. She let her t-shirt drop back down.

“Actually…” Andrea looked her over dubiously, from head to toes, making her shift uncomfortably. “That’s weird. Did your hips get narrower? You look younger, almost, only not quite…” She blinked, then grinned. “Oh, huh. So that’s how he did it, is it? Lucky you we don’t have PE today. Hey, wait. Which means, that limp…”

She absolutely would not blush.


Last night, shortly after she’d fallen asleep.

The door to her room opened just a crack. Alex snuck in, careful not to make any noise or let the hallway light hit her face, a task made more difficult by the fact that his right leg was still only barely functional. Andrea had twisted it right *off*, just to keep him distracted, and there hadn’t been time for more than a quick patch-job.

He could admire her, a bit. At fifteen, nearly a year older than him, she still hadn’t filled out very much—he had, so they were just about the same size, and he was stronger—but she was still usually the victor in their little fights, if only because she fought dirty.

Not that it’d stop him from doing what he was about to do.

He quietly closed the door behind him, pulling out a scalpel that he’d purloined from the infirmary at school a while ago. It gleamed in the dark.

Okay, no it didn’t. But he could pretend that it had, right? There was no-one here to tell him otherwise. Except for Alyssa, and shortly she wouldn’t be able to say anything at all. She would be… *silenced*, permanently. Or, well, for long enough. Hopefully she wouldn’t wake up at all, that’d ruin everything…

He stopped worrying about it, and tip-toed over to her bed. The room was almost pitch-black right now, but he’d seen her positioning before he closed the door. Leaning over at just about the right spot, he froze for a second as her breath tickled the back of his hands… then, oh so slowly, he traced the contours of her head by the indentation it made on her pillow until he found her neck. He’d only get one shot at this; the scalpel was sharp, enough that she shouldn’t feel it, but if he cut the wrong thing she’d just wake up, and since he was naked right now he didn’t feel like the ensuing explanation to their parents would go well for him. If it *worked*, she’d be too embarrassed to tell.

Ever so slowly…

The scalpel tickled the back of her neck, breaking her skin without causing pain. Alyssa shivered in her sleep, her dream suddenly changing to one where she was being hugged, from behind, by an ice-cold penguin. The deeper he dug, the riskier it got, but there was at least a couple millimetres.

The scalpel hit one of her vertebrae with a barely noticeable, inaudible ping, then slipped in between two of them. In her dream, Alyssa’s penguin had heated up to body temperature, but she felt a little uncomfortable—it tugged on her cheek—

He’d done it perfectly. Inside her neck, the scalpel slid through a membrane and hit a nerve, literally; he felt around, as much as he could with something that sharp, until he’d cut all the nerves except the one for her lungs. Preventing her from breathing might not kill her, but it sure would wake her up.

He pulled the scalpel out, and breathed a quiet sigh, as her heart rate steadied and her breathing slowed. Inside the dream the penguin was no more, but the dream itself was slowly fading; she felt relaxed, absolutely, as the various aches and twinges from her recent fight had all cut off at once—along, of course, with every other sensation except from her head. If she’d been awake, the paralysis might have made her panic—but she wasn’t, and it didn’t, and if she could have *trusted* Alex she might have asked to sleep like this every chance she could.

If she’d wanted to stop him from what he was doing, then now was far too late.

Alex pinched her side, just to make sure. No reaction; not even the faintest twitch. There was a vague scent of ammonia spreading through the room, but that was as he’d expected, and he doubted she’d wake up from that. It was hardly the first time she’d gone to sleep incontinent.

Then he got to work.

Her pyjamas was first. She was only paralysed from the neck down, not sedated, so he couldn’t pull it off the normal way. He returned to the scalpel, instead, cutting away at the seams of her clothes until he could pull them apart. This revealed her bare body, technically; he couldn’t see it, but he ran his hands over her chest and between her legs safe in the knowledge that she couldn’t possibly feel it. She was an excellent example of a girlish physique, if he dared say so himself; all the more so for being fully intact. It would make what he was about to do all the sweeter.

Scalpel out, and cutting around her waist. Soon he could push his hands into her guts, where he methodically went about pulling them out. No sense in making this harder on himself. Carefully, though; he had to do it without moving her head too much.

Her spine gave way, leaving a lower half with only the essentials. Kidneys, the very lowest part of her digestive tract, her reproductive system—her womb, and everything that went with it. Now freed from needing to be so careful, he went to work with her legs with abandon; they were still only barely healed, and Alyssa’s left leg actually came free with just a little tug. He wondered how she’d gotten upstairs—hand-walking, maybe?

Not that it mattered.

He dragged a finger across the lips of her pussy, feeling the hairs.

Actually, wasn’t this a unique opportunity? There was no way he could convince her normally. And he was already naked. So—

Disgust overwhelmed him at the thought. Whatever else she was, she was still his sister!

Eager to get it over with, he turned to her upper half and started cutting. This would be tricky; he’d broken her chest into pieces before, but this time he had to cut off the front of her rib-cage without actually harming her insides, while normally that was the entire point. He had fond memories of one time, he’d fooled her into drinking some kind of acid and her bones had gotten incredibly brittle, which left her practically falling apart at the slightest touch. That had ended when he’d accidentally crushed her brain, leaving her a vegetable for nearly a day…

Mom had been really upset at him, because she’d missed school, and Alyssa had been even more upset because she’d missed her favourite show. He frowned. Maybe not such a good idea to repeat, especially after the way she’d gotten back at him.

He’d finished cutting, and tugged at the bottom edge of her ribcage with one hand. It moved perhaps a millimetre, the suction being plenty enough to keep it in place. Tricky; if he used much more force, she’d probably wake up. Instead he jammed one hand into her entrails and felt for her backbone, levering his elbow against the top of her chest while he felt around for the attachment points with his other.

That worked. Her floating ribs slowly came free, making her look a little bit like a box he was opening… or a chest he was opening, he supposed, heh. He started cutting, puncturing her flesh here and there to release pressure and even separating her fixed ribs from her backbone. Then he got a little careless. He used too much force, making a rib-bone audibly crack as it snapped in two, and Alyssa’s breathing suddenly sped up.

He paused, desperately hoping she wouldn’t wake.

Minutes passed. Slowly, her breathing went back to normal; even more slowly, so did his.

The rest was easy, relatively speaking, and soon Alyssa was split into five pieces. Two legs, hips, a ribcage, and finally the sole part of her body that was still connected to her, her arms, backbone and organs. She’d be a pitiable sight, if he’d dared to turn on the lights, and for a moment he thought of leaving her that way. It was a little bit more extreme than usual, but she still had her arms—which, he knew from bitter experience, was likely enough for her to beat him in a fight if she’d been awake and able to use them. It was certainly enough for her to put herself back together.

But, that hadn’t been the plan. And he wanted to do something that would embarrass her at school, which meant he had to do something that she *could* hide from their parents. Bringing them in would embarrass them both, but he’d be the one who got punished.

Making a last-minute decision, he cut off her arms as well before picking up the pieces of his sister, all save her head-parts, and silently vacating the room. The next part would be far easier with decent lighting.


“Hey, Alex!”

He looked up from his desk, to see Lucas looking oddly at him.

“I was going to invite you to our soccer game, but… are you feeling okay? Isn’t that clothing way too hot?”

He shook his head, even though he was soaked. Cursing himself for last night’s decisions. He was wearing a baggy sweater, and equally baggy pants; they fit him about as well as a tent would have. Which was the point. And no, he didn’t feel okay; he felt weak. His books all seemed to weigh more than they should have. Which was to be expected, but—

“Maybe tomorrow. I need to work on some homework,” he excused himself.

“Well, suit yourself.” Lucas shook his head sadly before leaving the room. “Homework, huh.”


Bathroom door, locked.

His hearing felt hypersensitive, but all he could hear were the distant sounds of lifters and auto-cars. Their parents were asleep, and they’d better stay that way.

The bathroom had a full-length wall mirror, which came in handy as he sat down on the floor and started cutting himself apart. Legs first, of course, and hips; he gave his dick one sad tug before severing his spine, and with it all sensation. He’d been hard, of course; he got hard at pretty much any excuse, but it quickly deflated after being separated from his body.

Then, the crucial part. Cutting off the front of his own chest was at once easier and harder than it had been with Alyssa. Easier, because he could feel what he was doing and didn’t need to worry about waking *himself*. (And it hurt, even if that level of “maximum hurt” was something he’d long since learnt to ignore.) Harder, because he didn’t have the same sort of leverage, and any mistake—even just not getting the cut exactly the same as on his sister—might mean needing to start over.

He persevered, though. It was one of his better qualities; that even if he lost, he’d come back and try again. Of course, when the thing he’d lost at was one of the twins’ interminable games of “who can first render the other down for parts before being torn apart”, his attempts at trying harder were often a little grotesque.

His ribcage clattered to the floor.

It was an odd feeling. He felt exposed, utterly. His organs were kind of hanging loose, tugging at connective tissue that wasn’t connected to his bones anymore. He could see his heart beating, and feel the warm-but-not-body-temperature air stroking across his insides, quickly cooling him down. Which meant, of course, that his sister—stuck in a much colder bedroom, and just as exposed—had to be feeling pretty cold by now. He’d better get a move on.


Penguins. Penguins as far as the eye could see.

She shivered, turning her head up towards the merciless, cool blue sun. Then she took a step, placing a naked foot deep in the snow. Then another.

Her feet broke off, then her legs. She kept walking, losing more and more parts of herself.


Cut off one arm, leaving him at the most diminished he’d ever been on his own. He thought—his memories were vague, but many years ago, before they’d started fighting so much, he thought he remembered Andrea having taken them apart, rendering them down to individual organs just to see what the difference was, and then *leaving*. Just up and running away, because she’d remembered there was a TV show on.

Then, a cat had showed up and started batting them around, mixing up all the pieces and eating bits of his skin!

She’d put them back together an hour later, the longest hour in his life, and he still wasn’t sure if she’d gotten it right. He had a niggling feeling, growing stronger ever since they’d hit puberty, that she’d actually gotten it horribly wrong, but they’d been six at the time and Andrea barely eight; he didn’t remember it well enough to be sure.

Reattach, *Alyssa’s* arm, and it clicked into place like it belonged there. Then the other. Funny, she’d always seemed so strong, but her arms were thinner and he could already tell that they were also weaker. Completely hairless, but he was light-haired; nobody would be able to tell the difference without looking close, and he had a sweater that’d hide them.

Her ribcage.

He gulped, a funny sensation in his current state, because right now he was sexless; after he attached the ribcage, he’d effectively be a girl. He’d have breasts, and those would be far more noticeable than any amount of hair. He’d be a she…

He felt a kind of tingling sensation in his gut, excitement at what he was about to do. Or was he going to back out now? It’d be a funny enough prank just to swap limbs, and with far less risk of discovery.

No. No, he wouldn’t back out.

After all that thought, actually putting it on was anticlimactic. It felt sort of like stuffing a turkey; the ribcage was stiff, while his organs had sort of slopped downwards. Once he got everything roughly into place, however, he quickly felt the tingling sensation of his flesh healing… fusing to someone else’s. Quickly he put on Alyssa’s hips and legs as well, leaving him as a real, one hundred percent girl… still with his own face and scarcely-noticeable hints of a beard to come. One that wouldn’t come, so long as he stayed like this.

It felt odd, just for how normal it felt. Apart from the inherent fragility of having barely healed, he felt pretty much like himself. (*Although*, a hand sneaking across his vagina told him, he no longer had the one feature he’d gotten really used to, that made almost every time he was called up to the blackboard an exercise in embarrassment. He guess that wouldn’t be a problem for tomorrow.)

It was strange. He’d been expecting to feel horny, but he kind of didn’t. Curious, of course, but not enough that he’d ruin the rest of the night; he needed to sleep, and soon, because he had to be out of the house before Alyssa woke up. Maybe he could find a secluded spot on the way to school… nah. Too much bother. After school, maybe, if Alyssa didn’t corner him there.


“So you’re a boy now.”

“Only at the moment!” Alyssa protested. “I’ll force him to switch us back the moment I get home from school. Don’t tell anyone else. You won’t, right?” She looked pleadingly at Andrea, who looked far too amused. “Please don’t! I’ll just *die* if my classmates learn about it.”

“Relax.” Andrea smirked at her. “Do you think you’re the only one who’s tried this? In fact—“ She counted off on her fingers. “Carlos, Juliana, Tim…”

“They’ve all done the same thing?” Alyssa’s voice betrayed her shock. “Well, Carlos and Juliana I can maybe understand, but Tim…?”

Andrea shook her head. “That list would be about half the class. Those three are the ones I’m pretty sure were born a different sex than they’re using right now. Maybe. Tim, definitely, but I have no idea about the twins, and I think neither do they. *You* two, on the other hand…”

She’d known Tim for half her life—

“Live a little, will you?” Andrea sighed. “You know what? I’m calling in a favour.”

No. Nonono.

“You’re staying like that for at least a month. It’ll do you good, to see how the other half lives.”

She couldn’t be serious.

“I’ll tell the teachers for you, okay? So make sure you use the right changing room, I don’t really want a boy to see me naked.”

Absurd! Ludicrous!

Alyssa jerked with every new pronouncement. She couldn’t go against Andrea, and the girl knew it.

“That just leaves thinking of a name. Simple enough, I guess… I’ll see you later, Alex. Hey, maybe if you’re a fast enough learner you can get a girlfriend before the month is out? I always really liked you, you know.”

Andrea winked.


An interesting second look at this amusing universe. It does explain the lack of reaction on the part of the parents in the initial story, since the supernatural healing appears to be a common thing (it also offers the possibility for stories with other participants set in the same universe, such as Alyssa and others girls messing about in college – I can imagine some fun hazing rituals, for example – but that's just wishful thinking on my part).

The story was pretty well written, though some of the mechanics are a little doubtful. Even if they appear to be fairly fragile it seems unlikely Alex would be able to just pull the ribs off the spine without so much as a sound. Still, it was a fun read, and more lighthearted vivisection stories are of course always welcome. I particularly liked the idea for the acid incident. The only thing I felt was really lacking was a clear motivation for Alex to switch bodies with his sister. The implication seems to be embarrassing his sister, but one would imagine it would be just as embarrassing for him, if not more so.


Some departures from reality are a given, and suspension of disbelief is hopeful at best in a story like this, but let's see if I can explain some of my reasoning.

The lack of reaction was, indeed, because their parents knew that nothing particularly bad could happen; that, combined with several years of gradually escalating violence that's gotten them well and truly used to their childrens' antics. It might be less clear why Alyssa's father was so insistent on the seat belt. In my reading, there are three reasons: He got into the habit earlier in life, he doesn't want splattered bits of Alyssa *all over the car* in case of an accident, and there actually is a threshold beyond which she'd be (temporarily!) dead.

To be clear, however... I don't know what OP's intentions were, but at least with my reading of things, the healing factor is technological rather than magical. Which is why I'm "Doctor Faust" rather than "Mephistopheles" right at the moment. They've been thoroughly re-engineered; their bodies have backups for everything, and can indeed recover from some quite impressive trauma, but as I mentioned there's a limit. Beyond that limit, she'd die. And be reloaded from backup, in the unlikely event that they can't scrape up enough DNA to get an up-to-date copy of her mind. The fact that they can't die *permanently* doesn't matter to the twins, because any scenario in which their parents get involved is an automatic loss. I hinted at the fact that it's an SF world with my references to "lifters" and "auto-cars"; background details of their lives that the two of course would never bother to seriously wonder about.

It would be entirely possible for Alyssa to speak to her father, explain what happened and get her body fixed, but that would be far too embarrassing a conversation for her to want to have. Which, of course, Alex knows. They know each other quite well, and despite appearances they don't actually hate each other; it's more the usual sibling rivalry, amplified by living in a world where these fight don't have any serious or even long-term consequences. The "maximum pain" Alex referred to is about the level of a papercut; any damage beyond that always feels about the same. It's enough to to avoid the sort of injuries you get if you can't feel pain at all, but it avoids any real suffering, and if there hadn't been such a limit they would never consider hurting each other.

So, over to your two main concerns, the mechanics and Alex' motivation.

For the latter, two possibilities. One, he knew it'd embarrass his sister more than him—because he was prepared, and had a convenient bulky sweater to hide his new figure with—and also because he doesn't always think things through very well; he'd focused mostly on *her* experience, without thinking much about how it'd be for himself. Two, it's possible that they were *already switched*, something I hinted at a couple of times. Alex has grown up as a boy, but he wasn't necessarily born that way. Of course, there's no way to confirm this right at the moment, and he could easily be wrong about that (vague, unformed) suspicion.

For the former... yeah, they're fragile. Some of that is simply necessary for the story to work, but my in-story explanation is simply that, although they heal up to "normal functionality" pretty quickly, it actually takes days to weeks for their bodies to reform the sort of strong bonds that prevent made-from-plasticine syndrome. Alyssa's ribs, spine, organs... everything broke apart pretty easily, because she'd already been broken apart in the same way relatively recently, and there's nothing preventing them from using significantly more force in their normal fights.


And yes, I'll probably post another chapter or two at some point, unless OP comes back and decides he wants priority.

Thanks for the 'hazing' idea. :P

Other thoughts would be...
- An increasingly zombielike game of tag, or other children's game.
- Playing doctor. Age bracket to be determined.
- Demonstrating that *previous* car fight mentioned in chapter one.
- Gym class turns embarrassing for Alyssa when she starts falling apart from the stress.

Other ideas?


>> And yes, I'll probably post another chapter or two at some point

Excellent, looking forward to it.

As for ideas, here are a couple (sticking with the college angle for the time being, though most of these can probably work in other settings as well):

- Strip poker. No reason to stop playing when you lose the last of your clothes: just start removing organs and limbs.
- Study buddies. Posted this in my idea thread as well, but it fits even better into this universe. Alyssa becomes a medical student and she and one of her friends who is also struggling to keep up decide to study for the upcoming test by dissecting each other.
- Mind if I borrow this? Finding out your roommate has borrowed your favorite top without asking is annoying. Finding out she borrowed your tits because she had a date and "hers don't fill out this cute dress like yours do" even more so. But finding out she borrowed your skin because she had a sunburn is where you start to get really annoyed. Especially since you can't find hers, leaving you to walk around all day looking like something out of a butcher's shop. You decide to "borrow" some of her body parts for that meat loaf recipe you've been meaning to try...
- Competitive advantage. Alyssa has joined the swim team. She's doing pretty well, but can't quite make it to the top. She knows the key is to reduce the amount of drag in the water. And since there's nothing in the rule books about body weight, number of appendages or anything like that, she figures there are quite a few things she can lose to make herself more streamlined.
- Spring cleaning. Having finished scrubbing down every last inch of their dorm room for spring cleaning, Alyssa and her roommate are tired and sweating profusely. Having long since grown accustomed to seeing each other naked, they hop in the shower together, where her roommate poses an interesting question: why do people never give _themselves_ a thorough cleaning? Sure, they take care of the outside, but the inside never sees a brush or cleaning agent. Alyssa can't argue that logic and after gathering the necessary equipment they set about polishing their bones, organs (including the inside where applicable) and other insides to a mirror shine.


Thought of a couple more and figured I might as well post them:

- The Hangover. Alyssa blinked open her eyes, but quickly closed them again as the light was blinding, making her already throbbing headache even worse. What had happened? She tried to recall the previous night, but it was all a blur. She did remember that it had started out with alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol. She tried to get up, but nothing happened. Carefully opening one eye, she looked down. She saw nothing. Further inspection revealed that everything below her neck was missing. Well, that was problematic. She looked around and noticed an arm and shoulder lying on the floor a short distance away. It kind of looked like hers, though she wasn't entirely certain. Still, it was better than nothing. Using her tongue to wiggle herself forward, she positioned her neck stump against the shoulder and waited for the two parts to join up. Now that she had a little more mobility it was time to find her other parts... and work out what exactly had happened the night before. (Cue glorified scavenger hunt all across campus, having to rely on vague accounts from other hungover party-goers such as "Dude, I think I saw a couple of the Kappa Zeta Mus use your pelvis as a frisbee").
- In two places at once. Alyssa was running like a madman across campus. Her previous class had run late and she couldn't be late again for Econ 101. If only she could split herself in two so she could be in two places at once... She stopped in her tracks. It was crazy, but it just might work. That night, she saws herself down the middle, wrapping plastic wrap around her two halves to keep her insides from falling out. Walking around is a little awkward since with one leg per side she can only hop, but other than that the two halves are fairly functional. Enough for taking notes in class, at least. The next day goes well: effectively halving her schedule gives her lots of extra time. When she comes back to her dorm room her roommate finds her new situation fascinating and they start playing around.
- Not in the job description. When her colleagues had told her she'd be worked to the bone at her new summer job at the kitchen of a restaurant, she had assumed they were joking. The remark had, in fact, been quite literal. The guy who delivered the meat was apparently notoriously unreliable, leaving the restaurant short-stocked once every one or two months. In these cases, some of the lower-ranking staff were expected to make up the shortage. Which is how Alyssa found herself on the chopping board with the sous chef currently pulling out her kidneys. Below her waist, only a skeleton remained. The only part of her that would not be served to the customers aside from her bones was half her brain so that she could be reconstructed. Oh well, it was a living. The aroma of her uterus frying in garlic wafted over to her. She smelled delicious.


Another day, another fight.

She’d gotten her body back. Two days was enough—enough for Alex’ classmates to get suspicious, more than enough for both of them to be thoroughly creeped out by their situation, and almost enough for them to cooperate about putting everything back in place.

Maybe she should say, she’d gotten most of her body back.

“Alyssa, come on already,” Alex whined from his position in the bathtub. He was more or less immobilised; split open from neck to groin, his feet tied together with his own entrails and his arms reduced to misfiring piles of muscles that were in any case not connected to any bones. Occasionally the mass of him shuddered, sending the tub ringing, but he couldn’t get out of the it.

Which was a problem, because she couldn’t get off the floor.

“Exactly how?” She complained, her voice a throaty wheeze. “I’m not in any better shape than you. Moron.”

She could feel the texture of the bathroom floor against her left lung. Her right was still inside her, but that one wasn’t working anymore.

“If you hadn’t suddenly attacked me—“

“And what, was I supposed to let you get away with *turning me into a boy*?”

Her breath rasped, and she coughed up a bit of liquid. She still had just enough mobility left in her neck to look at it… huh, red. She was actually bleeding, that was rare.

“Sane people would wait until they weren’t going to fall apart just from moving.”

She flushed, as much as she could. “Yeah, well—“

“Sane people maybe wouldn’t try to chew my arms apart, and certainly wouldn’t succeed.”

“Jerk.” Somehow, his clinical tone just made it worse. He was right, damn him.

A minute passed, and she made no progress in putting herself back together. Judging by the noises emanating from the tub, neither had Alex. Maybe she shouldn’t have pushed him in there.

“You know…” His voice was pensive, and a little tired. “Mom’s going to be home soon. Are you making any progress?”

Her one remaining lung was hurting pretty bad, by now. It wasn’t taking well to sitting on the floor.

“I might be making negative progress.” She took stock of herself. Legs… dunno, probably rolled underneath the commode. Her head was propped up on her buttocks, which was one of her favourite positions, but her neck had been split open and she couldn’t really move it. Her torso…

Well, it had only been on for a minute when she decided to punish him, and between heavy movement and Alex’s efforts she had basically exploded. She could see one of her ribs, bits of flesh having off it—stuck on top of a pile of towels. Some of them were still attached to her body, but her chest had caved in, and… she didn’t know where he’d found the strength, it hadn’t gone too well for him either, but one of them was jammed through her right-hand lung.

Her left-hand lung, of course, had been ripped out of her when she twisted and fell after pushing Alex into the bathtub. She didn’t have any ribs left on that side, or anything but scraps of skin, but it was still just barely attached to her trachea. It was also scraping against shards of bone with every breath she took. It hurt, more with every breath. Still not exactly bad, except…

“I think I might actually be dying,” she concluded, taking shallow breaths between each word. She felt a little lightheaded at the thought. It wouldn’t be the first time, true, but she hadn’t had time to think about it last time—

Alex groaned. “No, you’re not. It’d take more than that.”

Would it? “But I can’t breathe—“ She coughed again, wetly, and for a few seconds panic set in as she desperately tried to draw in breath without getting any. Her ears started to buzz.

“Alyssa?” Alex’ voice rose. For the first time since they’d started to talk, he sounded concerned. A little.

“I can’t—“ A frothy mix of blood and air filled her mouth. She coughed it out as best she could, and then she could finally take a breath. Her vision, which had narrowed a little, snapped back in place. “This sucks. This really sucks!”

“You’re not just saying that because you have a sucking chest wound?”

“Not funny—“ She tried to move her left arm, the only one still mostly attached, but it didn’t even quiver. What? “I can’t move my arm.” Her voice filled with panic. “Why can’t I move my arm? I kind of could, a minute ago!”

“Look, I’m sorry.”

Alyssa didn’t respond, save for increasingly panicked gasps for breath.


Her reality had contracted to a single point, a desperate—doomed—battle for air. Intellectually, she knew that death wouldn’t last very long, but those thoughts did nothing at all against two billion years of evolution telling her to fight, that if she failed she’d go away forever.

“Sis.” Alex’ voice was pained. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. But you have to relax. You’re not going to die, but your brain’s going to hibernate. We talked about that in biology class last year, remember? You’ll be fine, your body will fix itself eventually, even breathing through your skin. But we can’t let that happen. Mom will be back in less than an hour, and—you know how she is. We’d be grounded for *weeks*.”

It was all she could do to pay even a little bit of attention. She wouldn’t die—

“The reason your arm stopped working is that you’re focused on breathing, and your body doesn’t have the resources left to paper over all the damage at once. So if you stop trying to breathe, you might be able to move your arm. I know, that’d scare me too—“

She’d die!

“But if you can’t help me, we’re going to get caught. I’m mostly fine, but I don’t have *any* working limbs. You have to throw me your other arm. Please, sis. I know we haven’t gotten along well the last couple of years, but I’m not trying to fool you. Trust me, just this once. I know, we’ve been fighting so long I barely remember how not to fight, but maybe we can change that…”

He trailed off, and she tried to think about what he’d said, even though her thoughts were starting to fuzz out.

They hadn’t gotten along? No kidding there! But…

He sounded almost desperate. And she still remembered, back when they’d been the absolute best of friends. She remembered why they’d *stopped*, some silly argument that had gotten out of hand, and they’d never said sorry—

No. Bad. Her mind was wandering off, and she was barely getting any air at all anymore. Her lung was quivering, at most. She had to make a decision. Quickly.

“I’m sorry. About everything. I never meant you to hurt this much.“

Damn Alex anyway. Why couldn’t he have said that three years ago? She had half a mind to do nothing, just so he’d get punished.


“Hey, kids, I’m home!”

The door slammed shut behind Eva, and she automatically scanned the entranceway, then blinked. Only one pair of shoes.

“Alex?” She shouted upstairs as she walked into the living room. Distantly, she heard the coffee machine click on. Ah, progress; where would they be without it.

“Working!” Was the reply.

Far be it from her to interrupt homework, if he’d decided to get an early start.

“Is Alyssa up there?” She asked, and a moment later Alex stuck his head around the hallway corner.

“No, she’s visiting Andrea. Why?”

“Nothing, just making sure.” She ostentatiously turned back to the TV, but inwardly she was smiling. Last time she’d asked that, the answer had been a rude “Who cares”. Maybe they were finally starting to get back together? The psychologist *had* said that they’d probably get over it one day, and if it happened now, so much the better; their fourteenth birthday was only a couple of weeks away.

Now, what should she ask the kitchen to make for dinner…


Good grief. If his heart had been hammering any harder, it’d probably tear itself out of his chest.

Leaning against the wall, Alex slowly made his way back to his bedroom. With one arm and one leg—both Alyssa’s—that was the best he could do, but one arm and one leg was all they had between the two of them.

He sat down on his bed and resumed working. Putting Alyssa back together, that was. She’d become quite the 3D jigsaw puzzle; at one point the bedsheets had been covered with nearly a hundred pieces, and that was after searching the bathroom for almost half an hour. If it hadn’t been self-cleaning, he didn’t know what he would have done.

Rib bone—three—goes underneath rib bone two—

He sighed, and decided to wait, because she hadn’t started breathing yet. Right now she was little more than the upper half of an open torso, but every bit he added spread her healing capacity further. Having her heart and lungs in the right place would have to do.

She looked like she was simply sleeping. Her face, almost identical to his; when was the last time he’d seen her with a peaceful expression?

It’d take at least another hour to heal, but Mom was always slow with dinner. They’d have time, and very little to do but talk, once she woke up. In the meantime, he picked up her other leg and started reattaching it to himself; it’d be a tiny olive branch, once she did, if he helped her get back on her feet before himself.

Mom had better not decide to visit.


This is just beautiful.
If there'll be more, my vote goes to the children's game idea. Maybe on a playground, using its equipment and watched by parents, who are totally fine with their children disassembling each other in their play, but occasionally throw in a line or two about how they shouldn't be mean to each other and maybe other children present, maybe also talking with other parents about their children through which we learn that it is common for children to disassemble themselves and each other in all kinds of games.


I'm glad you think so.

> If there'll be more, my vote goes to the children's game idea. Maybe on a playground, using its equipment and watched by parents, who are totally fine with their children disassembling each other in their play, but occasionally throw in a line or two about how they shouldn't be mean to each other and maybe other children present, maybe also talking with other parents about their children through which we learn that it is common for children to disassemble themselves and each other in all kinds of games.

Oh, there'll be more; I'm very far from having tapped it out. So long as this place doesn't suffer spontaneous existence failure once again. As to your specific scenario, though...

It's nothing quite that straight-forward. The world has a backstory, although there's only one other story there (Mentioned up in >>1912, though that story was set a generation or more earlier). Still, parental attitudes are mixed. Certainly, a lot of them have grown up doing similar things, and certainly being upset that their children experiment would be hypocritical, but when has that ever stopped anyone? Eva's less concerned attitude is as much a result of her twins having gone through every possible and impossible permutation of "torn apart" over the last couple of years, many of them where she could see, and she's mostly given up on stopping them.

Other parents? Not so much. Most kids will have experimented with cutting themselves open, or a sibling; most children's games occasionally lead to ruined eyes, broken bones or deep bruises (that fail to appear, or feel, like bruises), and perhaps one or two children in any given middle-school class will have at some point died and been reloaded, but the violence of Alex and Alyssa's relationship is unusual, especially the nonconsensual aspect. (Though terming it "nonconsensual" is bending the term a little. There are rules, and any one of them could have invoked their parents if they felt the other was exceeding them.)

Letting a little bit of pain through has largely stopped the sort of squicky scenarios that the people who made that decision were trying to avoid. They could have taken the *pain* out of the pain, or made people far harder to get hurt, but they were desperately trying to make sure they'd still have a society of humans at the end of it—even if, technically speaking, neither Alyssa nor Alex have a single human gene in them. At some point you'll probably learn more about that, even if I suspect this isn't the right forum for hard SF. Oh well, it's a living. :P

For what it's worth? Their mother would *not* still be alive if she'd gone through anything close to what Alyssa has, and she can't be restored from backup. This means she will, inevitably, eventually die—and they've deliberately proscribed the sort of research that would let them fix that. There are good reasons for that, but... well.

So far the count is:
- Alyssa: Three deaths.
- Alex: Five.


If Alex and Alyssa are an exception, maybe it can have other parents say "what the hell are your kids doing" and their parents answer "that's normal for them, you have no idea what they did the other day, let me tell you...", well something along these lines.
Anyway, you seem to have it all thought up pretty well, so it's up to you.


Mom never did come upstairs, and when they’d both healed up well enough Alyssa jumped out of the window so she could “return from visiting Andrea,” maintaining their complicated web of lies. She broke both her legs, of course; soft, overgrown lawn or not, she was still days away from being fully healed and would be inconveniently fragile for a while.

Truth be told, the reason they’d rarely gone straight from fight to fight was exactly because of that, since they both enjoyed playing outdoors and therefore didn’t enjoy becoming impromptu anatomical dolls. There was that time when she’d lost all her limbs from the impact of catching a football… that had been pretty embarrassing, and she’d seen the frustration on her gym teacher’s face as he put her back together.

But this time, she simply reached down and snapped all the bones back into position. Dislocated knee, broken ankle… the first was easy to fix, and she could walk on a broken ankle, even if it was hard not to limp. Good enough, Mom wouldn’t comment.

She crouched in the grass, taking stock of herself. Pretty good, all things considered… she could probably pass for normal., overall Everything ached, but that couldn’t break her mood. It was like someone had injected helium into her chest—she thought, though that had never happened—

She giggled, smiling at nothing in particular. Alex had said sorry. *She* had said sorry, even though it hurt, and—for a moment, they’d been ten again. They’d actually hugged, the sort of awkward hug where neither quite remembered how to do it, and both were lacking in limbs—although a part of her had kept waiting for the inevitable betrayal, it had never happened.

It wouldn’t fix three years of quarrels, but it was a start.


Mom looked up from the newspaper as she slammed the door behind her.

“There you are.” Her eyes flicked over her, probably scanning for injury. “Alex! Come on down for a bit. I have something to tell you.”


They sat down on the couch, habitually picking spots as far from each other as possible. Alyssa grimaced inwardly, but even if she’d wanted to do differently there was no way things could change that quickly.

“All right.” Mom tapped a finger on the table. “Long story short. Something’s come up, and I need to go out of town this weekend. Since your father is still working at the T3 point, that means you’d be alone. So—“

“But I have band practice!” “I’ll be fine on my own—“

“Don’t interrupt.” She looked severely at the two of them. “You’re still children, and I’m not going to leave you alone for an entire weekend. Now, here’s what we’re going to do. I already talked with miss Jona, and she agreed to give Alex some extra instruction Friday night. I’ll drop him off before we leave. As to you, Alyssa, you’re coming with me.”

She hung her head. Mom looked a little confused.

“I’d have thought you’d enjoy being on your own for a while.”

And be bored out of her mind? Mom just didn’t get it. But she knew better than to protest, she just sighed deeply instead.

Amends would have to wait, it seemed.



Her friends were confused, though not unsupportive, at the way she was suddenly not going out of her way to avoid Alex anymore. They didn’t know how hard that was—avoiding him at school had become a habit, just like teasing and fighting was one at home, and any time she didn’t fight back her impulses she found herself falling back into old tracks. They’d even had a fight. Not a serious one, not the kind where they ended up in bits, but they’d both wanted to use the kitchen at the same time. Truthfully, Alex had gotten there first, and she’d ruined minutes of work. She’d apologised later, which was… progress, she supposed, even if she’d had to tear the words out of herself.

But now it was Friday, and she was about to spend a weekend bored out of her mind. What, she thought to herself, was the point? What was Mom afraid of, if she’d stayed at home? She was thirteen! It wasn’t like she was going to wander off into the wilds—and she’d only done that once!

“Got everything?”

She blinked and looked up, then nodded mutely. A couple of books, her phone and its glasses, purse and a spare change of clothes. It wasn’t like she needed much.

“Good. Let’s go.”

She let Mom drag her out to the car without really paying attention. Her mood was already sour, and it would only get sourer as time passed.

For a while, as they drove, Mom tried to engage her in conversation, but eventually she sighed and turned back to her own book. If Alyssa felt guilty about that, it was buried under a pile of righteous sulk.


“I need to go to the bathroom.”

They stopped, an hour in.


She tried to sleep, since she had the entire back of the car to herself. Mom wasn’t as worried about crashes.


“I’m hungry. And I need to go to the bathroom—“

“Again?” Mom sounded exasperated. It had been barely an hour since their last stop. “I told you to eat up at dinner. Well, it can’t be helped, but I want you to be a bit more thorough on the toilet this time. I’ll find us a pizza or something”

And so, while Mom was negotiating the purchase of plentiful comestibles—she liked that phrase—Alyssa snuck into the back of the shop to borrow their facilities, wondering how to be “thorough”. It wasn’t like she’d done anything unusual last time.

If she’d been more reflective, she might have realised that that was itself the problem. Nevertheless, the outcome might have been the same; what she did was press harder, and after she’d done her business, she kept pressing, holding her breath and pushing in an attempt to get *completely* clean. Unnecessary, of course.

Although, and in contrast with the narration—which was pointing out that she simply hadn’t tried at all last time—she could feel another lump sticking out. She squeezed, trying to cut it off—

“Hey!” Mom rapped on the door. “Are you alive in there?”

“Give me a minute, geez!” Alyssa yelped.

“Well, I’m going back to the car. If you want to come with me you won’t be too long.”

She grumbled something undecipherable to herself. It was *stuck*, so she tried to wipe it away with some tissue, and got the shock of her life when she felt it from both ends. That *wasn’t* excrement, it was—she squeezed her butt experimentally. Part of her intestines, sticking out, dammit. She’d never had that happen before, and she wasn’t keen on it happening again, but—

Squeeze. Squeeze.

It was an odd feeling. The inside-out part of her digestive track stuck out almost a hand’s length, well beyond her actual butt-cheeks. She had to put it back, only…

Her stomach tingled. She thought for a second, then reached down and pulled off her panties; they’d get in the way. She was wearing a knee-length skirt, so it wasn’t like there was any risk to that.

Oh, the things she would do to escape boredom.


Naturally, when she sat down, she sat behind Mom instead of at a diagonal, so she wouldn’t be able to see. Well, she “sat”. More like… slouching, she supposed. Her extra bit of flesh had stung, when she’d tried to sit down on it, so instead she’d slid down until her knees were level with the seat in front and she was half-lying in her own.

She’d had a splendid idea, you see. The car started, and operation “See how much of herself she could get out without resorting to a knife” was go.

How did it go, again?

She drew her breath in as deeply as she could, held, and pushed, her face going red from exertion.

Breathe. Push. Like she was giving birth, though she’d never tried *that* game. Breathe. Push…

“Aren’t you going to eat your pizza?” Mom asked, making her blink. Oh yeah, there was that. Operation postponed until the end of comestibles~



Breathe. Push. Grip. Gasp for breath, but quietly.

She’d scrounged up a plastic bag from somewhere, and had tied it up so her inverted intestines fell into the bag rather than on the floor. She’d gotten at least a meter out, and pushing just wasn’t… *doing* very much anymore, though her intestines didn’t seem inclined to climb back inside either. The part outside of her had doubled up, one tube inside the other. Every time she pushed, the inner tube would slip out by a few millimetres, and then she gripped, tightly, and felt a kind of slithering, nauseating slip-and-slide as she relaxed and the intestines still inside of her tugged on the parts outside.

Her stomach felt sore. Her stomach felt hollow, getting emptier by the minute. She’d been disembowelled before, but never so slowly—and she’d never done it to herself.

And there was *so much left*.

Feverishly, she glanced at her phone. They’d been driving for three hours already, so less than an hour left. Which meant she wouldn’t get anywhere near completion before then. That was—she licked her lips, feeling an immense internal itch whenever her intestines slipped a little. That was not acceptable, and she wasn’t going to stand for it, but—

Breathe. Push. *Tug*.

Her bum jumped as she felt it distend, as she tugged at the opening to her anus. The truth was, part of the reason she’d decided not to use a knife was that she didn’t have one, but that didn’t mean she didn’t have other tools.

Her fingernails, filed down to the nub, failed to do a thing.

Tug once again, experimentally.

Could she rip it out by the root? Probably. But she might lose a lot of skin in the doing.

A meter of intestine…

Her skirt folded up to her waist as she dragged her intestines out of the bag, and up to her mouth. If anyone had been looking through the window they’d have seen something odd, but she wasn’t worried; it was too dark, and they were moving too fast. Besides, she was curled up on herself.

She gnawed, too excited to care about the taste. It was something she had a lot of practice with. And, very shortly, the outer tube was cut in half—without pain, she noted. She supposed it didn’t have pain sensors.

So, more tugging. Much easier now, when she had her hands directly on the right intestine. She pulled, and it slipped out with only a little bit of force, the sensation nearly sending her into convulsions after an hour of far weaker stimulation. Her stomach felt hollow—no, she put her hand on it, and it *did* hollow out, her skin stretched tight over her hip-bones. Too much volume, too fast—she gnashed her teeth, as the outer part of the tube, the last half-meter or so of her intestines felt the vacuum and started sliding back inside even while she was dragging out more. That same hand snuck down to her pussy, pulling and tugging at various bits, and the feeling was sublime, the slight pain and hollow feeling in her gut only setting off more fireworks as she finally scratched her itch.

And it didn’t end. She kept dragging, going from her large to her small intestines, eventually catching up with her pizza from the other end. That part of her intestines felt squishy, and quivering, reacting to her touch when she pushed at it. She couldn’t feel it, but she wished she could. She’d had two orgasms going that far, as quietly as possible; she wanted to feel it from all the sides.

And then it did.

There was no more to pull out. Her stomach looked like she hadn’t eaten for years, her t-shirt hung slackly across her hips, and when she tugged at what was left of her intestinal tract she could feel it all the way up to her neck. She’d removed all that could be removed, at least without tearing herself apart further, and probably proven several of Alex’ claims in the process—that he didn’t need to tear her open, she’d do it to herself if given an excuse. The plastic bag underneath her was full, almost to overflowing. The smart thing to do would be to put it all back in but, well… the car was a little warmer than she preferred, and her dangling entrails acted almost like a radiator. So she let it be, and picked back up the book she’d been working on for the last two months. This time she’d finish it.


She almost did.

The sounds of highway driving had given way to a city without her notice, and then to the crunch of wheels on gravel. At that last she finally did notice, but by then it was too late, they were already driving up to the tiny hotel’s side entrance. She looked around in a panic. What could she—

There was *no way* she’d have time to put herself back together. Wincing, she reached down to the fleshy rope dangling out of her and pulled, as hard as she could. She kept pulling, even though she could feel herself tearing apart inside—no, because she could; the burning pain as she felt her stomach being stretched was part of her intent. She hoped it’d tear—it had to tear—

Something ripped, and her hands jerked downwards. They only stopped for a moment before something else inside of her failed, and she pulled in a panic, not even hesitating when she felt herself passing several organs of some sort.

She stared down at the floor of the car, where her bag was full to overflowing with most of her digestive system. So much for her pizza—no, so much for *eating*, until she put it back, but she couldn’t carry this in.

Mom stepped out of the car, and she was out of time. She kicked the bag under the front seat as best she could, then picked up her other stuff and followed her out. A few seconds after she closed the door the car’s engine started back up, and it sped off on its own. She looked after it in consternation.

“Forget something?” Mom asked.

“Ah—“ Ulp. “Nothing important.”

“Right…” Mom sounded distracted. “Now, I think the conference was on the second floor. We’ll check in, and… you can do what you like while I work, I suppose, just don’t leave the hotel. We’ll go sightseeing tomorrow, okay?”

She forced herself to relax. If they were doing that, then… “Sounds good to me. Can we get the same car?”

“So you did forget something. No, I can’t call a particular one, and it’d be cleaned anyway but… hold on.” She tapped at her phone for a few seconds, then looked apologetically at her. “Sorry, looks like it’s already being refurbished. The depot was just down the road, and it’s all automatic so there isn’t much I can do. Nothing expensive, I hope.”

She heard herself talking, almost on autopilot. “No, just a bookmark I liked.”

“I’m sure we can find another one.” Mom smiled at her before turning around, and Alyssa, gulping and trying to get used to her new top-heavy state, soon followed after.


Haha, I wonder how long Alyssa will be able to hide her hollowness from her mom. Even with their advanced regeneration, I would imagine they still need nutrients to live. Still, even in the real world people can survive for around three weeks without food, so she can probably wait until they get back from her mom's business trip.

The only criticism I have is that it's left a little vague exactly how much Alyssa tore out of herself. The text mentions several organs, but not which ones. Of course, if this is revealed in one of the next chapters (fingers crossed) then this criticism is invalid.

I'm definitely looking forward to reading what else Alyssa is going to get up to during this trip. Perhaps while she's stuck in their hotel room when her mom is at the conference she figures "in for a penny, in for a pound" and empties herself out completely. Having only just finished, her mother calls her and tells her to come down for lunch. Lacking any other storage containers, Alyssa quickly tosses her organs in the garbage bin. After their lunch her mom goes back to the conference and Alyssa returns to the hotel room, only to find that housekeeping has cleaned the room and taken out the trash, taking away the remainder of her organs. Since she's already going to need a full restoration anyway, Alyssa decides to turn it into a game and tries to see how much she can lose before her mom notices. Over the next couple of days she ditches her ribcage, any skin that's covered by clothing and whatever else she can. Good thing she packed some baggy t-shirts.


I like how the children are tying to get along.
Separating them for the weekend made me confused at first, but then it appeared Alyssa will disassamble herself even if Alex is not around, so maybe it's actually a good idea, I can see how by discovering that fact she'll learn she actually enjoys such a play, so when she returns, they can get along and keep disassembling each other, but not as part of fights, but for fun.


Everything in this thread is great, casual guro is best guro.

If I was being selfish I'd ask for something to do with brains but that seems like the one body part you can't fuck with too much. It's hard times out there for neurophiles, daddy.


I wonder how long 'til mom notices Alyssa's sudden weight loss?


> If I was being selfish I'd ask for something to do with brains but that seems like the one body part you can't fuck with too much. It's hard times out there for neurophiles, daddy.

They absolutely can, it just won't heal *quickly*. If Alyssa messed with Alex' brain, then he'd have brain-damage... for a total time of maybe six hours, up to a day or two if it's severe.

> I wonder how long 'til mom notices Alyssa's sudden weight loss?

She'd have to pay attention to her first. :)

Next chapter might pop back to Alex. But Alyssa's next scene, I think, will have her going swimming.


Swimming? Maybe filling up on water can mask her hollowness. After plugging some holes, that is.


I think with stories such as Susan and Car Fight, the author is allowed much more creativity because we readers know things will eventually become "normal" (should I use that word here?) again. The ways characters come apart and get put back together is just so damn much fun to read. It gets me thinking if I would have written it that way, or what if anything I would change. Can't wait for the next chapter.


And then she sat down in her room, almost queasy at the thought of what was happening to her. Mom had left for her conference, leaving Alyssa alone… and a couple of kilos lighter than she remembered being.

Her life was over. Telling Mom what she’d done? Not happening. Only, she’d expect to meet her for dinner in two or three hours, and what could she possibly do? Even if Mom didn’t notice her gait, and she didn’t overbalance and fall over, there was still no way she could just sit there, and eat, as if nothing was wrong when anything she ate would fall straight into her innards.

…she was hungry, quickly getting hungrier. She hadn’t gotten very much out of that pizza.

Alyssa fell back onto her bed, staring blankly into the air. If she was going to feel like this, it didn’t even matter if she could keep it a secret. She’d be going crazy from hunger in a day or two; crazy enough to tell Mom, and get a new body. She’d never hear the end of it.

Options. What options did she have? There were a lot of them, in theory she was fully programmable, but she’d never bothered to pay attention in biology class. Even if she had, she didn’t think she could use them without going through Mom. She’d never needed to, since her body could usually fix itself.

Did other people ever have days like this?

She groaned, feeling her stomach with one hand. Flat, not concave, so long as she didn’t try pushing, but the jig would be up if someone did. Mom had a habit of hugging her goodnight.

Maybe she could fill it with something.


It would be wrong to say that going to the pool was nerve-wracking.

She was used to going to school despite wounds, and she’d long since noticed that people were very bad at noticing. So long as her skin wasn’t broken, and there were no obvious broken bones, nobody would be able to tell. She and Alex had an unofficial partial truce in effect on Mondays, just so they’d look normal for gym class on Tuesday.


And she was used to going into the pool with her classmates. But those weren’t strangers.

Having left her clothes behind in her locker, she showered quickly at the side of the pool and tried not to look around at the other people in the room. It helped that it was mostly empty, but there were still more people than she thought comfortable. A group of chattering women in the background, a couple of kids, a boy—she blushed, and tried not to be obvious about it as she turned side-on. It gave her a tingly feeling to be looked at, even potentially, but she didn’t think he was actually looking in her direction.

She dipped in a toe. The water was nice, warm and inviting.

Stepping in, up to her hips wasn’t a problem. Going in further, she clenched her butt and walked very slowly. The water pressing against her stomach felt odd, but…

And *now* he was looking at her, visibly, scanning her from head to hips and giving her a smile. She blushed, again; her arms nearly twitched up to cover her breasts. Of course, he thought she was deliberately taking it slow—

She stepped off the side of the ramp, and sank like a rock. The water instantly closed over her head, but she was far too distracted to tell. Her skin grew tight over her hips, but as she’d half expected—despite her clenched butt-cheeks—she felt a trickling sensation, inside of her gut, and through her hips. The water was forcing its way inside, and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

Not that she really wanted to. The sensation… well, it wasn’t pleasant, but it wasn’t *un*pleasant either. The cool water tickled as it entered, speeding through in gradually increasing bursts as as her butt cheeks tired. It felt almost like being massaged, if a person could massage the inside of her hips.

Thinking about it, she decided that they probably could, but it’d mean finding someone who was kosher with breaking her open and then massaging the split muscles. Alex was the only one she could think of who wouldn’t start rumours about her just for asking, and she didn’t think they got along well enough yet to ask for something like that.

The flow of water slowed, and her body stopped trying to fight its way up quite so much. She still had to hold on to a crossbar to stay underwater, but she felt almost like normal again.

The feel of it caressing her bare skin really was like nothing else, wasn’t it?

Alyssa decided that, rather than go straight in and out, she’d swim a couple of laps first.



Left arm, right arm, kick, left arm. Swim down to kick off the far wall, restart with left arm—

“Hey!” She heard someone calling, and stalled out mid-stroke. It was the boy from before; he’d swum over and was treading water a few feet from her.

“Geez, you’re fast.” He smiled at her. “I’m Jim. Say, I was wondering if you wanted to get out and do something later?” He hooked a thumb back at the group of women. “I’m here with my great-grandmother over there, but she’s boring, and there’s no-one here my own age ‘cept for you. How about it?”

“Alyssa,” she replied automatically.

“Nice name. So…”

“Are you asking me out on a date?” She blinked. They’d barely met!

“Do you want it to be one?” His grin grew broader. “But no, not really. I just want to do something more fun than sitting around on my own. You look like a fun person.”

Oh, he had no idea. Well… She casually looked him over. He was actually rather cute, and he *was* looking at her face right now—point to him, since she wasn’t, but she figured that was payback for earlier. So, sure, why not?

A dozen reasons why not immediately made themselves known, and she ignored every one of them. Alyssa nodded. “Sure, I’m game. I’ve got dinner with my mom in an hour’s time, though—“

“Same as me. Let’s meet up afterwards? I’m rooming with grandma on the third floor.”

“So am I!” She smiled. “I mean, I have a room on the third floor. I actually have a room of my own, so…”

“Want to meet up there?” He asked, and she nearly burst into laughter. No points for guessing what he was hoping for *there*, and she wasn’t about to do that with someone she didn’t know, especially not in her current state.

“I’m thinking outside,” she said. “By the food dispenser? I’ll meet you there at, say, ten o’clock.I think there’s a VR arcade downstairs—“ His smile dimmed a little. “But we’ll figure something out. Lots of things to try.”

He nodded. “Looking forwards to it. Say, are you staying much longer?“

“Sorry, got to get ready for dinner. This was supposed to be my final lap anyway, so yeah. See you!”

She swam away, taking extra care to be a little more acrobatic than usual. She thought she could feel his wistful gaze on her back, but it was probably just imagination. Still…

A date. She had a date, and Alex hadn’t even had one yet. Put *that* in your cigar and smoke it, brother.



She should probably have guessed, but it was *really hard* to hold her butt shut against the weight of the water, so as a result she ended up with a kind of sashaying, side-to-side gait as if she was trying very hard to hold in her pee—or showing off for someone. God damn it.

It was incredibly relieving, when she got back to her room, to let it all out. There were wet spots on her underwear and trousers by then, all of them fortunately pure water. Unfortunately this left her with her remaining length of intestine everted, again, and no further towards a solution for dinner than earlier, with only half an hour left to prepare.

She grimaced. This was ridiculous. She’d gotten through worse scrapes, right? Like just the other day, when she was literally in two dozen pieces and coughing up actual blood. Of course, she’d had Alex to help fix her up back then.

She had a date, so she couldn’t get too drastic, but maybe if…

It took her a few minutes to find a suitable knife. More precisely, it took her a few minutes—of her strictly limited time—to find a knife that sort of wandered vaguely towards suitability; she’d never used a serrated knife on herself before. She didn’t that stop her, because… well, might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb, and this way there was a chance she’d get away with it.

Honestly? She’d barely ever used a knife on herself at all, it was usually Alex. She persevered, though, and another few minutes later, fifteen minutes before her dinner date, the skin on her stomach fell open like a lid. A bit more sawing had it all off.

She looked… awfully empty. She hadn’t inventoried it all at the time, but…

Stomach. Gall bladder. Pancreas, and *most* of her liver(!). All gone. Her oesophagus hung limply, open at the lower end, and there were no signs of regeneration that she could see.

Of course there weren’t, right? She’d lost her digestive system, there wasn’t energy for anything like that. Mom always said she should worry more about her future…

She’d found some hobby glue, with which she glued a plastic bag to her oseophagus, taking care not to leave too many cracks. She tested that by eating half of a snack bar; nothing fell out, and eating the food actually reduced her hunger pangs a little. Not that she thought she could get anything from it. It was in that state, though—her stomach still open, a plastic bag half-resting on the inside of her hips—that she heard a knock on the door.

“Alyssa! Are you ready?”

That was Mom, a few minutes early. Why was she early? She was never early!

Alyssa panicked, scrambled to her feet—and almost choked as the bag, full now of a glass of water as well as chewed snack bar, fell heavily on her womb. She caught herself heavily on the bathroom wall.

“Hey! You alive in there?”

That didn’t sound like the joke it should have been—

“I’m fine!” She shouted back. “I’m still getting dressed. Just wait a minute!”

What the hell, what should she do? There wasn’t time to *fix* anything, she was *naked* and Mom would suspect something was up if she took much longer than it’d take just to dress. What—

Might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb. But she liked…

Having already walked herself into a corner, Alyssa pulled at her womb, tearing the entire structure free of connective tissue and dragging it out of her torso, then grit her teeth as she sawed it off, going through the outermost part of her vagina. The muscular passage kind of recoiled in response, forcing her sex to open widely—she could *see* the floor through her hips for a second before it recovered.

But that wasn’t enough, there was still something that would be way more embarrassing. She tore out her bladder—taking a few panicked seconds to dry up the urine—and then, after a moment’s thought, sawed off her kidneys to make sure that she wouldn’t start leaking.

This left her hips as basically a concave container with three holes in it, and now when she let the bag down she had no trouble standing. The skin that was supposed to cover it, though…

…it didn’t want to reattach. She stuck a few more hapdash blobs of glue on, forcing it to stay. That, and a tight t-shirt, would make sure that nothing fell off.

“Coming,” she said at last.

God dammit she was hungry.


Oh, so she can't regenerate now. That's an interesting turn. Can't wait to see just how far she can go without the option of going back.
I kinda was expecting she won't get her belly closed in the end, just hiding it with clothes.
But you're the author, so you know better if it's just too early for that yet.


Always good to see another chapter of this story. Can't wait to see what trouble Alyssa's going to get up to during dinner and her date. Just a little idea because as usual I can't help myself: they go to a buffet. When Alyssa leans over to get something, her stomach skin comes loose and slips out of her t-shirt and onto the buffet table without her noticing. A few yards further in line she discovers what happened and looks back, only to see people carving it up and loading pieces onto their plate. She can't exactly inform them without alerting her mother, so she's forced to watch another part of herself be lost forever.


I can't tell if she/they were wearing anything in the pool or not...


> I can't tell if she/they were wearing anything in the pool or not...

Oh, so it wasn't just me.
I thought it was just because of my own Innocence story being on my mind that I couldn't help but imagine Alyssa naked.
But would be nice if it turned out nudity (at least like in the pool) is casual in this world.


Heh, I was wondering if anyone would catch that.

They weren't. But the culture is also such that they don't generally care, and Alyssa had no reason to think about it. Though she's still a young girl, that was still a boy, and she was a *little* nervous about it.

A lot of body-related taboos have gradually relaxed over the generations, with there increasingly being no good reasons for them.


bumpity bump,bump.


Any word yet on when we can expect the next installment?


A story that must receive a bump. And does anyone know what happened to "Susan"? Can't seem to find it.


If your looking for an idea you could for have the brother over the course of several days or weeks take things fr m his sister at a rate slow enough that no thinks anything of it. For instance he could be tired of her talking one day and decides to take parts of her vocal chords until she can no longer speak and everyone can just think its a cold. The same could go with muscles. He could be tired of losing to her and decides to start taking parts of her muscles away and everyone could just say she needs to work out. Maybe find some way to messw ith her brain or other organs. Maybe even replace organs with different things.


If your looking for an idea you could for have the brother over the course of several days or weeks take things fr m his sister at a rate slow enough that no thinks anything of it. For instance he could be tired of her talking one day and decides to take parts of her vocal chords until she can no longer speak and everyone can just think its a cold. The same could go with muscles. He could be tired of losing to her and decides to start taking parts of her muscles away and everyone could just say she needs to work out. Maybe find some way to messw ith her brain or other organs. Maybe even replace organs with different things.


Another thing you should add is more sexual scenes. Like for instance the family goes to the pool and they leave early because Alyssa somehow ruined the bottom part of her swimsuit( personally I would say she tore them down the center revealing her vagina and anus). On the way back you could say the car was packed and because of that Alyssa had to sit on Alex's lap. Make up something that would cause Alyssa to be forced to sit on something that would go deep up her anus or vagina. Alex could find this funny and start to take advantage by putting things beneath and their being oblivious would tell Alyssa to sit down of be punished.


Another thing you should add is more sexual scenes. Like for instance the family goes to the pool and they leave early because Alyssa somehow ruined the bottom part of her swimsuit( personally I would say she tore them down the center revealing her vagina and anus). On the way back you could say the car was packed and because of that Alyssa had to sit on Alex's lap. Make up something that would cause Alyssa to be forced to sit on something that would go deep up her anus or vagina. Alex could find this funny and start to take advantage by putting things beneath and their being oblivious would tell Alyssa to sit down of be punished.


Another thing you should add is more sexual scenes. Like for instance the family goes to the pool and they leave early because Alyssa somehow ruined the bottom part of her swimsuit( personally I would say she tore them down the center revealing her vagina and anus). On the way back you could say the car was packed and because of that Alyssa had to sit on Alex's lap. Make up something that would cause Alyssa to be forced to sit on something that would go deep up her anus or vagina. Alex could find this funny and start to take advantage by putting things beneath and their being oblivious would tell Alyssa to sit down of be punished.


Another thing you should add is more sexual scenes. Like for instance the family goes to the pool and they leave early because Alyssa somehow ruined the bottom part of her swimsuit( personally I would say she tore them down the center revealing her vagina and anus). On the way back you could say the car was packed and because of that Alyssa had to sit on Alex's lap. Make up something that would cause Alyssa to be forced to sit on something that would go deep up her anus or vagina. Alex could find this funny and start to take advantage by putting things beneath and their being oblivious would tell Alyssa to sit down of be punished.


Another thing you should add is more sexual scenes. Like for instance the family goes to the pool and they leave early because Alyssa somehow ruined the bottom part of her swimsuit( personally I would say she tore them down the center revealing her vagina and anus). On the way back you could say the car was packed and because of that Alyssa had to sit on Alex's lap. Make up something that would cause Alyssa to be forced to sit on something that would go deep up her anus or vagina. Alex could find this funny and start to take advantage by putting things beneath and their being oblivious would tell Alyssa to sit down of be punished.


Another thing you should add is more sexual scenes. Like for instance the family goes to the pool and they leave early because Alyssa somehow ruined the bottom part of her swimsuit( personally I would say she tore them down the center revealing her vagina and anus). On the way back you could say the car was packed and because of that Alyssa had to sit on Alex's lap. Make up something that would cause Alyssa to be forced to sit on something that would go deep up her anus or vagina. Alex could find this funny and start to take advantage by putting things beneath and their being oblivious would tell Alyssa to sit down of be punished.


Another thing you should add is more sexual scenes. Like for instance the family goes to the pool and they leave early because Alyssa somehow ruined the bottom part of her swimsuit( personally I would say she tore them down the center revealing her vagina and anus). On the way back you could say the car was packed and because of that Alyssa had to sit on Alex's lap. Make up something that would cause Alyssa to be forced to sit on something that would go deep up her anus or vagina. Alex could find this funny and start to take advantage by putting things beneath and their being oblivious would tell Alyssa to sit down of be punished.


Another thing you should add is more sexual scenes. Like for instance the family goes to the pool and they leave early because Alyssa somehow ruined the bottom part of her swimsuit( personally I would say she tore them down the center revealing her vagina and anus). On the way back you could say the car was packed and because of that Alyssa had to sit on Alex's lap. Make up something that would cause Alyssa to be forced to sit on something that would go deep up her anus or vagina. Alex could find this funny and start to take advantage by putting things beneath and their being oblivious would tell Alyssa to sit down of be punished.


Another thing you should add is more sexual scenes. Like for instance the family goes to the pool and they leave early because Alyssa somehow ruined the bottom part of her swimsuit( personally I would say she tore them down the center revealing her vagina and anus). On the way back you could say the car was packed and because of that Alyssa had to sit on Alex's lap. Make up something that would cause Alyssa to be forced to sit on something that would go deep up her anus or vagina. Alex could find this funny and start to take advantage by putting things beneath and their being oblivious would tell Alyssa to sit down of be punished.


Another thing you should add is more sexual scenes. Like for instance the family goes to the pool and they leave early because Alyssa somehow ruined the bottom part of her swimsuit( personally I would say she tore them down the center revealing her vagina and anus). On the way back you could say the car was packed and because of that Alyssa had to sit on Alex's lap. Make up something that would cause Alyssa to be forced to sit on something that would go deep up her anus or vagina. Alex could find this funny and start to take advantage by putting things beneath and their being oblivious would tell Alyssa to sit down of be punished.


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Well, since this hasn't gotten an update in the last 6 months, I'll take this opportunity to voice my surprise at the idea of a self-driving car that needs to "turn on an engine" such as an internal combustion engine rather than an electric motor.


Not exactly sure wgere you're going with that or was it just a random comment. It'd be nice if someone else continued this story if the original can't.


Self-driving cars and electric motors go together very well since a computer has much more control over the instant torque of an electric motor than the likes of an internal combustion engine.

The thing is, many electric vehicles don't really "turn on" an engine or, if they do, you certainly don't hear it and therefore don't know when the vehicle is off or when it's just doing the electric-equivalent of idling.


No, no, I meant, why were you posting that seemingly random comment here?



Uh, he commented about the car leaving the hotel with Alyssa's gut inside, audibly starting as it sped away.


Ah, that explains it.


I'd really love to see this story finished. OP?


Last bump to see if this story can be finished.


OP here. I only wrote the first chapter, but I guess it's time to pick this back up, since I quite like the way this story has evolved.


Alyssa patted loose front cover nervously as she left her room. She could feel the seams through her T-shirt, and her fidgeting had probably made it worse. Oh well, if it fell off while she was seated, she could just hold it in her lap. But as she walked, the chewed snack bar swaying in her cavity, the sound of crackling plastic gave her pause once again. Just as she was considering just taping her pussy and asshole and using her body as a container, she lifted her nervous gaze to see Jim standing in her path, sporting a knowing smile.

"You're not going to dinner like that, are you?" he said.
"Huh?" Alyssa looked down at herself, blushing. Had she forgotten something obvious while trying to salvage her anatomical situation? "I, uh, I'm kind of forgetful when I get distracted--"
She stopped abruptly when she saw what he had in his hands. "No kidding. It'd be no fun to go to dinner without one of these," he said, holding up a stomach attached to a coil of intestines which he had wrapped around his hand.
Alyssa gaped. "How did--"
"You were kind of translucent earlier, without the clothes I mean. And the way you walked—well, it suits you, but let's just say it looks like quite the balancing act.”

She blushed some more, her fears during her earlier attempt at concealment having been confirmed. Rather than try to explain herself, she took the opportunity to change the subject, which Jim had so graciously provided her. “Where did you get that?”

He patted his belly. “Cut it in half, and sealed them both up. I went for an even split, and I also took out some intestines for the full digestive experience. Here, catch!”

Alyssa, still stunned, almost let the slippery mass bounce off her, but after some stumbling, she held her salvation in her arms. “Whoa. I really can't thank you enough, I mean, you didn't have to, it's all my fault for playing around with--”

She was interrupted by the sound of her abs hitting the carpet. Reminded of the urgency of the situation, she gave him an awkward smile and began trying to ride up her shirt with her elbows, her future insides threatening to spill out of her hands. It didn't occur to her to ask for help, given her rather special domestic situation, but soon, Jim was behind her, holding the rim of the shirt at her chest level. Alyssa tore the plastic bag from its perch, throwing it in the path of a passing cleaning bot. She held the esophagus against the top of the organ with one hand, grabbed the length of bandage which Jim was holding over her shoulder with the other, and fastened it tightly. They repeated the process with her rectum, and finally her front cover, which was beginning to look bruised, and, letting down her shirt, Alyssa turned to face Jim and gave him a quick hug before she ran down the stairs.


Alyssa was ravenous, which was to be expected after literally emptying herself for a day. She was so relieved to have a stomach again that she nearly forgot about the rest of her missing organs. She wasn't really sure how everything connected, but if she didn't need them all to enjoy this steak, it could wait.

“My, my. If you'd told me earlier how hungry you were, I would have brought you something before I left. We packed snacks, remember?” Nevertheless, she was glad to see that her daughter's brooding aura had lifted as she happily shoveled food into her mouth.

“I guess I just had an upset stomach,” said Alyssa between helpings. Given what it would take to upset a stomach, this excuse was as good as a confession if taken literally, but her mother's experience as a parent had taught her to turn a blind eye in these instances.
They discussed what Alyssa had done while her mother was away, and Alyssa mentioned making a new friend while omitting any bits pertaining to her anatomy. Patting herself again, she decided to go easy on her stomach next time.
Patting herself a little lower, she wondered what she would do for her date tonight. Their last encounter had been... intimate; he was practically inside her already (though the stomach was as good as hers now, thanks to the standardized biological program interface). Better not to overthink it, she decided. Dates are supposed to be spontaneous, right?

Eight o'clock.
Her half-size stomach was practically bursting by the time dinner was over. She had to empty her bowels immediately afterwards, finding that a half-sized intestinal tract had some unpleasant side effects, which she flushed with her eyes shut. When she stood up, she felt a pinching sensation. Looking down, she saw that a bit of intestine had slid out of her vagina while she sat, lacking any obstructions on the way down. Shoving it back in with her fingers, she felt it fall right back against her inner lips. Not wanting to loosen herself trying to push it back further, she decided that the next order of business was to get back in one piece. She always took being whole for granted, but bodily malfunctions always reminded her of how delicate the whole affair was.

Back in her room, she took inventory. Her bed was how she left it, and for once, her organs hadn't been tossed out behind her back. Firstly, her gaze landed on her uterus. It lay with its ovaries crossed, as if indignant at being uprooted. Alyssa pulled her shirt over her head and removed the bandages from her midriff, prying herself back open. It was a shame to tear the partially regenerated skin in the process, but it was still the path of least resistance. Taking the roll of soluble bandages from her back pocket, she went to work, until her vaginal passage led where it was supposed to. She would rather not find out what the prolonged absence of a bladder or kidneys would do to her, since everyone would throw those away if it just meant never having to pee.

Alyssa could still feel some hollow spaces, and knew she was still missing some bits, but she'd done her best at this point, and felt ready to relax for a night before worrying about replacing them. She'd taken care to tape her “lid” back on from the inside (to the best of her ability), so she didn't look like a patchwork abomination without her shirt on. Finally, she slipped into a tank top, and, examining her pants, which might as well have been pajamas, she replaced them with a tight pair of shorts. She reveled in tightness now that she wasn't at risk of imploding.


Ten o'clock. Alyssa had arrived first, pretending to read the labels on the encased food items while glancing at her watch. She didn't have to wait long; a familiar voice greeted her from behind, and soon they were face to face once more.

“How did you like it? Did my stomach manage to stay put for you?”

“Yup! It definitely beat having to pretend-eat into a plastic bag while I was literally starving.” She paused, then nervously added, “You won't be needing it back, will you?”

Jim laughed. “By tomorrow, we'll both be back to full size, so why fix what isn't broken?” He furrowed his brow. “Speaking of which, how did you end up like that in the first place?”

“Uh, it's kind of embarrassing. Have you ever picked at a dry lip, but always found that there's that little extra bit sticking out, until the whole thing is raw? Well, this little part of my guts was sticking out... and, um, the car ride was really long...” She thought about how stupid that must have sounded, and wished she'd made something clever up instead.

“So you just can just tear yourself apart out of boredom?”

That's it, he thinks I'm a freak, she thought forlornly. But he continued,

“Well, why should people get so squeamish about that stuff? We can handle way more than what's socially acceptable. Our bodies are so cool, why can't we have fun with them?”

Alyssa wondered if that was her motivation all along. Had it been fun to disassemble herself? Parts of it had certainly felt good. She thought back to her numerous experiences with being in pieces. Picturing her body sprawled in impossible ways, with her limbs scattered across the bathroom floor, remembering the unique sensation of pressing against a severed body part as the feeling begins to flow through it. Before long, a tingling alerted her that her nipples were standing conspicuously erect underneath her tank top.

Maybe it was time to embrace it.

“I guess, yea! I'm not afraid to play rough. I've had plenty of practice with my brother growing up.”

Jim looked slightly jealous. “Oh. I'm an only child. I've always wondered what it would be like to be that intimate with somebody...”

“Trust me, it has its downsides,” said Alyssa. “And we aren't really intimate so much as used to each other. And used to breaking each other.”

“So if we were to try it--”

“I kind of want to enjoy being in one piece for a while,” she said, stretching. “I have you to thank for that, though, so I totally owe you later. So, wanna hit the arcade?”

Weird girl. She'd rather play games right now than be dismembered? Well, whatever, there's something here for everyone, he thought, following.


What do you know, miracles do happen. When I saw that this story recieved an update, I figured it was just another review. Imagine my surprise when I saw that this story was ACTUALLY updated. At least JJ will be happy seeing as we have him to thank for keeping it it on the board this long. Do you plan to continue updating it?


I'm so glad to see this story being continued. i really like the whole concept.


Great to see this updated again!


Ah, why not. I'll try not to trample over your plans, though, thus...


Alex (1)

“Come on in.” Jona smiled at him, then continued inwards through her house.

Alex cautiously stuck his head around the corner of the entranceway, and for his trouble almost immediately had to dodge an incoming missile. He swung his clarinet case out in his place, to take the impact.

“Aleeeeex… oof!”

In short, a him-sized red-haired missile known (to people other than her mother) as Ruby, who had chosen of her own free will to wrap herself around his clarinet case every single time he’d come to visit. It absolutely wasn’t his fault, in any possible sense.


“Cruel! So cruel!” Ruby whined from on top of the case, her head propped up with her hands. “Why didn’t you stand there and take it like boy, hmm?”

“There are a lot of things I could say to that,” he said, then sighed. “Help me put this away, why don’t you?”



Alex and Alyssa’s parents were, by their own reckoning, two of the very few people on Mars who had jobs that really mattered, which was to say jobs where things could go seriously wrong if they didn’t show up to work on time. For an upside, they were rich, but for a downside, they didn’t exactly have much free time to spend that money in. That was one of the reasons why the two of them spent so much time on their own.

Jona and her daughter Ruby, by comparison, didn’t have a job at all.

Well, that was slightly unfair. Ruby was a teenager (nearly his age, she often pointed out), and wasn’t expected to. Jona *was*, but like most people she had to make do with what she could get. In her case that amounted to being a personal instructor for people who could afford it, such as Alex’ parents.

It made for slightly awkward relationships, but Ruby was never one to care. Being a grade-level younger than him, Alex felt it was his duty to keep her enthusiasm tamped down.


Several hours later. The final notes of Shubert’s Ave Maria faded, to be replaced by Ruby’s energetic clapping.

Jona, always more reserved, simply nodded.

“Excellent work today, Alex. Keep this up, and you’ll be able to join the orchestra in no time. Now, then…”

Alex waited patiently as she leafed through her music index.


Ruby stretched luxuriously on the sofa, showing off her figure. His eyebrows twitched.

“That’ll do. It’s a bit obscure, but how do you feel about Scott Joplin’s works?”

He’d never heard of them, but couldn’t say that. He shrugged.

“For tomorrow, then. I’m sure you know this, but your mother asked me to take care of you until Sunday. You have the rest of the evening off, and—“ Ruby’s eyes lit up with a manic glee. She immediately grabbed his arm, leaving him barely enough time to drop the clarinet, and practically dragged him up the stairs to her room. “Try to survive?”

For once in his life he doubted that that would be a problem.


If you’d asked Alex what Ruby was to him…

Well, he wouldn’t have said ‘a bratty little sister’, for all that he might think that on occasion. And he couldn’t have said ‘a best friend’, if only because they didn’t meet often enough for that. ‘Girlfriend’, of course, was right out, though more from inertia and old familiarity than a true lack of interest. That being said, neither one had any interest in finding someone else.

Alyssa might think she was the first one of the twins to go on a date, but for all intents and purposes Alex and Ruby had been dating for years. They merely didn’t realise it.

If you asked Ruby what Alex was to her, her answer would have been far more certain. “A slowpoke who should figure it out already.”

She’d tried nearly everything, except actually telling him.


Nine o’ clock in the evening.

“D sin x?”

Alex’s tired voice fell like a wet noodle across the bedroom.

“Cos x.”

A bit more time passed as they worked on their respective math homework. If you were hoping for something different… wait, what were you hoping for, Ruby? They were, at least, on the same bed. On their backs, staring up at their respective homework slates and not doing anything that might be described as ‘fun’, but they both thought it was a *little* less annoying this way.

“x over cos x dx?”


Time moved, in much the same way arrows fly. Slowly.

“Integration by parts? No. E to the power of… um.”

Time moved like a potato.

“Aaah! Are you kidding me? Are you sure that’s what the problem says? Let me look.“

It wasn’t. Alex had misread it. Not like that that helped him much, when Ruby pushed herself on top of his chest to look at his slate. A manoeuvre that wouldn’t normally be worth mentioning, except that in so doing she also pushed him right off the bed and—



The slate went spinning off into a corner of the room. Ruby hit her head on the floor, thus getting to go stargazing. And Alex, who on balance should have seen this coming, re-broke several rib bones from the impact.

Ruby scrambled off after the slate, leaving him to try, and fail, to catch his breath. Which left him in a pickle. On the one hand, he was in his (best?) friend(?)’s bedroom. On the other, he couldn’t breathe, and his attempts at doing so only produced a kind of rasping gurgle. On the third, fourth and fifth—

“Are you okay?”

Ruby leaned over him, her face not so much concerned as curious. This despite his rasping not-a-breath, which… ‘No, I’m not okay’, was what he wanted to say, but all he really could do was lie still and slowly turn blue.

His hands were acquiring that kind of numb pins-and-needles sensation that meant he’d soon be losing consciousness, and still in Ruby’s room, and that was *not okay*—

Looking back at it, he might have panicked a little. The worst that would have happened was he’d go comatose for a couple minutes, but there was something very scary about the notion of doing that next to Ruby.

So he pulled his t-shirt off, ignoring Ruby’s sudden blush, then poked his fingers through the still-fragile, barely-healed skin at his sides and physically grabbed the broken ribs, pulling them *out* of his lungs and back into place.

The blush rather immediately went away.

A few seconds later he could breathe again, leaving him with:

- Hands still inside his goddamned chest. He slowly pulled them out, and they were slimy. (Although not for long.)

- Ruby looking down at him, her face as pale as a ghost.

- And a full-body blush, because of course.

“You… I…” He tried saying something smart, but nothing came out. “Er.”

Ruby sat down hard, on the floor, then resumed her wide-eyed gaze at him from next to him. Finally, he managed to pull the t-shirt back on.


He opted for full disclosure, because Ruby had threatened to tell Jona otherwise, and *no matter what* that would be far too embarrassing. Lying was, in any case, unacceptable. It was unfortunate that he was coming to believe the truth was also unacceptable.

“She literally chewed your arms off? I’m not sure what to say. That’s, that’s… Oh god.”

He’d been prepared for Ruby to be disgusted, and he’d even wondered what he’d do if she got upset at Alyssa. Which she *had*, until he’d made it clear that they were trying to be friends again. He wasn’t prepared for *this*.

“Ahahahaha!” Ruby twisted on the bed, laughing her head off. “Oh god, I can’t breathe. You know, because someone—Bwahahahaha!”

“Glad you find it so amusing,” he said sourly.

“Well, yeah! Because, because—*Bathtub?* *Seriously?*” She slammed her head into the pillow, trying to muffle her laughter. “M whih M kho see ‘hat. Oh my god. Hey—“ She took a deep breath, visibly calming down a little. “Did you *like* it? Getting pulled apart? I’ve never lost so much as a fingernail.”

He frowned. “Of course I didn’t.”

“Then why’d you keep doing it?” She stared at him, now looking like she was trying to solve a puzzle. “You could have called a truce at any time. Why didn’t you?”

“Alyssa wouldn’t have cared.”

“But you said she managed it for gym class…” He shrugged. “Well, whatever. But you’re going to cut me apart first chance we get. I want to know what it’s like.”

One cthulhu. Two cthulhu…

“What?!” He hissed, once he’d gotten over the shock.

“I’m pretty sure you heard me,” Ruby said matter-of-factly. “I’d do it myself, but I don’t think that’s safe if I’m going to touch the brain. I want to try it.”

He stared at her.

“What?” She said defensively. “It’s something you’ve tried that I haven’t, and that’s not okay. We’ve got all the tools we need. Mom will be out for at least half the day tomorrow. Besides… you know what’ll happen if you don’t, right?” She smirked at him. “I might just have to start talking.”

Great, this was great. Juuust…

“Fine.” He sighed, deeply and deliberately, though on the inside he could think of one or two benefits to doing that. He just wasn’t sure if he wanted to go there. “You know what, Ruby? Fine. If you want me to cut you up so badly, then I’ll cut you up. Just don’t start complaining afterwards.”

“That’s my Alex.” She grinned.



“You realise I’ll have to see you naked, right?”



(Viewpoint: Ruby)

“It’s not a big deal.”

She said, while pulling off her sweater.

“I mean, we’ve gone swimming together.”

That was true. The last time was two years ago. They’d both been embarrassed, but only until they got in the water, and it wasn’t the same. There had been dozens of other people. She hadn’t cared at all once they started splashing.

Alex’ face had gone from amused, to red and confused, and she hadn’t even gotten more than her sweater off. Her hand hovered over the zipper in her pants.


“And, um. You’re… probably my best friend.” She didn’t have many others. “Which means it’s fine, right?”

She had, in fact, invited him to cut her apart, just out of stubborn curiosity. It probably wasn’t fine.

Double gulp. She shut her eyes, tried to ignore the tears in their corners, opened her pants and pushed them down. When she opened them again she caught Alex rapidly looking away, his expression guilty as sin.

That was funny. What did *he* have to be embarrassed about?

Therefore, before he could look back, she quickly pulled off her t-shirt and panties. When he did look back, attracted by the sound, he yelped and fell back onto her bed. Heh…

“Don’t fall off, I’m not helping if you break yourself again,” she heard someone tell him. It couldn’t have been her. Her ears were buzzing, and she was blushing so hard, she felt like she might catch on fire at any moment.

She was naked, and she was about to get more naked… naked-er… what was the term? She’d be completely at his mercy.

Somehow, her blush managed to get a little deeper.

“O… okay. Right.” He looked at her from the corner of his eye. “So should I get started, or do you have any… um, preferences?”

For being cut up? Er…

“Never thought about,” she admitted.

“Right. Then. I’ll just…”

“Wait. Let me dial down my pain response first—” She poked at her arm, bringing up a menu.

“Your mom lets you *do* that?”

“Sure,” she said distractedly. “She trusts me not to use it for… um, I guess this? So don’t tell her!” She’d set it down to… not zero, then she wouldn’t able to feel anything, but right above zero.

“I won’t. Promise.“

“Right. So…”


She scrunched her face up. Fear, embarrassment, excitement, uncertainty… it made for a powerful cocktail. Her heart was beating rapidly, waves of heat lashing across her entire body. She was really doing it, really… well, who knew what he might do to her today, because she certainly didn’t. She trusted him not to be cruel, but not to not be a boy.

She was secretly hoping he would. Some parts of her tingled more than others.

She let herself fall back onto her bed, feeling the covers against her bare back. Her head ended up nearly in his lap, and she smiled up at him, magnificent blush or not. Then she splayed her legs, because… she didn’t know. She actually wasn’t sure. It just felt right, to do so.

Then she blinked, and grinned.

“I just had a thought,” she said. “I want to take a bath with you. But the bathtub isn’t large enough. So…” She whispered the rest of it.


Maybe… maybe she’d gone a little bit too far.

“Stop moving already!”

But she couldn’t help it! She whimpered. The touch of the metal on her hips was pure agony, although of a different sort than pain. She had an itch, and it was growing more pronounced every second, and she wanted so badly to scratch it—and she couldn’t, she didn’t even have the arms to do it.

Alex had cut them off, right at the shoulders.

He’d cut off a leg, too, and was working on the other one. It wasn’t what she’d expected.

Not that she’d known what to expect, but she’d had dreams, damnit. And in the dreams, losing a limb had felt like more than a distant itch. That was her fault, wasn’t it? Not that she liked the thought of being in pain. But the effect…

She tried to scratch another itch, this one on her nose. Couldn’t do that either. Her *arms weren’t there*.

“Aleex…” She whined. He was trying to hold her down, without actually touching her. It wasn’t working too well. “Nose.”

He scratched her nose for her. Ah, bliss.

Maybe she should ask him to scratch the other one. Maybe not. He’d probably faint.

She even tried to rub her legs together, but it didn’t work. She only had the one leg. No, only half a leg now.

“Hold still, I told you!”

And then…

“Phew.” Alex looked uncertainly down at her quadriplegic self. Her limbs were left were they fell, mostly on the bed next to her, one arm on the floor. “That was a lot harder than I’m used to. Good enough, or..?”

She shook her head. She’d wanted to take a bath with him, and that meant *one thing in particular*, after last night’s revelations.


Therefore, shortly after, they were off to the bathroom. Alex, Alex’ limbs, and her. He filled the tub; she did nothing in particular, except talk, and they couldn’t quite get into their usual banter this time.


He nodded, then raised an eyebrow at her, saying, “Just so you know, I want you to know that you’re crazy.”

“I do. Yup.”

“Then it’s your funeral.”

Not exactly a funeral~

Finally they’d started on what she wanted to call the main event, as Alex approached her with a scalpel she’d found. Even if she’d wanted to run away—she didn’t, but *if*—she wouldn’t have stood a chance. She imagined the scene. A young girl, with no feet to run on or even arms to drag with, against a violent maniac—no, against Alex.

Forced to sit still as he approached, even her twisting doing nothing but show off her assets.

The scene was ruined a little by Alex’ continued refusal to look straight at her body, but soon enough he’d no longer have a choice. In the meantime…

“Here we go.”

Stepping behind her, he held one arm across her shoulders as the other went down to her navel, and though she couldn’t feel any pain as the scalpel cut it in two, she absolutely could feel other things. A vague sense of release, as the skin pulled itself to either side. Coldness, despite the warm bathroom air. Core-deep vulnerability.

He continued, and soon, astonishingly, there was a deep cut running the length of her torso, all the way from her throat to her crotch. Her breathing grew ragged, more so when he reached in and, somehow, opened. The skin fell down, like a piece of clothing being removed. He’d leant her slightly backwards, maybe so nothing would fall out.

He continued the task, and she realised he was skinning her in earnest. She hadn’t asked for that, but she wouldn’t protest. She didn’t know how to do this.

No, but wait. That, of course—

She managed a mewl of dissatisfaction as he cut off the front of her chest, all the way down to her ribs without ever touching her breasts. Off they went, and then down into the tub. Shortly thereafter the rest of her torso’s skin followed it, everything except what was on her head and her hips.

Of course, it was difficult to keep her innards inside her in this state.

Maybe it was because of the comfortable temperature, or maybe just being touched by someone she trusted, but she could feel herself getting drowsy. When he started fooling with her intestines, massaging them as if wanting to see what was inside, all she did was lean backwards—as much as she could—and enjoy the bizarre sensation. She actually might have fallen asleep for a bit, as the very next moment she found that he’d cut them off right at her bum, and… er.

What was he doing?

He’d put the lower end of them into the toilet, and now… what was he doing? Unscrewing the showed head? Wait, he couldn’t—

A yelp was all she did manage, when he cut a hole right above her stomach and started filling it with water. Body-temperature water, and slowly at first, but she immediately felt bloated—and then, when something gave and the water started flowing, he turned up the speed until she felt like she was turning inside out. She could hear—noises—from the loose end of her intestines, over in the toilet, and when those were replaced by running water, all that meant was that it had all flowed through her.

She gaped, and tried to talk, but at some point she’d lost her voice. Maybe when he’d cut her throat open.

She really was at his mercy.

She gulped, though it didn’t feel like it had an effect.


Well, after that, he took the few organs still remaining in her torso and dumped them in the bathtub. Still attached to her, for what it was worth; it wasn’t much, since he’d cut away her backbone and dipped it separately.

Seeing her heart underwater, still pumping blood but in no way part of anything that could be called a body, was maybe the oddest sight she’d ever seen. Her liver, her kidneys, all detached from her skeleton but still attached via the major blood-vessels.

Her hips, sitting on the side of the tub while he tried not to look at them. Damn it, Alex.

He didn’t get in himself, because he didn’t want to hurt her, a sentiment she found both sweetly endearing, frustrating, and completely absurd. One of these days she’d get him to understand that she wanted him.

…not that she’d really shared that opinion until just now, but she couldn’t deny it anymore.

But all things come to an end, and in the case of her bath, they came to an end after less than ten minutes. Not only was it not that comfortable a bath, in the end, but they also had to clean this all up and put her back together before Mom could come home.

…that evening she found that, just as he’d suggested, it took more than an hour or two to heal that sort of trauma, so—being a reasonable sort of girl—she detached an arm and a leg before sleeping, the better to sleep on her side. She later found that this meant a world-class case of pins and needles in the detached limbs when they reattached, but she hadn’t known that.


Let it be known that I hate derivatives, but this story and chapter are awesome regardless. If you need any ideas, take a look at my comment for an earlier chapter. You an just search my username to find the comment.


Good to see you back Mephistopheles, it's been a while. I have to say it took me a few seconds to figure out what exactly was happening in that final scene, but I really like the novel method of dissection, as well as Ruby's enthusiasm; she's a fun character.

Does the (1) in the chapter mean there's going to be a follow-up (or, better yet, more than one)? I especially wouldn't mind seeing a solo scene with Ruby. Surely now that she's gotten a bit of experience she'd be eager to do some experimenting on her own when Alex isn't around. Perhaps work off some of her sexual frustration?

Looking forward to any future parts.


Another chapter. Not a direct continuation of the last one -- I sort of prefer these little vignettes. Not to rule out a continuation of either one. Anyway, here you go.


“Oh, quit pouting, will you?”

Alyssa glared at her brother from inside the backpack. Her vision was partly blocked by a foot—it was her own—but she was determined to make her dissatisfaction known.

“Come on, you're the one who wanted to come with me. And, well, there really was no other way.” She didn't seem convinced, so he continued, “Do you think I'd carry you all this way otherwise? I didn't leave a piece of you behind, you know. What's the problem?”

The problem was that she woke up in pitch blackness with her face in someone's—her own—ass, unable to move or speak.

“Like I said, I wouldn't lug you all the way to camp at the break of dawn just to mess with you. Believe me, you're not missing much right now,” he said, airing out the sweat-soaked straps of his oversized backpack. Alyssa felt a jolt he dropped her narrow prison on the ground. With the foot dislodged from her view, she could see her brother reaching for the zipper. Now he could see his sister's pleading eyes.

Alex rarely caught glimpses of his sister's delicate side, but in the rare instances when they occurred, he was just as powerless as when she was holding his organs hostage. With a sigh, he retracted his hand. One little toothy grin was enough to send his heart reeling. So she wasn't that mad after all, he thought, averting his gaze. “Okay, let's just hope nobody sees you. I'll put you together soon, okay?”


The campground was one of the lushest sites on the hemisphere, with huge gorges, a great river, forests, and a surrounding mountain range. Just the kind of terrain that could reconnect an estranged species with its roots. Unfortunately, the activities that entailed—hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, and the like—were unsuited for the fairer sex. Starting society from scratch in the remotest of locations meant the rediscovery of certain practical gender roles, and these precluded the possibility of admitting a female to the Camp.

Alyssa had been crestfallen upon hearing the news. This wasn't the first time she'd be left to waste away while her brother was having the adventure of a lifetime. She really begged this time. Her brother suggested something disgusting, and she suggested he go fuck himself, because even her dream trip wasn't worth doing that again. When she had gone to bed that night, it was in resignation. Consequently, she was not a little unprepared for the events to come.

Presently, she was in about fifteen pieces in her brother's backpack. She was covered by a towel, but he had mercifully let a gap for her to breathe, and catch small glimpses of the mountain range on the way there. It had been five hours now.

“Psst! You awake?”

No answer. Then again, that didn't tell him a whole lot; he had cut a little slit in her throat as a precaution. He peered inside and lifted the towel. Sound asleep. He gently replaced the towel and decided to leave that part for last. Maybe he could make it up to her by waking her up in one piece next time. It was a stroke of luck that they had been given an hour to rest and mingle before the activities started proper, and that he was the only one in his quarters. But that could change any moment, so he got straight to work. He carefully extracted all the parts he could that weren't directly beneath her head in his towering backpack, as if playing Jenga with his dismembered sister. He got both feet, calves, and one thigh lined up on his bunk bed. Had he not written on them with a marker, he wouldn't have been able to distinguish between left and right. Her arms were intact, since he could fold them at the elbow, but her hands took up too much space whether or not he rolled them into fists. Her stomach was trickier, as he had had to cover both ends in plastic wrap to prevent spillage. With both hands, Alex carefully peeled away the cover from above and below her navel, letting her entrails sag a bit in either direction. All that was left was her head and shoulders, currently rested on her own buttocks. With the utmost precision, he slid her cheek onto the towel, removing her hips from the bag and pressing them against their three neighboring pieces.

Finally, he turned to his sister. The part of her that was a sleeping head attached to an armless upper torso. It was no sooner that he had placed the crowning jewel that he heard the door open behind him. With a start, he threw the bedsheets over his sister.

“So what's the story? You gonna stay in your cave on your first day in the wild?” said a booming voice. It was his roommate. What's-his-name. Of course he came to bond just at the right time. Okay. Don't panic.

“I'm... uh, just unpacking my things. Brought a lot of stuff for the trip. You know how it is,” he said, patting his large bag.

What's-his-name looked around theatrically. “Pretty empty in here, brah.”

Alex winced as the sheets shifted behind him. “Uh, I'll be out in just a bit, you don't have to–”

“Huh?” said Alyssa. Alex put his face in his hands. So she got her voice back, too, he thought. Perfect. “Sorry, I think I dozed off. Did you say something?” Alex followed what's-his-face's gaze. She was sitting upright, blanket at her waist, rubbing her eyes. He had cut her hair short, and, with a stroke of foresight, replaced her breasts with some skin patches he kept for emergencies. She might be forgiven for having no nipples, and as long as she didn't move even more, having vaguely feminine anatomy. Soon enough, she seemed to come to a realization, and froze in place.

“Don't try to get up,” Alex whispered, and more loudly, “This is my, um.” Alyssa cast him a quick glance. “My little brother.” Alyssa nodded. I just brought him in here because... well, I think he got a little excited and jumped in cold water, so I brought him to my cabin to warm up.” Alyssa nodded dangerously hard. “He's a bit shy, so if you don't mind...”

“Oh,” said what's-his-ass. “I didn't see anyone go in or out.”

Fed up, Alex responded, “Well, it's either that or I brought him here in a fucking bag. Could we just have some privacy for a moment? Please?” He smells bullshit, he thought. If I want him to fuck off, I might as well say it.

What's-his-face recoiled, wearing a mock hurt expression. “Geez man. If you want to be left alone, just ask.”

After the door shut, there was a long silence. Alyssa eventually broke it.

“So. Some padding would have been nice.”

Alex gritted his teeth. “I put your head on top, and you can't feel the rest anyway.”

“They can feel it. That's what this guy I met last week showed me.”

Another pang. “Who?”

She ignored the question. “In any case, I can feel it now,” she said, stretching.

“I really wouldn't do... that.”

He watched Alyssa lose her balance as her leg came off at the hip, sending her to the wooden floor, where she shattered in half. She decided to let it be for the moment, and changed the subject.

“So bro... where are my boobs?” She felt up her flat chest. “Every piece, you said?” He seemed lost in thought, so she began rummaging around in her midsection.

“Just what have I gotten myself into?” he muttered.

Alyssa looked up, holding her bladder. “Huh? Oh, by the way, I sorta tore this whatchamacallit, she said, pointing at her spleen. It's not in there, is it? Alex?”


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Here you go. I suddenly had the urge to write a chapter.

Neither sibling could deny that their fondest memories of each other coincided with bouts of reciprocal mutilation. Their propensity for violence was clear, and manifested during all of their quarrels, but an unavoidable consequence was that they knew each other inside and out. Of course, this unintentional bond didn't interfere with the habitual escalation that left them with their insides out, but it did give the siblings a sense that their quarrels could bring out more than just their organs.

Perhaps this intuition was what led them to agree to spend their Friday afternoon at the park together. They had temporarily bonded over the stress of schoolwork and the need for recuperation, but it was unlikely that either sibling had forgotten what happened the last time they had been in prolonged contact with one another, or the time before that, or...

But on that quiet evening, as they sat by the stream on a secluded park bench, neither saying a word for full minutes, the naive observer would be greeted with a picture of serene, unfettered affection. That picture would likely say a thousand words too few about the relationship between Alex and Alyssa, not to mention the events of the next few hours. Nevertheless, the first thousand words would suffice for a few minutes yet; Alyssa hand rested on her brother's as they faced the rushing water with half-lidded eyes.

Then Alyssa's eyes sparked, and she hastily retracted her hand, embarrassed. Time seemed to start again, and Alex glanced sidelong at his sister.

“What's the matter?” he asked in a mildly teasing tone. “Saving that hand for someone else?”

Still a bit flushed, Alyssa attempted to save face. “H-huh? Oh, naw, I just realized I let my hand touch YOU.” She felt a familiar energy rekindle inside her. “It's okay though, I could stick it in a toilet and it would come out cleaner.”

Alex sighed. It was nice while it lasted; might as well play along. “I guess it's for the best, then. I could probably get an STD just by shaking your hand, seeing where it's been.”

Alyssa paused and cocked her head. “A what?”

Damn. Now he had to explain the joke. The price to pay for being more well-read, or so he liked to think. “That was a disease you could only get by having sex with someone.”

“I guess you don't have to worry about that one, then!” laughed Alyssa. “You have a defense mechanism!”

She wouldn't dare go there. Alex was genuinely upset at where this was going. His sister never even apologize--

“Your dick falls off on the first date!” Alyssa delivered the killing blow with a smile. On some level, she was conscious of the fact that her brother just wanted some peace and quiet, but something compelled her to instigate, to possibly ruin their weekend, to make things the way they always were.

“Oh come on! I know you did it in my sleep, it was a fucking clean cut!”

“Like when you switched our genders while I slept? Well, I guess it's no wonder you wanted to dump that pathetic body on someone else.”

That was it. Anger washed over him, and before Alyssa could react, he grabbed the nearest stone and cracked it against the side of her head with all his might.

He went back to sitting quietly for a while, his breaths gradually steadying, avoiding looking at the mess he'd made of his sister. In the silence that ensued, he was almost able to ignore the fact that he'd just pulverized Alyssa's skull. Just the sound of rushing water, birds chirping, sporadic choking noises...

God damn it. He finally decided to face his handiwork. His sister had fallen backwards off the bench, so that she lay on her back with her splayed legs twitching slightly. Her right eye was dangling from its socket, and her jaw was completely destroyed, her chin sinking into her throat like a deflated inner tube. The sight was utterly pitiful.

Another gagging sound brought Alex back to his senses, and he realized that the sagging tissue was blocking her windpipe. Not wanting to have to deal with a full revival, not to mention explaining that to their parents, Alex sprung into action. Pulling at the pile of rubble that had been her face was getting him nowhere fast, and the spasms were getting more frantic. Despite knowing that it probably wasn't as bad as it looked, Alex was filled by a primal sense of urgency upon hearing those sounds. Thinking quickly, he unsheathed his trusty knife and began sawing away at his sister's throat. He sat her up and pulled back her head, letting the hole open. There was an audible suction as she took a deep breath through the new opening, but she was still hyperventilating. Having to keep her neck bent was also not an ideal arrangement, and rendered the duo immobile.

Alex hypothesized that his sister's destroyed brain was likely doing more harm than good at this point, and that if he wanted her body's decentralized nervous system to take over, he's have to do the unthinkable.

He quickly did the unthinkable, and crammed his sister's destroyed head in his schoolbag.

Peering in at the mess now sandwiched between his books and papers, he wondered how long her head would take to heal on its own. He's probably need to keep it somewhere less cramped, but still hidden... his nightstand drawer? No, too little air. Under his bed? Too creepy. Maybe--

A rustling noise drew his attention back in his sister's direction. That is, her body's direction. Which was currently standing up and extending its arms, as if feeling for something to hold on to. Its shoulders were hunched, and it was pawing at the air so timidly, that it—no, she—gave Alex the impression that she was frightened. He may have been the younger sibling, but, well, she was a head shorter now, and her posture brought forth a pang of sympathy in Alex. Dropping the bag—squish—he strode towards her and clasped her hand. Alyssa's body seemed to tense up momentarily as she stopped probing and felt the hand that had just taken hold of her. After her other hand brushed down his arm and across his chest, Alyssa's body seemed to come to a realization, and she slumped against him.

Alex was confused. Wasn't she just on autopilot now? What did her body care who she was with? What did that have to do with standing upright, eating and breathing? But he couldn't help but feel that as her rather noisy breaths slowed, and she wrapped her arms around him, she was showing more complex emotions.

Now that one crisis had been averted, Alex decided to experiment. He tapped his sister on the shoulder. Without letting go of him, she pushed off of him and appeared to stand to attention.

“So, I guess we're going to have to get you home.”

No response.


He tugged her hand twice instead, and began walking. After stumbling initially, she seemed to understand, and began walking behind him. Retrieving the bag with care this time, Alex considered his options. Walking home with a headless sister wasn't ideal, so he would have to obscure the deficit without also blocking her airways. Her real head was out of the question in its current state. Perhaps her clothing might help...

The hoodie didn't exactly stand up on its own, and worse yet, it caused her to choke whenever it fell over her neck stump. After a few attempts, Alyssa's body was holding her arms over her stump, as if protecting it. Alex sighed and squeezed her hand once, signaling defeat. Slowly, she lowered her arms and pulled him close again. Looking down at her exposed cross section, Alex had a sudden burst of inspiration. He grabbed a sharp, sturdy looking stick from the ground and positioned it above a fleshy spot that didn't look too important. Hesitating, he first squeezed Alyssa's hand and pressed the stick against her stump, not wanting to surprise her and possibly send her running away in a blind panic. Still squeezing, he jammed it in full force.

Alyssa doubled over but soon recovered, although she seemed displeased as she probed the foreign object with her free hand. Now that the scaffolding was in place, Alex pulled up the hood. The shape was... disappointing. But it would have to do.

Alex wished there had been at least one person around to be fooled by his craftsmanship, but it was shortly past dinner time, and the sun was already down. By the time they reached the house, it was dark, and the aroma of cooking fish prompted him to sneak in through the back door, unseen by his parents. He tiptoed up the stairs, his sister clumsily following, and ushered her into her room where he sat her down on the bed. Removing the stick, Alex patted her shoulder again.

“Wait here,” he instructed, as if hoping that the words would be transmitted through the gesture. When she didn't move for a while, he turned, satisfied, and headed to dinner.

“Hi, honey,” greeted his mother. “When did you come home? Didn't you go to the park with your sister?”

“Oh, we got back a while ago.” He added, “It was fun. Uh, relaxing. Nothing to worry about.” He instantly regretted the last comment.

“I'm glad you're spending time together for a change.” She paused, suddenly suspicious. “Speaking of which, where is Alyssa?”

“She went to her room early. School, you know? That's why we wanted to relax today.”

Remarkably, this seemed to convince his mother that they hadn't torn each other to shreds that day. After all, he didn't have a mark on him. He'd have to have rendered his sister helpless in cold blood. These thoughts left Alex feeling miserable as he ate in silence. After getting halfway through his baked salmon, he pulled back his chair.

“I'll just bring the rest up to Alyssa's room,” he said, excusing himself. His mother gave him a warm smile, proud that her son was finally learning to take care of his sister.

Meanwhile, Alex dumped his sister's decapitated head onto the bed next to her body, which was now lying prone on the soft sheets. He examined the damage. Amazingly, she was less misshapen than before, with only her missing teeth and dangling eyeball to show for his earlier treatment of her. He shook her as gently as he could, letting those loose teeth fall out of her mouth rather than down her throat, then pressed her eyeball back into place. Perhaps her brain would take some time to recover, and her jaw was still fragile, but some prodding with a rubber dildo (what? He used the smallest one he could find under her nightstand!) revealed that her throat was open for business. The business of respiration, that is. From here on, it was standard procedure; both children had no shortage of medical supplies in their rooms, and her neck was soon wrapped snugly with bandages, air flowing through her gaping mouth at regular intervals.

Eventually, he stopped holding it open as he felt warmth in her lips return, and after pulling her covers up, nothing looked out of the ordinary. As he prepared to leave, he glanced back at his sleeping sister. She looked so peaceful there that Alex almost forgot about the storm that would be waiting for him when she woke up. He gave her a quick peck on the forehead before retiring to his room.


Alex rubbed the sleep from his eyes. Saturday morning. He yawned, relieved that he'd have the whole weekend to relax with--

Oh. Right. As if on cue, his sister's door opened and she stepped out, stretching. Their eyes met, Alex's full of remorse, bracing himself for the fully deserved punishment she was about to serve--

“Mornin', bro.” She mumbled, as she groggily ambled downstairs.

Alex was stunned. Grasping her shoulder, he stammered, “A-aren't you mad at me?”

Alyssa looked confused, as if trying to guess which wrongdoing he was referring to. “I will be soon, if you don't stop touching... me.” She paused, as if suddenly remembering. Alex held his breath.

“Oh yeah, I had a weirdest dream last night. It was pitch dark, but I know you were in it. You were guiding me through an evil forest full of monsters that tried to choke me, and had pointy fangs...”

Alex let out his breath. “Huh. Some dream,” he managed.

“I guess I can't stay mad at my little bro,” she cooed, pinching his cheek lightly. “Especially when he even protects me in my dreams.”

She brought her hand up to her neck, which suddenly itched at the memory. Alex's heart sank.

“Um. What is this?”


Amazing. Hope you continue. Also, you might want to consider adopting a pen name like JIP or Poguemahone, so people know who you are. =)


> Neither sibling could deny that their fondest memories of each other coincided with bouts of reciprocal mutilation. Their propensity for violence was clear, and manifested during all of their quarrels, but an unavoidable consequence was that they knew each other inside and out. Of course, this unintentional bond didn't interfere with the habitual escalation that left them with their insides out, but it did give the siblings a sense that their quarrels could bring out more than just their organs.


Probably the best thing about this series is the completely dead-pan humor it creates. There's nothing terribly abnormal going on in-story, save for the slightly absurd relationship the siblings share, but then you take a single step back and...

Now I'm feeling inspired too.


Lol. Well, if you're inspired and you write anything like you once did for Susan, I can guarnee at least one person would read it. =)


You know, I think it would be funny if at some point the parents get upset with the kids fighting that they dismember the two kids down to the basics.

No arms or legs, sealed urinary and bowel tracks, no eyes so neither child knows that the other is in the same predicament, and no tongues (temporary), the tongues could be returned for short term use for the kids to answer and the be removed again. The ears will be cut off and replaced like the tongues so the kids could hear the parents.

Another scene we could see down the line would be the parents enjoying a night out and experiments while also having sex.


Sorry, forgot to mention that at the end of the punishment game, the kids would realize that they were both being punished. And the parents could use that as a basis for further embarrassment of the kids to neighbors or friends at school.


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Here you go.

"Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you." (Jeremiah 29:12)


when reading this story I wonder what if they manage to lose their body parts what happens then?

Also I think it can be possible to do some 3d pictures on this topic


> when reading this story I wonder what if they manage to lose their body parts what happens then?

Normally? They'd grow back, Alyssa's recent "situation" notwithstanding. Sure, hollow yourself out *enough* and there'll be no source of energy and mass to do the repairs, but if they lose a limb it'll just regrow.

If they somehow do themselves enough damage to be non-viable? Brain contents is backed up to DNA, which can be used to regrow a body at any medical facility with only a moderate amount of parental badgering. The one time Alyssa and Alex managed to simultaneously kill each other, it took their parents two weeks before they got around to resurrecting them.

It was the middle of summer vacation, see.

Fall into an incinerator, or active volcano? Then it gets a little more philosophical. They can still be resurrected, but using backup data which may be weeks or months old in the worst case. Alex managed that *once*, which is why he is now unambiguously the younger twin.


OP here again. Back with another chapter, and a username. Sorry for the long delay.

Their faces mere centimeters apart, Alex and Alyssa were frozen as their brains attempted to process the myriad sensations that were suddenly bombarding them. They were gripping one another rather tightly. Their hearts were pounding. Their clothes were in disarray. Someone was gripping them by the hair. There was something else, too—an alien, but none too unpleasant feeling.

There was a voice. Alex slowly turned towards the source, and saw a man in a uniform. He was the one gripping their heads.

“--And far be it from me to tell you what you can or can't do in the privacy of your own homes, but I need to see tickets, and your bodies aren't the most... cooperative,” he continued, gingerly releasing his grip. “So you lovebirds better keep your heads on.”

Alex's mind was still reeling, but he picked up something about tickets. Right. He had their tickets. Left pocket. Any distractions to stave off the inevitable horror of confronting his situation were welcome, so he took his time searching his pockets. But the ticket wasn't in either pocket. He clearly remembered buying them, and that he didn't trust his sister to hold on to hers. Yet as he thought this, Alyssa procured both tickets from her left pocket and handed them to the man.

After giving the tickets a once-over, he bid them both farewell and made his exit, leaving the twins with little to talk about but their current sticky embrace.

Alyssa was the first to speak. “So... what happened?” she asked, despite having a pretty good idea. She had had a view of his head, and with it, his facial expression as he watched whatever their bodies had been doing. Were still doing. Fuck.

“Both of our necks were still loose, and you headbutted me,” said Alex in deadpan.

“I meant after that, genius.”

“We scuffled for a bit, and then it looked like we forgot what we were doing, and then we—uh, our bodies—just started touching each other--”

“No shit.”

“--and you undid my pants--”

“Bullshit! Like you could keep track of which one was which,” Alyssa mocked, noting their identical school uniforms.

“So you just admitted you're flat?” Alex replied, forgetting his shock for a moment.

“It's just these uniforms!” she said, flustered.

“Besides, mine is the one with a dick,” continued Alex, “and yours was the one that took it out and played with it--”

“Ugh, shut up!”

“By the way, how does your throat feel?” he said, goading her further. “It looked like a pretty tight fit.”

“I said shut up! You're just making stuff up!” Alyssa fumed. Despite herself, she couldn't help but reflexively clear her throat, causing her to turn even redder as she glared at her brother.

“Whatever! You sure must have wanted it, because look at us now!”

Alyssa shuddered. “About that,” she said, looking down. “Would you mind... pulling out some time today?”

As long as they didn't move too much, it had been possible to ignore the fact that they were joined together at the hips. They were seated facing each other along the length of the cushioned booth, his right and her left leg interlocking. His was on top, so it looked like the first move was up to him. He sighed, lifted his leg, and slowly backed away from his sister. Something felt... off. The only way he could really think to describe it was... inverted? It sure didn't feel unpleasant, though. Finally, the friction stopped, signaling that they had decoupled.

And Alex watched his rock hard cock spring out of his pants. And away from his body.

Instinctively, he reached for his errant member. Can't I use this thing once without it falling off?

But as he gripped and tugged on it, his sister let out a sharp moan. “What the hell was that? Why the hell is it hurting so much?” Lying on her back with an arm draped across her face, she couldn't see the source of her discomfort.

As memories of her past teasing resurfaced in his mind, Alex wasn't eager to tell her what had happened. Or at least, what he thought had happened, until he realized he was looking at the head of his cock. “Oh shit.” He plunged a hand down his pants. He knew what being dickless felt like, and that hole sure didn't feel this good (he had tried—all the more reason never to lose it, he concluded). As he looked down at his soaked fingers, he also spotted the sky blue panties he'd seen countless times—and was now wearing.

Just his luck. So the ticket enforcer couldn't tell them apart either. And there was no way to switch their heads without at some point having them both detached at once, which wasn't happening as long as their bodies had other priorities.

Looking back at his sister, Alex saw that she had finally found the courage to examine herself. As she stared at her new cock (and it stared back), the truth about their situation dawned on her as well. “Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. Fuck!” she shouted. “I'm a girl, got it?” she growled, addressing nobody in particular. Then, lunging towards Alex, she grabbed hold of his chest, kneading the flesh so as to emphasize the existence of some soft tissue. “See these? Girls have these! How the fuck could someone screw that up?”

Alex winced. “Argh! dammit, you should know how much that hurts,” he said reproachfully, massaging his bruised breasts.

Alyssa promptly slapped away his hands. “No touching!” she commanded with a glare.

“Oh come on, Alyssa,” he said, rolling his eyes, “like I can avoid touching myself. What do you want me to do, anesthetize myself so I don't feel all your parts rubbing together?”

“Well when you put it like that, yes!” she said, burying her crimson face in her hands. “Ugh, how do you manage to make even that sound dirty?”

“You're one to talk,” he chuckled, “with your dong just hanging out like that.”

“AAAAAGH! NOT MINE! IT'S NOT MINE!” screamed Alyssa, attempting to cover the throbbing organ with her hands.

“Hey, calm down, I mean it. Do you really want to stay like that?”

“Well what am I supposed to do? It hurts like hell when I try to push it down!” she said, exasperated.

“Well duh. You've been rock hard this entire time,” he said. As she pinched the shaft experimentally, he gave a weary sigh. “Come on, don't tell me you didn't try anything last time we were like this.”

Alyssa narrowed her eyes. “Don't tell me you did,” she threatened.

“Look, do you want me to help you or not?” he asked, avoiding her glare.

“And how are you going to do that?”

Now it was Alex's turn to be embarrassed. “Well, it's... uh, I have to...” Alex glanced down again. Sure, it wasn't attached to him, but he couldn't help but feel some sense of ownership over his parts. That was his erection she was having. She, and by extension Alex, was painfully backed up, and he couldn't stand to see it. He knew just what to do to make himself feel better; the problem was that he quite literally wasn't himself. He'd just have to pretend he was. “How about you lie down first,” he suggested.

Alyssa did as instructed and lay on the seat, but without taking her narrowed eyes off him.

Alex doubted that he could convince her to look away and just trust him, so he tried to ignore her as he reached towards his sister. She gasped again as he gripped her by the engorged junk, but nodded for him to continue.

It's just like masturbation. I am not giving my sister a handjob, he thought without much confidence as he began pumping. This motion was one of the most familiar things in the world to him, yet there was no ignoring that it was an interpersonal act this time. No, it was more than that. However much he repeated to himself that this was his body and nobody else's, he wasn't identifying with it in this moment. He was a girl, giving a handjob to someone else. Someone she loved.

Alex shook his head violently. No. Bad body. I'm in control here. I'm just doing this because I have to, got it? He didn't know if it was listening, or if thinking thoughts at his body even made sense, but, for his part (and for his sister's sake), he needed to maintain his composure.

Alyssa moaned. “I don't even care how wrong this is. Just don't stop,” she pleaded, resting her arm across her forehead.

So with newfound determination, he continued jerking off his sister. Her breaths became shorter as his technique rapidly took effect—he knew how to make himself feel good, after all—and before long, he could see the telltale signs that his body was reaching its limit. His sister obviously noticed as well, arching her back and gasping. “Ahh... I'm gonna... I'm gonna--”

Alex realized he had forgotten about the mess. He quickly scanned their room for something to contain the explosion, but everything was still in their bags. By the time the first warning shot hit him in the face, he knew that he had only one choice.

He closed the distance between his face and his (currently her) dick in the nick of time, as load after bubbly load filled his mouth, throat, and airways. Spluttering and coughing, he attempted to swallow as much as he could as his sister emptied herself. Ever the selfless sibling, he took comfort in the fact that this semen was destined for his sister's stomach, which he didn't intend to keep for long.

Somehow, that didn't make this feel less degrading.

After a not-so-short bathroom break, Alex was somewhat refreshed. The taste was almost gone from his mouth, though he'd probably need a new toothbrush. More importantly, some routine self-dissection had revealed a womb filled with semen. He'd inverted it and soaked it in hot water, but he was still worried; human eggs don't exactly give up without a fight—so he'd heard. For now, it was crammed in his backpack between some ice packs. She probably wouldn't miss it for a while.

Also, despite himself, he'd stayed a bit longer to satisfy certain... urges. Despite all his teasing, Alex didn't think Alyssa was actually flat, and perhaps due to her malleable composition, clothing did have an unflattering effect on her bust. Looking down at himself in the nude, however... well, suffice it to say that he would have gotten hard if that were still possible. And he might have broken the no touching rule.

Hopefully, Alyssa would understand, after what he did for her.

But back in their first-class compartment, he saw that Alyssa was asleep under a blanket. They had another five hours at the leisurely pace this train was going. It's not like he had been expecting an uneventful trip, but this? As fascinating as it was to get another chance to explore this body, certain realities were beginning to set in. What would they do when they arrived? As if the first day at an elite boarding school wasn't daunting enough, now he'd have to survive a thorough physical examination and presumably explain to the administration why he was registered as a male.

They'd have to switch back again, but how? One careless move could set them back even further. This all happened because of a headbutt, for crying out loud.

Alex wracked his mind for an answer as his sister slept soundly.

Alyssa awoke to a clattering noise. She blearily opened her eyes, annoyed that her much-needed rest had been cut short.

“Alex?” she inquired groggily, still not sure where she was. Her brother was dumping the contents of a backpack on the floor, which was evidently what woke her up. As her eyes came into focus, she realized that he was naked. And a girl. And she was a boy. Nope, it wasn't just a bad dream. She sighed, but her breath caught as she noticed that she'd been undressed. How did he keep doing that without waking her up? “Mind telling me what's going on?”

Alex finally looked her way. “You want to be back to normal, right? Preferably before we arrive?”

“Duh. Every second attached to you is probably setting me back years,” she said, staring forlornly at the budding knockers currently adorning her brother.

Alex rolled his eyes, but went on. “And we can't just swap heads, unless you want to leave our bodies alone again.” Alyssa shook her head.

“That leaves two options. We get help from someone on the train, and entrust our bodies to some random stranger,” he said, rummaging in the pile of school supplies, “or we make our own help.”

Alyssa looked confused. “Can't we just do what we did last time?”

“You mean without the part where we tear each other to pieces and almost die? Well, that wasn't really a head swap, remember? That was something I could do by myself, so there was some extra... mixing and matching.” Alex seemed to finally find what he was looking for, and picked up what looked like a spool in one hand, and some plastic wrapping in the other. “Besides, I've got a perfect, simple solution.”

“My hero.”

“First, I've got to explain it to you, since I we won't be able to talk, when we're... uh, in the middle of it. And we need to coordinate,” he smirked. “All four of us.”

Alyssa raised an eyebrow. “Go on.”

“We don't want to relinquish control entirely, right? So we just need to do this incrementally.” He began unwinding the razor-sharp wire in his hands. “If we cut ourselves down the middle, we can just switch half of our heads on the corresponding halves of our bodies. The other halves can help, until it's their turn. Then we join back up. Any questions?”

“Yeah, a couple. First, why are you packing all that wire?”

“Don't you get bored on long trips?” Alex asked with a smirk.

She couldn't argue with that. “Okay, second question, why not just cut our heads in half and switch those in stages?”

“Then who has control of the body at the halfway point? For that matter, what happens if we accidentally merge brains?” They both shuddered.

Alex threw his sister the wire. “You go first. I need to be in one piece in case something goes wrong.”

Alyssa scoffed. “What, you think I can't cut myself straight?” She carefully lined up the wire between her (brother's) legs, not at all opposed to the idea of going first if meant proving how well she could mutilate her brother's body. Too bad she was the one who had to feel the wire sliding through her abdomen.

With care and attention, Alyssa guided the wire exactly through the middle of her brother's genitals, perfectly separating his testicles and cleaving the shaft in two down the center of his urethra. Alex cringed through the spectacle. “You could have just gone around that, you know. I've still got your body hostage, so play nice with mine.”

Alyssa stuck out her tongue as she continued to saw her way through his body. Soon the wire was in her territory, and she had to sit with her back against the wall to make sure her arms didn't end up askew, bringing the wire over and around the back of her head as if flossing in a particularly tricky corner. As the metal floss divided her lower jaw, drool began to spill down her neck, which she initially tried to stifle with her elbow before giving up. Finally, as the last fibers in the corpus callosum were severed, her eyes no longer moved in synchrony, and the two-handed sawing motion became a feat of coordination, until at last the last bit of connecting tissue above her forehead gave way. Half of her gave a triumphant smirk, while the other tossed the spool back to her brother.

Alex was mildly impressed. He had to admit, she made it look kind of easy. Just how much practice did she have? Another part of him was sure that if she could do it, so could he. And the plan would be a success. “Alright, now let's just wrap you up to make sure nothing falls out,” he said, picking up the plastic wrap.

His sister decided she should probably stand up for this. At least, half of her did. The other half watched as Right-Alyssa stumbled for a second on one leg before falling forwards, yanking out her left half's entrails while reaching for support before spilling her own all over the floor. On impact, her brain slid out of her skull, skidding into Alex's foot and leaving her lying face-down and twitching.

As a rather annoyed Left-Alyssa carefully pooled her share of Alex's guts back into her cavity, Alex quickly replaced Right-Alyssa's brain, and sealed both of their heads' openings with plastic wrap. Sealing his body was a lost cause for now. So much for easy, he thought.

“Can you still understand me?” He asked both Alyssas. Both nodded.

Satisfied, he prepared to split himself, making sure to mentally map out his exact movements from start to finish so that he didn't end up like Alyssa. Or rather, so that her body didn't end up like his. Ever the caring sibling...

The wire quickly settled into a certain groove, perfectly splitting his sister's vagina. “Fair's fair,” he said, addressing his glowering sibling. Or at least, the half of her that was glowering, and not poking at her brain. He soon regretted taking her genitals head on, however, as the feeling of cold metal sliding through his clitoris caused a brief moment of euphoria, accompanied by some obscene noises that, as a boy, he felt somewhat ashamed to make. Some undigested white goop trickled out of the gap once he passed through the stomach. He achieved the final stretch in much the same manner as Alyssa had, except that he made sure to remain seated while sliding two layers of plastic wrap between his halves. Too bad this was probably the first and last time he'd get to stimulate this many erogenous zones at once. Maybe if he got a girlfriend, he thought...

His ruminations were short-lived as Alyssa's impatient glare brought him back to his senses, and he pulled the plastic foil through the top of his head, pulling apart the excess wrapping and flattening it against the edges of his cut, from his crown to his labia. Aside from a faint glint of plastic, he looked like a perfectly intact girl (well, a girl with her brother's head). That is, until he wormed his fingers into the cut and pulled himself apart with a sound like tape being peeled, starting at the stomach and sliding his arms in opposite directions, exiting through his head and his sister's privates. Finally, he scooted apart, so that his sister's insides were on full display through the transparent membrane.

With a flurry of gestures, pointing, and finger counting, the two Alexes communicated a plan of action. First, Right-Alyssa and Right-Alex would work together to switch Left-Alex with Left-Alyssa. Then the completely male Left-Alex and completely female Left-Alyssa would switch Right-Alyssa with Right-Alex. Right-Alyssa made a visibly concerted effort to take the plan to heart, but finally nodded, instinctively holding her brain steady.

The half-siblings seated themselves on the floor in a small circle. With only one arm each, the they needed to grip each other by the hair. After a few tugs, the first round of heads came off, made easier by the fact that there was only half of the usual cross-sectional area to tear through. Right-Alex and -Alyssa carefully carried the heads to their destinations, making sure to do so before the headless bodies switched to autopilot. They waited until both left siblings had given a hand signal before letting go (Left-Alyssa flipped the bird, but that was good enough for him), then gave themselves up to Left-Alex. As Right-Alyssa felt her head tear off, she felt strangely comforted as she relinquished all control, letting her brother carry her back to the comfort of her body. Left-Alyssa dutifully tore off Right-Alex's head to make way, and after the last signal, the restored siblings located their partners, lined themselves up, and hugged themselves tightly. Alex couldn't help but feel proud, having executed his admittedly convoluted plan in under an hour. For her part, Alyssa was of two minds on the matter.

A few minutes later, and Alex could barely see the seam down his body. He gathered up the organs his sister had dropped (at least he knew they were all his—he'd been kind enough to avoid any spillage while handling hers, after all) and haphazardly threw them through an opening he made in his belly. He'd sort them out later, if necessary. More importantly, his shorn shaft demanded special attention; the poor organ had seen far too much action lately. Only after minutes of pinching and squeezing was he courageous enough to let it go.

His sister was fast asleep already, clearly still tired from her earlier interrupted nap. He sighed, got dressed, and snuggled under the blanket beside her. As often happened, the relief of having rebounded from yet another ordeal together made him feel strangely at peace. None of their fights up to now mattered. Their differences were inconsequential. They had a clean slate, and she felt warm and soft when he wrapped her in his arms. Soon, he, too, drifted off to sleep.

When Alex awoke, sunlight was streaming through the window. He checked his watch—7:30 in the morning. They were arriving soon, so he decided to wake up his sister.

“Hey Alyssa,” he said, shaking her gently. “You should get dressed. We're almost there.”

Alyssa turned towards him and opened her eyes a crack. She grunted defiantly and pulled the covers over her head. Alex sighed. Wasn't she supposed to be the one yanking him out of bed on school days? Whatever, he thought, if he could undress her without her consent, he could dress her without her consent. He pulled away the covers and instantly realized something was wrong.

“Aaaalex,” she whined in an uncharacteristically childish tone, keeping her eyes shut. “Five more minutes!”

Alex noted that she looked incredibly small. Her left arm and leg were missing, which was a mystery by itself. Did her limbs fall off in her sleep? But that wasn't why she looked small. She was definitely shorter, and thinner around the chest and hips. Like a ten-year-old. Convinced he was seeing things, he straightened her limbs (ignoring her protests) and and attempted to put her clothes on. Right away, he saw noticed that her panties hung off of her like a loincloth. This was definitely real.

“Sis, did anything... weird happen last night?” he asked hopelessly.

Alyssa grumbled, shaking her head. “Hrmph. Left arm fell off in my sleep I guess,” she speculated, gradually waking up.

Suddenly, a glimmer caught his eye. It seemed like her whole left side was covered in something shiny. He peeled some off around her belly, causing her to giggle violently.

It was plastic foil. His mind raced. Had she forgetten to remove it? But then she'd still be in two halves. And the foil was outside her body, covering her missing limbs. So her arm and leg couldn't have fallen off in the night...

At that moment, he heard a groan from right behind him.

“Alex? Are you up? What time is it?” A pause. “Hey, have you seen my right arm?”


Nice to see a new chapter of one of GUROchan's best stories. Well done.


Loved it, though could you explain what happened in the final scene since it was a little hard to follow? I got the general idea of Alyssa somehow seating, but that's it.

I suppose I'll start hoping for another chalet come December. Lol


Yeah, maybe I didn't convey that very well. Both of Alyssa's halves were separated from each other all through the night, so instead of joining, they partially grew into separate people. A few hours of tossing and turning later, and Alex was sleeping between two little sisters.

I wonder what he'll be forced to do? Dispose of one and keep the other? Try to merge them with some speed surgery? Dress them up as one person? Well, let's see.


Seeing this thread up in the list, I thought "ah, what's the point of checking it, no way there's actually a new part, someone's just bumping it to keep from sinking", but then I scrolled down and...
This setting allows for a lot of possibilities and it's always exciting to see what creative use it is given in each new part.
I hate to be the guy, but someone has to point out that this wouldn't have worked, as the left hemisphere of the brain controls the right half of the body and vice versa. But let it not bother you, as this is gurochan, not a biology class, so fun comes before realism.
I didn't have problems understanding the ending, the last couple of lines make it quite obvious in my opinion. The beginning, on the other hand, felt like a mess... I mean, I get that it probably was supposed to feel that way to convey how the characters felt, but it got a bit too far with it. It took me actually reading it for the second time to get what was going on. But maybe it was just me, I dunno.
Anyway it was fun. I enjoyed this part much more than the one with Alyssa in the backpack, and certainly looking forward to seeing what Alex will do with suddenly having two sisters.


Keep them both, have two sisters!


What else are you gonna do? Can't kill them, can't re-merge them...

I'll admit, this isn't where I thought the story was gonna go. "Split them down the middle" didn't occur to me as a plausible tactic, so I was sure they'd be swapping places entirely instead. It'd just take a face swap, right?

...maybe I'll write that alternative later.


First thing they should do is shuffle limbs around so there's one complete Alyssa and one compact limbless Alyssa, and hide the compact one.

Then they can tell parents that some anomaly happened and go to a doc to age the big Alyssa back up, and keep the small one as a pet in secret from their parents. Much to her protest at first, because they keep trimming her limbs so she can be hidden in their rooms, but she gets used to it quickly as she realises she can live an extremely lazy life and still be fed, cleaned and entertained.


Shouldn't have pressed the submit button this soon.
The inscentive for pet Alyssa to be quiet is that she'll be disposed of if discovered, and she doesn't want to.
Naturally, one of the perks of having Alyssa as a pet is ability to hide her in plain sight, sorta- if Alex is caught with the small Alyssa, they can both pretend she's the big Alyssa and they're just playing around again, the only problem is with discovering two Alyssas at once, so they two try to stay away from each other. This makes Alex spend a lot more time with small Alyssa, with all the consequences stemming from their relationship.


> The incentive for pet Alyssa to be quiet is that she'll be disposed of if discovered, and she doesn't want to.

While I shan't (and can't) stop you from writing whatever you wish, this isn't that sort of world. Death isn't cheap here. I mean, apart from the literal sense in which recovering from death is a cheap experience that's mostly an annoyance to the parents...

Ahem. These are normal people, with a normal dislike of death and suffering, who happen to live in a world where neither of those two would happen merely from, say, cutting someone's head off. Physical suffering is approximately nonexistent, as there is an explicit line about the worst possible pain being approximately 'papercut', though that's still not something you'd randomly do to a friend.

Other kinds of suffering haven't changed. So while you had a good idea in making sure there's at least *one* seemingly-normal Alyssa around, there's no way any of them would want to hold her captive against her will, and that situation isn't something she'd grow to enjoy, either.

Killing her is just straight out. I don't think they've ever done *that* deliberately, and the parents certainly wouldn't.


> The incentive for pet Alyssa to be quiet is that she'll be disposed of if discovered, and she doesn't want to.

While I shan't (and can't) stop you from writing whatever you wish, this isn't that sort of world. Death isn't cheap here. I mean, apart from the literal sense in which recovering from death is a cheap experience that's mostly an annoyance to the parents...

Ahem. These are normal people, with a normal dislike of death and suffering, who happen to live in a world where neither of those two would happen merely from, say, cutting someone's head off. Physical suffering is approximately nonexistent, as there is an explicit line about the worst possible pain being approximately 'papercut', though that's still not something you'd randomly do to a friend.

Other kinds of suffering haven't changed. So while you had a good idea in making sure there's at least *one* seemingly-normal Alyssa around, there's no way any of them would want to hold her captive against her will, and that situation isn't something she'd grow to enjoy, either.

Killing her is just straight out. I don't think they've ever done *that* deliberately, and the parents certainly wouldn't.


I initially thought of there being laws against what is essentially cloning, and it being the reason why Alex freaked out, because if discovered there'll be a mandatory disintegration of one of the Alyssas- to law it doesn't matter which as they're pretty much identical pre-separation and accumulated very little difference post-separation.

Now you say that, maybe instead of disintegration there's a merger, which neither side desires either- small one doesn't want to stop being a separate mind, big one doesn't want a mishmash of memories and personalities (which changes when she ages and with their different lifestyle) in her head in addition to that. Or even just a fine neither of them can pay and that will take toll even on their rich parents. Either way, both Alyssas and Alex are agreeing that the duality should not be discovred, and keep little Alyssa a secret.
Keeping her in compact state can be viewed as acceptable by all three sides as a temporary solution to hiding her during the trip, but it extends for a while after it as well (as she needs to regenerate half of her mass while being somewhat underfed because she's fed leftovers snuck off the table), all while they take care of her like she's their newborn child. This brings big Alyssa and Alex closer together.
She eventually grows bored of this lifestyle and as soon as her fingers grow she, being juvenile, starts pulling pranks on them two- Car Fight-worthy pranks, of course, like placing a music player in her sister's belly, with a timer so it starts working during school; for which she gets punished in a Car Fight way as well as the two really take a role of her parents.
What's next? I don't know. They may appreciate having a dedicated surgeon at home instead of having to patch up each other, for example.

I probably won't write anything for this arc, just throwing some ideas (though I do have an idea for a standalone story that'll benefit a bit from having small Alyssa's assistance but it's not crucial to it). Thanks for grounding me in this universe's roots so I can correct my ideas a bit.


Bit late to the discussion...

>>10388 "can't re-merge them..."

Who said it has to be a complete re-merging? Conjoined twins are a thing...


There's little reason for them to do that on their own. It's awkward for both Alyssas, and it makes their fuckup very obvious to everybody. And if it's somehow enforced, it'll limit their future options. One of the cool things about this universe is that there's never any long-term consequences, it all returns to 100% healthy Alex and Alyssa only for them to do something else.


There's little reason for them to do that on their own. It's awkward for both Alyssas, and it makes their fuckup very obvious to everybody. And if it's somehow enforced, it'll limit their future options. One of the cool things about this universe is that there's never any long-term consequences, it all returns to 100% healthy Alex and Alyssa only for them to do something else.




Please don't bump year old threads, there won't be an update and even if there was a new thread is fine.


Son of a bitch, it's been almost a year since the last update?


Way too long, that's for sure. Every time I go take a look, wondering if maybe I should write something, the site's down.

Except this time. May it stay that way *at least for a week*.


Glad to see you're not dead.Can't wait to see what you write. Next JIP and Poguemahone, you're probably my favorite author.


Excitedly looking forward to more of this fantastic story!

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