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Tags: mf/fsnon-con crushing mashing ripping shredding destruction rape scat lolli teen (probably more to follow)

Hello sickos. I'd never done creative writing before, so thought I'd give it a try. 4 days later I've roughed out nearly 20000 words, and am pleased enough with it to upload it here.

Feedback is welcome. I'd like to know if I'm deluded, so I don't have to waste any more time on this.

If you spot any glaring errors, keep them to yourself, and hopefully no-one else will notice ;)

The general theme is a modern underground dungeon. Girls and young ladies get brutally raped, and then meet annihilation in various machines. Lots of gore and minimal plot. The format is pretty open ended, so I'll probably keep adding chapters as I go along.



Chapter 1. The Factory.

Bob smiled, stretched out his long sinewy arms, and yawned. He gave his wife Emma, a coy look across the breakfast table. "I thought we might spend some time in the factory today."

Emma's twenty-eight year old green eyes widened. "Working or playing?"

"Play time"

"A new catch? Anyone we know?" she quipped playfully.

"Haha, no. Dave brought a fresh delivery last night after you were in bed. Didn't need to wake you."

"Ah! I did wonder if I heard a van." Emma shifted in her chair, and studied Bob's rugged face. He was thirty-seven years old and his dark beard was just starting to be flecked with grey. She loved the way he was maturing, a strong silent type, six foot three, with a characterful face. Emma always thought he could play the bad guy in some old spaghetti western. Not quite pretty enough to be the hero.

Bob could tell she was restless and eager to find out more. He cleared his throat, knowing that his next statement would raise the excitement level in the room three or four notches. "There's three of them."

Emma gave sharp intake of breath and dropped her toast with a flustered look of wonderment. "Three!" she cried as she retrieved her toast from her milky coffee. "Three?" she exclaimed again. Her incredulity was palpable.

Bob didn't answer right away, just nodded with a knowing smile, allowing a pregnant silence to settle across the table before resolving the questioning turmoil in Emma's mind. "Dave hit the jackpot this time. It's a mum and two daughters."

Dave was the delivery guy who they had an arrangement with. Cash changed hands and no questions were asked. This was only the second delivery, the first had been a fake-fur clad, smack-addled street whore whom he had no doubt picked up from some distant city. That girl, Tara, had provided the couple with a lascivious day of debauched entertainment that would stay with them forever.

Emma had shared her husbands unspoken proclivity since they were brought together ten years ago. A chance encounter and a unguarded conversation fueled by a little too much alcohol had made them partners in crime, eternally bound by a dark pact of sexual depravity.

It had been nearly a year since Tara's demise. Dave couldn't risk being caught, so well-timed opportunism meant an erratic supply of victims. In the meantime Bob had continued working on the factory, confident that sooner or later Dave would come good on his promises. Still, they had video footage of Tara's ruination, and often availed themselves of it during long evenings of passion. Emma found the sight and sounds of her husband beating that skinny bitch half to death with a spiked club highly arousing.

Now fired with excitement and adrenaline, Emma leapt from her seat and started pacing the stone flags of their typically beautiful Welsh farmhouse kitchen. Bob appreciatively watched her long legs and cute butt clad in white yoga pants do their thing as she strode away past the Aga. He always thought Emma carried the perfect amount of body fat, and it was a feast for the eyes to see it jiggling nicely as it was propelled by musculature borne of much horse riding and the occasional toting of hay bales.

If anything, Bob thought that Emma was even more into their devilish kink than he was, even though he had been the first to broach his sick confession all those years ago. In any case, he was clearly pretty cool about the whole thing, his level-headedness perhaps a necessary counterpoint to her fiery enthusiasm.

"She's in her early thirties, I would say," Bob explained. "According to Dave the kids are ten and fifteen."

Emma, having reached the food store at the far end of the kitchen, suddenly wheeled around, presenting her pretty round face and full, D cup figure. Braless, her breasts were roaming freely under her matching white tank top.

She was quite the farmers daughter, quality breeding stock with strong arms, child bearing hips and just the hint of belly, which Bob thought was her best attribute, as it softened the athleticism of her narrow waist just enough to feminise her abs.

Emma drew herself up to her full five foot eleven and declared, "I'm done with breakfast." She returned to the table as if stepping down a catwalk and swigged down the last of her coffee, "Let's go see them."

Bob wasn't surprised by her impatience, and who could blame her eagerness? She left him with a big hug and a little kiss and with that, she fled barefoot from the kitchen, and Bob heard her sprinting up the old farmhouse stairs.

Bob finished his bacon and eggs, and a few minutes later Emma had returned, wearing a pair of grubby white trainers, an old pair of jeans, slightly ripped and very faded, and a red checkered shirt, knotted about her waist to show off her pale midriff.

Bed hair now dispensed with, she topped her outfit off with a red baseball cap, and had pulled a blonde pony tail through the hole at the back where the strap goes. Despite having just thrown a few things on for practicality rather than glamour, she still looked absolutely stunning. The look was completed by a large, bulging sports bag slung over one shoulder.

Bob stomped over to the door, grabbed a frayed old Caterpillar cap from the peg, and pulled a well worn pair of hiking boots onto his size twelves. The atypical clemency of the April weather meant an old Nirvana t-shirt would do, and he too wore jeans, dark with darker patches where engine oil and other stains had defeated the washing cycle.

Bob straightened his cap. "Lets go."

It wasn't really a factory of course, that's just what they called it. Originally 'The Death Factory', it was a subterranean complex partly dug into the remote Welsh hillside, and partly under the new barn where much of the agricultural plant and equipment was kept.

There, secreted deep under the earth was a amusement park of diabolical machinery. Assorted mechanisms for the singular function of destroying beautiful lives in the most tortuous and messy ways possible. Apart from the factory floor proper, were additional facilities; several cells for holding guests, toilets and showers, a laundry room, a small workshop, and a comfortable viewing lounge with a bed, entertainment system and a galley kitchen. Thus it was possible to spend a fair amount of time in this subterranean paradise without needing to come up for air.

Beyond the machine area, was a disposal pit, a deep shaft, topped with a heavy steel cover, and leading down to a holding tank. This is were remains were to be dumped, and quicklime shovelled in after to break down and neutralize any kind of organic matter. After all, having your dungeon stink of rotting flesh is so passé.

Bob had built the whole place himself, being something of a workaholic, and being always busy it had only taken 2 years. It was done under the guise of building a nuclear bunker, but no-one had asked questions about it anyway.

Bob had also built all the devices himself, with some help from his wife, cobbling together various parts of industrial plant, or using his considerable mechanical skills to weld and fabricate items where a more exotic product was needed. This was an ongoing process, and from time to time a new contraption was lowered into the factory's depths.

As he trudged up the stony lane he pondered which of these machines might be used today. There were already gadgets for sawing, slicing, chopping, mangling, crushing and generally splattering unlucky visitors, and most had never been used. Thinking up and building such appliances was something of a hobby for Bob, and he took great pride in his work.

Emma, on the other hand was racing ahead towards the barn, keen to meet their new guests. Less interested in the hardware she was a typical 'people person' Bob thought wryly.

Running alongside the front side of the barn was a low windowless cinder block annex, the tool store. This is where the smaller and more valuable farm tools were kept, such as generators and power tools. When Bob arrived, Emma had fished the keys from her pocket as was already unlocking the steel side door. As they entered, Bob flicked the switch and harsh flourescent lights blinked into life, revealing a kind of Aladdin's man-cave. There were ploughs and other tractor accessories, and shelves of power tools and farming implements. An old engine on a pallet here, a roll of fencing wire there. The concrete floor ensured everything inside was coated with a layer of dust, and the rich scent of motor oil hung in the air.

Neither of them spoke much, as they had the routine down pat, and each knew exactly what to do. Although the aim was despicable fun, it was important to take proper steps to ensure they were never discovered. Any complacency would be their downfall. This was one racket that they definitely didn't want to be rumbled.

As Emma locked the door behind them. Bob walked to the corner of the room, hefted a portable water pump out of the way. and climbed onto a ride on mower. After a few tries the engine caught and he rode it away from it's resting place into the centre of the shed.

Emma tossed him the bunch of keys, which contained a fob, of the sort you might use to remotely open a garage door. Bob pressed the button, and with a slight scrape, a whirr and hiss of hydraulics, a section of the concrete floor slowly gaped open, revealing a narrow wooden stairway leading downwards. This was one of three entrances to the factory, another was under the barn itself, for delivery of machinery and other large items, and finally a long underground tunnel led to the farmhouse basement, intended only for emergencies.

Emma skipped excitedly down the stairway, and Bob followed.


Chapter 2. The Delivery is Inspected.

The three captives were together in a steel lined, soundproof cell. The soundproofing wasn't so much to prevent busybodies from hearing their cries, but to eliminate the annoyance factor and to allow some peace and quiet.

There were actually four cells in total, but Bob had deemed it easier and sufficiently risk-free to keep these girls together.

The cell had just the basics to keep their occupants in good enough health until they were required, a bunk bed replete with thin blue plastic mattresses, and duvets, and a sink with a cold tap, drinking beakers, and a toilet cubical.

Each cell also had CCTV, so could be monitored remotely. In fact the whole farm was covered with cameras, partly for security, but mostly to eliminate any unexpected or unwelcome surprises.

Once the couple had reached the basement level, Bob grabbed his trusty Mossberg pump action 12-gauge from the workshop. Today it was loaded with solid rounds that would 'blow a hole in a cow big enough to throw a dog through' as the saying goes. Both he and Emma also strapped on hunting knives, and pocketed pepper spray. The plan wasn't to use any of these weapons, but it pays to be prepared for all eventualities, and disagreeable guests were certainly a hazard.

Emma pushed the door open while Bob held the 'Shotgun of Compliance' as it was affectionately known. Apart from it's dog-hole making capability, it's visual presence carried considerable psychological force.

Straight away the mother started running her mouth. "What the hell you think you're doing!?" she yelled. She had some kind of East European accent that Bob had trouble placing.

"I'd give that attitude a rest darling, if I were you!" warned Emma. Bob had noticed that she enjoyed getting fired up with captives, it really seemed to get her in the mood.

"Someone will hear us and then you'll be in real trouble. Let us go now!"

"Sorry sweetheart, no-one will hear you scream down here. And you should save your scream 'til later, when you'll need it."

"Fuck you!" This bitch certainly had attitude, but she was no match for Emma's nasty streak.

Emma pulled her right hand from her pocket, revealing a knuckle duster. A quick snap of her arm and it connected with the woman's temple.

"Ahh! fuck you," the bitch cried again.

"You gonna be quiet now?" Emma asked, although by the way she said it, it was more a statement of fact.

The woman's head dropped and she nodded resignedly. A trickle of blood ran down her cheek.

The youngest was crying, a grizzled high pitched squeal, and the fifteen year old was sitting sullenly, tears streaming down her face from imploring eyes.

Emma trotted out the well worn cliché, "We can do this the easy way, or the hard way."

And with that the captives at last seemed to accept their situation. Although terrified by the sudden change in their life's trajectory, a realisation had finally descended that they were at the mercy of their captors, and resisting probably wasn't a good idea.

Emma's demeanour suddenly changed, and she flashed a warm smile, "Anyway, we've brought you breakfast," she chirped brightly. Bob had always been impressed by her Jekyll-and-Hide ability to manipulate victims in the service of ensuring cooperation. Emma dug into the bag and produced a Tupperware box of sandwiches and other goodies that Bob had prepared earlier.

"Ok guys," Bob informed the girls, "That's all for now, eat your breakfast and we'll be back later."

The couple needed to attend to a few necessities while the girls breakfasted. Bob checked on the cameras, and made sure everything was set up to record.

Then Bob and Emma made their way up to the viewing lounge. It was a purpose built area for hanging out during and between their wicked doings. In one corner was a desk with a computer system and an array of flat panel monitors, where they could keep an eye on the whole farm, and on the back wall, facing the bed was a giant 60 inch TV screen, for watching videos that had been previously recorded, and an equally impressive surround sound system.

On the long front wall was a panoramic plate glass window which overlooked the factory proper. The lounge was on a kind of mezzanine level, so that one could look survey all the goings on in the factory, much like your boss does at work.

Emma put the kettle on while Bob rolled a spliff. He found weed to be the perfect aphrodisiac, and Dave had supplied him with a lovely Sativa hybrid that sparked his mind to a new level, without monging him out. It was time to plan their next move.

Bob and Emma sat together on the couch, supping their tea.

"So what do you think?" Emma asked, dunking a biscuit.

Bob inhaled and passed her the J. "Well all the machines are in good order. We're spoiled for choice. I think we'll just use one machine though, otherwise we'll be here all week doing cleanup."

"Sounds like a plan," Emma agreed. "Also it'll make logistics a bit easier. Not so much moving about."

Bob nodded. "But which one? It's your turn to decide."

Since Tara the Tart's gruesome, toe-first slaughter by means of an industrial shredder, the couple had bickered over favoured methods of disposal. Taking turns seemed the only solution to maintain marital harmony.

Bob and Emma often relived the Tara episode through the big screen while fucking. Bob loved watching the destruction in slow-mo, and Emma got off on the screams. The other machines were all as yet unchristened, and they were both keen to test them out.

"We should get dressed, too," Bob said. Street clothes, while adequate, weren't really optimal for the rampant orgy of violent sexual destruction that was to be undertaken.

So they did, each donning soft black cotton onesies, modified with Velcro for easy crotch access, high boots, and a belt to hold weapons and tools. The overall effect was ninja-esque, and once the fun was over, the outfits could be destroyed without compunction if they were too messed up to wear again.

The captives were to wear white pyjamas. Emma had insisted on this colour for the simple reason that it showed up the blood better.

"Let's get them processed, I'll grab my notebook," Bob said.

Emma rolled her eyes and laughed. Bob was such a stickler for protocol she thought. Such a square, recording everything for posterity. Still, it was one of those loveable traits that added to his character.

Soon, the three females were led into the processing room next to the cell block.

"Sit there." Bob motioned with the shotgun to a wooden bench. The three sat nervously in silence, wondering what this was leading to.

He pointed the shotgun at the mother. "Stand up."

This time she did as she was told. Bob suspected that her earlier outburst was more an immature attempt to save face than a serious challenge to his and Emma's authority.

"What's your name sweetheart?" he asked sternly.

The woman looked down at her feet in silence.

Emma stepped towards her. "Name!" she demanded. She was really revelling in the Gestapo guard act, thought Bob.

After another hesitation, she replied, "Magda."

This piqued Emma's interest. "That's a Russian name isn't it?"

"Polish," Magda replied.

"Well I guess that explains the attitude. And what are you? thirty five, thirty eight years old?" This was a deliberate ploy by Emma to get information. Overstating her age to force a correction. Emma had always been good at the old psychology.

"Fuck off! I'm thirty two!" Magda spat, offended.

Bob recorded these facts in his little leather-bound, blue notebook.

"Go and stand against that wall, we need to take your picture." Magda moved over to the wall, which had height markers, just like you see in criminal's mugshots.

Bob took a few moments to take photos of her face, then front, side and rear shots.

"Take off your clothes," Bob said quietly.

"What, now?" Magda asked, disbelievingly.

"Yes, of course."

Magda stripped reluctantly, removing a short leather jacket, and green tanktop revealing a luscious pair of G cup titties barely contained in a bulging bra. Magda started to fumble with the catch behind her.

Bob didn't want to wait, and pulled out his Bowie knife. As Magda let forth a little shriek, he deftly sliced through the front band. Emma forcefully ripped the bra away from her and threw it onto the bench. The ample mammaries, freed of their prison, found themselves at the mercy of Master Gravity, and bobbed downwards to find a new equilibrium.

Bob appraised them with a critical eye. They were full, round, and very milfy, and just a little saggy. He couldn't resist grabbing one with a large paw and his touch caused Magda to gasp. Overflowing the reach of his fingers, the breast was exquisitely soft and pliant. Then he squeezed hard. Magda yelped in pain, and Bob felt a semi growing in his pants. He released his grip, leaving red finger marks on her tender flesh. He gave Magda a nod and a smile. "Ok, get the rest off."

Magda bent over to remove her white trainers. It was a nice pose, Bob thought. Watching her remove her jeans and knickers was quite a show too, her smooth limbs dancing and hopping as she struggled with the garments.

At last she was completely naked. Bob looked her up and down, evaluating his quarry.

Tousled mousey hair topped a fearful, bloody and dirt smudged face, but still quite pretty, with high cheekbones and a proud but well formed nose. She had narrow, girly shoulders, which only served to further emphasize her enormous tits. Bob salivated and a random thought popped into his head about how he might destroy them later.

Her torso was distinctly pear shaped, had a narrow waist, soft feminine tummy, and a pronounced and extremely erotic venus mons. Her hips were fabulously wide, and well padded, but without unsightly rolls of fat or flab, giving her untrimmed cunt the perfect setting. A lush island in an expansive sea of flesh. The whole effect was of a juicy treat, and Bob wanted to dive right in.

"Turn around," he told her, and as she complied her fat bottom jiggled enticingly. Her ass was what Bob thought of as kinda chewy. Soft, plump, and just a little bit saggy. A ride built for comfort.

Her legs balanced her torso nicely, her thick meaty thighs were big enough not to leave a gap, leading to shapely calves, ending with the standard number of feet. Bob noticed that she had painted her toenails green spangles. It seemed like a wasted effort in view of what was to become of them.

The whole effect of Magda's body was to exude not beauty in it's generally accepted sense, but voluptuous sensuality. Bob thought it perfect for the forthcoming trials it would be subjected to.

Next, Magda was instructed to step onto some bathroom scales, and then stood against the measuring wall. Emma produced a tape measure and Bob diligently recorded the vital statistics in his little book:

Magda (32) 32G-26-40 1.75m 71kg

He had been compelled to record the height and weight in metric, as if this was a nerdy excercise in engineering. In some sense, it probably was.

Finally, the processing was completed with another round of photos, this time naked, creating the kind of 'before and after' sets you might find on 4chan/s.

Bob was still admiring her form when his reverie was interrupted by Emma handing her the pyjamas.

While Magda was dressing, Bob turned next to the older daughter. "Your turn now my dear," he said firmly.

The girl's head suddenly shot up. "What?" she said in surprise.

"Stand." Bob said in his usual laconic style.

"Nooooo," wailed the girl, and started rocking on the edge of the bench.

This time Magda stepped in "Just do as they say, Kasia," she coaxed.

"But but but…" stammered Kasia, still rocking and crying.

Emma, having had enough of this insubordiation, stepped forward. She grabbed Kasia by the ponytail, lifting her bodily from the bench. Kasia screamed a little scream and struggled, kicking out with her legs. This caused a natural reaction from her mother.

"Hey!" she yelled, before a sharp look from Emma and the barrels of the gun waved towards her made her remember herself. "Just do as they say," she added quietly.

Kasia relented and stood quietly, sulkily avoiding eye contact. Then the humiliating process that her mother had endured was repeated.

"You're a pretty one. Now strip" Emma demanded.

Slowly Kasia took off a pink fleece, a snug fitting white polo shirt, sports bra, leggings and finally knickers, and added them to her mother's on the bench.

Bob could feel both her teenage embarrassment, as her young cheeks flushed at this impromptu strip-tease, and the still growing bulge in his pants.

Again he looked her up and down. His eyes were drawn to her feet first, which were self consciously turned in towards each other. Bob thought this was rather sexy and girly. He raised his eyes to take in the rest of her teenage form. Her legs were really nicely muscled, slim of course, but lithe and toned too. "Do you do sports?"

"She's in the school gymnastics team," Magda chipped in.

Bob grunted approvingly. Fit girls were always the most fun. Strength and stamina were desirable qualities in this game. He thought maybe she would be saved until last.

Kasia had a perfect little pussy too, very tight, smooth and tidy looking.

Above that, a flat tummy with noticeable abs, no doubt from the gymnastics. Smooth ripples of her ribs were nicely visible too. Bob liked the way her underlying physical structure was visible, and wondered what fate would befall it.

Bob's eyes greedily apprehended her developing breasts. He estimated that they were a C-cup already. Round and perky, each one was a nice little handful. Bob had quite a thing about arms, too, and this girl's were lovely. Kinda spindly as would be expected for her age, but lean with a hint of the underlying muscle, terminated by delicate hands.

Her face was stunningly beautiful. It's tear stained, and terrified aspect making it all the more appealing. Full lips, her mother's broad face and proud cheekbones, and strangely alluring hazel eyes topped off with carefully presented eyebrows gave her a look of grace, intelligence and intensity.

Bob wanted to see a little more before he moved on. "Gymnastics right? Give us a little show then."

Realising she had no choice, but crippled with embarrassment, Kasia turned around to avoid eye contact. This suited Bob just fine of course, giving him a fresh view.

Kasia's back was as nice as the front. Bob watched as subtle musculature and bone slid under perfect taught skin as she moved through a little routine.

First came some warm up stretches. Then, lying face down on the floor, arching her back and bending her knees, she reached back and grabbed her ankles. Bob watched mesmerised, as her powerful ass muscles worked, and pushed her butt proud. It was a great look, and Emma thoughtfully grabbed more photos.

Then, a handstand with splits. The look of shock on Magda's face was priceless, as Kasia's pussy was fully exposed to all. The final act was a graceful forward walkover, showing maximum flexibility, and again not leaving anything to the imagination.

Bob exhaled in appreciation. "Whew. Ok put on your jim jams." Emma threw her jammies to her and Kasia hastily and gratefully put them on, at last free of Bob and Emma's unwelcome and searching study.

Kasia (15) 32C-22-32 1.55m 47kg

Bob turned at last turned to the youngest. "One of these things is not like the others," he proclaimed. For this little flower was black.

"She's adopted," Magda explained, as Emma positioned her for the camera.

"Ok little one, you know the drill," Emma directed.

Bob started thinking about drills, and all the things he could do with them. Then he cleared his throat and his thoughts.

"What's your name, little one?" he enquired, as photos were taken.

Perhaps she didn't fully understand the seriousness of her predicament as her sister had, or perhaps she knew it too well and had found some resolve, as kids often do. In any case the tears had dried up and she answered promptly.

"Maisie" she confided quietly.

"Ok we need you to change into your jammies like your sister did."

"Is it bedtime?" she asked querilously, no doubt having lost track of time. As it turned out, it soon would be, but not in the way Maisie had hoped.

Maisie pulled off her clothes with a little help from her mum and then stood quietly.

Bob appraised her dark form. Unsurprisingly it was a complete contrast to Kasia's.

Her round, brown face was topped with wirey black hair, done in cornrows. She had a cute button nose and full, dimpled cheeks. Bob imagined that it would have been capable of a smile to light up a whole room, then realised that wouldn't be a likely scenario in this timeline.

Below her delicate ten year old neck was a chubby little torso, with just the merest hint of titties starting to bud. Maisie was carrying a fair bit of puppy fat, and some of it was spread around her middle, giving her a cute softness.

Her pussy was as you would expect, nothing more than a slit.
Below that were dumpy little legs, fleshy thighs and calves and impossibly cute little feet.

"Give us a twirl darling," Bob said.

Little Maisie started to turn around but then seemed to get confused as to what was wanted of her, and ended up standing sideways on to Bob.

"That's perfect, sweet cheeks," Bob reassured her.

It was actually the perfect angle to admire her in total. A pronounced feminine curve of her lower back gave way to the most stunningly fuckable ass Bob had ever set eyes on. Petite for sure, but gorgeously round and full, of the sort that only African girls are blessed with. Bob recalled there was even a word for it, steatopygia.

Bob couldn't help but grab a handful of cheek flesh. So soft and delicious, that as Maisie looked up to him with big brown eyes, he nearly came in his pants.

Once she was in pyjamas, she still looked super, the drape of soft fabric showing off her little booty perfectly.

Maisie (10) 1.38m 38kg.

Bob and Emma backed out of the cell and closed the door.

"I'm so fucking horny right now," Emma exclaimed as soon as the door was locked, and grabbed at Bob's bulge through his onesie. "Those girls fucking ace. I can't wait to get started on them!"

Bob scratched his chin. "You know we could spread this out over a few days if you like."

Emma agreed, "Yeah, we could that," then thought for a moment, and countered, "Or we could just go fucking crazy for a day."

Bob laughed at his wife's zeal. "That's always an option too."


I love it so far!


Thanks, I wasn't even sure if anyone was reading it!

Anyway you have good timing because chapter 3 is coming right up. After those slow first 2 chapters, things escalate very quickly!


Re-uploading Chapter 3 for some typos and a bit of new dialogue.


Chapter 3. Magda and Maisie have a Bad Day.

Bob and Emma had retired to the lounge to consider their next move.

"I still can't decide. I'm too horny to think properly," Emma lamented seductively, as she rubbed a hand between Bob's legs. "Maybe we can have a quickie first, and decide later."

Bob didn't need much encouragement, "I nearly came just checking those girls over. The brown one really did it for me."

"Me too," agreed Emma. "Hey, why don't we drag her out here and let her join the fun?"

A few minutes later they had returned with Maisie, she was in tears from being wrenched away from mummy.

Bob threw her onto the bed, and she lay there, still wailing, in a fetal position.

Bob pulled open his onesie, and Emma followed suit. Bob noticed that her knickers were wet with her womanly juices. Clearly she had got as excited about the newcomers as he had.

"I'll use the double ender," said Emma, "So we can share."

So that's how it transpired. Maisie was held between the couple, while Bob raped her juicy ass, and Emma ripped her little pussy with the dildo.

The little girl gasped and wailed in shock as her orifices were brutalized, her body heaving and squirming between Bob and Emma's bucking torsos, as she tried to escape the pain.

Bob and Emma gripped each other in a tight embrace, and Maisie was squeezed between them. Her sobs soon became muffled as her face was buried in Emma's ample bosom.

Still harder they squeezed. Maisie was fighting for air and the panic caused a little poop to squit along Bob's shaft, causing him to roll his eyes in ecstasy, and relief soon came as he squirted his load into that squishy dimpled butt.

Maisie still couldn't breathe, and was struggling and kicking. Soon rising panic caused her to lose control of her bladder, sending a cascade of piss down Emma's dildo. Emma shuddered to a climax as she felt the warm wetness squirt onto her.

"You're a filthy little cow, aren't you?" Emma scolded. Maisie was once again able to breathe, but replied only with gasping sobs.

Bob put on a fake posh English accent, "Simply marvellous darling, we should do that again, if you can find a slot in your schedule." Emma giggled and passed Bob a spliff.

The couple were sated for the moment, and soon returned to the business in hand. They dragged little Maisie back to mum, as she wouldn't walk. A trickle of blood and poo had stained her wet jim-jams. After they had tossed her little body back inside the cell, and slammed the door, it was time for to make another coffee, and a plan.

In the end, and after much deliberation, Emma picked the Masher as the destructor of choice. This was one of Bob's favourites too, and he had taken months carefully constructing it.

In essence, it is a fairly simple machine, although completely diabolical of course, worthy of any volcano-dwelling arch-villian.

A large flywheel, about a yard across and weighing five tons, is powered by a large, speed controllable electric motor.

Attached to this wheel is a heavy connecting rod about six feet long, and that in turn connects to a piston.

Thus this forms an arrangement not unlike that in any automobile engine. As the flywheel turns, the piston is driven back and forth over a distance of about eighteen inches. The piston itself is not round as in a car engine, but rectangular, with a width of two feet, and a height which is adjustable by means of adding or removing metal plates.

The piston operates at the bottom of a box, two feet wide to match the piston. Opposite the piston is a grill, made of heavy steel with a grid of one-inch squares cut into it.

This is where the mashing takes place. Above this is a vertical Plexiglass chute, into which the victim is delivered. Thus a fine view of the victim is obtained from all angles, for enraptured members of the audience, and cameras alike.

As the piston operates, the lower part of the victim is mashed through the grill in steps, and after each stroke of the piston, the victim falls by gravity deeper into this terrible maw, ready to be mashed again at the next stroke.

Spectators can enjoy tactile participation in the fun too, as on the other side of the mashing grill is large metal 'slops tray', approximately six feet on each side, and a few inches deep, where the gore is collected. It also happens to be the perfect, if messy, spot for sexual activities while witnessing the destruction first hand.

Today, Emma had chosen to make the mashing grill eight inches high in the expectation that this would yield the most fun. Bob make the necessary adjustments, and then gave the machine one last test. He revelled in the smooth shick-shick-shick noise as the piston operated back and forth.

Bob checked the numerous cameras and microphones. This was going to be a doozy, and it would be a shame not to capture it all for future viewing pleasure.

It was nearing mid-day, and those spliffs had given Bob and Emma the munchies. Back at the house, Bob whipped up a quick and delicious spaghetti bolognaise, and the two of them excitedly talked about the afternoon's upcoming events.

After lunch, Bob accompanied Emma back to the cell. As soon as the door was openend, Magda started kicking off.

"What did you do to my Maisie?" she screamed. "You fucking animals!"

She was so enraged that not even threats of a coshing from Emma would quieten her this time. Taken aback, they retreated, and shut the door while they decided their next move.

"Well at least they've eaten their damn breakfast," Emma said. "You'd think she might show a little gratitude!"

Bob was heartened by this, as he liked them to keep their strength up. Greater endurance equals more fun!

Emma was happy too, as she supposed more solids inside them would yield a messier, more visceral experience. More splatter equals more fun!

"I think we'll deal with that mouthy bitch first," Emma said, "I'll fucking show her whose boss around here."

In the workshop were several shelves, with all manner of weapons, and gadgets. Emma immediately picked out a baseball bat, and changed into a new pair of boots. These were no ordinary footwear however, for they were adorned with two-inch long spikes on the soles.

Bursting back through the cell door, and before Magda could react, Bob grabbed her by the hair and lifted her from the bed. The kids were screaming.

"Wha…" Magda started to say, but was interrupted by Emma, who delivered a sickening blow to her belly with the bat.

"Urrrgh" Magda groaned, and she folded in two. Bob dragged her out of the cell by her hair.
Emma yanked the door shut, then turned again to face Magda. Another blow slammed into Magda's midriff, and she crumpled to the floor.

Bob and Emma fell upon her like predators. They wrestled Magda's arms behind her back and tied them with rope. Emma then sat on Magda's back while Bob tied her legs together at the ankles.
Then they took an arm each and dragged her into the factory proper. She was stretched out on the floor, face up.

"Huhuhu" Magda cried. Neither Bob nor Emma payed any heed, they were on fire now, working together in a sexual frenzy.

Bob reached down and pulled out the full eight inches of his stiffened member. Emma stood by while he forced his way inside her.

"Yaghhh," she cried. Slowly Bob started raping her, thrusting deeper and deeper with each stroke. Her soft fleshy body was delicious, and he loved the way her mushy loose pussy gradually but involuntarily yielded to his thrusting. Then he knelt over her, still pushing, and nodded to Emma.

Emma stepped over and slammed one spiked boot onto Magda's voluminous left breast. Magda screamed a horrible scream. Emma repeated the action. Blood sprayed up. A couple more stamps and Magda's breast started to turn to mush. Before it was completely destroyed Emma changed her target and casually stepped with all her weight on Magda's soft squidgy belly, twisting her foot from side to side and tearing little gashes in it.

"Guurrgh," Magda blurted, so Emma did it again. By now Bob had stopped thrusting, revelling in the powerful waves eminating from Magda's cunt as her body forced every muscle to resist the pounding it was receiving from Emma's boots.

Suddenly Bob felt the convulsions enveloping his shaft increased to an iron grip, and then Magda puked. The breakfast she had eaten an hour earlier erupted and pooled over her face like
a volcano. With each violent heave, it felt like Bob's cock was being strangled hard, and unable to resist, he came again and again. Then he laid down on top of Magda's puke sodden form in
a tight embrace, and fucked her for a few seconds more. He didn't want it to stop so soon.

All good things must come to an end. Bob climbed off Magda's body, breathing hard and staggering slightly.

He grabbed an arm and flipped her over, he didn't want her to drown in her own vomit just yet.

Bob looked down at her broad pyjama covered ass, dirty with dust and wet with sweat and cum. It still looked delicious though, and he thought he would surely need to avail himself of that delight before it's final destruction.

"Right, let's get her over to the machine," said Bob authoritatively. "I don't wan't the whole fucking place covered in puke."

The factory was equipped with crane that operated on an X-Y axis, that could reach any part of the floor. Bob grabbed a nearby remote, and brought the hoist over to where Magda lay. Then he used it to lift her by the wrists, and deliver it to the masher, as he walked alongside.

Bob lowered Magda into the slops tray, as she cursed and cried in Polish.

Bob and Emma left Magda's half ruined body tied up in the steel tray and went upstairs to the lounge while they got their strength back.

"I got so wet doing that," said Emma, "It's amazing how you can feel her squirming under those boots. But I'm horny as hell now, and you were having most of the fun."

"Don't worry sweetness," Bob assured her, "Plenty to go round."

An hour later they returned to the fray.

"I wanna ass-rape that bitch right now," declared Bob.

"And what about me?" Emma didn't want to miss out.

"I can ass-rape you anytime," Bob joked. They both laughed at the deliberate misunderstanding.

"We could do the same as we did with the little one earlier," Bob suggested.

"Nah, too lame," Emma countered. "I want to really fuck her up."

"It would be nice if she was still alive for the Masher. I don't know how much more she can take."

"Well there's only one way to find out. If she snuffs it, then we'll just have to mash her dead body. It'll still be kinda fun!"

"True enough," conceded Bob.

Emma put on an evil grin, "Anyway I really wanna use that toy you made for me."

Bob thought for a moment about the practicalities. "Tell you what, sugar bum, how about you ass-rape her with that thing, while I make sweet love to your pretty, pretty booty? I'll be ass-raping her by proxy then."

"Fun for all!" agreed Emma.

The toy Emma was referring to was an terrifyingly clever invention of Bob's, known as The Ripper. Basically it was a double ended strap on, but the nasty end was a nine-inch long steel shaft. Arrayed along it, at half-inch intervals were counter-rotating rings of steel spikes, shaped for maximum damage.

The fact that each ring of spikes whizzed round in an opposite direction to it's neighbours meant that any orifice it was inserted into would rapidly be macerated into a bloody pulp.

The whole unit was driven by a small but powerful motor contained within the shaft, and powered by a rechargable battery pack.

They returned to the factory. Magda was lying prostrate in the tray, still groaning from her ordeal, and mumbling in Polish. Bob loosened the ropes, while Emma strapped herself into the Ripper.

She clipped the battery onto her belt and watched in glee as the teeth on her shiny new dick whirred around. She demonstrated it to Magda, who, realising what was in store for her, promptly pissed herself, leaving a yellow puddle in the tray.

Emma turned the Ripper off again while she got into position. Then, she pushed the pointy business end into Magda's asshole.

Feeling the cold steel penetrate her, Magda gasped, and tried to crawl forward.

Placing an arm around her neck, Emma lay down on top of her, and rode her like a wayward donkey as Magda gamely lurched forward. Now Bob joined the party, and climbed aboard his wife's perfect tush. The extra weight was too much for Magda, and she collapsed to the floor with a grunt, her chest squashed against the smooth steel.

Bob squirted a little lube, gently eased himself into Emma's sweet butt-hole and started to slowly fuck. "Ready when you are," he whispered into his wife's ear.

Emma flicked the switch and the blades whirred into life. Magda yelped as some of the spikes caught on her inner thighs, tearing at her pudgy skin.

Emma pulled herself forward, and as she started to enter Magda's bum-hole, the screams abruptly rose in intensity. Magda tried to evade the infiltration of her body, squirming and bucking, her fingers clawing helplessly at the ground.

This only served to make things more stimulating for the happy couple, who were starting to get a rhythm going. Both started to push harder and deeper into their respective pits of delight.

The first spinning rings of destruction soon made Magda's sphincter history, and she tried kicking with her legs, her shrill screams becoming roars.

Her rectum was next on the menu, and soon a vile pool of blood, gore and shit was pooling under her. The pain was beyond anything imaginable, and she started to gasp in shock.

Still, Emma had only pushed a third of her length into her brutalised body, and decided to let Magda enjoy the full experience of mechanised buggery. Tightly grasping around Magda's neck, she pulled herself deep into her abdominal cavity.

A piercing shriek announced that guts were being liquidised into pureé. Emma started thrusting her silver member in and out, each time finding new viscera to obliterate, and delighting in the convulsions she could feel transmitted through the dildo. Magda's constant screaming rose and fell in pitch with each thrust like a demented fire engine, only serving to fuel Emma and Bob's lust further.

Bob and Emma had never had so much fun. A side benefit of this contraption was that it also acted as a vibrator. Emma was rapt in ecstasy as the 'brrrrzzzz' of the motor rose and fell, as she pushed and pulled, and Bob could feel it too, giving his wife's familiar orifice a whole new dimension.

Bob, through his wife, could also feel the blades jaggedly tearing into the guts, muscle, fat and connective tissue, and every tremble of Magda's squirming paroxysms, an unexpected visceral delight. It was if the two of them had become a single orgasmic entity.

Emma, Being stimulated so strongly in front and behind was now on a higher plane of bliss. She started orgasming, even though it had only been a couple of minutes since they had started. She could feel her own juices squelching against the length of smooth steel she had clenched in her snatch.

Reaching under Magda's body to pull herself deeper, Emma discovered those massive breasts, and started kneading them joyously, then remembered that one was punctured by the earlier stomping. She worked her fingers into the holes of that ruined tit, squeezing and squelching the fatty tissue until a tantalizing trickle of blood dribbled down her fingers.

Then she left the whirring monster inside Magda's rapidly deteriorating belly, and started wiggling it from side to side, feeling it rip into new expanses of flesh. The pitch of the motor rose and fell with each sway, and Emma continued to be overwhelmed by wave after wave of orgasms. Shock had silenced Magda now, bar heaving, agonized gasps.

The relative quiet allowed a delightful mix of farting, squelching and wet chewing noises come to the fore, adding further to the highly charged atmosphere.

Bob, because of the relief he had enjoyed in the day's earlier exploits, still managed to contain himself, but was having the ride of his life. Never before had he seen his woman be so aroused, and as she bucked, swayed and vibrated below him, her tight asshole gripped and massaged his dick to the point where he could barely hold on.

Emma was now humping, thrusting and twisting with all her might in a frenzy of motorised carnage. Magda's innard's were mulched into soup, her guts, bladder and uterus having been blended into a gooey paste.

Soon the blades bit through her belly muscles and fat from inside, intensifying the vibrations. It was too much for Bob, who finally shot his hot, sticky sauce into his wife's welcoming behind. Emma whooped and moaned, unable to contain her pleasure.

Then there was a shriek, not from Magda, but from hard steel scraping against steel. Emma had drilled right through her.

Emma pulled out, spraying all kinds of fluids in every direction. She turned the thing off, the shaft now coated with a thick layer of gore, and dripping with blood. She lay there for a minute, with Bob's still hard dick inside her, savouring the petite mort.

Bob heaved his frame from the exhausted pile of bodies, then Emma followed suit, undoing the straps of the machine with trembling hands. The couple sat on the floor, utterly spent, panting and drenched in sweat. They looked in awe at the size of the bloody lake spreading out from under Magda, and reeled at the heady funk that now permeated the factory.

"Damn, I forgot to take the lens cap off," sighed Bob, "we'll have to start again."

It was the oldest joke in the book, but they were both wracked by fits of laughter, hooting until they cried.

Bob stood, and, grabbing an arm, flopped Magda over onto her back. There was a two-inch wide hole perfectly centred where her navel used to be, surrounded by the puncture marks from the stomping. The whole front of her body was drenched in blood. More was still trickling from her minge and the place where her butt-hole used to be.

Emma looked at the ragged hole in Magda's middle. "I heard belly-button piercings were all the rage, but I can't see the attraction," she quipped, and they started laughing again.

"I dunno, it's a nice look," countered Bob, "One more orifice to fuck!" And he would have. He didn't have the energy though, and there were still more dishes on the menu to be savoured.

Magda, was still alive and concsious, at least for now. Bob guessed Emma had missed the most vital organs, either by luck or design. The ruined woman's ghostly white complexion spoke of shock and serious blood loss, and it was clear she wouldn't be around for much longer.

Emma thought it best to see if they could keep her alive until the finale, and suggested raising her feet. Bob grabbed the remote for the hoist, and used it to lift her legs, while Emma administered an energy drink to try and replace lost fluids. Magda seemed confused about what was happening, and was mumbling in Polish.

Twenty minutes later, Bob felt ready to continue, and a plan had formed. Bob would rape Kasia, while Emma would do Maisie, while they watched Magda get obliterated by the Masher.

Soon they were back with the two kids. Maisie started crying again when she saw the ruins of mummy lying in a pool of blood. Kasia said nothing, just stared wide-eyed in horror, she felt weak at the knees, wondering what was in store for Maisie and herself.

Magda was barely conscious, moaning and pleading, in a sea of congealing blood and filth.

Bob cut away her ruined jimmies then used the hoist to lift her naked body by tied wrists. Carefully positioning her, he lowered her into the Plexiglass chute, then climbed the access ladder and cut the rope securing her wrists. Then the slops tray was hastily hosed down, ready for the next phase.

The piston was already positioned at it's furthest reach, tight against the mashing grill, so that Magda was standing on top of it. Her knees buckled, but she could not fall further, constrained as she was by the Plexiglass walls. She slumped against the side, wedged in. In her weakened state she could do nothing more than gasp and moan.

Once Bob had everything in place, he turned around to see Emma holding up another strap-on. In place of a cock, this one had a viscous looking serrated knife, with large barbs adorning
it's seven-inch blade. She certainly does like her double enders, he thought.

A few minutes later, everything was in place. The little one had her ankles bound and was placed face up in the slops tray, head toward the mashing grill. She seemed not to have much energy, perhaps her earlier adventures had left her with internal damage.

Kasia was grizzling but seemed more stoic. With just a word from Bob, she cooperatively lay down on the wet steel, next to her sister.

"Ready to enjoy the show?" teased Emma.

"I won't look," Kasia sulked.

"You can listen though. You can't put your hands over your ears if they are tied up can you?" It was clear Emma was enjoying tormenting the girl.

As she was being so cooperative, Bob elected not to tie her up anyway. If she got unruly, he was sure he could handle it. Besides, he liked it when they tried to struggle and escape. He found the thrashing of girly limbs a real turn-on.

Despite her ankles being bound. Maisie was trying to crawl out of the pit. Emma grabbed her by the arm and flipped her over. Then she straddled her and pulled down her jammies.

Bob stood over Kasia and gave her a big smile, that made her feel strangely weak. Her heart was pounding against her ribcage as he straddled her.

Bob pulled out his knife, and Kasia squealed. "Please make it quick!" she pleaded.

"No funny stuff, ok?" He said, putting the knife against her throat. Kasia nodded, wide eyed and thought she was going to pee. Bob put the knife away and strapped it tightly. He didn't want this little bitch grabbing it while he was doing the business.

Then Bob pulled Kasia's PJ bottoms down. He took a good look at Kasia's slit, squirted a little lube, Then eased a couple of fingers into it. After massaging her a little, he pulled out his dick and gently pushed in.

"Ohhhhh" Kasia moaned. It was her first time, and it was pretty uncomfortable. But still she felt a slight tingle of naughty pleasure that caught her off-guard.

"I think we're all set," Bob told Emma, and watched as slowly Emma pushed her steel blade into Maisie's tight coin-slot causing her to erupt with a near-ultrasonic girly scream.

Kasia gasped in horror as she saw the knife enter and turned her head away from her sister. It was clear that they were going to rape Maisie to death and she had no reason to think that she would fare any better. She just hoped it would be over with soon, and that death would take her away from this nightmare.

Bob reached for the controller, flicked a switch and an electrical hum emanated from deep in the machine's bowels.

He turned the speed control knob, the hum intensified, and the flywheel started to turn. Of course this had the effect of sliding the piston away from under Magda's feet, causing her to suddenly drop down the chute by that eight inches.

"Ooooher," Magda moaned piteously.

Everything was moving very slowly and it took a few seconds for the piston to reach the other side of the box. Then it started to return. Despite her earlier declaration, Kasia was watching wide eyed, looking up at her mother above her.

"No no no! Stop it!" She yelled as suddenly she realized what was about to happen. She suddenly squirmed under Bob helplessly trying to escape, he slammed her head down and rammed home his cock, causing her to squeal like a beaten puppy.

Emma was savouring the moment, and started thrusting her blade deeper into Maisie's cunt, which caused the most intense bubbling shrieks of pain and anguish. The blood looked like a black sheen on Maisie's brown legs, as it trickled down between her squishy thighs.

Then the piston reached Magda's chubby feet, and painted toenails, and pushed them inexorably towards the grill. The sudden change in her footing caused the mother to twist a little and slump over to the near side. Her mangled left breast spread out against the glass, causing the wounds to open, revealing yellow fat, and leaving a bloody smear.

Suddenly, Magda visibly stiffened in pain as her feet reached the end of their journey, twisting around sideways at an unnatural angle. Then as they reached the grill, with a deep, solid sounding crunch, they were mashed flat in a grisly burst of gore and forced through the inch-square holes.

A little blood spurted through the grill and landed in Emma's hair. Then with a plop, the mangled meat dropped into the tray, in a little pile, comically adorned with green spangles.

As the piston once again retreated, with a satisfying 'shick' sound, Emma slowly withdrew the blade from Maisie, slick with blood. Maisie's screams had subdued a little, becoming a sporadic wailing.

Bob turned up the speed a notch and started to fuck Kasia more forcefully, finding a nice rhythm. Kasia was panting and groaning in distress. But occasionally she would be swept with a wave of pleasure, making her feel guilty. As endorphins flooded her system, the pain lessened. She darkly wondered if she was actually starting to enjoy it.

Magda fell another eight inches. Now her meaty calves were in the line of fire, and the piston was returning again, the little extra speed seemingly imparting it with more purpose. Emma once again plunged the blade deep into the little one. More screams.

With her legs now side by side, Magda was face on to the grill. She could see out through the Plexiglass at her daughters being brutally raped. Still, any thoughts for them was overwhelmed by the agony wracking her dying body.

The piston reached the back of her calves, and the machine shuddered again as a little explosion of flesh and bone erupted through the mashing holes. A spurt of blood hit Emma square in the forehead and trickled down her nose. She eagerly licked it away as it found her lips.

The next stroke of the piston cause what was left of Magda's lower legs to splay out sideways, causing her to fall down fully onto her knees.

The piston returned to the masher. There was a loud bang as her knees exploded, then almost simultaneously, a fantastic munch sound as thigh meat was squished and torn asunder. Femurs were shattered and squeezed their bone marrow into the unholy mix. Fat, minced muscle and shards of bone shot through the holes.

Emma, being nearest, had turned her face away, worried about bone shards hitting her in the eyes, and the gore fell into a pile just beyond Maisie's pretty brown head. The next thrust was more of the same, only more so as the thicker parts of the woman's ample thighs were crushed and then squished into a meaty pile of oblivion.

Emma pushed herself up out of the growing pile of meat in front of her as the piston returned once again. This time the expansive bottom half of Magda's pear-shaped form was about to bite the dust, and clearly there was some real danger having her face so close.

Bob and Emma watched in fascination as Magda's thick hips, squidgy belly and flabby arse were pushed unrelentingly towards the grill. Bob could actually see the pubic mound through the grid, and watched in delighted horror as it squished, the skin tearing apart like wet toilet tissue.

Belly fat started to push through the grill, followed quite soon after by more of everything. Magda's pussy was torn to pieces by the unrelenting force, and piss exploded as her bladder was mashed, and copious quantities of minced meat, bone splinters, large intestines, and shit extruded through the holes.

It reminded Kasia of one of those pasta-making machines.

As the piston reached it's furthest reach, heavier thuds, crunches and pops shook the machine as the remaining pieces of shattered pelvis were turned to a gooey rubble.

Magda was silent now, apart from a faint panting. Emma was wailing in ecstasy, and a peculiar squealing was coming from Maisie, whose crotch was rapidly turning into what looked like an accident at an abattoir. Not much had been heard from Kasia, so when Bob looked down at her, he was surprised to see her wide eyed and with a faint smile of wonder on her luscious lips.

Bob continued to vigorously rape her, but then Kasia spoke up, her voice warbling with Bob's pounding. "I really hated those bastards." This unexpected confession certainly gave Bob and Emma pause for thought. With that revelation dispensed with, Kasia started reacting enthusiastically to Bob's thrusting, pushing with her hips, and giving little teasing wiggles.

Bob was stunned. Her muscular, gymnastically trained body was # working with his to maximum effect, her tight virginal pussy, pulsating with every thrust. It was so much more than he ever expected from a newbie.

The growing pile of steaming goo had now reached the top of Maisie's head. The next stroke of the piston would see her face buried under a delicious meal of belly fat, muscle, bits of uterus, liver paté, and shit-filled intestines.

Suddenly unable to breath, survival reflex kicked in and she tried to lift her head. Emma put her hand on her throat and shoved it back into the stinking pile, and gave her a couple of extra thrusts of the blade for good measure. Panicking, Maisie tried to turn her head, but was unsuccessful. Her little body heaved in convulsions to find air, the mound of minced entrails producing gurgles and bubbling sounds as she started to drown.

Emma delighted in the suddenly bucking and squirming form below her, but before Maisie succumbed to her mother's viscera, Emma pulled her bloody head free of the pile. Maisie coughed, blood and shit flying from her lips, then gasped, squealed, and gasped again. Overwhelmed by the filth in her mouth, she turned her head, retched, and barfed; heaving repeatedly into the gruesome mix.

Again the piston approached. Because of the pressure, not all of Magda's innards found their way through the grill. Her upper chest was being pushed up and down by the increasing gory mass below it. This had the titillating effect of making her breasts to rub up and down the Plexiglass, smearing gore as they went, rather like a cam whore giving a soapy display in the shower, only a hundred times more erotic.

This time gastric juices and remains of breakfast spurted as the stomach burst open, mixing with fleshy arm meat and cracking ribs. Then a dull pop sent a crimson wave of arterial blood flooding in all directions. It had been her heart, and finally Magda was dead.

Slimy white chunks of lung added to the mix in the pile. Now, all that remained of this soft feminine torso dropped into the line of fire.

Those beautiful white tits were next. Bob couldn't hold himself any longer. As the mammaries flattened, then squished and burst, he too burst into Kasia's sweet pussy, wave after wave of his seed shooting into her. Then he felt a little convulsion as Kasia orgasmed too. She was smiling and crying, her face contorted with every emotion from horror to ecstasy.

There was nothing left now except Magda's head, thick neck and a flopping, fleshy arm. The final movement of the piston saw to demolish those with a sustained and wet sounding crack and crunch.

As the skull was crushed, an eyeball flew through one of the grill holes, and rolled down the ever spreading mass of gore. Emma, sensing impending climax, pushed Maisie's little head once more back into the pile of filth.

Maisie's little brown body bucked and squirmed desperately for what seemed like an age, as Emma let rip with the pelvic blade, thrusting faster and faster, deeper and harder with each push. Each time the blade slid out, it dragged chunks of pussy flesh and other unnamable gore along with it. Wet plopping and queefing sounds accompanied every thrust, adding to the rhythm of the machine like some demented orchestra.

Emma finally moaned and climaxed as she felt the little one's body suddenly stiffen and convulse. She had reached her peak just as Maisie had finally drowned.

It was all over. "Yay!" cried Kasia.

Completely spent, Bob and Emma staggered to their feet looked down at her blood and shit spattered face, as she lay in the pool of her mother's fluids. Her eyes were gleaming, although tears were running freely down her cheeks. "They were always so mean to me, and Maisie got everything!" she explained with a quavering voice.

The three survivors stood surveying the damage. Apart from 150 pounds of blood and gore sitting in the tray, there were bits of flesh liberally sprayed about the place for some yards.

Bob reached into the pile and dragged out Maisie's limp body by the hair. Her now red pyjamas were utterly soaked, making them cling to her nubile little body. It was a shame she hadn't lasted longer, but no doubt they would still find some use for her body.

A thought struck him, and he turned to Kasia. Still unsure of the transformation he had just witnessed in her, he wanted to probe her reaction. "You can play with this if you like," he invited, dumping her sister's corpse at her feet.

"C-Cool!" Kasia's countenance seemed to have turned a darker shade, as if an uncanny evil had possessed her.

"But first we're all going to eat and shower," Bob said brightly.

The three of them went up to the lounge, showered and put on clean outfits. During the meal Kasia piped up bravely, "Are you really going to kill me?"

Two answers came as one.

"Of course!" said Emma.
"Maybe," said Bob.

Emma shot Bob a querilous look and raised an eyebrow.
Bob, addressed Kasia, even though he was staring defiantly at his wife, "We'll see."

An uncomfortable silence settled across the room for a couple of minutes.

"It won't be today, at any rate," Bob explained. "Here's the deal. You get to play with your sister today, on the condition that you clean the place up tomorrow. Then we'll decide what to do with you."

Kasia hung her head. It didn't sound very promising. She was stunned by the realisation that she most likely had her whole life planned out in front of her. A day of cleaning, then brutally raped to death by Bob and Emma, and fed into that Masher or some other machine.

But Bob had been kinda nice to her. She didn't know what to think. Maybe they were just going to use her for cleanup then finish her.

The trio finished their meal, and split a bottle of wine. Emma said she was exhausted and just wanted fall into a sleep of sweet nightmares. She crashed out on the bed leaving the other two to their devices.

"C'mon Kasia," Bob said, "It's time to see to your sister."

Kasia was keen. She thought she could at least still have some fun before they snuffed her. She grabbed Bob by the hand and dragged him towards the door. "Can I chop her with an axe? Can I gouge her eyeballs? Can I cut off her toes?"

Bob laughed at her new-found enthusiasm. "You can do whatever you want, as long as you clean up the mess."

Kasia was silent for a moment. A few minutes ago she thought she'd just be gouging eyeballs with a knife, and now a whole new vista of possibility was opening up.

"Even a machine?" she asked tentatively. She secretly hoped that choosing a machine would mean Bob could rape her again, just like with the Masher.

"Since you've been such a good sport, I'll let you choose any machine. But remember you have to clean up after."

Kasia was thrilled. "That masher was lovely," she said, "but maybe we can try a different one."

They walked together up and down the row of equipment, stopping at each so that Bob could answer technical questions that Kasia kept firing his way.

"I wish she was still alive," Kasia announced at one point. "I would have loved to make her cry for ever and ever."

"Do you like making girls cry?" Bob gently enquired.

There was a pause, then Kasia nodded. "Some girls."

"Well play your cards right, and you might get the chance. I think you already know that you're never leaving here, but perhaps you can have fun as long as you stay."

Kasia leapt at an opportunity. "Maybe you can keep me as a slave. I'll do anything," she flirted.

Bob said nothing. He didn't want to get her hopes up.

They surveyed the equipment a while longer. Just imagining what some of it would do was getting Kasia aroused.

"Maybe I'll just squash her flat. It's so yummy" she enthused.

"It's your call."

In the end she chose the Roller. A conveyor belt delivered it's prey to a four foot high steel roller that could crush pretty much anything.

The roller itself wasn't quite smooth, having ribs across the width of it which made sure it grabbed it's victim successfully lest she slip from it's grasp.

The conveyor belt itself was nothing like you'd find at a supermarket checkout. It was actually a modified bulldozer track, to withstand the tons of force the roller could produce. The belt continued beyond the roller for several feet in either direction, and terminated at scrapers which directed whatever remained on the track into a steel waste bin on wheels.

Bob showed her the simple controls. The belt and roller could turn either way and the roller's height above the conveyor was adjustable by hydraulic rams. Soon Kasia was putting it through it's paces.

Then they stripped off Maisie's bloody rags, and dragged the corpse over to the machine. One could almost imagine that little brown body still had life, were it not for the jagged hole torn between her legs.

Bob and Kasia then lifted the body onto the conveyor belt. Kasia decided that since she was already dead, she should go through head first. They arranged the corpse on the belt face down, legs tied loosely through holes on the metal plates of the conveyor, to stop her accidentally falling off. The arms were similarly restrained, stretched out ahead superman style, her head turned to face them so they could watch it pop.

"Come on then girl, we'll do it doggy style so you can watch your sister."

Bob found an old wooden packing crate of the right size, and Kasia stretched across it, facing the conveyor, her knees just touching the floor tiles.

Bob pulled down Kasia's PJ bottoms. After applying a little lube, he started prodding into her tightness with his throbbing dick.

"Oh-oh-oh," Kasia exclaimed, in a mixture of pleasure and pain. She was still tender from her earlier pounding, but it was yummy at the same time. She was panting hard with excitement and Bob enjoyed the movement it produced.

Then Bob pushed in hard, balls deep. "Yahhh!" cried Kasia, and tears sprang into her eyes. Bob kept his dick deep inside her for a few seconds, and he could feel her heart pounding.

Then he slowly withdrew and resumed with a gentle thrusting. He pressed the remote control into Kasia's hand. "I'll let you work the machine."

She clicked button to start, and with rumble and slight jolt that jiggled Maisie's corpse the belt started to move at it's lowest speed, maybe just a quarter of an inch every second. This suited Kasia fine. She wanted to enjoy this for as long as possible.

The mere anticipation of what was to come had an arousing effect on both Bob and Kasia. Bob grunted, and started pushing a little faster. Kasia started squirming and wriggling her butt, raising the pleasure for both of them. Clearly this girl was a natural. Bob realized he was taking quite a shine to her, but soon put it out his mind. He couldn't allow himself to get too attached.

Bob revelled in the tight, wet, warmth that was strangling his member. He could feel every wriggle, every pulsating wave of pleasure that Kasia was experiencing. Every breath and heartbeat, a symphony of delight. He raised the tempo, pounding her athletic cotton clad butt, as he shafted her pussy from behind with increasing ardour.

Suddenly he heard a noise behind him, and discovered that they had been joined by Emma, who had been woken by the sound of the machine starting. She was watching, fascinated, and rubbing herself through her onesie. A dark sheen had appeared at her crotch.

Maisie's little hands were now approaching the roller, which Kasia had set to run just an inch above the conveyor, thinking it would be super-duper to watch her sister's corpse be squished into an inch-thick pancake.

The three of them looked on with delighted horror, as Maisie's fingertips reached the roller, and through the inch gap.

Then finally the roller made contact with her brown hands, bound together as they were. There wasn't really any discernible noise, they were just gently pressed into the gap at first, but then there was a little pop as some of the numerous wrist bones were displaced, and then a gentle crunch.

Suddenly Maisie's dead eyes sprang open wide. Bob thought it must be a nervous reaction, but then an unholy choking sound issued from her. She coughed up some fluids and took a big gasp of air.

Jesus, thought Bob, and in surprise, stopped thrusting.

"What the f…" started Emma.

Kasia, panicking, fumbled at the controls. She went for the red stop button, but her hand was shaking, and she missed, instead hitting the button to raise the roller.

"I guess she's not as dead as we thought!" Exclaimed Bob. He shook his head in disbelief, then shrugged his shoulders, and resumed fucking Kasia.

Maisie gasped again, and started a sustained squealing, punctuated by more gasps. Her brown eyes darted from side to side as she took in the situation, and she tried to lift her head.

"Oh fuck fuck fuck," chanted Kasia, "I've fucked it up!" She seemed less concerned by the ungodly act that had occurred before her, and more by losing control of the machine. She once again grabbed at the controller, and sent the roller descending once more to it's proper place. The whole time, however, the belt had continued onwards.

Kasia realized that things were going sideways, and was about to hit the red stop button when she realized what was in store, that things could get very interesting indeed.

Her eyes locked with Maisie's. She started shouting, almost incoherently, "This is for you bitch fuck you payback time I hate you I hate you". She was practically jumping as she said it, and Bob's nutsack started to twitch, and once again he fought his urges under control.

The roller kept slowly descending, and finally made contact with the Maisie's body.
Kasia, having regained focus on the job in hand, stopped the belt moving, but allowed the roller's continued descent. Slowly it bore down into the feminine curve of Maisie's lower back.

A soft squishing sound came forth, as the gap between the roller and belt narrowed.

Eight inches. "Awwk!" squawked Maisie, "urrrgh". She was kicking with her legs, and trying to pull her arms free of their bonds, but, pinned in place, her efforts were futile.

Six inches. The puppy fat around Maisie's midriff started to bulge out, like love handles. Her increasingly desperate gasps became shallower and more frequent.

Five inches. A long, flatulent, slurping noise erupted from underneath her, as shit and gas were squeezed from her butt-hole by the pressure.

Four inches. A sudden tearing sound as her perineum was ripped open from her anus to vagina. The two orifices had become one. Then with a sudden 'splorp', her legs were pushed apart by a mass of intestines, uterus, and bladder squelching out through this newly widened cavity.

The skin of her newly formed love handles split open, and mushy white fat spewed out onto the steel plates of the conveyor.

Three inches. Now the pressure had really built up, and more intestines were squitting out with various spitting, squirting and farting noises. "Akkkkkkh," Maisie was screaming with her eyes, but her throat only managed this sad choking noise.

Two inches. A sharp pop as her spine gave way. Soft brown thighs jiggled and twitched as lumps of flesh were forcefully ejected between them.

One inch. A crescendo of wet crunching prompted Kasia to finally stop the descent of the roller. She wriggled in delight, pushing back against Bob's intense pounding.

Maisie's once rotund middle was completely flattened. Kasia was fascinated by how much it had splurged out sideways. Masie was opening and closing her mouth like a stranded goldfish, the pressure on her body such that she could no longer draw breath.

Kasia figured that she would soon be dead (again), but wanted to extend things as long as possible. She thought about putting the roller back to where it was before everything went pear shaped, starting over at the fingers. Then unbidden, the image of rolling out pastry suddenly popped into her mind and she giggled.

This little spasm nearly caused Bob to nut, and he slowed down to a gentle thrusting, trying to pace himself.

Kasia looked Maisie in the eye, gave her a big smile, and restarted the roller.

Maisie's booty started it's journey towards oblivion. This took pressure away from her chest and Maisie started gasping again, frantic ragged groans of purest agony. Her whole body felt like it was on fire, and there was nothing she could do, no escape at all from the torment.

"Noooooooooo," she managed to cry, looking at Kasia imploringly. Kasia just laughed cruelly, and returned her attention to the roller.

Now, Maisie's perfect rump was being drawn into the two-inch gap. Little pops could be heard as more vertebrae were torn apart, then a gentle sighing as the thick fat on her buttocks was spread downward and outwards.

Another dull crack, this time as her pelvis split in two, causing her little legs to splay outwards at a funny angle. Maisie was starting to resemble nothing more than roadkill, at least from the waist down.

The roller continued it's unabated movement across Masie's botty, flattening it sideways, the skin bulging at breaking point.

Unlike Maisie's squishy, viscera filled middle, her chewy buttocks, being mostly meat and bone put up more resistance to the relentless progress of the machine.

Kasia could hear the hum of the motor intensify, and the speed reduce a little. The hydraulic pistons creaked and groaned, now under tons of pressure. A clang reverberated around the room, as metal shifted against metal.

A gentle cacophony of soft ripping, squelching and popping sounds accompanied the machine, as fat oozed away from Maisie's booty, and the skin of her hips giving way as more fat squeezed from her sides like jelly. Her gluteus maximus muscles were being mashed into her increasingly shattered pelvis with an ongoing 'Thriiippppp'.

Then a series of loud bangs shook the machine, as the final fragments of Maisie's pelvis exploded under the extreme pressure, cutting through flesh and puncturing the skin. The girl's body shook and quivered with each, and her moans warbled with each shock like she was being punched in the stomach.

The remains of Maisie's jacksie was slowly splattered and spread. Skin, fat, meat and bone were pushed in a wave by the roller, continuing their sickly sounds of destruction, and flooding out on a crimson wave, finally spilling over the sides of the conveyor.

Maisie's right leg, popped out of it's socket and was pushed half way out of the churning maw, before the roller once again caught up with it and smushed it into mince.

Kasia realised that Maisie was very near death now, and so turned the speed up. After all, squishing a corpse isn't nearly as much fun.

As the motor revved, the pace of destruction increased. Maisie's little brown legs were soon turned to mulch, and finally her toes had succumbed to the roller. Still she lived.

It was time to finish her. Kasia reversed the controls, and now the belt and roller started back in their tracks, towards Maisie's chest and it's vital contents.

Passing over the already flattened sections, it once again reached her lower back, and was now drawing the larger part of her abdomen under it's power. As her thorax was pulled into the narrowing wedge, Maisie gave a gurgle and started doing her stranded fish impression again.

Bob was close to the point of no return, unable to control little squirts of precum shooting into Kasia's tight little snatch, as Kasia gave wavering little gasps of pleasure with each breath.

Maisie's ribcage soon succumbed to the roller, being forced into the narrow gap. Kasia watched in delight as her dark skin was flayed and torn from her back, leaving contrasting marbled red meat showing underneath. As her chest was crunched flat, white ribs collapsed, snapped and poked out sideways from under the roller.

Then Maisie's mouth suddenly gaped open, and a little saliva trickled out. She made a strange, strangled cough, then the trickle turned to a stream of puke, then the stream turned into a gush of stinking digestive material, perhaps from her upper intestines.

Little Maisie was being squeezed like someone stepping on an open tube of toothpaste.

Her head snapped back and her neck bulged, then with a 'glurp' and a ripping sound her stomach turned itself inside out and forced it's way up her neck.

Maisie died for the last time, as a projectile vomit of blood, shit and entrails were sent spewing towards the thrilled onlookers.

Bob finally came fully, pumping load after load of stickyness into Kasia's pliant, hungry minge.

Still the roller blithely continued on it's merry way, folding the remains of Maisie's ribcage and shattering her shoulder blades, squirting out pieces of lung in a slimy shower in all directions. Soon her neck was engulfed in gore, then that too was mashed flat, leaving only her head and arms.

Maisie's skull was by now barely attached to anything, her spine having been ground to gravel, and it resisted being pulled under the roller a little at first. As the great wheel continued, it therefore half scalped the child, first pulling her cornrows into the bloody mass before finally getting a grip on her cranium, popping it like a melon under a jackboot.

A loud wet, cracking crunch reverberated through across the factory floor. Maisie's face contorted into a bizarre puzzled expression, with her tongue forced out, then ceased to look human at all as her eyeballs popped out of her skull, and bloody snot and cerebral matter shot from her nose.

A few seconds later, her brown arms too were squished, and there was nothing left of her at all except a long grisly trail of pulp, as if she had been run over by a steam roller. Slimey blood pooled on the white tiled floor, with little islands of yellowy brown faeces, and chunks of mystery flesh that had leapt, lemming-like from the belt.

Kasia shut the machine down, and a quiet fell upon the scene. Emma was moaning, the sight, sound and pungent smell of it all had brought her to climax. Bob stood up, his engorged cock dripping with semen. He ruffled Kasia's hair and said, "Good job kiddo."

Kasia herself was over the moon. Today's rite of passage had turned her into a different person, and a thousand emotions coursed through her heart and mind. She was sure of one thing though, she wanted to stay here forever.

The machine was reversed for a final time, and Bob stood with his arms around the two ladies, the trio all sporting broad grins on their sweaty, blood streaked faces, as they watched a twelve foot long streak of wasted human flesh get scraped from the conveyor and sloppily dumped into the wheely bin.

"Well kid, you've got a helluva job to do tomorrow, that's quite a cleanup" Bob told Kasia.

"I don't mind," Kasia replied, "It'll be kinda fun."

"Well, it's late. you better grab something to eat and get back to your cell. You can put your old clothes back on if you like."

Bob escorted her back to the cell block. Before closing the door, he looked into her eyes. A gaze held a little too long. Bob realized that he would have to watch himself. Emotional attachments weren't a good idea in this game.


Chapter 4. Bittersweet.

That evening, Bob and Emma sat on the couch, chatting excitedly about their day, and re-living some of the high points, giggling like teenagers about green spangles and rolling eyeballs.

Bob had fixed Emma and himself up with a fine single malt, and a joint was passing between them. But he was preoccupied, still thinking about Kasia.

"It's a bloody shame we'll have to snuff her, I'm getting attached, and we can't let that happen," he confided.

A flash of jealous anger flushed Emma's cheeks. "Damn right we can't! She's going tomorrow. No ifs or buts. I'm looking forward to it, to be honest. She's a little whore, and I'm going to make her pay. You should never have encouraged her, Bob."

Bob nodded. He knew it had to be done. He would have mixed feelings of course, but at least it would be more entertainment. As he started thinking about the method, he put his arm around his wife's waist and gave a little squeeze.

"Love you to bits." he said with a kiss, and they both laughed at his gruesome little joke, her understandable outburst soon forgotten.

"Well it's my turn to decide the method again isn't it?", said Bob.

"Er, technically, no," Emma replied indignantly.

"You decided yesterday," Bob mansplained, "it's my turn now."

"No, we agreed that I decided for all three, to save on cleanup, remember?"

"Well if that's true, then logically she has to go in the Masher."

"The little one didn't. Your new girlfriend stole that one from me," Emma teased.

Bob laughed. "I didn't see you complaining."

"But I wouldn't mind the masher," Emma continued, "it was a blast. I'd kinda like to hate-rape her with the Ripper too. Or smash her up with a sledge-hammer. Maybe all three. I know I shouldn't be so jealous, but that's how I feel. The thing is, Bob, you're a fucking idiot. Do you think I can't see that you're infatuated with her? Do you even think of the practicalities? It ends tomorrow, we'll do her after she's done her cleaning duties."

"Okay," agreed Bob, "but lets make it quick. I'll just put a bullet in her brain, after that she's all yours if you wanna have fun with her body, or else I'll just dump her in the lime pit."

Emma protested a bit, but then reluctantly agreed. There's always a bit of give-and-take in a strong relationship, and the thought of taking out her frustration on that bitch's corpse with a sledge-hammer did seem like an acceptable consolation prize.

Bob sat glumly, and downed his whisky. She was right of course. He had been a fool. If only he had kept his head, they could have had their fun with her, moved on, and looked forward to the next delivery. Now he had become smitten, and it was going to bring him a lot of pain.

The couple finished their drinks. They both had stuff to do the next day, attending to day-to-day jobs around the farm, and decided to turn in early, and get a goods night's sleep.

Bob woke with a start. Still early, it was just starting to get light.

Emma wasn't in the bed. Bob got up, trying to shake the drowsiness from his head. Where was Emma?
He flicked the light switch, but nothing happened. "Probably a fuse gone," he thought.

He pulled on a pair of jeans and trainers and padded down the stairs. Still no Emma. Concerned, he went outside, and noticed that the front door was already unlocked.

"Emma?" he called. He was met by silence. Bob had the sense that something was wrong, just a feeling he had been here before, but that he couldn't quite put his finger on. Everything was still, an uncanny hush lingering in the air mixing with the ghostly morning gloom to cast a miserable pall over the world.

Driven by instinct, he jogged up the path to the barn, his legs heavy. Bob didn't want to be having to deal with this shit before coffee.

He entered the tool store. The trap door to the factory was already open, and lights were on. As he descended, a strange sense of foreboding overcame him. He could hear a noise in the factory, and ran towards it.

He could hear Kasia pleading, and Emma's voice as he approached, "… and he's going to try and weasel out of it. We had a deal, and I'm going to have my fun, whore."

Emma was standing by the Masher, and Kasia was inside, naked. Clearly, Emma had decided to get an early start before Bob could change his mind again.

Bob strode up to her, "wha…" he started.

"She's got to go, Bob," she said cooly, "It's best if we do it right now, before you get more attached. Besides, it'll be fun."

Bob knew she was right. It had to be done. And he was the one in the wrong, breaking the promise. He would let his wife have her fun, and then at least it would be over with once and for all.

He looked through the glass at Kasia's pleading face. "I'm sorry, sweet pea. It has to be this way."

Kasia's eyes met his, another gaze held a little too long. "Bob! you can stop her" and it broke his heart. "I'm sorry Kasia, it's time."

Then he turned, and grabbed his wife, threw her on her back into the slops tray, and declared, "I'm going to fucking hate-rape you so hard for this!"

Emma smiled, clearly she was looking forward to it.

As they had done the day before the two of them lay down in the tray, and Bob entered his wife's cunt with no mercy. She mewled with pain and pleasure, then, cackling with glee, grabbed the controller and set the Masher into motion.

"I'm not ready!" Kasia protested lamely. She was facing towards the piston, and watched as it approached her feet. But, unconstrained, Kasia simply stepped up on top of it. When it retreated she stepped down again. Bob noticed that Emma had changed the height of the piston and grid to twelve inches.

"Time for your workout, whore!". Sreeched Emma.

Bob then realised what Emma's cruel plan was, and why Kasia's back was turned towards them. "Well," thought Bob, "at least I won't have to look into those pretty hazel eyes."

Bob realised that he was more attached to Kasia than he had allowed himself to admit. It was more than lust or infatuation. It was love. He violently drove in and out of his wife's crack in retribution, wanting to make her squeal in pain.

Emma turned the dial to speed things up a bit. Kasia looked like she was doing a work out at the gym, her tight muscular buttocks working up and down, as she stepped. and her legs thrusting like the piston that was to destroy her. Soon she was breathless, "Guys, this isn't funny! Make it stop!"

Emma responded by taking the speed up another notch. Shick-Shick-Shick.

And another. After a few minutes of this, Emma's pussy was dribbling with anticipation, and Bob had slowed a little, mushing in and out with a purposeful rhythm, drawing things out. Soon, Kasia was visibly tiring, and gasping for breath.

Her legs were burning with lactic acid and starting to shake. Her heart rate climbed to over 200 beats per minute. Another notch.

Kasia was getting the work out of her life, and despite his intense feelings of heartbreak and horror, a part of Bob was darkly lusting for the inevitable denoument.

He watched with morbid fascination, as sweat trickled down her trembling nubile body, as calf muscles strained under her pliant skin, and her bare, athletic cheeks wiggled enticingly this way and that.

Guilt swept over him, as he found he was enraptured by her gasping cries. Her pleas of disbelief becoming increasingly desperate as her strength started to fail her. Her legs were in agony now, but were all that separated her from a worse agony and death.

Soon she was in tears, "No no no no no no!", she cried in a rising scream, then her right leg started to cramp.

Then, inevitably, the moment came when Kasia didn't step up quite in time, and her trailing left foot was caught by the fast moving piston. She shrieked as her foot exploded through the grill, showering Bob and Emma with it's grisly components.

Her struggling spirit hadn't given up yet, though, and next time she managed to hop, one legged on top of the piston, her vital fluid spraying out from her ruined leg with impressive pressure, as her heart pumped harder than it ever had in her life.

But then, after one more frantic hop, she slipped on her own blood, lost balance, and spun around sideways; falling into the gap on her knees, her calves lying sideways on to the grid.

There was an almighty crunch, and the machine shuddered as the piston destroyed her lower legs and most of her thighs, leaving just ragged stumps.

An impossible amount of blood was gushing from her severed limbs, flowing down the grill, and spreading rapidly in the tray. Emma put her face into it and greedily licked, then cruelly twisted the speed down to it's lowest setting. The pitch of the motor rapidly fell to a low hum.

As the piston slid away from under Kasia, she found herself sitting at the bottom of the well, sideways on to the approaching piston. Instinctively she tried to push her self up with her hands, but shock and blood loss had made the task hopeless.

Very slowly the piston caught her in a pincer movement, and pushed her entire pelvic area towards the grid.

Kasia screamed again, as much as in dreadful anticipation as pain, "nooooooooooooo!"

The remains of her thighs were forced one on top of the other, her pelvis cracked, and Kasia wet herself, urine mixing with the flowing blood.

Then the piston relentlessly squished her two butt-cheeks together. Her pelvis was being flattened from the sides, and this had the effect of pushing it's contents outwards and forward.

She was still peeing, and the escalating pressure caused her piss to squirt upwards in an arc, hitting a Plexiglass wall, and washing away blood to create a clean spot as it trickled down.

Her little pussy squished out in front of her before splitting open along it's length, causing her womb to promptly prolapse, ejecting itself from this newly expanded gash with a wet "flump." Kasia's escalating shrieks told of excruciating agony, and Emma was clearly delighting in them.

Soon her uterus too was mashed into paste before joining bloody meat, bone and adiposal fat, as they were squidged through the grill. Flesh was forced upwards, too, lifting the rest of her body, so when the piston retreated her now-severed torso was dumped back down into a pit of her own innards.

Kasia looked down in horror at the wreckage below, then helplessly turned her arrestingly beautiful, tear and blood stained face to Bob. Their eyes met, and she parted her sensuous lips slightly, as if to speak, but no words came.

Overtaken by grief, Bob watched as she died, and the light vanished from her eyes.

The machine cared not. It continued it's implacable task of obliterating Kasia's abdomen. squirting most of her internal organs through the grill in one monumental wave.

Mashed up skin, intestines, liver, kidneys, spleen, fat, muscle, bone, spinal column, shit, piss, and bile all erupted in a spectacular flood of gore, slurping though the grill in a cascade of bloody carnage.

This incredible splatter-fest swept over Emma's head, and Bob, fired by hate and bloodlust, grabbed his wife's throat and drove her head down into the pile, just as she had done to Maisie the day before. "Let's engage in a little breathplay," he said as he pounded into her quivering minge.

Emma didn't react, Bob could feel she was holding her breath, no doubt expecting her loving husband to release her in due course.

The piston returned again splattering the the entire remains of Kasia's torso. Ribs and spine snapped and splintered, lungs and heart burst, stomach exploded, the remaining intestines were squeezed of their contents.

Her breasts almost comically managed to escape as they were pushed upwards on a wave of viscera, then plopped down again for the final thrust of the press which exploded her pretty blonde head, mashed her flopping, lithe arms and splurged those teenage titties through the grate.

Bob could feel Emma violently orgasming, and she tried to lift her head to breathe. He was about to cum, but stopped thrusting to contain himself. He held his wife down, and pushed her head deeper into the slurry. Emma tried to pull backwards, but Bob had other plans.

Soon, perhaps realising that Bob was no longer playing, Emma was getting desperate, and started thrashing forlornly with her arms, and bucking and squirming under her husband, trying to free herself. Bob came in bucket loads, then finally relented, and pulled her gasping form free of the gore. "You're not the boss around here, bitch."

But she had shown him that the most exquisite dish of all has the bittersweet taste of snuffing the ones you love.


Hello gentle readers.

I was hoping to solicit some feedback on the story so far. Apart from one kind comment, it feels like I'm flinging words into the void.

As I mentioned earlier, this is my first attempt at writing so any criticism would be gratefully received.

Is the pacing ok?
Character development?
Is the gore too strong? (If it's not strong enough I don't know what to tell you lol.)
Are there any part that you don't understand, or continuity errors.?

I'm writing this for myself, but it would be interesting to know what people think.

Finally if anyone has any ideas for characters, let me know. If you any of you ladies want to come to a grisly end, post your details and I'll see what I can do. (no promises).

I'll need:

A name (hopefully not your real one!)
Approximate statistics
Skin, hair and eye colour
Any other characteristics that you think are important.
Bob's a atickler for his diary entries, so if you leave something out, I'll just make something up.

You can choose a machine too, but again, I can't promise anything. Most likely you'll have to see what fate Bob and Emma have in mind for you.

Finally, I would like to apologise for the story actually having a plot. I did say that would be a 'minimal' plot, but this thing seems to have gained a life of it's own.


I love it! Don't worry about the gore being too strong, it might be for some but others love it. Maybe you could vary it a little in your future stories.

The pacing and plot are excellent, there's already plenty of stories here with no plot and boring snuff, this story feels new and fresh. I don't feel I have to wait too long for the action either, in general I pretty much want to get straight to it. The scenario and the dynamic between Bob and Emma is interesting. Your writing is excellent, I've not noticed any big mistakes. I enjoyed this story, and I hope you want to write more!

Hope this provides you with some feedback. Gurochan can be quiet, but remember that there's always a lot more people reading than there are people commenting.

I would love to request a character, as long as that character also interests you:

13 years old
Half japanese/caucasian
Black hair, pearly white skin
Small budding breasts, pubic hair just starting to form a small patch above her pussy
She has just discovered masturbation and despite her shy appearance she is constantly horny, and would appreciate dying in a manner that would give her some pleasure. I'm guessing Bob wouldn't mind taking her virginity either…
(Not based on a real person, this is only fantasy etc.)



Thanks so much for the feedback. It's very welcome indeed, especially as it's so positive.

>there's already plenty of stories here with no plot and boring snuff,

That's partly was drove me. I was reading stuff, and thought, "This is lame, hold my beer." I did enjoy the Dolcett Girls story, but it was a bit to much plot and not enough action for my taste. The scene in the meat grinder was delicious though.

> I hope you want to write more!

I absolutely do. I'm enjoying this far more than I imagined I would.

>I would love to request a character, as long as that character also interests you:

Funnily enough, an idea for one of the victims in the next part of the story was a Japanese girl, so Miku fits in perfectly with that plan. Expect to meet her around chapter 7. (I think). I'm just putting the final touches to chapter 5, and chapter 6 is well under way, so hopefully you won't have to wait to long to see what becomes of her.


This is a great story! Perfect combination of enough plot to mix with the nice gory snuff


>This is a great story! Perfect combination of enough plot to mix with the nice gory snuff

Thankyou! What's your favourite part?


Chapter 5. An Unconventional Arrangement.

Bob woke with a start, disoriented. For a moment, he didn't know where he was, then the familiar sight of the bedroom entered his consciousness.

"You okay?" Emma asked him, looking concerned and a little scared.

Bob took a moment to collect his thoughts. The dread from the dream was still palpable and he was drenched in sweat, "Nightmare."

"God, I thought you were having a fit or something."

Of course it had been a nightmare Bob thought, all the signs were there, the uncanny sense of things being wrong, the darkness, the anxiety. Bob lay back, replaying it in his mind before it could fade. "It was a doozy."

"You wanna tell me about it?"

Bob nodded. They always shared their dreams. "Breakfast," he said.

So Bob recounted the horror to his wife over the breakfast table. She put a comforting hand on his knee. "So what does it mean?"

Maybe it was worry about their relationship thought Bob. Maybe a warning about his feelings for Kasia. He said nothing, he had found that the truth in dreams tended to emerge over time.

Emma had a much more pragmatic take. "Well, whatever it means, It would be a glorious way for her to go. Maybe we should just follow your dream. I know you're fond of her, but we're in this game for the splatter, not for long term, lovey-dovey relationships."

Bob reminded her that she had already agreed to a quick kill, and Emma shrugged. "Well just make sure you do it, or maybe your dream will come true."

During the morning, apart from a visit to get Kasia started with the cleaning, Bob and Emma stayed around the farm. They trusted her enough to allow her full access to the factory, so she could perform her duties, but she was still captive there. No escape.

Emma went to check on the animals, and Bob did some video editing in the study.

After lunch, Bob had a serious love making session with Emma while re-watching the previous day's events in the bedroom, but his mind kept flashing back to the dream, and Kasia.

He was reluctantly steeling himself for the job ahead. He decided that he would slit her throat when she was least expecting it. She would black out within seconds, and die peacefully.

Through the day they watched Kasia's movements through the camera system, and were pleased to see that, true to her word, she undertook to clean up the mess; shovelling the remains of her mother and sister into bins, dumping bins into the pit, then hosing and scrubbing in and around the machinery, and finally mopping the floor. It was a full day's work.

The sun was getting low, and Bob and Emma, made their way back into the factory. Kasia met them, very pleased with herself. "I cleaned the whole place!" she said enthusiastically.

They inspected everything, as sure enough, she had done a great job. Emma gave Bob a nudge in the ribs, and shot him a meaningful look. It was time.

"Great job kiddo," Bob said. He wanted everything to appear normal, so she wouldn't suspect anything. He looked her up and down, her PJs looked like she had been dragged through a slaughter house.

"I think you need a shower," he laughed. He turned to Emma, and with a wink said, "I'm going to get this girl cleaned up, I'll see you back at the house in a while."

"Just make sure everything's taken care of before you leave," Emma said cryptically, and gave him a kiss.

Bob and Kasia headed upstairs to the shower, as Emma returned to the farmhouse.

Kasia had seen the wink and knew exactly what that meant. No doubt Bob had a 'special treat' for her being such a good girl. As soon as they were in the bathroom, she stripped off her dirty clothes, and flashed a stellar smile at Bob, gyrating in a kind of sexy dance, and biting her lower lip.

Cleaning gore all day had made her horny, and now she was glad it was playtime. Bob had intended to snuff her while she showered, but now his libido had got the better of him.

"Fuck it," he thought, "I'll give her what we both want, and then I'll do it. At least she'll die happy."

Bob undressed, and stepped into the shower with her. After soaping each other down, Kasia lept onto Bob, flinging her arms around his thick neck, and her supple legs around his waist. Then she lowered herself onto his cock, and they fucked like animals.

Kasia bounced up and down on his boner enthusiastically, forcefully French kissing him with her luscious lips, her tongue striving to play with his. He occasionally slammed her into the wall, thrusting hard into her as he did so. She seemed to delight in this, mewling at his pounding domination of her.

Bob had just shot his load into her soapy twat, when they were interrupted by an insistent beeping.

"Bollocks," said Bob, "I've got to check this, sweetheart."

Dripping and naked, he trotted from the shower, and into the lounge. It was the intruder alert. Checking the cameras, he spotted Dave's van. "I've got to go, sweetie. I'll be back soon".

Bob hoped that there hadn't been trouble with the payment transfer. They never spoke by phone, as it was deemed to risky to leave an electronic trail.

Emma met Bob at Dave's van. She looked suspiciously at his wet hair and damp t-shirt. "Well?" she asked.

"I'll do it later. Let's see what Bob wants first."

Exasperated, Emma muttered," for fuck's sake Bob." But it wasn't the right time to start a row about it, so then held her tongue.

Dave opened the back of the van. They peered into the gloomy interior. There was something covered by a tarp. Next to that, bound and gagged, was another delivery.

"Fucking hell Dave," Bob exclaimed, "You're going to have to slow down, we haven't finished the last lot yet!"

"I'll take her away again if you like," Dave replied gruffly, "But you still pay 'alf."

Bob laughed reassuringly, "No, no, that's fine mate, she looks like a fine specimen, we'll take her."

"You serious about that 'slowing down' thing?"

Bob gave Dave a wry look. "Nah, keep 'em coming if you can, just don't take any chances. Make hay while the sun shines I say."

The new guest wasn't cooperating, kicking and squirming violently. In the end they decided she'd be a bit of a handful to get down the stairs, and elected to deliver her via the machine hatch directly onto the factory floor.

Bob pressed the remote. A twenty foot section of the concrete floor opened up. The new barn had an X-Y crane just like the one in the factory. Bob brought the hoist over, and hooked it onto the fresh delivery, then as Dave started lower the girl, Bob climbed down the ladder.

He waited at the bottom as the woman slowly descended, muffled cries coming from her ball-gagged mouth. Suddenly Kasia was at his side. She watched the fresh meat coming towards them, "Yay!"

At the familiar voice, Dave's beady eyes looked down at the faces peering up at him, and gave Bob and Kasia a quizzical look. He didn't say anything though. No questions asked.

"Ok Dave, we got this," Bob called.

"There's one more thing, come 'ave a gander," said Dave, tapping the side of his beak-like nose. He was a curious little fellow, in his fifties, with a weaselly face, slight stoop, and a thick gold chain draped around his scrawny neck. A character from a Dickens novel thrown 150 years into the future. If there was one word that summed him up, it was 'dodgy'.

Appearances can be deceptive. This was all part of an act. Many criminals use a legitimate business as a front for their more nefarious activities. Dave went a stage further, and used petty crime as cover for his more lucrative pursuits. A deception within a deception.

The guy was as sharp as a tack, and skillful in silently penetrating buildings, hacking computer systems, laying decoys, and subverting any attempts to track him. But most just knew him as 'Dodgy Dave.'

Bob climbed back up the ladder. Dave pulled back the tarp, and revealed an outboard motor, the sort used on speedboats.

"What's that?" asked Bob.

"Well some of my boys were doing a little job down at the docks, and things got a bit sticky. This was part of the haul. It's too hot for my liking. I just wanna see the back of it, these things are all have numbers these days, an' fencing ain't my game. I just wanna get rid, pronto. It's yours if you want it."

Bob smiled at Dave's 'stay lucky' lingo and cockney accent. He scratched his beard. "I s'pose I could find some use for it. Sure."

So the outboard was lowered too. Below, Kasia looked at it with great interest, wondering what Bob would do with it.

Dave saluted a goodbye, Columbo style, climbed back into his van and drove off into the night.

A few minutes later Bob, Emma and Kasia were in the cell, looking down at the new catch. She was wriggling and squirming on the floor, bound and hogtied with ropes, still trying to shout through her gag. The most prominent feature, was her size. This was one big heifer, and quite a pretty one too, as far as they could tell.

"I can't be arsed to deal with that right now." Bob said, "She can wait till morning. By then she might have calmed down a bit."

He looked at Kasia. "Looks like you've landed yourself another cleaning job, girl". Emma stared at him defiantly, with her hands on her hips.

Kasia realized that she had been lucky to be treated so well. A night tied up on a cold hard floor didn't sound like much fun. Then Bob spoke to her. "You can stay in the lounge tonight, as long as you behave yourself. Get a good night's sleep, big day tomorrow." Then thought, "and your last, too," as a pang of remorse tore at his heart.

An hour later, Kasia was curled up warm in that big soft bed. She did wonder why there was a damp patch in the middle, but it was way better than the cell all the same. "I'm sure I won't be able to sleep," she told herself, but within minutes exhaustion overtook her and she was out like a light.

Back in the farmhouse, Emma turned to Bob. She wasn't happy. "So what the fuck is going on?"

"I was about to do it," Bob explained reasonably, "but the alarm went off. Now I'm thinking we could use her for cleanup again."

"OK, last chance," his wife declared. "Do it after she's cleaned up the new one, or I will. She's got two days. To be honest, it's not fair. I'd should be torturing that little whore, and you're undermining me. I'm giving you an easy option here, and you're taking advantage."

She carried on with her tirade, "And if I snuff her, believe me, I won't be worrying about how much mess it makes, or who gets to clean it up."

Bob rarely saw her this angry. But it was understandable. Emma was jealous, and she wanted to take it out on Kasia. He could see that Kasia could drive a wedge between them, and knew that he had to do what was promised, or things would come to a head. Every relationship has it's breaking point.

Bob and Emma were back at the factory by 8 am. The viewing lounge smelled of frying bacon, as Kasia had fixed herself a substantial breakfast in the galley. She finished that off, and declared, "I'm still hungry," as she returned to the kitchen, re-emerging a few minutes later with a big bowl of porridge with sultanas and honey.

Bob revelled in her teenage appetite, "eat all you want," he told her, "it's going to be a long day."

"Yes, you must," added Emma, licking her lips, "You're going to need your strength."

Kasia thought she was acting a bit creepily, and the story of Hansel and Gretel came to mind. The wicked witch fattening them up before consuming them. Still, she knew she had nothing to worry about, Bob had told her she could stay. The thought of being a willing sex slave in this paradise enchanted her.

The couple left Kasia to her own devices, then suited and booted, they tooled themselves up and went to the cell block. Their new guest had managed to wriggle into the corner of the cell, and had propped herself up against the wall.

She tried to speak, "Mmmmffff."

Emma went over to her and removed the gag. It had dried snot and saliva stuck to it, and she tossed it into the sink.

The woman silently worked her jaw a few times, clearly it had more or less seized up after having the gag forced into it for so long. She looked at Emma through teary eyes, unable to speak. Eventually she offered, "What do you want with me?"

"Well, sweet cheeks," Emma explained with a smile, "we haven't really decided on the details yet. But we plan to slowly snuff you in the most tortuous and messy way possible, using your dying body for our selfish sexual gratification. If you play your cards right, It could all be over by teatime."

There was no need to deceive this lone female with sweet talk, and Emma was having fun mentally breaking her.

The young woman was silent for a while. Then said in a wavering voice, "I need to pee."

Bob grabbed her by a rope and hefted her away from the corner. He felt the weight, looked at Emma, and chuckled, "It's a good thing we're not paying Dave by the pound, or else I'd be bankrupt!"

He dropped her face down onto the floor and her forehead bounced off the tiles with a painful sounding clunk. Emma sat on her legs and Bob kept her pinned down with a knee between her shoulder blades. He untied the ropes then stood up. The woman continued to lie there.

Emma clearly wanted to elicit some kind of reaction, so she stepped around and flicked a boot into her kidneys.

"Uuurgh" The woman moaned.

"Get up, you fat cow," Emma barked.

The girl started to get up. Having been tied for so long, her limbs had cramped, and she was struggling to even get on her knees. Eventually she managed to shakily stand.

She was nearly as tall as Bob, and she was big. She had a young, full face, with flushed complexion, framed by tresses of auburn hair cascading down past her chubby neck. Huge 38H breasts couldn't be disguised even by the unflattering black dress she was wearing. She still had a bit of a waist though, even with a muffin top spreading out over her tight waistband.

Her hips were wide too, although perhaps not as extreme as Magda's had been, but her ass managed to be rotund, but somehow still pert, Bob thought there must be a good bit of meat under that fat.

Her legs too were massive; thunder thighs that gave way to heavy calves that looked like they had been poured into her large black boots, overflowing a little at the top.

Emma allowed her to stagger to the toilet, where she sat and pissed like a horse.

She was still unsteady on her feet so Bob told her to sit on the bed. At that moment Kasia entered the room, and looked at the heifer sitting there with interest. Bob turned to her and said, "Kasia dear, could you pop upstairs and fix this girl a protein shake, and some of that porridge?"

A few minutes later Kasia returned with the goodies. By then Emma had established that the girl was nineteen years old, and called Rachael. She guzzled the strawberry shake down, and started to get her strength back. She looked at the porridge, but her ordeal had stripped her of her appetite.

"You will eat it!" demanded Emma, but Rachael just shook her head.

Emma pulled out her blade. "Eat!" she shouted and put the point of the knife against Rachael's throat, just enough to break the skin. Rachael reached for the spoon, and started putting the porridge into her mouth. There was no appetite there, just a mechanical motion. Porridge. Mouth. Swallow. Repeat.

After a minute or two, she started to falter, but a flash of steel forced her onwards. Eventually the bowl was empty.

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, don'cha think?" Emma asked sternly.

Rachael nodded compliantly.

"Good. Kasia darling, go get her some more," Emma cackled.
This time Kasia took longer to appear, but returned with a plate of baked beans on toast, 2 packets of biscuits, and thoughtfully, mugs of tea for all.

"She's certainly eager to please," thought Bob.

The force feeding of Rachael continued until everything was finished, washed down with two pints of tea.

Then the four of them moved to the processing room. She was dealt with in the usual way.

Stripping her revealed she had a fulsome, Rubenesque figure which on an older woman would be flabby. But on Rachael, her taut youthful skin kept everything in place. The largest pyjamas hugged her form nicely, tightly wrapping around her impressive rump. Bob thought her tits would look better supported, rather than flapping around, and made her put her bra back on. With a belt accentuating her waistline and sporting an award-winning cleavage, she looked pretty damn hot, a sexy plus-sized model.

Rachael (19) 38H-32-42 1.88m 110kg

After recording the details in his book, Bob smiled at Emma and said "Well this one is definitely my turn. It's a lot of meat, and I think I know what we both have in mind."

As a general rule, the bigger an animal is, the longer it takes to die. All things considered, within the context of the factory, this was a good thing.

Rachael was frog-marched to some warehouse-style roller shutter doors at the back of the factory. Beyond this was a shortish tunnel, big enough to drive a van through, then more shutters.

Kasia hadn't seen this area before, and was excited as to what was at the end of this mystery tour.

Soon they were in what appeared to be a garage. There were shelves on one side, with bottles of antifreeze, engine oil, and assorted tools and spare parts. Kasia recognized an air filter but not much else. A hose reel sat in one corner, and a welder in another.

Opposite the shelves were three machines were under tarps. "What's those?" Kasia asked, curiosity getting the better of her. She peeled back a corner of a sheet, and dropped it again when she saw a row of sharp spikes. "Oh my God." she cried excitedly, as if she had just seen the holy grail.

"Not using those today," Bob replied tersely, "they're not ready yet."

Emma, stepped forward, to a large blue steel door ahead of them. She pulled a long lever on it, and it responded with a clang, freeing the bolts that held it fast. Then she put her weight behind it and it slowly swung open.

Beyond, was darkness. Kasia could feel her heart pounding. Bob flicked some switches on the wall. With an electrical zap and a hum, arrays of metal-halide lamps flickered into life, gradually brightening as they warmed up. They reavealed a large, brilliantly lit, circular room, perhaps fifty feet across.

It was empty. White concrete walls were punctuated at intervals with steel rings, for tying ropes to, and reached up to a high ceiling; a dull lattice of beams that held cameras as well as the lights. Below was a steel floor, with a knurled texture and a manhole cover in the middle.

Kasia felt a sense of anticlimax. She couln't see any machines. She looked up and wondered if they were going to drop weights on the giantess from above, but couldn't really see beyond the glare of the lights.

Bob prodded Rachael in the back with the shotgun, "In." Soon they were standing in the middle of the Arena.

Without warning, Emma suddenly swung at Rachael's head with the bat, hitting her jaw with a bone-shattering whack of reverberating wood and cracking bone.

Rachael dropped instantly, falling to the floor like a sack of potatoes, concussed by her broken jaw. A little blood trickled down her chin.

"I'll go fetch a few things," Bob said, "Do you two ladies think you can handle her until I get back?"

"Sure thing," said Emma. Bob handed her the shotgun, then left the girls to deal with the captive.

Back in the workshop, Bob started filling a wheeled cage with everything needed to do a bit of forest clearance.

He started with long lengths of steel cable and a hand winch. Boxes of fittings, straps, spikes, and other miscellaneous hardware were added to the pile. Then sledgehammers, an felling axe, blow torch and a chainsaw were all hefted into the trolley. He looked around and spotted an anvil. He wasn't sure what was needed, so he brought everything he could think of.

Finally he added a bag containing Emma's exotic collection of toys, and her spiky boots. "That kinda blows the whole 'woodland management' cover story," he thought with a grin.

While he was away, the two girls worked as a team, tying Rachael's hands and feet. They didn't need her to wake up and start running about the place before they were ready.

Then Rachael picked up the shotgun, and worked the pump action. Then swaying her hips provocatively, and pouting a little with a carnal smile, she turned and pointed it at Kasia's belly.

Aghast, Kasia stepped back a pace.

"I can see why he fancies you," said Emma, "I do too, to be honest. You're delicious, I just wanna eat you up. What do you think I should do with you?"

Kasia thought that any ideas she had, were unlikely to meet Emma's approval, and so said nothing.

Emma dreamily carried on with her stream of consciousness. "Bob's machines are great, but sometimes it's just so much more fun to take the hands-on approach, don't you think? I might even let you choose. Sledgehammer or axe? Knife-dildo or Ripper? Should I carve the meat off your bones first or after? It looks soooo tasty. I'd probably start with those yummy titties, or those tender cheeks; I'll let you choose. Any recipe suggestions? If you're a good girl I'll let you have a taste before you go in the Masher"

She sighed. "So many choices, so few girls. If you can't choose, how about a bit of everything? An axe swing here, A smash with the hammer there, then, once you're really in the mood, we could play with the toys, and then prepare lunch."

"B-B-Bob said I could stay," Kasia stammered. "He said I could be a slave, and have fun as long as I stayed." On retelling Bob's conversation, Kasia realised that, despite his kindness to her, he had chosen his words carefully, and that she had fooled herself with wishful thinking.

"Well Bob's too nice for his own good sometimes. And we made an agreement, he's promised you to me. And I promised to put you in the Masher, just like your mum. And I intend to make sure we both keep our side of the bargain. Maybe if you're a good girl, I won't be nasty to you first. It really depends how I feel. Right now I'd like to spend days, slowly fucking you to death, you nasty little WHORE! And if Bob hadn't been such a softy, you'd already be dead by now, and not be standing there trying to think up recipes."

A moment later, they could hear a squeaky wheel, as Bob pushed the trolley down the tunnel. Emma pointed the gun back at Rachael, who was still sleeping peacefully.

As soon as he came in through the blue door, Kasia ran over and flung her arms around him. "Bob!" she wailed.

"What's up, buttercup?" He looked at Emma pointing the gun at Rachael. "Our guest isn't causing trouble I hope?"

Kasia had tears streaming down her face, "She's going to eat me!" Realising this sounded totally retarded, Kasia tried again, "I wanna know what's going to happen to me!" Bob looked down at her, and was shaken by her beauty. It just tore at his heart in a way that was utterly unbearable.

Emma interjected, shrieking, "I just fucking told you, you stupid little bitch. I'm going to have days of fun hearing you scream, then you're going into the Masher, toes first! If you still have any toes left by then! Ten toes! Ten days!"

Bob thought she was getting a bit unhinged. He hadn't seen her this bad before, and now he was concerned that she had the gun, which was now pointing at Kasia again. He hurried Kasia out of the Arena, and swung the big door shut.

Then, he strode over to Emma. She was in tears. "Fuck, Bob, what's happening to me?"

Bob gently took the gun from her. "I think we need to have a heart-to-heart."

Bob, Emma and Kasia sat in the viewing lounge. It was nothing a nice cup of Welsh tea couldn't solve, thought Bob. Both the girls seemed traumatised. Kasia was shaking, and Emma's tear stained face was sullen and guilty.

"So what happened back there?" Bob asked gently. Neither of the girls spoke up. Bob sighed, and went over to the computer. It had all been recorded. He watched the episode in the Arena unfold, then scratched his beard.

"Well, Emma," he said, matter-of-factly, "you're quite right. That's what we should do."

A dread overtook Kasia. "So this is it," she thought, "this is how it ends, they're going to torture and eat me. This is why they saved me until last."

"That's what we should do," Bob continued, "but that's not what's going to happen."

Emma spoke up. "We had an agreement, Bob."

"Yeah, well, sometimes rules have to be broken. I pretty much always let you have your way, because I respect and love you. And it's true that you hold power over me, you twist me round your finger, and I let you because of my undying devotion."

"But I'm the man. I made everything here, a playground for us both. It's the age-old balance of power. You bewitch me in a carnal trance, but I provide you with everything you have. You could destroy my soul, and I could beat you to death with my bare fists, cave-man style. I know it's not a fashionable idea these days, but there it is."

Emma nodded contritely. He had a point.

Bob continued, "I've got a proposal."

An hour later everyone was happy. Emma was stunned by Bob's forthright command of the situation, and had renewed respect for him. Bob was awed at Emma's ability to transcend her feelings of jealousy and defer to the higher principle of their devoted union. And his solution was brilliantly simple.

Kasia was to be their adopted daughter, and sex slave. Emma had been told by the doctors that she could never have kids, which Bob thought probably contributed to her instability, and after his exposition, the solution felt right, if somewhat unconventional. "Daughter with benefits," as Bob put it.

Emma had solemnly promised not to eat Kasia without her consent, and Bob had agreed that Kasia had to work for her keep, cleaning and snuffing as required, and go on the pill. A pregnancy would be highly inconvenient.

Between times, she could live a life of leisure, living within the factory; free to watch TV, play video games, and enjoy romps with Bob and Emma. Bob promised to get her some gym equipment and a sun-bed so she could stay in shape, and Emma would fix her up with a selection of outfits, some practical, some sexy.

It had been explained to her that she had a contractual obligation to be confined to the dungeon, with a re-appraisal on a yearly basis.

Kasia was overjoyed, not only to have been taken off the menu, but to have the coolest job and best parents in the world.

"Well, I guess it's time to celebrate," Bob said with a cheeky grin, "Anyone got any recipe ideas?"




Soz, meant Miyu, not Miku.

Although I could probably do both lol.


The name is not that important, as long as she is a cute little girl of japanese decent. Though the thought of two sisters being erotically snuffed together seems alluring…

Whatever you go with I'm really looking forward to it!



It's interesting how characters take on a life of their own. I've already got some ideas for Miyu, backstory, dynamic with the main protagonists, and her untimely demise, so it'll be a fun chapter to write. And, it is possible she'll have a sister or friend, although I'm still undecided. It'll prob be a little while though, chapter 6 isn't flowing quite as easily as the earlier ones.


Love the head destruction and farts and pooping parts. Do more!


Love the head destruction and farts and pooping parts. Do more!


I'm sure there will be more! Not really a scat fan, but it seems inevitable that when you're destroying cuties poop's gonna go flying.


Can't wait. Just the emphasis of a perfect girl doing something so gross is so hot


There'll be more in Chapter 6. It's coming along really well now, but I had to stop and fap half way through (a good sign!)

Should be up in the next few days.


Chapter 6. Party Pooper.

Under the celebratory circumstances, the family had decided to share the decisions as to what to do with the captive. Bob wanted to continue his original scheme, and Emma had decided to redirect her frustrated plans for Kasia onto the fresh meat. Kasia, too was given a say in matters. Conveniently, none of their ideas seemed to conflict, and so they eagerly set about business.

The happy family traipsed back to the Arena. Rachael had come around, and was lying where they had left her. Deep underground, it was quite warm, and heat from the lights meant that the three could strip naked without feeling the chill. In view of the much anticipated splatter, being nude was the most practical option anyway.

The first job was to prepare Rachael for the forthcoming entertainments. They tightly bound her wrists to a length of scaffolding pole, about two feet apart. Then they did the same with her ankles. Rachael didn't have much to say about this, a broken jaw has that effect on some people. Then they attached cables to the poles, and between the walls, with the hand winch fixed to tighten the cables as desired. Thus they could use the winch like a medieval torture device to stretch their victim out.

They looked down on the hapless meat girl. "Mmm, nice rack," Emma joked, and they all laughed at the double entendre.

Rachael didn't seem to be much in the mood for partying, and typically, it was Emma 'the people person' who set to attend to her blues with one of her little pep-talks.

"It's normal to feel a bit shy at these kinds of gatherings," she said smoothly, "The best thing is to jump straight in. But to be honest darling, you're not really dressed for the occasion. Let's get you out of those fuddy-duddy jimjams so you can show a little flesh."

Emma strolled over to the cage of tools, and returned with the chainsaw. "This oughta do it. Probably best if you hold still." Emma fired up the saw. Rachael's screams of protest could be heard over the noise of the rasp of the two-stroke motor. With great skill and delicacy Emma used the saw to pop the buttons from Rachael's PJs. "See that's much better now!"

Rachael was sobbing, her front was completely bare, apart from the bra which was supporting her mountainous cleavage. Next Emma pulled down the girl's PJ bottoms, and straddling her, took her hunting knife and cut away the remaining rags from her legs, leaving her naked from the waist down.

Thus denuded, Rachael felt even more vunerable than before, even though she thought that if they were going to use a chainsaw on her, it would hardly make much difference. Then suddenly, she could feel cold steel pressing against the side of her clit. Not being able to see what Emma was doing, she instinctively gasped and moved away from it. Emma found with a little knife play, she could make her squirm this way and that with ease. "Dancing already! I can see you're going to be the life and soul of the party!"

Emma laid down on Rachael's body, and started unilaterally making out with her, kissing her passionately, fondling her milk jugs and slipping a couple of fingers into her fleshy crack. Rachael protested, shrieking at the violation.

"Well you're quite something," Emma declared as she got to her feet, "I'm sure you're going to have no problem scoring. Maybe you'll find someone here to spend the rest of your life with."

Bob and Kasia looked on, impressed at Emma's masterclass. Emma then wheeled the trolley over and started unloading the tools next to Rachael. "I expect you like a guy with a big chopper," she teased as she hefted the axe. Emma watched as Rachael's horrified eyes followed it's every move. She laid it down near her head with a clatter.

"And what girl doesn't like a good pounding from time to time?" This time showing off the sledgehammer. "Oh there's two of them! Twice the fun!" She laid the two hammers next to the axe. "Oh! an anvil, you're going to have a smashing time, I'm sure!"

"I think we should plan this out a bit," said Bob, practical as always, "So we can all get maximum enjoyment. After all, this party could go on all day."

"And all night!" added Emma.

"But your plans never work out," Kasia pointed out perceptively. [Editor's note: Blame the author.]

"Well that's lucky for you, isn't it, my little lamb?" Emma said, licking her lips.

Kasia piped up, "Oh, mum, please don't start that again." More hilarity.

"Don't worry, pudding pie, you're safe for now. Looks like there's plenty of meat to go around. Of course, if we run out…" She reached for Kasia, zombie-like, and Kasia ran, squealing and giggling.

"General non-fatal raping and torture first," suggested Bob, "followed by the more destructive fun and games, then we'll do the butchering, and lastly the splatter-fest and snuffing."

"We should have music!" Kasia declared.

"And wine!" added Emma.

"Okay, slave-girl," said Bob, "go fetch that boom-box from the lounge, and any alcohol you can find. There's a box of weed on the table. And bring some snacks! And be quick cos we're getting horny."

Soon the party was in full swing. Bob had fetched an old sofa from the garage, and music from Bob's eclectic playlist was filling the Arena.

# [Now playing: Woman – The Anti-Nowhere League]

The happy family was sitting on the couch, drinking and laughing. "So who's horny?" asked Bob.

Of course everyone was, with that treat laid out in front of them, who wouldn't be?

"I think we should let Kasia go first," said Emma.

"Yay!" came the expected response, "But how?" She looked up and down the sexy slab of meat. "Oh, I got an idea."

She grabbed the lube, and squatted at Rachael's feet. A minute later she was fucking the girl's big toe. "Mmm, yummy."

"Very creative!" encouraged Bob.

"It's okay," agreed Kasia, "but she's not wriggling enough."

"Let me help," offered Bob.

# [Iron Man – Black Sabbath]

Then he found a ten-inch spike, and with a metallic pounding he used a lump hammer, to drive it through the side of Rachael's foot, just below the ankle, leaving a few inches of steel on either side. Once the screams had subsided, Kasia resumed her unorthodox pleasuring.

Grabbing the spike with both hands she could pull the toe in and out of herself, making the technique much more effective.

Then she gave the spike a sudden twist, and the big girl yelped and bucked. She couldn't pull her leg away from the pain, being as she was stretched out by the cables, but her involuntary muscle spasms sent tantalizing waves rippling along her legs and body, making her tummy and breasts jiggle. Kasia moaned in pleasure, and found this set up to be very satisfactory.

Bob was transfixed by the wobbling cleavage in front of him. Soon he had straddled the woman, facing Kasia, and was tit-fucking her joyously. Every time Kasia twisted the spike, another heaving wave of jiggling pleasure enveloped his manhood. Bob didn't know where to look, and so alternated his gaze between Rachael's sensual rippling belly and Kasia's lithe thrusting form.

It wasn't long before Kasia's juices were flowing, she had been horny all day, and the novelty and excitement had been to much for her. But it still wasn't enough, she wanted to feel something deep inside her. "Bob!" she cried desperately, "I need you!"

Bob was hardly one to pass by a damsel in distress. Picking Kasia up bodily, he threw her over Rachael's stomach, so Kasia was presented to him, bent over backwards, then thrust himself deep into her wet, twitching pussy. It was a comfortable arrangement, using the big girl as a kind of moaning, pulsating pillow.

Then Emma got in on the act, taking over from Kasia in the toe-fucking and spike-twisting role, causing Rachael's heaving gasps of agony and convulsions to raise the heat for them all.

Bob was first to score, pumping his load into Kasia's ecstatic young pussy, causing her to climax in sympathy. She gripped his cock in her muscular hole, not wanting it to stop.

Bob was done. The two ladies in his life hadn't finished though, and giving each other a look of silent understanding, leapt at one another. Emma feverishly reached for her double ender, while they frantically kissed each other, and grappled at each other's breasts, caressing nipples, while straddling the poor girl below them.

Soon they were fucking deliriously, while Bob collapsed onto the couch, swigging at a beer and enjoying the show of his girls in action, and deciding how to best to avail himself of this hunk of flesh next.

Soon he was joined by the girls. They were sharing a spliff and giggling, as they perused the toys in Emma's bag. One in particular caught Kasia's attention; It was a pair of leather shorts, but the butt side of it was covered in razor-sharp inch-long spikes, "Oh these are nice!"

"They're my pointy-pants. I'll give you a demo," said Emma. Once she was wearing them, she gave a twirl. They fitted her beautfully, hugging her form with a real dungeon dominatrix vibe.

# [Slayer – Angel of Death]

Watching this, Bob was suddenly back in the mood. He contemplated the thick-lipped pussy in front of him, and got down to business, pounding into that thicc fleshy treat. Rachael wan't being very reactive though, just lying there, torpid, hoping the nightmare would end soon. In fact, it was only just starting.

Kasia watched on in delight. Emma straddled Rachael's fun bags, facing Bob, then sat down on them. Rachael screamed as the spikes first penetrated her bra, and then her tender flesh. More screams as Emma twisted her butt from side-to-side, causing the spikes to tear into those magnificent mammaries.

Rachael was squirming and convulsing like she was possessed by some demonic spirit. "Well," thought Bob, riding her like a bucking bronco, "She's helluva lot more reactive now!"

Emma moved on from twisting, to thrusting with her hips, wrecking those mammaries further. Blood was trickling down the sides of Rachaels chest. Kasia watched on, playing with herself and moaning excitedly.

Then, sensing her husband was near climax, Emma started bouncing her ass up and down on those plump cushions, first gently. Kasia watched in delight, as they squished and squashed. A little wave of blood seeped out with each bounce. Rachael was sobbing, each bounce forcing another grunt of pain. Interestingly, she was grunting from the other end too, as little rasping farts accompanied each bounce. Kasia had her hand over her face, trying not to laugh. Emma's own perfect rack was bouncing too, and Bob eagerly massaged them with his palms.

Then Emma went into top gear, lifting her whole weight, and smashing it downwards with each bounce. The bra, now hardly more than a perforated, blood soaked rag, finally gave way. Rachael's massive tits flopped about as they were being chopped into ribbons, and little chunks of fat and gore were squirting out. Bob squirted too, cumming into Rachael's meaty minge in waves.

Marital bliss was thus attained once more, but it wouldn't be the last time tonight. The couple again returned to the sofa, panting hard.

Kasia, in her teenage hornyness wanted more than her own dripping fingers. She picked up the knife-dildo and raised an eyebrow at Emma. Emma nodded. Once strapped in, Kasia paraded up and down in front of Rachael like a catwalk girl with the latest fashion accessory, then squatted down by her face and grabbed her hair. With a little tilt of her pelvis, she drew the blade down Rachael's cheek, drawing a line of blood.

# [Psycho Killer – Talking Heads]

"I'm going to slice your insides up now." She didn't have Emma's poetic way with words, but the simple blunt intent was all the more terrifying. Rachael started bucking and thrashing against her restraints, using all her considerable strength to try to break free. Kasia found this to be an extraordinary turn-on, and soon she was raping Rachael's cunt, amid shrieks of excruciating terror. Slicing in and out, slowly cutting Rachael's vaginal canal to ribbons. Bob watched as Kasia's pale ass quivered and heaved with each thrust. He so dearly wanted to plough his dick into her rear, but was a spent force. "Something to look forward to," he told himself.

Kasia was burying her head in the ruins of Rachael's chest, sucking the blood from the nipples, and grasping them tightly as if trying to mash them still further. A long shuddering orgasm swept through her, and soon she too was taking a time-out. The front of her body was sheathed in blood, and it trickled down her torso and dripped from her pussy.

The sight of Kasia's performance had given Bob his mojo back sooner than he thought possible. He looked at Rachael's destroyed pussy, and wondered what it would feel like now. Y'know, for science.

Soon he was mashing his dick in and out of her splattered minge. Lubricated with copious quantities of blood, it was hot, sticky, and sloppy. As he pounded into that pulverised maw, slurping and farting noises accompanied his endevours. It was a real delight, the sensation a nice contrast to the tight sensation of fucking her before.

It was time for the party to move onto the next level. Bob's plan had been to tear Rachael in half using the winch, but he knew that the usual result would that only an arm would be separated. But, creative as ever, he had a idea, new to science.

# [Twisted – Cosmicguts]

First the cable was slackened, allowing a little play. Then the two girls stood on the pole that separated Emma's wrists, holding it in place. Then Bob took the pole between Rachael's ankles and lifted one end, twisting Rachael's lower half. Then using all his strength, he yanked on the pole, twisting further.

There was a snap, and a popping sound as Rachael's spine gave way. Soon her bottom half was facing 180 degrees from where it had started, and her broken body was tits up and arse up at the same time. It kept trying to untwist itself, so Bob fixed a couple more cables to stabilize it. With her spine wrecked like that, Bob figured that his plan to tear her in half would work just fine, and he could rape that sweet ass while it happened. Of course Rachael was now paralysed and senseless from the waist down, and her anal sphincter had let go with a prolonged, sighing release of gas. The twisting also had the effect of squeezing her innards, and under the pressure, a thick snake of poop was slowly being squeezed out, plopping in a coil between her legs.

"Eww, party pooper!" laughed Kasia.

Bob cared not. Soon he was buggering that girl, and the whole thing was visceral paradise. He ploughed in and out of her shitty asshole without a care, his shaft soon coated in that stinking chocolate-brown goo. Each time he pulled his dick out, there was a slurping noise, and each time he returned it, there was a loud fart as the air was expelled. Kasia, already giggling from the marijuana, was overtaken by the hilarity of the effect, and was rolling on the sofa, with tears running down her cheeks.

Emma started working the long handle of the winch. Chunk-chunk-chunk. She kept pace with Bob's thrusting, heaving and forth, her sweaty fit body enjoying the work-out, as inch by inch Rachael was slowly ripped in two. Bob, following Kasia's earlier lead, grabbed at those ruined breasts, and buried his head in their mushy delights.

Though Rachael was paralysed, Bob could feel her innards shifting and squelching. Muscles, tendons and ligaments were being slowly torn apart, and Bob could feel every one as it popped. Soft warm poo was oozing past his member, bringing him to the brink.

A louder tearing noise announced that Rachael's twisted skin was being torn, and then, suddenly the cable went slack as her torso was ripped into two pieces, spilling it's contents across the floor. Bob rolled his eyes as he came for the fourth time that day.

The happy family looked down at the carnage. Rachael was still alive, even as she was effectively in two pieces. Presumably some major arteries were still connected. She was breathing in short shallow gasps, mitigating the searing pain that engulfed her. Bob looked down at her rump steaks. "I think those need tenderising a bit." He grabbed a sledge hammer and started work, smashing down on Rachael's butt as if he was breaking paving slabs. Cracks and bangs echoed around the Arena as her pelvic bones were destroyed.

# [Smack my Bitch up – The Prodigy]

The two girls joined in. Emma, with the other sledge hammer took to Rachael's bloody pyjama-covered arms. Of course, in her own sweet way, she started at the fingers, and worked her way up, breaking bone and mashing meat in the process. Rachael emitted some pathetic squealing noises, but those were soon to be terminated by Kasia, who set about work with the felling axe.

After a couple of practice swings, she soon got the hang of it, chopping at the woman's chest, opening up gaping wounds and further splitting and pulverising the already ruined tits, as ribs splintered below.

The frenzy of destruction carried on, Rachael's body shuddering with each crashing blow, until the three were out of breath. Still Rachael lived, as she slowly bled out. She could hardly breathe at all now, her shattered ribcage making each breath an agonizing gasp.

Bob took his knife, and started to expertly carve away the meat from her buttocks and thighs. Soon he had some nice looking rump steaks and hams, which he tossed into a bucket. "That'll be enough I reckon." There wasn't much else that looked edible to be fair.

"I'll let you finish her Kasia," Bob said generously. Their guest was barely conscious, and bleeding out fast. Time to end things.

The teenager had a plan to finish Rachael off in no uncertain terms. First, she took the Ripper, and after strapping it on, she straddled the woman's head, and started poking the device into her mouth and throat. Rachael started to gag reflexively at the unwelcome intrusion.

Kasia poked further, and suddenly with a gentle heave, Rachael disgorged that massive breakfast. Wave after wave of puke flooded out of her mouth and nose, and because of the length of Kasia's steel member in her mouth, she was unable to turn her head.

Kasia watched with interest as the girl started to drown. It was a pretty feeble affair. Being half paralysed and having broken ribs meant she couldn't use the full set of muscles to puke forcefully.

Then Kasia relented, and saved her from an unpleasant death by drowning, by deep throating her with the Ripper, and turning it on.

The yellowy mix of the banana shake, beans, toast and tea suddenly turned vivid red. Rachael's chest heaved as she tried to get air, but only achieved a sucking and burbling noise as she inhaled her bloodied breakfast. Kasia thrust in and out, tearing Rachael's tongue to pieces, then her esophagus and wind-pipe. Looking down, she could see a vibrating bulge in the girl's neck move as the Ripper slid in and out, tearing muscle, bone and spine.

Kasia hadn't finished. She turned around and once again thrust into Rachael's mouth, this time ripping upwards through the roof of her mouth and grinding through the skull into Rachael's brain, delighting in the soft squelchyness that that provided. Rachael's body convulsed as her eyes rolled up in her skull and blood poured from her nose. This novelty shattered Kasia with another wave of orgasms. This was definately the best party ever, she thought.

Rachael was at peace at last. Her heart was still pumping though, causing her mouth to fill with blood from her ruined neck and spill down onto the steel floor. Bob fetched the anvil, and hefting it above his head, dropped it on her chest, caving it in with a sickening crunch. An impressive fountain of blood spurted from her mouth, reaching six feet into the air before pitter-pattering back to the floor. Lungs and liver squelched out from below her mangled ribcage, adding to the pile of innards that used to be her yummy tummy.

As a final hurrah, Bob took the anvil, and let it drop onto Rachael's head, which promptly exploded, showering the three in blood and brains.

All that was left of Rachael was an abject shambles of gore, as bad as any of his machines could have mananged. The three sat and smoked and drank and talked and laughed while they surveyed the results of their work with satisfaction.

"Time to prepare dinner!" Emma said at last, as she got to her feet and grabbed the bucket. The others followed her, heading for the showers.

[Eat the Rich – Motorhead]


>>15891 Nice! Can't wait to find out what the trio has in store for sweet little Miyu!


Coming up in chapter 7 - Kawaii
I haven't really started writing it yet, I'm still pondering various aspects, so it'll probably be about a week away (wild guess).


I won't give spoilers, but suffice to say I'm quite excited by prospect! IDK if you're the same anon who suggested Miyu, but it's been a great inspiration for me.


Yeah, I'm the same person. Really glad to hear that you enjoy writing a chapter about Miyu. Please do take the time you need, I'm sure it will be worth the wait!


>…and would appreciate dying in a manner that would give her some pleasure.

You've no idea how much trouble that's caused me (lol). Bob and Emma aren't really in the pleasure giving industry. But never fear I have a plan that hopefully will be agreeable to everyone (fictional and non-fictional.)

Things are coming along really well now, but it's going to be a long chapter, I had to write in some back-story and front-story for later chapters, and do a bunch of research and technical calculations (I like the machines to be vaguely plausible, even if it's not quite a how-to guide.)

Also I got distracted by the idea of doing some illustrations for it, and have dipped my toes into using Inkscape. Any pictures will be a long way off (if ever) though, so don't get too excited.

What I'm trying to say is, chapter 7 might be a while, but should be one of the best so far.


Chapter 7. Kawaii

It had been months since the snuff party. The delicious meal of non-cruelty-free meat with all the trimmings had topped it off perfectly. Emma had cooked it to succulent perfection, basting the steaks in their own juices. The crackling had been a particular favourite. There was plenty to go around, so Kasia was spared, although everyone agreed that she would have tasted even better.

For Kasia, the fun and games of that day were just a memory, albeit augmented by the obligatory videos. She had settled in well to her new life, and at first worried that it might get boring, being stuck underground all the time, but she found there was plenty to keep her busy. Apart from games, and TV, she had the run of the factory.

Bob and Emma had come good on their promises, and had converted the viewing lounge into a little self-contained apartment for her, the gothic themed boudoir tastefully decorated, with a thick black curtain over the window, and in pride of place, an elegant four-poster bed replete with crimson curtains and black canopy.

Kasia was treated like a princess, and her every want was catered to. She had asked for extra video screens, and mostly used them as windows on the world, diplaying live CCTV feed of the lush greenery outdoors to mitigate the claustrophobia of her subterranean existence. Gym equipment and a sunbed were provided too, so she could maintain her perfect body.

New rooms had been constructed below hers, to replace the facilities that were once occupied by her flat. Now she had a space of her own, and despite her captivity, felt a great sense of freedom and belonging.

Bob worked for a few hours in the factory, most days, and Kasia loved helping out as he fixed and tinkered with the machines and built new ones. Sometimes a delivery of hardware would come in; tools, lengths of steel, pieces of equipment, and one time, a large, round, galvanized steel tank.

Bob said he was making a hot-tub. At first Kasia thought this was another present for her, but then he reminded her about the outboard-motor that Dave had delivered with Rachael. It was pretty obvious what was intended, and Kasia found that prospect a lot more exciting!

Emma often brought her proper home cooked dinners straight from the farmhouse, and showered her with gifts of clothes and toys, including a pair of roller-blades. Kasia loved zooming around the factory on these, the Arena being a favourite spot for her to practice combining her skating and gymnastics skills.

She had been given all kinds of pretty outfits by Emma, as well as some leathers suitable for a dominatrix-in-training, and even her own pair of 'pointy pants', just like Emma's. She couldn't wait to try them out for real.

Her teenage sexual appetite was ferocious, and she often enjoyed threesomes. She was proud of the experience she was gaining, enjoying pleasuring Bob and Emma as much as being ravished herself. She was, after all, a sex-slave and performed that duty with earnest enthusiasm.

But mostly, she had time to think, and to fantasize. At first she had idle thoughts of trying to escape, because that's what sex-slaves locked in dungeons try to do, right? But she knew it would be hopeless. Bob and Emma owned land for miles around, and it was all covered by CCTV. And if she was caught, she was sure the consequences would be bad, maybe even terminal.

Emma enjoyed teasing her about that sometimes. telling her that if she dared try to do anything crazy, they would put her in one of the machines as punishment; but because they loved her so much, she could choose which one. A choice between being squashed to death or sliced into pieces, Kasia thought ruefully. No method of execution would be kinder than another, though they did provide fuel for her auto-erotic fantasies.

Kasia supposed too, that part of Emma still lusted after her undoing. But the feeling was mutual, and Kasia often wondered which fate would best suit Emma. Bob also joked in his best Schwarzenegger voice about what would become of his wife if they ever broke up. "Consider that a divorce." This happy frissance between the trio certainly prevented their triangular relationship from ever becoming stale.

Besides, Kasia had really grown to love them, and certainly didn't want them to get into trouble. And what would become of her if she did escape? No doubt she would have to answer all kinds of difficult questions, and be sent to some dismal government care home, waiting to be fostered or adopted by some well-meaning but overprotective family who didn't understand her at all. Or maybe she would be taken by some evil grooming gang, hooked on heroin and passed around like some filthy sex doll. Everyone knew they came for the pretty ones first.

Stockholm syndrome or not, here she was master of her domain, and it gave her a thrilling sense of power. She wished she could tell her friends in her old life.

And her enemies.

Kasia had been bullied at school, as she didn't really fit in. Many of the girls were jealous of her beauty, and she had always been a loner. Some had been kind to her, of course, but mostly she found their vacuous interests unappealing.

She had no better luck with the boys. Any remotely interesting introverts were far too timid to approach such a breathtaking beauty, lest the ground were to open up and swallow them whole, leaving her to be harassed by brain-dead jocks and chads.

But the worst had been a clique of older girls, in the year above. Kasia found herself reliving a particularly nasty experience when the gang had cornered her one day as she left school to walk home.

Zoe was the ringleader of a gang of five girls, known as the "Select Bitches." She was a year older than Kasia, a tall, skinny goth with a pale complexion and dyed black hair. She had been moved to Kasia's school a couple of years earlier, following some kind of trouble. Rumour had it that she had stabbed a girl, but officially, no-one spoke of it.

Zoe stepped out in front of Kasia, "Where d'ya think you're going gorgeous," she demanded, her face twisted in spite.

Kasia said nothing, deftly sidestepped her and kept walking.

"Oh I see, you're too good to talk to us, you snooty bitch!" Zoe said. Then she grabbed Kasia by the arm and spun her round to face her.

"Problem?" Kasia tried to play it cool, but her heart was already pounding with adrenaline.

"If you're so pretty, why don'cha have a boyfriend? Maybe you're a fucking lesbo! Give us your phone, we wanna see what tarts you're chasing."

Kasia was about to turn away, but then Zoe spat in her face, hitting her in the eye and mouth. Kasia felt a rush of blood to her head, and retaliated, forcefully pushing Zoe away. Zoe staggered back, surprised, and Kasia stepped forward, but was stopped by an arm around her neck from behind. It was Georgie, a big black girl who wouldn't look out of place in a Thug Life video. Georgie was Zoe's muscle, and had a reputation for pounding out kids who didn't toe the line.

Kasia tried to squirm free, but Georgie's grip was too strong. Kasia tried stamping on her feet but this effort only caused the big girl to strengthen her grip and lift Kasia off the ground. Kasia started feeling dizzy as Georgie tightened the choke hold.

Zoe was laughing in delight at Kasia's helplessness. "Now whatcha gonna do bitch?" The answer caught her completely by surprise, as Kasia, flexible as ever, kicked her right foot straight up into Zoe's nose, connecting with a satisfying crunch.

"Aaargh, you fucker!" cried Zoe, as she put a hand to her face to assess the damage. Discovering a bleeding nose and split lip, she launced herself at Kasia, headbutting her hard, and then Georgie twisted around and threw Kasia to the dirt. Straddling her, she started throwing punches into her face. The other girls joined in, visciously kicking and stamping on her from all angles.

Kasia tried to cover up as blows rained down on her. Kicks were hitting her in the sides of her body, others in her crotch. Though humiliating, those weren't so painful. Then she felt a hard blow to a kidney. The pain was agonizing and debilitating. She tried valiantly to kick with her legs, but then one of the girls sat on them, and started punching into her stomach. The pain and struggling soon left her breathless and exhausted. Then Zoe found her phone and stomped on it, smashing the screen.

Kasia knew she was beaten, and that if she tried to get up, there would be more of the same, or worse. She had seen a video once, of a girl who died after getting kerb-stomped by some evil piece of trash, and didn't want to be a victim of the same fate.

So she lay there, while the others taunted her, and tormented her with little kicks, just to remind her who was boss. Then with a disgusting snorting noise, Zoe hawked up a big gob of snot, and spat again. The other girls followed suit, and soon her face, clothes and hair were plastered with the disgusting slime.

"Not looking so pretty now, are we?" taunted Megan. She was a petite, once timid red-head who enjoyed manipulating others, and had found power and protection within the group.

Zoe put her boot on Kasia's vulnerable throat. "Don't ever try to fuck with us again, or we'll fucking finish you, you fucking little whore!" Blood dripped from her nose onto Kasia's uniform. Kasia had the sense to say nothing, but did get a little satisfaction from seeing her nemesis suffer.

Then the five ran, laughing, apart from Zoe, who staggered away, hunched over with her hand to her face, blood trickling between her fingers.

But that hadn't been the end of it. When Kasia arrived home, with the blood of her enemy on her clothes, her mother was none too pleased, and called the school.

So Kasia was summoned to see the head. Miss McKay was a stern, if coldly attractive woman in her late thirties. By temperment, she seemed to be from an earlier era, and had no truck with fighting, and seemingly no compassion at all towards Kasia despite the visible bruises. Behaviour that reflected badly on the school was not to be tolerated.

The incident had been caught on CCTV, and from that evidence, it appeared that Kasia had made the first move. Kasia was suspended for week, and the perpetrators had somehow got off scot-free.

It was a week of hell, as Magda bought into the story provided by the school, and made Kasia's life as miserable as possible; grounding her, and making her do all the housework, while she spent her time watching daytime TV and making hurtful comments. Her pocket money was seized too, to pay for a new phone. Maisie followed her mother's example, taunting and teasing at every opportunity.

When Kasia returned to school, none of the other kids would talk to her, mostly from fear of reprisals by the Select Bitches. She was a nobody now, an untouchable. The gang had won.

So it was, on this late August day that Kasia lay on her bed, contemplating the grievous turns of her life, mad as hell.

Her reverie was broken by a sound, coming from the factory floor. Bob was working down there, and it sounded like he was hammering something. Kasia jumped up from the bed, and went to see what he was doing. It wasn't good to dwell on the past, and maybe a chat while she helped him work with the machines would maybe take her mind off things.

With Bob and Emma being the only ones in her life, she often got a bit lonely, so any opportunity to talk was welcome.

Bob was working on the "hot-tub". He had already constructed a central column, turning the tub into a kind of moat, and was now trying to fix a wooden beam across it, as mounting point for the Mercury Seapro 225.

"Hiya gorgeous," he called when he saw her approach, "Say, hold this for me." Kasia held the end of the beam while Bob drilled some holes.

"Bob," Kasia asked, "When we see Dave again, could I talk to him?"

Bob laughed, "What's this? You want him to take you away again?"

"I never get to chat to anyone but you and Emma, I just want to talk to someone else for a change."

"Dave's not really the type for conversation, darling. But I guess there's no harm in it. Sure."

Satisfied, Kasia changed the subject. "I can't wait to try this hot-tub out."

"Well," joked Bob, "It would quite a short try-out, and then we'd have no-one to clean it up afterwards."

Kasia gave Bob a hug. "You know what I mean! Anyways, I think it should have a water slide."

Bob raised an eyebrow and sighed. "A water slide? You think I haven't got enough work to do already?"

"But it would be nice."

Bob had to agree that it would be the cherry on the cake. Later Kasia enjoyed something of a catharsis to her earlier ruminations, as Bob fucked her on the four-poster while she imagined Zoe riding down a waterslide. Splashes and screams.

Kasia didn't have to wait long before she got to see Dave. One sultry evening his van arrived, and she watched on CCTV as Bob and Emma joined him.

At the van, Dave opened the back. "Very special delivery for you today mate."

"Damn, Dave," said Bob, forgetting himself for a moment, "Where'd ya get that?!" Inside was what appeared to be a Japanese schoolgirl in traditional blue and white uniform, tied up and gagged.

Dave looked at him levelly. Bob had broken the rule. No questions asked. Then levity returned, and he grinned, "Japan of course! where did ya think?"

But then Bob was in for another surprise, as Emma spoke up. "Bob, there's two!"

She was right, in the dim interior, Bob hadn't noticed as second girl, dressed the same as the first, as they lay together.

As the girls were dragged from the van, Bob turned to Dave. "You in a big hurry? time for a cuppa?"

"Sure, I can stick around for a bit."

Bob and Emma hauled one girl each, down the stairs into the dungeon, and Dave followed them as far as the tool store. He never went down into the factory itself. He didn't know what went on down there and he didn't want to know, although of course he had his suspicions. He was in it solely for the money, and this game paid very well.

A couple of minutes later, Bob and Emma returned with Kasia in tow.

"What's this about?" Dave asked. He actually seemed a little shocked and unnerved by Kasia's presence.

"I don't know," Bob answered honestly, "she wants to have a chat. Let's head for the house."

"I didn't hurt her, I make sure goods are delivered in perfect condition, you know that," Dave replied defensively.

Kasia gave him one of her devastating smiles, and so reassured, he and the family headed down the stony track to the farmhouse.

It was a refreshing treat for Kasia to be out in the fresh air, the first time for months, and the feeling of the late summer breeze on her face filled her with joy. En route, Bob filled Dave in on the new arrangement that the family had forged, with Kasia now being their daughter, cleaner and sex-slave.

Dave shook his head in disbelief, "You guys are fucking weird."

The four sat around the kitchen table. The three adults engaged in some pleasant chit-chat; discussing the weather, business and world events, without disclosing any sensitive information.

Then, during a lull in the conversation, Kasia seized the moment. "Dave…"

"Yes darlin'?"

"…Can you um, - you know - deliver custom orders?"

Neither Bob nor Emma were ready for this, and Bob raised a hand to close down the conversation, but Dave was already answering this seemingly hypothetical question. "Well it's like this - it's possible, but tricky. The whole enterprise needs a lot more setup than just getting randoms. But yeah, it's possible."

"I've got a list."

Bob and Emma burst out laughing. "Ha! The kid's got a hit list!" Bob wheezed, with tears in his eyes. "She thinks she's in the Mob!" The grown ups fell about chortling.

"I'm serious!" Kasia said defensively. Annoyed but undeterred, she launched into her story about her encounter with the Select Bitches. As the story unfolded, the three adults exchanged serious looks, and by the end they were suitably sobered.

"You should have told us about this earlier, sweetness," Bob said kindly.

Should she have mentioned it when they were raping her, she wondered, or when they were snuffing her family?

She shrugged, "Didn't find a good time to bring it up."

She passed the list to Dave. It had the names, the school, and some other information that she thought might be useful. "If you can get one of these, that would be amazing. Especially Zoe."

Dave turned to Bob. "Can't make any promises. And it'll cost double, like I say, it's a lot of extra work." Terms were negotiated, and then they all trudged back to the barn. Dave climbed into his van, and they exchanged goodbyes.

Emma looked at Kasia, "Time to get back to your cage, with the rats, slave," she ordered.

Dave's genuine look of horror caught Kasia's eye. "It's a very nice cage," she reassured him. Dave smiled and nodded in understanding. He put the van in gear, and left the strange family to their peculiar business, as the family returned to their dungeon.

The two girls were sitting next to each other on the bed, holding hands with their fingers entwined. Their skimpy outfits, loosely based on traditional Japanese school girl uniform, and their fine Japanesque features and jet black twin-tails, made them look like something straight out of a manga.

In that typically modest Japanese fashion, they were sitting correctly, with their knees together. Bob found the way that this pose accentuated their girly innocence quite alluring. But what struck him most, was that they appeared to be absolutely identical, each a mirror image of the other. The only visible difference was their lipstick, one's lips were a lush cerise, the other's a fetching peach.

"Well," said Bob, desiring to sate his curiosity, "there's got to be some kind of story here!"

The girls were silent. Bowed heads looked down at dainty feet.

"Never mind, I'm sure we'll find out in due course. It's getting late, let's get them processed. Looks like another day at the fun-fair tomorrow."

Kasia too, was intrigued. These girls seemed to be close to her own age, but there was something a little odd about them that piqued her interest. And her chat with Dave had put her in the mood for more conversation. "Are you identical twins?" The girls nodded, as one. For some reason, this made Kasia feel horny, even though she didn't understand why.

It's true that they were super pretty, with refined oval faces, thick eyelashes accentuating big brown eyes, and a little rouge applied to the cheeks which showed off their delicate features perfectly. Their innocent, slightly open mouths were framed by seductively full, glossy painted lips, with cute dimples at the corners. Their ears peeked out from their hairlines, giving them an almost elven look. Kasia thought they might even be prettier than she was, but consoled herself knowing that this problem would soon be taken care of.

"Well I bet it'll be double the fun!" exclaimed Emma.

Bob raised the ante. "Fun squared!" he declared.

Kasia trumped them both, "two to the power of fun!" Either the girls weren't really into bad math jokes, or were just very shy, and didn't react.

But they didn't seem very afraid of their situation, even though they had unwittingly stumbled into the darkest part of the wrong forest. They exuded the kind of vulnerability that would only serve to provoke the worst attentions of the Big Bad Wolf, and if anyone was to play that part, it was undoubtedly Emma.

She was hungrily showing her teeth in a lupine grin. "Very kawaii! What shall we do with them Bob?" The unique possibilities that the twins offered was clearly starting to bring out her crazy side as her mind whirled with every indelicacy that might be inflicted on these tender morsels.

Bob had seen that ravenous look on Emma's face enough times to know what she was thinking. "Let's get them processed first," he said, "We'll have all the time in the world to decide later." Then he turned to the twins, "Hopefully you flowers have different names, or things are going to get mighty confusing around here."

"Miyu," said cerise-lips.

"Miku," said peachy, "Sometimes people call us the Mikumiyu twins. We don't really mind." Emma found their soft breathy voices a real turn-on, and wondered what their screams would sound like.

Since they twins were identical, processing took half the usual time. They were photographed as a pair, and only one of them needed to be measured and weighed. Once stripped, their true glory was revealed.

The twins stood nervously, while their captors salivated over their latest catch. It's often wrongly assumed that oriental types have darker skin, but these two were the perfect exception to that truism, having a pale, pearly white complexion that seemed almost translucent, even compared to Kasia's sun-starved limbs.

Bob's eye was drawn from their sensual, demure faces to delicate necks. He imagined how easy it would be to get a hand around one, and the prospect gave him a boner. Their torsos were slim and girly, with sweet little budding breasts and appetizing tummies. Unlike Kasia's toned body, these girls had a softer form, smooth skin and just a little feminine fat making the muscle below barely discernable. They had narrow waists, and nicely developing hips, with curly little patches of dark hair starting to sprout above their adorably fuckable pussies.

The four legs were another treat, exquisitely smooth and refined, with inviting thigh-gaps, leading down to precious, petite feet.

Unlike some oriental girls, who have flat backsides, these two displayed a quite nicely rounded feminine form. Bob scratched his beard, "Well you're both very special. Are you really Japanese, or just cosplaying?"

"Half Japanese," the twins said together. Then Miyu added, "We're cosplaying too. We were at the KawAnimaiiCon. Then we woke up in a van."

As they were putting on their pyjamas, Kasia had a brave idea, and spoke up. "Maybe they can stay with me tonight. I'm sure they won't be any trouble. It'll be like a sleep-over."

Bob and Emma exchanged a concerned look, as good parents should. Bob turned to Kasia, "What if they do cause trouble. D'ya think you can handle it?"

"Sure. I'll make necessary preparations," Kasia replied with professional coolness, "I can deal with them both, if necessary."

Emma laughed at Kasia's laconic hit-man rhetoric. "Blimey, maybe she is in the Mob!"

"Okay," said Bob. Maybe it was time for Kasia to excercise her independence and demonstrate a little responsibility. "If there's any trouble though, or any 'goods' get damaged, you'll be in hot water." Kasia instantly thought of the hot-tub and wondered for a second if that's what Bob meant.

"I'll go get ready now," Kasia said, and left Bob and Emma to finish up.

Miyu (13) 1.45m 43kg
Miku …..ditto…..

A few minutes later, Kasia was back, wearing her ninja outfit, replete with tool belt holding a knife, handcuffs, baton and other necessities. She loved dressing up for the part, and had completed the look with dark rose lipstick, a studded choker, a black skull-printed bandana and high boots.

The expression on the twins' faces was priceless. "Ohmigod," whispered Miyu to her sister, "this is just like being in one of those guro mangas."

Emma had overheard the comment. "Really? Guro at your age?" She laughed, "Well, you'll enjoy your darkest fantasies here. It'll be a dream come true!"

The twins said nothing, but Miku squeezed her sister's hand a little more tightly. Kasia wondered if they were quite as innocent as they looked.

As usual, the check-in had left Bob and Emma feeling lustful, but they respected Kasia's wish for a little freedom, so they retired to the farmhouse for an anime inspired fuckfest, leaving the three girls alone. Precautions were taken of course, the power to the factory was off, apart from the lights, and all exits were sealed. And from time to time, they checked the CCTV. Trust but verify.

"I'll show you around," said Kasia, "If you like guro, you'll love this place!"

"Wait!" said Miyu, "are you guys going to snuff us?"

"Maybe," Kasia lied carefully, "If you're good, Bob and Emma might keep you as sex slaves, like they did with me. It's super fun to be honest. Maybe they'll keep you cos you like guro." She didn't mind them being a little scared, but if they got desperate, things could get difficult.

Miku continued her sister's train of thought. "Umm… it's just that if you do, we'd like to go together. It's our fantasy."

"Well it's not really my decision. I think it's Emma's turn. She might want to keep you." More lies, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. If they knew Emma's predilections, they might have a change of heart and try something crazy.

Kasia abruptly changed the topic. "I got pizzas. Hungry?" The pair nodded, so they trooped upstairs to Kasia's apartment.

"Wow this place is amazing!" Miyu declared, as she took in the comfortable refinments of Kasia's room.

"I'll get the pizzas going. Make yourselves comfortable. Mi casa es su casa," Kasia said generously. She thought it sounded cool, and was starting to enjoy herself. Soon they were feasting on pizzas and drinking lemonade. "Look girls" Kasia said, waving a bottle of Blue Label, I got some vodka for that fizzy." She poured a couple of shots into each glass.

"We're not old enough to drink," said Miku.

"Well you're not old enough for a lot of things, are you?" replied Kasia. "Besides, rules don't count down here. I got weed too, if you wanna try." Soon the twins were coughing and spluttering, passing the joint. It made them feel quite grown up, as if they had been inducted into a frat by their older sister.

The twins were getting nicely relaxed, and soon the trio were chatting as if they were all besties. "I know you're identical," asked Kasia, "but are you - y'know - like, the same?"

"Nope," Mikumiyu replied in unison, causing them to all laugh at the irony.

"Miyu talks more, and I think more," explained Miku.

Kasia discovered that they had been a centre of attention at the KawAnimaiiCon, their breathtaking cuteness and unique twinsyness combining to raise the kawaii bar to new heights. Loads of people had photo-bombed and taken selfies with them. But they could remember nothing after getting in the taxi to return to the train station.

Then the convo turned to guro. They compared their favourite artists and talked about some real life stuff they had seen on the less respectable websites. Some of it was an education for Kasia. The twins were real fans, whereas by happenstance, she had been thrust into it only months earlier, and was still a relative newbie.

"Well this is a real-life guro dungeon," Kasia pointed out, "You wanna have a look round?"

Soon they were on the factory floor, examining the machines. "And don't even think of trying to run off," Kasia warned them, as she flashed her blade, "there's no escape, and I'll hunt you down like rabbits." She noticed a gleam of excitement flash in Mikumiyu's four eyes, and wondered if they'd actually enjoy playing that game.

Kasia showed them around, authoritatively explaining the gruesome effects of each device's operation. They stopped by the Roller, and Kasia told them the story of Maisie.

Miyu's eyes were wide in horror and excitement. "She was dead, and then came back?"

Then they were at the Masher. Kasia said nothing, and just let the girls take in its awesomeness. Its operation was obvious just from looking at it.

"God that's scary," whispered Miku at last. "And amazing," added Miyu, "just imagine…"

"Anyways, if ever, I don't think you girls will get a ride in that," explained Kasia, "We haven't even tried a lot of the machines yet, so probably you'll get something else." She laughed, as they walked on. "Maybe this one, although I don't think it's quite finished yet." They had arrived at the hot-tub. "I'm helping Bob build it. Just imagine what that would make of you."

"Soup," said Miku simply.

Kasia completed the tour, showing them the Chopper, various presses, the Cone of Destruction, and all the other devilish contraptions. They even had a look into the Arena. "Mostly I just use it for skating and gymnastics," she laughed.

"These are way better than the stuff in normal guros," Miyu said, her eyes shining, "Mostly it's just boring snuff like hanging. Why does everyone do hanging? It's sooo boring, just kicking and weeing."

"And beheading," added Miku. "Why spoil the fun so soon? One minute you're there, then CHOP and it's all over."

Kasia, although she could see the attractions of those methods of dispatch, had to admit the girls had a point. They seemed to be on her own wavelength, so she thought she'd probe a little deeper into their dark souls. "You wanna watch a video?" she asked innocently.

"Sure, whatcha got?" asked Miyu. Mikumiyu were a little high and tipsy, and seemed game for anything.

"Well, it's not Sponge Bob. We can watch it together in bed," suggested Kasia. "Let's go back upstairs." Soon, they were back in the flat.

It's nothing you'll have seen before," said Kasia as she stepped over to the computer. That, of course was an understatement. After a few clicks, got the video of Tara the Tart cued up. "This one's called 'Tara 2', I dunno if you'll like it." Kasia had picked this one out, because it was the most vanilla, milquetoast video she had, and she wanted to break the girls in slowly in case they freaked out.

"I suggest you girls get snuggled up in bed," Kasia suggested, "I'll be with you soon, I'm gonna fix us some snacks before we settle down to watch."

Kasia busied herself in the kitchen, taking her time. She need a moment to think clearly away from these kids. Was she doing the right thing? Was it safe? She wanted to have fun, but didn't want to take any chances. She made more pizza, and poured more drinks. She could hear the twins laughing in the other room.

When she returned with the comestibles, she discovered they were hiding under the king-size duvet, squealing and giggling. She cautiously pulled back the cover, and was genuinely shocked to discover that they were naked and scissoring each other frantically. Miyu looked up at her, and said simply, "Sorry, we were so horny we couldn't wait."

This made up Kasia's mind for her. She stripped off, and as she opened the bottom drawer of her bedside unit to safely lock away the weapons, she found her stash of toys. She threw those onto the bed, locked the weaponry away and ran to the kitchen to hide the key. Then she jumped into bed with the others to join the fun.

Soon the three were in a frenzy of fingers and tongues. Kasia loved the way she had enough strength to dominate the twins, first fucking Miku with a double ended vibrator, and then Miyu. Each time the other sister would join in, Miyu grinding against Kasia's leg, and Miku putting herself between them, creating a nubile pile of writhing bodies. Miyu even seemed to enjoy it when Kasia took both her hands and squeezed her throat until she saw stars. Even though this threesome seemed like innocent fun, Kasia was imagining that the vibrator was the Ripper, and that the breathy squeals of delight were shrieks of agony.

After a while, the three had exhausted their passion, and lay back on the pillows, a sweating, panting tangle of teenage flesh, skinny limbs, hair, and smudged lipstick.

Kasia extricated herself from the embrace, and went to make coffee, and another J. She didn't know if the youngsters drank coffee, but she figured it was a good time for them to start. Having the right balance of soft drugs in your system could be nothing but a plus.

Then, once back in bed, sitting between the sisters, she clicked the remote and the video started playing on the big screen. There was no music, or fancy production, but Bob had made a nice "editor's cut" of all the best angles and moments, presented raw and unvarnished.

The black screen gave way to the title "Tara 2" then to a sequence of pictures of the girl that Bob and Emma had taken during the processing, overlaid with some text:

Tara (22) 32B 22 30 1.65m 50kg

The girl was somewhat pretty, although nothing special, with short dirty-blonde hair, an averagely attractive face, with a straight nose and thin lips. A slinky body sporting skinny ribs and a flat, untoned stomach led down a landing strip to a juicy twat, narrow hips, and spindly bruised legs.

Then the video proper began. A camera was focused on the woman's face. This time it was covered in dark bruises, had a bloody nose and a deep cut on one cheek. Twisted in pain and torment, the girl was yelling angrily. "Give me my fix you bastards! Give it to me! You promised!" Her voice rang out clearly from the powerful Dolby 5.1 setup.

"What's that about?" asked Miku naively.

Kasia paused the video to explain. "She a junkie, a heroin addict, and she hasn't had her fix. Now she's gone crazy, cold turkey. Bob says it's terrible, worse than pain, and it makes you feel real pain even worse too. And it makes you poop when you stop, cos it stops you pooping when you take it."

The video resumed. The picture zoomed out to reveal the girl's body. It was bloody and battered, covered with nasty, deep looking puncture wounds, and more multi-coloured bruises. The insides of her thighs were stained yellow with diarrhoea, the result of numerous uncontrolled accidents.

"Eww," said Miyu.

"Please, I'll do anything!" The whore cried, "Just one fix!"

The camera zoomed out further, exposing her predicament. She was suspended by a rope from her bound wrists, and below her was the sort of industrial shredder they use to grind up animal carcasses before they render them into fertilizer. There was a sudden zap and hum of electricity, and the shredder rumbled into motion.

"Ohmigod" Mikumiyu said together.

Kasia hit pause again. Maybe it really was too much for these kids. "You want me to stop?"

"Nooo, it looks yummy," protested Miyu. She reached across Kasia, and started fingering Miku. It seemed almost like an automatic reaction. Kasia grabbed her hand and thrust Miyu's fingers into her own wet crack instead. Miku followed suit, and soon Kasia was getting doubly stimulated. The twins, although surely inexperienced, had shared intimate knowledge of each other's pleasures, and bought that know-how to bear on Kasia, kneading her clitoris with thumbs, and massaging her lips with fingers.

Kasia gasped, hit 'play', then returned the favours, probing into the excited twins as the video resumed. Now there were no more interruptions, only occasional breathy squeals and groans, as the twins watched, transfixed in delighted horror.

The scene cut to another camera, this one zoomed in on the shredder blades. It was a two-shaft shredder, with numerous inch-wide edges that meshed and unmeshed with each other in a rippling dance of glittering, hungry steel.

A voice called out, sounding a little distant over the noise of the machine. "Here's your fix, bitch." Typical Emma, Kasia thought, always with the snappy one-liners.

The scene cut again to a higher angle, showing Tara's tormented face above, and her feet dangling above the slowly rotating blades below. Then came a clunk-clunk-clunk of moving chains, and Tara slowly descended, ready to feed the beast.

Soon her toes were only inches from destruction. She brought her knees up against her chest, keeping her feet out of harm's way, but it wasn't a pose she could hold for long, and in any case, it was completely futile.

"Nooooo!!" she screamed, "Pleeease!" She tried another tack, this time bending her legs at the knees, so her feet were almost touching her butt. But soon, those knees were in the danger zone. She was desperately wriggling now, like a fish hooked on a line, and the movement sent her swinging back and forth. She tried kicking out with one leg, trying to hook onto the edge of the shredder in a vain attempt to save herself from a fate worse than, but including, death.

But it was too late. A moment later, her left knee was caught by the edge of one of the rotors, and as it smashed her kneecap, the reaction momentarily knocked her backwards, and for a moment she swung free again.

"Fuck fuck fuck!" she cried out, as the pain brought home the reality of her impending fate. Unable to control her damaged limb, her lower leg dropped onto the far rotor, and moments later was dragged into the cleft where the blades meshed. An ear-splitting shriek overlaid a series of short snaps and crunches as the thick blades chewed along it, toes first, chopping and crushing the calf muscle and bone into strips of grisly meat, before returning to mash the pieces further into an unrecognizable bloody pulp.

Soon it had reached her knee once again, but this time the blades had a proper grip, and quickly pulled her leg down into its greedy maw. As it started to munch on her left thigh, the femur splintered open and blood and chunks of dark bone marrow flew through the air.

Tara could no longer keep her right leg out of harms way, and that too dropped into the pit, and was soon mangled and chopped into mincemeat. Blood pumped out as it was destroyed, soaking everything in its vivid sauce. As each blade edge brutally tore into her flesh, she danced with the Devil, rhythmically jerking and twisting on the rope to the drumming beat of the rotors below.

The winch was lowering her quicker now, and she was desperately trying to pull herself up with her arms. Her anal sphincter let go for the last time, and with a flatulent rip, she sharted a gush of watery filth that spattered from her arse and spewed down into the whirling pit of gore below.

The girls looked on with rising excitement, which was enhanced considerably by the stellar sound quality, as each thudding crunch, and each squelch and splinter boomed louder than life from the speakers. Oh, and the dreadful screams. They were a continual backdrop to the soundscape, rising higher and higher to match the escalating levels of carnage being wreaked upon Tara's helpless flesh.

Now the blades had reached her nether regions, and the girls were dizzy at the prospect. A split screen was presented, a close ups of the action from front and rear. The twin rows of blades simultaneously tore into her filthy cunt and ass.

The girls were agog as they watched her minge get destroyed, blades effortlessly slicing into her soft, sensitive lady-garden. Her skinny ass was feasted on from behind, relinquishing its meats with tearing and scraping sounds as metal separated muscle from bone. Then a series of shuddering thuds and bangs announced that Tara's pelvis was being shattered into fragments, as she fell deeper and deeper into the insatiable churning pit of oblivion.

As the machine munched through her belly fat, and tore away shredded skin, she was eviscerated, and pinky grey intestines tumbled wetly into the morass below. These became entanged with the rotors, wrapping around the shafts before being sliced into revolting hoops of calamari. Those too, were then inevitably chewed into mush as their putrid contents squirted out in arcs, splattering the camera.

Yet another angle, this time from below the shredder, and the girls watched little pieces of Tara fall from the blades above, as blood, flesh and bone cascaded down onto a growing heap of her remains.

The wave of viscera had momentarily overwhelmed the capactiy of the rotors, and for a moment, Tara's chest floated on a bloody sea of churning gore. The sloppy squelches of her innards being consumed gave way to more pops and cracks, as her ribcage and vital organs were pulled deeper.

Her skinny ribcage was folded and smashed into little pieces, and major organs became just another course of the grinder's lunch. The girls watched enraptured as her jiggling B-cup breasts were sliced into ribbons before being mashed into unrecognizable lumps of fatty tissue. As her heart was diced, Tara's mouth slackly fell open, and a trickle of blood dribbled down her chin. She had at last gotten her fix.

Her head was now being pulled from below by her spinal column, and as it entered the crushing zone, it snapped backwards. Her jaw was torn off, revealing her flailing tongue. Skin was dragged from her skull, and then it too was crushed and shattered with prolonged sickening series of wet crunches, as brain squidged out and eyeballs were popped and minced.

Her thin, bruised arms were quickly dispensed with too, with a satisfying chunk-chunk-chunk sound, then the rope itself frayed and snapped. The last remnants of gore slowly rotated, then they too were obliterated, leaving the machine hungry for its next victim.

The screen faded to black. The twins looked at each other, their cute lips parted in awe.


Wow, that's really good. Love the scenario with the twins, their personalities and appearance. Great job! I'm really looking forward to reading the continuation!

… Which might be a while, I'm going away for a couple of weeks and I'll most likely not have any internet access at all. So if you post the next part in the meantime and don't get a reaction from me don't worry, I'll be looking forward to reading it the whole time I'm away!

I'm the one who requested Miyu (and by consequence Miku), by the way. I'll be signing with my nick from now on to avoid confusion.


Glad you liked it. Yeah, I decided to split the Mikumiyu episode into 2 (or more chapters).

Chapter 8 is well underway, but I still haven't really decided what to do with them. I've got a few ideas, but it's so hard to choose :)
If you've any suggestions, I'm all ears.


Hmm, there are indeed a LOT of possibilities here. I don't have a specific method in mind, but I would love to see the twins handled a bit more "delicately". Sure, the trio will rape and abuse them, but the deaths we have seen so far have been focused a lot on crushing, stretching and other messy stuff. Perhaps you could explore their beautiful bodies, split a belly open, see what their little boobies are made of etc. I see this working well with the twins to some extent being into it themselves. Having your bones crushed would cause too much trauma to be intriguing or erotic. It must however be a surreal feeling seeing your intestines, bladder or ovaries being cut out of your own body while you're still alive.

It's a bit vague I know, but I hope you can take away some ideas from it. It is your story after all, so do what you like best. But at least you have my take on what I think would fit with the story, setting and characters. Good luck with the writing!






Squunch sat forlornly in his mother's basement, and pondered the injustices of life, his head whirling with a seething sense of betrayal. Deep down, he knew that it was his own fault, after all he had asked for suggestions, like some retarded newbie, and his biggest fan had kindly obliged.

True, it had been just a few, fleeting exchanges, in some dark corner of the interwebs, but he had thought he had found a real soul-mate; finally had a meeting-of-minds with someone who truly understood his passion. The guy had even provided great suggestions for characters, and had showered his perverted, self-indulgent scribblings with praise.

Squunch brushed the Cheeto dust from his blim-burn riddled Batman T-shirt, heaved his 300 pound frame onto its flat feet, and started to pace up and down, fueled by adrenaline.

"AND THEN HE COMES AT ME WITH THIS NORMIE SHIT!" he yelled at Sponge Bob. Sponge Bob sat on the shelf in quiet agreement. Didn't this soy-boy understand that it was a splatter story? All the other girls had met the most messy, gruesome deaths that Squunch could conjure up. And now this Loke character wanted him to debase the whole premise, and treat the twins "delicately," and "see what their boobies are made of." Everyone who had read the Masher episode knew what they were made of. Gore. What the hell did he think this was? Sesame Street?

There is no retribution to be levied against online randoms. As Squunch's rage boiled over he realised there was only one option left to maintain his artistic integrity. He must unleash the full fury of his vengeance on Loke's beloved, precious, squishy-crunchy Miyu.


I mean, a vivisection could be especially messy and fits in nicely with the twin's specific fetishes. One this I think is important for the twins however is the difference between their fantasies and the reality of the situation. Killing them together feels like a waste. The change from happily accepting their fate to realizing the horrors laid out before them as one is flayed alive; screaming and crying at her tormentors to end it while her twin helplessly looks on in horror and shock. Fear, pain, begging and pleading with her twin's killers the other could ask about the possibility to become a sex slave; to replace their current, older one. Anything to save her life and keep her from the same fate the befell her twin only to receive a fate even worse.

I think it could work. But then again, I'm more of a victim in my own fantasies so I tend to enjoy the idea of having my fantasy cruelly brushed aside by the weight of reality. Really makes me wet.


Oh, and uh sorry that I hardly post much. Been reading from the start but I'm more of a silent viewer, content to just see where things go. Love your work but I had to say something after that hilarious previous post.



To be fair, you both make good points, it's just that the vivisection stuff leaves me cold. I'm not sure why, cos logically, there doesn't seem to be much difference between that and the stuff that I do like.

For instance, I have over 600 images in my 'squish' folder, (you can find much of it on /g/ ) but not a single vivisection. So I just don't think I could find the enthusiasm for it tbh.

However, Sol, I do like your idea of torturing one twin while the other gets cold feet about the whole thing, I'll almost certainly do something like that. I do think I should add more perspectives from the victims POV in future too.

Finally, I would just add that the stars of this story are really meant to be the machines, and the splatter. I just like to add a bit of plot to create some tension, and tease my readers a little. I'm still finding my feet with this whole writing thing, and with hindsight, I would no doubt do some things differently.



Ha! I spent about 2 hours on that post. It came from the heart!

BTW, I would love it if you'd suggest a character to be snuffed. When Loke suggested Miyu, the constraints he offered really helped get the creative juices going.



Some of the other points, and ideas you guys raise, I'll reference in the story itself (in the dialogue), That way I can address them, get some more interesting dialogue, and not reveal any spoilers here. I'm gonna take a few days off from this story, while I consider it's trajectory. Also I started work on an idea for a kid's book - needless to say that won't be posted here lol.


Well, if you'd like a suggestion then I'll just go for broke here. A small girl, possibly young adult with an athletic frame, next to no breasts, red hair, green eyes and pale white skin.

I'll leave anything else to you, but I think you might be able to put two and two together on this one.


Well I might come up with 5, if I read too much into what you're saying. But Expect to see your character in the next few chapters. (not sure when, yet). If you've any aspects of her character / interests / personality you'd like to share, that would be helpful too!


Well, I don't want to describe too much about this hypothetical girl lest I just ask you to put me into the story. But a few more things might not hurt. As I said in my suggestion for the twins she might be a willing participant in the events; even going so far as to egg on her would be rapists to hurt her or choke her during the rape because of some masochistic tendencies. Of course, she'd quickly change her turn once things too a step too far, although she might have secretly been hoping for them to take it a step too far all along until it actually happens.

Think a Dom that is actually a Sub; some one who might try and take control hoping they get overthrown violently.


Tappity-tappity-tap. Squunch's fingers danced on the keys, like an artistically insane virtuoso, words flowing from lurid recesses of his tormented soul, reverberating around his mother's boyfriends's basement in the hollowed-out volcano. His antique Imperial typewriter delighted in the pounding it received, periodically exclaiming an orgasmic "Kerchiiiing!" as it revelled in the magnificence of the prose. It was a fine old machine, despite the continual Adobe update reminders, and Squunch saw no reason to upgrade.

Ah yes, machines. Shortly Miyu's delicious destruction would be complete, and Squunch's three fans would be delighted. Or appalled. He no longer cared; Miyu's screams would haunt Loke forever. Besides, if God hadn't intended half-Japanese girls to be splattered, why did he make them so crunchy and squishy?

Then he would start work on Sol's intriguing character. Bob and Emma would surely love to snuff a real girl for a change, instead of Squunch's all-too predictable fictions. She had written herself into the story, whilst coquettishly pretending not; toying, flirting with Squunch as she wrestled with her own dark auto-erotic fantasies - what would people think if they knew? Well, he would give her everything she lusted for, and more. Tappity-tappity-tap "MWUHAHAHAAA!" tappity-tappity-tap.


>>15997 That was hilarious! Now I can't wait to read the next chapter. I'm sure it will be worth the wait, and somehow the thought of the twins getting treated even more brutally than I imagined is a huge turn-on.

I even got inspired to write another story of my own, which I'll post on this board soon.



Sorry it's a bit delayed. I kinda got stuck on what to do with the twins, and decided to take a bit of time away from it. I've written some stuff I like for chapter 8, but I might start again. I've got a few ideas though, and I'll be getting it out there soonish.

Looking forward to reading your own story!



Wow! I don't know how long you've been in my head but it must have been quite a while… You have managed in your writing to hit pretty much all my buttons. Excellent writing btw… you have talent. I can't wait for the next installment!




You're welcome!I've re-read your stories a couple times to "great satisfaction". I have a big fantasy involving the roller squishing of a victim…I perhaps take it a bit further ala Maisie and have myself sitting on the victim's face. as the roller progresses I receive an enema of stomach contents and then blood and then intestines…


Yes I agree that would be super! I really like that kind of "interactive" stuff too, and I do have some plans for that kind of thing. I might even use your exact suggestion tbh, sounds like a lot of fun.


I have a real fetish for the whole "tube of toothpaste" squeezing thing… eyes popping and guts spurting…


Funnily enough, Bob has a (so far unmentioned) machine in the factory called "The Toothpaste Tube", so I'm sure that will meet with your approval. Ah, so many machines, so few girls…


not part of your story line perhaps… but… a future where people are executed for the smallest crimes…The typical execution method is having your legs spiked to the asphalt and have a steamroller slowly run over the body


I am really looking forward to the"tooth paste tube"… I gather from your other works it'll be pretty nasty


They actually do that in North Korea (well I dunno about the spikes). Anyway I can see there'll be plenty to keep you happy in the forthcoming chapters. I do think from time to time about the next story, a future distopia is one option for sure. I haven't really decided yet. The current story should be good for a while, I'm planning it to be more-or-less a crescendo of gore, so if you (or anyone else) wants to suggest characters, there's always room for one more. The more detail you can provide, the better, as far as I'm concerned.


I love your level of gore… Over the top… I have some working scenarios… I'll work on articulating them


I can't make any promises regarding scenario suggestions. (although if they meet with my own tastes, I might use them). But character descriptions are always welcome.


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Another fantasy… Keep a couple of girls as meat and leather… feed off their leg and arm meat and tan their supple skin


Nah! (lol)


Two kids… based on nobody that I know, Christi is 12… she is sexually active and very horny. Her younger sister Amy is 8 years old and very precocious.Christi has the most beautiful puffy nipples and just a whisp of pubic hair. Amy is of course flat chested and has a hairless little peach…


I love your writing and I probably shoudn't suggest anything…It's good as it is…I'm looking forward to the next bit


Christi and Amy sound cute. I'll fit them into a later chapter. Any more details about them? Clothes, style, hobbies, skinny/ chubby, etc.
I find the more info I have, the better the characters come to life, that's been my experience with Miyu/Miku and Sol's forthcoming character anyway.


Christi is tall for her age and quite slim. She has dark brown hair down to her mid back. She has small puffy breasts and barley a whisp of hair on her vulva.
Her little sister Amy is what would be called precocious…she would sit on my lap and when my penis got hard, she would squrim down on it and look up at me and smile


Amy Is small…barley more than a metre or so… short brown hair down to her shoulders. She has an absolutely beautiful little butt which she loves to show off. She's also happy to flash chest or cute little pussy


Christi has something of a punk vibe… or is at least trying too… she shaved the right side of her head and dyed it blue… pretty cute….


Are you still working on this story? I hope so… I really enjoy your writing


Sorry to keep you all waiting. I had to take a break from it for a while due to lack of enthusiasm and other excuses, but I'm back at it now. Should have something up this weekend.


Chapter 8. Hide and Seek.

Late the next morning, Bob and Emma arrived back at the factory to find the twins back in the cell, curled up together, asleep. The girls had had an exhausing night, roleplaying splatter while they watched the Tara video again, and had only got a few hours rest. Kasia had cooked them breakfast, and then they had showered, and prettied themselves once again using her makeup.

Bob and Emma too, had a late night, as they fucked while watching the girls' squriming little orgies through the camera feed.

Kasia filled them in on some salient details. "God, they're really into it. When I said I was gonna hunt them down, they even smiled. They're freaks to be honest."

"Maybe we could keep them around for a little while," said Bob, "to maximise the fun. Y'know, play some games."

Emma agreed, "How about a nice game of hide-and-seek? After all, they say the chase is better than the catch."

"The catch could be pretty damn good too, eh?", said Bob, laughing.

Kasia loved the idea, "We should all dress up!"

"I've got the perfect thing," said Emma.

The trio left to costume up, and an hour later they were back at the cells.

"Wow, we really look the part don't we?" said Emma.

Bob was stripped to the waist, revealing his hairy, muscular torso. He had donned ripped jeans, boots, the obligatory tool belt and a hockey mask. He completed this fashionable look by accessorizing with a chainsaw.

Emma had thigh high boots, low cut black leather bra, and catwoman mask. She was sporting the pointy-pants, and carried the felling axe.

Kasia had spent ages deliberating what to wear, but in the end decided that less was more, and rolled up on her skates wearing nothing but her studded choker. She thought Bob and Emma might appreciate her showing some flesh. She carried the same spiked club that Bob had used on Tara. She was relieved that she hadn't chosen the pointy-pants, as wearing the same as Emma would be a terrible faux-pas. Women in the village would be gossiping about it for weeks.

"Do you remember those bunny suits I got you?" Emmas asked Kasia.

Kasia did, they were among many pretty outfits that Emma had gifted her. She gasped, then laughed at Emma's brilliance. She swept away on her blades, as Bob's eyes followed her perfect naked rear, mesmerized. There was something about the skates that changed her posture and made her even more lovely that usual. Maybe it was because she was using different muscle groups, he thought idly. Soon his eyes feasted again, as she returned with the costumes and that stunning smile.

Kasia opened the cell door and threw the outfits to the twins, "hello rabbits," she said with an wicked grin, "It's play time."

Trio watched on in amusement as the twins changed into their bunny suits. They were hardly anything more than one-piece swimsuits, trimmed with fur and the requisite cotton-tail. Miyu's was pale green, and Miku wore pink.

As the twins dressed, they took a moment to take in their antagonists garb, and their instruments of torture; a mixture of fear and excitement at this new role-play drawn on their pretty faces. "Ohmigod," breathed Miyu, "It's like Friday 13th or something."

"You got ten minutes to hide, then we're gonna come for you," announced Emma.

"And snuff us?" asked Miku, her voice trembling a little.

Bob started the chainsaw, and stepped towards them. The family watched in anticipation as the twins squealed, and their teen legs and sweet cotton tailed butts fled away, into the depths of the factory.

"Well I reckon we got just enough time for a cuppa," said Bob.

The twins found themselves at the far side of the factory, amidst the machines. Most of the lights were off, and they peered into the gloom. Miku thought it was like being in an old forest, surrounded by sleeping monsters.

"They're going to find us anyway," whispered Miyu, "I don't even know what the point is. And then we're dead. For sure we'll be chopped to pieces."

Miku thought for a moment. "Maybe they only want us to play games. Maybe they won't snuff us if we just play."

The girls walked on for a while, their senses heightened by the dark and fear. Realising that time was short, they looked for somewhere, anywhere, that they could conceal themselves, and await their fate.

Miku spotted an opportunity, "look." They had come across some piece huge piece of hardware, covered by a cotton dust sheet. "We can hide under here." They lifted one side of the covering and discovered a metal ladder, leading upwards.

They climbed the ladder in complete darkness, the dust sheet brushing against their backs. Finding themselves on some kind of platform, they groped around in the dark.

"There's a hole here," whispered Miyu, finding an opening on the side of the platform. She put a leg inside, looking for a footing, but found none. "I'm gonna lower myself down." A few feet below the opening, she found solid ground, and climbed down, soon to be joined by her sister.

"What is this place?" asked Miku, then answered her own question, "We're in a machine."

They sat for a moment, hearts pounding in the blackness. Then suddenly a little light crept in from under the dust sheet. "They've put the lights on," whispered Miyu, "I guess that's our ten minutes."

Now they could see a little, and looked around with increasing alarm as they took in their surroundings.

"Oh god, noooo!" breathed Miyu, "this is the worst!"

Meanwhile, the trio had split up, searching up and down each isle of steel hulks.

Bob was laughing, "Where are doze wascally wabbits?" he called out as he sauntered along. Emma too, was loving the role-play, sneaking about, theatrically peering around corners and swishing the axe and cackling devilishly.

Kasia rolled along easily on her wheels, stopping from time to time to listen out, and during one such pause that she heard a noise, just a faint tap of something against metal. She looked around and noticed a little hand print on a dusty tarpaulin, one that covered the biggest machine in the factory.

She wheeled around to the front side, and lifted the sheet, to reaveal a large plexiglass window, beyond which, sitting on a large gear wheel, were the two bunnies.

"Aha!" she said loudly, so the others could hear. "We've been looking everywhere, we thought maybe you'd escaped down a rabbit-hole."

The twins, just sat there, wondering what was next, fearing the worst but hoping for the best.

Kasia was soon joined by Bob and Emma. "Oh look at that," laughed Emma, "rabbits in a hamster wheel, who woulda thunk it!"

"I haven't finished building it yet," said Bob, "The delivery system isn't fixed up. But they seem to have solved that problem for us already."

"But does it work?" asked Emma.

Bob shrugged and nodded, "No cameras yet, either."

"Maybe they would like to have a little scamper, doncha think?"

"Yay," said Kasia, as she nakedly piroutted on her skates, unable to contain her excitement.

The machine was very much like a large hamster-wheel, about eight feet high, with one-inch diameter steel bars for the "hamster" to run upon, spaced four inches apart. The crucial difference, though, was that of a gear wheel, about half that size, which sat inside and at the bottom of the main wheel, and meshed with it; so that as they turned together, beautifully bad things would happen to any hamsters, or rabbits, trapped between. It was this gear that Mikumiyu were sitting on.

"Well I think we need to set a few things up." said Bob. "I'll get some chairs, back in five. If our slave-girl would be a darling and stop any escapees, that would be super."

Keen to help as always, Kasia relished the prospect. She skated to the back of the machine, and awkwardly climbed to the platform, hampered somewhat by her blades. There she waited, club in hand, ready to play whack-a-mole.

This left Emma free to engage in her favourite hobby, that of tormentor. "So girls," she shouted through the Plexiglass, "are you looking forward to some real-life guro?"

"You can't," said Miyu, disbelievingly, "It's not fair. We wanna be slaves like Kasia."

"But you said you wanted to go together, and now's your chance. And it'll be yummy. I know it'll be agonizingly painful, but only for a few minutes, well okay, maybe half an hour. But it's probably not much worse than what happened to Tara to be honest. And you'll be immortalised on video as guro heroes, fulfilling your fantasy for the pleasure of others. It's a win-win situation."

Emma walked over to one side of the glass, and pulled down the main power switch with a loud clang.

The twins visibly jumped. Emma set the speed dial to low, and caressed the green start button with a beautifully manicured fingertip, her sexy lips pursed in anticipation, "I hope Bob comes back soon, or else we'll just have to start without him."

The twins just sat there, frozen like, well, rabbits. A cold dread had overtaken them as they realised their doom. They had been in denial of course, but hoped it wouldn't end like this.

"Mum!" piped up Kasia, "Can we have rabbit pie for dinner tonight?"

"Hmm. I don't know dear. We'd have to rinse all the poop off the meat, and you'd have to be careful not to choke on bone splinters."

The twins had their arms around each other in a tight embrace. Miku rested her head on her sister's shoulder and started gently sobbing.

Soon Bob returned, carrying a stack of grey plastic chairs in one arm, and cameras and tripods in the other. "Be a pity not to record this one. It'll be a doozy."

The trio made themselves comfortable in front of the big screen, ready for a nice bit of family entertainment. Emma rolled a spliff, and Bob produced a remote control. "Any bets on which one pops first?"

With that, he hit the green button, and with a purposeful hum, the motor set the wheels in motion. Mikumiyu shreiked as their impromptu seat turned forward, tipping them onto the face of the hamster-wheel. Miyu looked over her shoulder at the fate awaiting them in horror, and the twins started to climb the big wheel as it turned.

An infinite climb, only to stave off an unimaginably painful death by mangling. One might suppose that the best thing would be to surrender to the machine and get it over with, but in such life-threatening situations, the primitive lizard-brain takes over, forcing the body to do anything to stave off death.

Miyu tried to console her sister. "Hey, at least it'll be over soon."

Bob overheard the remark, and set them straight. "Oh, no, this thing can go real slow!" He demonstrated by turning the control to minimum, and the speed reduced to an almost imperceptable crawl, advancing just a millimetre every second.

Emma laughed, "Maybe we'll just leave it like that, and come back tommorrow to see how they're getting along."

"Noooo! You can't!" protested Miyu.

"Suit yourself," said Bob, and returned the speed to a more suitable pace.

"Noooo!" screamed Miku.

"Bloody hell," lamented Emma, "No matter how you try to please people, there's always someone ready to complain."

There was nothing for Mikumiyu to do, other than resume climbing the bars. Miku wondered what celestial battle of the Gods had decided this terrible fate for them.

The trio watched for a while in anticipation, enjoying the sight of cute little cotton-tails wiggling as skinny girl-limbs struggled up the bars, as the twins cried breathlessly. It was only a few minutes before Mikumiyu were getting tired. Then Miku's foot slipped off a bar, and she dropped awkwardly between the wheels. "Nooooo!" she shrieked as she was pulled into the narrowing gap.

Emma reached for the remote, the wheels slowed, and then stopped. Miku's left foot was trapped between the gear and the bars, and both her and her sister were sobbing in anguish. Emma reached for the controls once more, and the wheels turned once more, but this time the other way, and Miku's limb was freed. Then the machine stopped again and the twins stood in disbelief, clinging to the bars and panting in exasperation, not understanding anything anymore.

"Sorry Kasia, rabbit pie's off the menu," quipped Emma.

"That's a wrap girls!" Bob called to the twins, "fun time's over! You did great!"

Mikumiyu were crying in torment and relief. Soon, with Kasia's help, they had climbed back out of the machine, and were once again standing in front of the trio.

Emma spoke to them, "It's no good looking surprised that you're still alive, did you really think we were going to end the fun so soon?"

The hunt was over, and now it was time for the trio to avail themselves of the delicious prey that stood before them. Bob stepped toward Miyu, and she tried to duck out of his reach, but exhaustion from her trial in the machine had slowed her, and Bob soon wrestled her into a head lock. He easily pushed her to the floor, face down, and straddled her.

Miku decided she wasn't going to wait around. She yelped and ran. Kasia followed in hot pursuit, and caught her after only a few yards. But stopping her would be more difficult, as the skates were something of a handicap when it came to wrangling critters. So she took the easy option and just rugby-tackled her, and the pair came crashing to the ground, sprawled on the white tiles.

Emma was on the scene immediately. She grabbed Miku by a leg and dragged her, kicking and squealing back towards her sister. Then she turned to Kasia and growled, "go get my toys."

"They're so cute," said Emma as she rejoined the others, "Maybe we should keep them as slaves. The only problem is telling them apart, maybe we can fix that first, we'll just carve their names into their skin."

The previous night, Bob and Emma had discussed at length what they might do with the twins, and Bob was prepared. He pulled an X-acto knife from his toolbelt. He addressed the twins, "So which of you brave ladies wants to go first?"

Despite her fear, Miyu thought that it was probably best to get it over with, and set an example for her sister, "Go on then. Do me first."

"I am going to do you. And Emma's going to carve your name into your flesh at the same time," he laughed.

He straddled Miyu, and put a big hand around her neck, pushing her flat against the floor.

Miyu, despite her fear, or perhaps because of it, found this quite arousing, and was surprised to find herself getting wet. She lay back without a struggle, as Bob pulled the crotch of her suit to one side, and pulled out his thick, hard, dick. Miyu looked up at it with apprehension, she had never had anything that size inside of her, and knew it would likely hurt as much as the carving.

But Bob was gentle with her. He pulled her smooth white legs apart, then caressed the insides of her thighs before slipping a couple of fingers into her tight pussy, and used his thumb to stimulate her clit. Miyu let slip an involuntary gasp of pleasure, and then Bob started to fuck her gently, pushing in and out of her, each thrust a little deeper than the last.

Then Miyu felt someone take hold of her right wrist. It was Kasia, pulling her arm out from her side. Then there was a sharp stabbing pain in her upper arm, as Emma started writing her name with the tip of the blade.

Miku found the whole horror show quite compelling, and found she couldn't look away. She felt her sister's pain, but was turned on by this crazy turn of events all the same.

"Ahh," yelped Miyu, and she squirmed underneath Bob as her arm reflexively tried to jerk away from the source of the pain. This reaction caused Bob to start pumping a little harder, forcing his way deep into her until he could feel his dick hitting the wall of her cervix.

"This is trickier than I thought", declared Emma, "With all the jiggling, I could end up writing anything here!" She continued her crude calligraphy though, occasionally jabbing the blade deeper, partly for artistic effect, but mostly for her own sadistic pleasure, and that of her husband.

Soon the work was finished, a series of straight red lines oozing with blood etched into Miyu's skin. Emma looked down at her doubtful masterpiece with satisfaction, then gave it a hard slap. The stinging pain caused Miyu to cry out and squirm, kicking with her legs.

Bob finally nutted, and pulled out. "See that wasn't so bad, was it?"

Miyu lay gasping on the floor. Bob was right, it hadn't been so bad at all. Even kinda pleasurable in a kinky kind of way.

"Okay, you two," said Bob, addressing the twins. "Make out while I get my mojo back."

Miyu and Miku's eyes met, and soon they were rolling on the tiles, kissing and humping passionately. Mostly it was just for show, but only mostly.

Emma watched their nubile bodies squirming and heaving before her. "God, I can hardly stand it," she said, stroking the blade of her axe. She wanted nothing more than to cause some gratuitous splatter, but knew it wasn't the right time. Feeling a little frustrated, and very horny, she grabbed Kasia, and started making out, grabbing at her nakedness and kissing her forcefully.

The sight of all this female ardour soon had Bob back in the mood too. Miku was on top of her sister, grappling and rubbing her enthusiastically, and Bob joined in. This time Bob sought a different flavour, and after lubing himself up, made Miku's tight asshole the target of his lust.

Miku screamed as Bob forced himself inside her, his thick cock straining her sphincter beyond it's natural accommodation. The combination of the tightness gripping his shaft, and the double helping of squirming, girly flesh below him was just lovely, and he set about fervently pounding Miku's ass.

Emma offered the X-acto to Kasia, "C'mon sweet cheeks, why don't you try? It'll be another feather in your cap. I'll hold her still for you."

Kasia took the blade and took a deep breath. She felt a little squeamish about performing this relatively mundane deed, and that surprised her a little. She looked at the milky white flesh of Miku's arm and pressed the knife into it. Miku squealed and tried to pull away, causing the blade to slice an ugly curved line across Miku's arm.

Emma sighed. "That's not going to help," she explained to Miku, "here, let me make it easier." She re-positioned herself, and sat down on Miku's hand, the spikes on her pointy-pants pinning it to the floor.

"Ahhh!" Miku shrieked, and tried to free herself. Bob continued servicing her tender backside, and reached around her neck, getting her in a headlock. His bicep bulged as he tightened his grip around her delicate neck. Miku made some panicky choking noises, then after a few seconds her body went limp.

"Thanks, Bob, that's much easier," said Kasia, and earnestly set about carving up Miku's flesh.

Miyu started sobbing at the sudden change in her sister's muscle tone, fearing the worst, as the body lying on top of her flopped about in response to Bob's thrusting.

Miku regained consciousness pretty much as Kasia finished her handywork, just in time for Bob to spurt into her tight pussy.

And so it continued, the family having their fun with the twins, indulging in a casual orgy of lust and torment until all were sated.

Then gradually, the excitement wound down, and the sleep-deprived trio decided that was enough excitement for the time being. It was already well after lunch time, and Bob and Emma had things to do around the farm. Besides, there would be plenty of opportunities later for more games. The twins were left in Kasia's charge and the adults returned to the farmhouse.

Later the three girls were once again chilling in Kasia's flat, eating a simple chilli and rice dish that Kasia had cooked up. "Now we can tell you apart," Kasia explained, as she pointed to the weals on the twins arms. "Bob and Emma wouldn't have bothered with that if they were going to snuff you, so for sure you're slaves now, just like me. It'll be a lot of fun to be honest. I expect there'll be more games tomorrow."

"It was scary today," confessed Miyu, "I really thought you guys were going to snuff us in the machine. And that really hurt when you cut our names."

"Yeah, but you'll soon forget that pain," countered Kasia, "That's how pain is, soon you forget. At least it's over now."

"I don't know if I can sleep," put in Miyu, "I'm kinda excited for tomorrow."

"Not scared?" asked Kasia.

"Yes, a bit, but excited too." Miyu paused, and then added, "If we're slaves, does that mean we can do some torturing?"

It was a dumb question. Even Kasia thought it naive and foolish. "Thre's no-one else here! You wanna torture your sister?"

Miyu exchanged a curious look with Miku and they fell silent for a moment.

"Freaks," Kasia thought. She poured some drinks and started rolling a doobie. "Wanna watch a video?"


>>16530 Holy hell, that was worth the wait! Love how you've balanced the story so far, with how the twins are both terrified and aroused. Can't wait to see some more heavy torture and eventually snuff. Keep it up, you're doing awesome work!


>>16534 Sorry, wrote my name in the wrong place! Great to have you back, Squunch.



Squunch sat and shivered in his cardboard box under the bridge. He missed the comforts of the volcano of course, but then again, he was an artist, he thought, and such refinements are an unnecessary distraction from the creative enterprise. Besides, the mortgage payments were prohibitive. Who knew that hollowed-out volcanos set in tropical paradises could be so expensive? Still, selling the old Imperial had paid for the box, and a thin blanket, so at least that was one positive.

His three fans were frustrated during the subsequent hiatus, and Loke, missing his regular instalments of fap material, had pretended to be happy when chapter 8 was finally released. But Squunch was no slouch, and knew how to read between the lines. It was clear that the lack of splatter in chapter 8 was a great disappointment to his dwindling fan club, and one that must be rectified if he was to have any chance of retaining his two remaining readers.

Squunch picked up his new best friend, a Nokia 3310, and peering through the scratched screen, set his aching thumbs once again into motion, "Chapter 9." Those guys won't know what hit them, he thought, and his road back to super-stardom would be ensured.


Chapter 9. Kenchinjiru.

Kasia ran, leaving the the woods behind her, and flew down the hill, driven by fear. She knew the others wouldn't be far behind, but for now she was out of their sight. Ahead of her was a tall chain link fence, and beyond that was some kind of compound, sprawling concrete buildings set amongst dull, neglected grassy slopes. The place had an unwelcoming governmental or military vibe to it, but under the circumstances it was an oasis of freedom. Besides, she had few options.

She could hear voices far behind. Was that Emma laughing? Kasia ran on, looking for a way in. Around the corner was a paved trackway for vehicles, the mossy green strip along its centre telling of its infrequent use, and leading to tall gates secured by a hefty chain and padlock. Kasia thought that maybe she could climb over, but then noticed the gap below. She wriggled underneath, and got stuck for a vulnerable moment, as the gates caught on her PJ covered butt, pinning her down. Then she was inside, and it began to dawn on her that maybe she had made a mistake. Whatever this place was, clearly it was abandoned, and then inevitably the others would find her and it would be all over. But she didn't have enough time to change plans, and so decided to make the best of it.

She jogged along a pathway, tufts of green sprouting between the paving slabs, then down some steps leading to a metal door. Flaking brown paint and one-way mirroring at the window. She tried to turn the knob, but it refused. Kasia's heart sank, even though it was stupid to think it would be unlocked. It had one of those mechanical push-button security combinations. Though she was out of sight for the time being, the voices were closer now, so she could pick out the odd phrase. Bob's voice, "…can't see her, I reckon she must have gone…" then Emma, "…fuckin' betrayal…slice her up good…"

1,2,3,4,5. Kasia turned the handle, and against all expectation, the knob turned easily in her hand, and she was inside. It was gloomy, with just a little light creeping in from dirty skylights. Now she began to be more hopeful. Maybe the others wouldn't find the combination. Maybe there was a phone in here.

Catching her breath, she walked down the corridor. She daren't try the lights, in case they would be seen from outside. On either side, were offices that looked like they could be part of any corporate enterprise. Kasia entered one, and found a phone with many buttons. She picked up the handset, but there was no tone. Maybe the power to the whole place was off.

Further along the corridor was a concrete staircase on the left, leading downwards. There was an electical hum coming from below, the first sign of life that Kasia had found, and so she headed down, and through another door. Then, in the darkness, there was light. Only a crack mind you, just a line of brightness under another door ahead. The door had a triangular warning sign on it, black and yellow. Kasia couldn't remember what it meant. Poison? Nuclear?

Full of trepidation, Kasia opened the door a crack and peered inside. It was some kind of laboratory, smelling of her school chemistry class and dimly lit by the artificial glow of emergency lighting. Microscopes, test tubes, and other equipment that Kasia didn't recognize covered the benches. She looked at one strange piece of electrical equipment, but the writing was in a foreign language. Along one wall was a row of large specimen jars. She looked at one, it contained some kind of lizard that looked like a little dragon, hardly bigger than she was, pickled in formaldehyde. Of course she had heard the tales of dragons in Wales, but this was the first time she had actually seen one.

At the back of the lab was a large red vault door, the sort with one of those hand wheels that work the locking mechanism. It beckoned to Kasia's curiosity. In any case it wasn't locked, and swung open easily as she tugged on the handle. Kasia stepped into the darkness beyond.

Something soft and wet dropped on her from above, covering her head. Surprised, Kasia tried to grab at it and throw it off, but it had tightly engulfed her. She couldn't breathe with this thing on her, and tried to claw at it with increasing desperation. Panic erupted into terror, and she tried to scream, but that too was stifled by the softness enveloping her.

Kasia felt a deep sense of injustice. First she was being hunted down, and instead of escape, her life would end in some kind of nightmare, vored by dragon spawn.

Nightmare! Kasia tried to force herself awake, but couldn't escape the horror, seemingly in some uncanny twighlight zone between wakefulness and sleep, unable to breathe. Then the nightmare got worse, as a surreal burning pain erupted in her stomach. Whatever that thing was, it had stung her. If only she could wake up and get free, she thought. With that thought, the nightmare slid away, only to give way to the worse reality of wakefulness.

"Oh, she's waking up!" laughed Miyu, and pressed the pillow tighter over Kasia's face. She was straddling Kasia's head with the pillow between her naked girly legs, squeezing tightly to exclude any air.

Miku looked lustfully into her sister's eyes, biting her lower lip, "Mmmm" she said, as she drove the screwdriver once more into Kasia's belly.

Kasia screamed a muffled scream, and tried to kick out, but the twins had taken the opportunity to tie her arms and legs together with their pyjama bottoms, leaving them both naked below the waist.

Miyu gleefully shouted at Kasia, throwing her own words back at her in mockery, "there's no one else here Kasia-chan! Who are we gonna torture?"

Again, Miku stabbed at Kasia's tender flesh. "It's a shame she locked all the knives away, but I suppose this will do. Lucky I found it during the hide-and-seek. I knew it would come in handy for something!" She wanted to stick it in deep into Kasia's guts, but found it surprisingly hard to push it through the abdominal muscles, like trying to cut a tough steak with a dull knife, so she changed tactics and started a rapid fire series of stabs, each one leaving a little hole in Kasia's tummy and a delicious convulsion of agony.

"It's only pain!" Miku taunted, "You'll soon forget!"

The twins found the squirming girl between their legs highly arousing, and Miyu was rubbing her naked pussy excitedly against the pillow that was smothering their captor. The twins wanted nothing more than to be inside of each other, but that would have to wait until the foreplay was over.

Kasia became more and more desperate, straining to breathe, sobbing as her lungs burnt with carbon dioxide, until she passed out in a terrified final wave of dizzyness and confusion.

Miyu kept the pillow held tight as Kasia's body went limp underneath her. It was a real power trip and made her feel horny as hell.

"Let's get her downstairs before she wakes up again," said Miku, wiping the blood from the screwdriver onto her jammies.

"Why?" countered Miyu, "we can just snuff her here. Just smash her to death and fuck her body. Maybe Bob and Emma will keep us then, they'll want someone for cleaning the place. Anyways, the electricity for all the machines is off."

Miku's face lit up with an evil smile, and laughed. "There's one machine that doesn't need…"

"The hot-tub!" Miyu interrupted, reading Miku's mind. "Time to make some soup!"

The twins dragged Kasia's limp form over to the door, then once through, they contemplated the steel stairway leading down to the factory. "Just push her," suggested Miku.

Kasia's body bounced and banged awkwardly down the steps, tumbling and rolling onto the floor below like a rag doll.

"She's cracked her head," said Miyu, observing a split temple and a small rivulet of blood pooling onto the tiles, "Hopefully she won't die just yet. Maybe some cold water will wake her up."

The tub was six feet deep, and so Bob had built raised wooden decking around it, about half way up for easy viewing and access. The twins dragged Kasia up onto this platform with difficulty, the struggle leaving Kasia's pyjama bottoms around her knees, and her top in disarray, exposing the soft nakedness of her titties. Then they dropped her into the tub on the side opposite the outboard, and secured her tied wrists to the edge of the moat leaving her legs bent, feet touching the bottom of the tank. Then Miyu turned the tap and they watched the water swirl as the tub filled.

"Its gonna take a while to fill up," said Miyu.

Miku reached over the edge and stabbed Kasia in her left breast with the screwdriver. No reaction. "I don't think she's going anywhere soon."

Mikumiyu took the opportunity to have some fun while they were waiting, starting with fingers and tongues, and culminating in sixty-nineing on the decking.

The water had reached Kasia's waist, and she started to stir. "Urrgh," she groaned, then her eyes fluttered open.

"Hello," said Miyu. "You're not dead yet. We're gonna make you into soup. It's Miku's special recipe!" Then she turned to her sister and asked, "what flavour is it Miku?"

"Well it's not rabbit, that's for sure!" replied Miku, "but bunnies like us eat vegetables, so I suppose it could be kenchinjiru soup." Then she turned to Kasia, "And after you hit your head, we thought maybe you were a cabbage, so that fits. You're as stupid as one anyways."

Miyu frowned. "Is there cabbage in kenchinjiru?" Then before her sister could speak she laughed and answered her own question, "never mind, there is in this one anyway."

Miyu pointed to the black behemoth of the outboard and joined in the torment, "Hopefully that soup blender will work, or else we'll have to drown you slowly instead. Maybe we'll just stab you full of holes until you sink. Which do you think is worse? Drowning in your own blood or getting souped?"

"I expect whichever way she goes, she'll prefer the other one," said Miku, perceptively.

Kasia's eye was involuntarily drawn to the huge propeller, waiting like a shark in the water below. Fifteen inches, she recalled. Over two hundred horsepower. Even stationary it now looked terrifying. She tried not to imagine…

"Fuck you!" she suddenly spat in fear and anger, and tried to heave herself out of the tub, only to be pushed back by Miyu, who was now wielding a broom handle. In any case, the fact that her wrists and ankles were bound made it hopeless.

Soon the water had reached her neck, and Kasia started to float upwards, shivering in the cold water. She kept trying to free her tied up hands and feet, but the twins had done a good job, tying sound knots in typically precise Japanese fashion, and the water had even caused the bindings to shrink and tighten.

A minute or two later, Miyu and Miku looked down at their hapless victim, then at the water level, and then at each other. It was time.

"Hmm. Let's see how this works," said Miku, her head cutely tilted to one side as she perused the control panel. "It looks easy enough. They're such stupid vegetables that they've even left the key in it. Why are English people so stupid?"

She turned the key, and there was a click and little red and orange warning lights came on. Then she gave Miyu a look and said, "Let's do this togther". Mikumiyu put their hands over the green start button. "Let's make kenchinjiru," Miku said quietly, and then, as one, they pressed the button.

The starter whined, and four and a half litres of V8 muscle coughed and burbled into life, settling into a lumpy idle. Kasia screamed involuntarily at the vibration and sudden noise. The twins laughed gleefully, but after a moment Miku spoke up again, "it's not souping."

"Look, here," pointed out Miyu, and pushed a lever up. The motor roared, surprisingly loud in the confines of the factory, and bubbles erupted from below.

"Nooo!" cried Kasia, "You can't!"

"It's still not working!" said Miku again. "Maybe there's gears, like in a car."

"I don't think so," argued Miyu, "I never heard of a boat with gears." She pulled the throttle back and the motor returned to a low rumble.

"What's this then?" countered Miku, and pushed another lever forward. Suddenly there was a clunk and the water behind the motor started swirling. Kasia felt the growing tug of the current pulling at her body.

"Haha! that's it! Well done sis!" cried Miyu. "Now let's untie her!"

The twins eagerly worked at the knots securing Kasia to the side, leaving her clinging to the side of the tub. Then they returned to the controls. As they slowly pushed the throttle forward, Kasia found the gentle movement of water increase to a solid pressure, pushing her legs away from the bottom and out towards the outboard. The motor revved higher, and soon she was desperately clinging by her finger tips to the side, her lithe body trailing behind her in the rapid flow.

The twins walked over to her, as she clung on for dear life.

"Bye-bye cabbage, it's been nice knowing you," said Miyu. Then she took the broom handle, and whacked it down onto Kasia's fingers.

Kasia screamed in pain as she felt a finger break, but still clung on with her right hand. Then she looked up at Miyu and started to giggle, and then started laughing hard. "Yeah, nice knowing you too, wabbit."

Miku looked across at her sister, puzzled, "It's the shock I expect," she had to shout to be heard over the noise of the engine. "People say crazy things when they're about to be souped."

Miyu lifted the broom handle one last time, and swung it towards Kasia's fingers with all her might. Wood hit flesh and Miku screamed. The broom handle clattered uselessly onto the decking as the baseball bat impacted the side of Miyu's skull.

Then Emma dropped the bat, and launched herself at the controls, cutting the engine. Bob grabbed Kasia's wrist, and effortlessly hauled her to safety.

Miku, sparing only a horrified glance back at her motionless sister, sprinted away into the the dark of the factory.

Emma had come over all motherly, and rushed to attend to her daughter.

"Well, that was exciting!" mused Bob, as he nonchalantly strolled away, back towards the facilities. Soon the factory lights came on, and a minute later he returned with the Mossberg. He looked down at Kasia, "Don't worry sweet pea, I think rabbit pie is back on the menu."

He put down the shotgun, and looked over at the erotic sight of Miyu's half naked body, as it lay awkwardly draped across the decking. He felt for a pulse. "Good, she's still alive. Later she'll wish she wasn't."

"Yay!" exclaimed Kasia, weakly. She was shivering with cold and shock, had a pounding headache, and she was bloodied and broken. But overjoyed and relieved beyond measure.

Soon Bob had dragged Miyu back to the cells. He returned and picked up the shotgun. "Well, it looks like hide-and-seek all over again, time to find that naughty wabbit."

When the lights came on, it reminded Miku of the little game they had all played the day before. But now it was different. Separated from her sister, she was shaking with fear, and her legs felt weak. She knew it was going to end badly, but what could she do? She looked at the screwdriver in her hand. Maybe she could kill herself before Bob found her, she thought. But she knew she had neither the physical or mental strength to carry that through, and so walked deeper into the factory in a surreal daze.

She thought of escaping, but knew that would be futile too. Or just handing herself in, for Bob, Emma and Kasia to do their worst. Everything was hopeless now. She couldn't believe how stupid her idea to snuff Kasia had been. As if there would be no consequences for acting out her crazy bloodlust fantasy.

She slumped down in a dark corner and began to sob. What will be, will be, she thought.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a gun action working, and she looked up to see the barrel of a shotgun pointing directly at her naked pussy.

Bob looked down at the pathetic figure before him. Miku looked deliciously vulnerable. "Wun, wabbit!" Bob said.

Miku just sat and shook her head, looking at Bob with imploring eyes. She'd had enough of that.

Bob sighed in disappointment. He really wanted her to run, so that he'd have a good excuse to find out what a supersonic one-ounce slug would do to her cute little body. On the other hand, there were more games to be played, and more machines to be tested.

He shrugged, and reached out to grab Miku by the hair. In a flash, Miku pulled out the screwdriver, and stabbed it into the back of his hand.

"Yahh! You little bitch!" he yelled, looking in disbelief at his injured paw.

Miku didn't even know why she had done that, it had just happened, and now she was running again, without reason.

Surprised, and enraged, Bob watched as she departed, and raised the gun. Her beautiful naked backside would make the perfect target, he thought as he took aim. Then he shook his head. Too easy. Too fast.

But a kind of broken sensibility had returned to Miku, and Bob followed the sound of her sobs to find her stumbling in a daze, tears running down her cheeks. This time he easily wrestled the screwdriver from her hand and led her back to the cells without further struggle.

The twins remained locked in the cell, without food or any contact from the family. And there they would stay until they were needed for the family's entertainment.

The next morning, Emma was changing Kasia's dressings. Luckily the cuts to her stomach were only superficial, although would likely leave little scars. Her head had needed stitches, and Emma had done the best she could using fishing line. "Understand this," Emma said sternly, "If you get sick, there will be no doctors for you. I don't know what we'd do with you to be honest." Then she laughed, an evil twinkle in her eye, "probably just dump you in the lime pit. If you're lucky, we might snuff you first."

Despite the laughter and teasing, there was an undercurrent of truth. They both realized that would probably be the only practical solution if Kasia became seriously ill.

Kasia looked glumly at her bandaged hand. "Will my finger be O.k.?"

"The splint should see that it will heal, but it might be a bit crooked. A good reminder not to be so careless in the future young lady. Anyway, cheer up, tomorrow we're going to deal with the twins. I know you'd like your revenge, so maybe come up with some ideas, and we'll see what we can do."

Later, Emma and Bob brought Kasia a home cooked lunch.

"I thought this would be appropriate, it's rabbit pie," Emma said with a giggle, as she served up in the kitchenette. "Don't worry, it's made from actual rabbits, we still have our playthings locked safely away."

In view of her ordeal, the adults spent some extra time with Kasia, helping to mend the mental scars as well as the physical ones. They had a good chat over lunch, then Kasia hung around with Bob as he worked again in the factory. He had finally fixed up the water slide, and connected a pump to make it all work.

"You can try it out tomorrow, if you like," he suggested, "I'm sure Emma won't mind."

"Maybe I won't. It's too quick. I think something special should happen to them - you know - more torturey."

Bob nodded approvingly. "Good. That bitch was using one of my best screwdrivers, lucky she didn't ruin it. Kids have no respect for property these days."

As he wondered what devious plan Kasia might come up with to avenge the mis-use of his screwdriver, he realised he was getting a boner. He smiled. Clearly his dick had faith in the girl.

That evening, Kasia lay in bed contemplating Mikumiyu's fate. She was tempted at first by the hamster wheel, but felt the sisters' status as twins called for something special. She really wanted the worst fate for them, mere splatter wouldn't be enough. Then inspiration borne of a mixture of hornyness, revenge and a couple of spliffs led her to formulate a deliciously nasty plan, one she was sure would meet with Emma's full approval.


>>16541 Lol, I do enjoy these snippets of yours! It's a real shame you don't get more attention on here though, cause your work is really, really good.

>>16544 What can I say? That was awesome! Building up to the action even more, giving the trio a good motive to inflict as much pain as possible, giving the twins an excruciating, slow death. I love it, and I'm also really curious to find out what you have in store for the girls. They will surely suffer, I have no doubt about that!



I had a lot of fun writing chapter 9, and it only took a few hours. TBH I didn't really even plan it, it just happened on a whim.

Yes, the motive thing you mention was an important factor, I needed the family to be angry - and in a strange way, that reflects my own motivation too - otherwise I kinda feel "Yawn, time to do the gratuitous rape, torture and splatter formula again." And I don't really want to repeat myself - even though due to the nature of the story I don't think I can avoid it.

So by adding that chapter, I thought it added a nice twist to things, and gave myself the enthusiasm for the next part. Like I said earlier, the story seems to take on a life of it's own, and sometimes I'm just going along for the ride.


I love the build up in the last two chapters… I can't wait to see where it goes…





Dear Squunch, I really love your Story ! One of the best BDSM stories up to now and full of new ideas! It is the details of the tortures you're describing that make me wet! Keep on going , great stuff !!



Thanks, Anon. Funny, I don't really think of it as BDSM (I kinda think of that as role play with whips and leather), but glad you're enjoying it anyway!


>I can't wait to see where it goes…
Me too! I still can't decide…
Anyway, I think the next chapter will be up by this weekend. I can't keep procrastinating.

BTW, I haven't forgotten about Christi and Amy either, but there's a lot of stuff happens before then that I need to get out of the way first. I like the characters though, and do think about their fate from time to time.


Kasia and the others have finally decided what the hell they are doing, and I've spent all day In Bob's dungeon, carefully making notes. I'm writing like a demon at the moment, so the next part might be up sooner, maybe tomorrow, so stay tuned. Who knew watching girls getting tortured was so much fun? TBH I'll be relieved when this chapter is over, and I can think about some fresh meat…


>>16564 Sounds excellent! I'm really excited to find out how it ends for the twins. I hope they go out with a bang. Or a crunch. Or a scream. Maybe all of them. They certainly deserve to be punished and humiliated for what they did to sweet Kasia!


Chapter 10. Role-Play.

Mikumiyu had been treated kindly all day. They had been well fed, for which they were very grateful, having not eaten for days. As well as food, they had also been fed a steady diet of lies, that their confinement had been their punishment, and that it had been decided that they would be kept as slaves. And today there were going to be more games.

They were greeted once again in the evening by the ninja-clad family, who were all very excited at the forthcoming entertainments. The twins were of course a little apprehensive at the prospect, but Kasia had assured them that it would be 'just some BDSM stuff'.

The twins looked rather bedraggled, with grubby faces and unkempt hair, and their PJs dirty and torn. Miyu had a bruise that had spread over the entire left side of her face, lurid hues of yellow and blue, from the encounter with Emma's bat. Bob thought they looked rather sexy in this sorry condition.

Kasia looked like she had been in the wars too, with her bandaged hand and a little blood seeping through the dressing on her head. But now it was time for her to get some retribution, and she was looking forward to it with great eagerness.

The twins were taken to the arena, under the pretense that more games were to be played - well that part was true, just not the sort of games they were hoping for. Bob had set things up there according to Kasia's desires. A metal table took centre stage, bolted to the floor and adorned with leather restraining straps. Next to the table was a tool box. Emma dumped her sports bag down next to it.

To one side of the table, on the floor, was what appeared to be a flattish plywood box, with two round holes in it. Bob had spent most of the day constructing it, specially for this event. It had been built in a bit of a hurry, but he figured it would do the job well enough.

Then the girls were ordered to strip. The trio looked up and down their nubile young bodies, thinking various sexy thoughts about their undoing.

Bob and Emma stood behind the twins each with a firm hand on the girl's shoulders, who by now were casting worried glances at the table.

Kasia addressed them. "You've both been very very bad girls, and must suitably punished."

It was a kind of role-play for her, and she found it to be a thrilling power trip, holding the fate of these girls in her hands. Bob and Emma stood by, grinning as their protégé laid down the law to the twins.

"Miku," Kasia continued, "you put holes in my tummy, so you will receive the same punishment. Holes."

Miku's eyes grew a couple of sizes, and Emma felt her wilt a little under her grip. "Well, bunny, looks like it's your turn first," she told her, "you'd better get up on the table,"

"Don't worry," Kasia reassured her, "It's just a game, I'm not really going to hurt you."

Miku didn't say anything, but did cast a worried look to her sister as she reluctantly climbed onto the table. Emma strapped her wrists and ankles tightly, so she was spread-eagled, face up.

"Doesn't she look just peachy, like that?" Emma asked Bob. "It's so enticing, we could do anything to her! Stick pins in her! Chop her to pieces!"

Anything at all, Bob thought, and nodded. Her helpless, pale, perfect flesh was laid out there for the taking.

Kasia turned to Miyu, "And we'll need your help too."

Miyu shrugged nervously, and Bob led her to the device with the holes.

"What's this?" asked Miyu.

"Don't worry," Bob said, "It's just a restraining device for the games. It'll all become clear soon enough."

Bob helped Miyu put her put a foot into each hole. Then he produced a pair of handcuffs, and soon had them around her ankles and through the box, so that her feet were retained securely in place. Thus Miyu was locked in place close to the table, standing at her sister's side.

Kasia gave the girls a bright smile, "These games are fun, aren't they!?" They both nodded, uncertainly.

Kasia continued. "The thing is, Miku, that I wanna put holes in you, but I can't cos of this." She raised her bandaged hand in a gesture of explanation. "But your sister likes torture too, so I'm sure she won't mind doing it for me."

"But it's just role-play, right?" asked Miyu.

Kasia sighed. Now that the twins were restrained, it was safe to confess her true intentions. "Well it's kinda like role-play, but not so much. Actually it's more like a twisted torture game, like in those Saw movies. I know you girls are big fans of Saw, so I'm sure you'll enjoy playing along."

"You want me to stab my sister?" Miyu said, disbelievingly.

Kasia laughed and rolled her eyes. "What you mean like she did to me, with a screwdriver? I wanted to, but Bob said it 'constituted cruelty to screwdrivers' or something, so I had to think again."

Bob and Emma chuckled. Then Bob opened the tool box and pulled out a yellow DeWalt power drill and extension reel. "I'll just go and plug it in."

Kasia reached into the tool box and retrieved a thick permanent marker. "This is where I want the holes," she told Miyu. "Maybe here," she said, drawing a '1' on Miku's left thigh. "Then here," she drew a '2' on the other leg. Miku squirmed a little under the touch. Kasia continued, drawing numbers on Miku's body and limbs. "Ten, that should be enough punishment."

Miku didn't like where this was heading, and suddenly felt cold. Sweat was making her back stick to the metal table a little. She was reminded of those meat girls she had read about in the mangas, and hoped that Kasia was still just teasing them, and it was still some kind of psychological game. She tested her restraints, pulling at the straps.

Emma, noticing the movement, turned to her. "I see you're really getting into this. Yes, you should struggle a bit, makes it more realistic. You can scream too, if you like!"

Miku didn't.

Emma shrugged and gave Kasia a conspiratorial wink. "Oh well, suit yourself. Maybe later."

Bob returned, smiling. "Looks like were all set!" He tested the trigger on the drill, and nodded in satisfaction as it whirred sparkily, in the way drills do.

He handed it to Miyu. It was a bit of a heavy lump in her small hands, and she just held it for a moment, staring at the half-inch drill bit in the chuck.

"You expect me to use this on my sister?" she asked quietly.

"Oh God, no," said Bob, "you're absolutely right."

He took the drill away from her, then opened the tool box, and pulled out a grey plastic case. "I think we should use one of these."

He opened the case to reveal a selection of different size hole cutters, like you might use to put holes in ceilings or dry-wall. "These are much more suitable, what size do you think is best?"

Miyu didn't want to look, but she did.

"Maybe this one," said Bob, pulling out one an inch-and-a-half in diameter. He fitted it into the drill chuck and handed it back to Miyu. "There, happy now?"

Miyu wasn't. She found that the world was vanishing around her, as if in a grey mist, receding into unimportance. She felt numb, and tears started to run down her cheeks. Dumbfounded she just stood, frozen, as an unpalatable reality began to seep into her mind.

"Look, it's easy," Bob explained matter-of-factly, and took the drill once more. "I'll show you. Take a firm grip with both hands, use full power, and don't press too hard. Let the drill do the work for you."

Standing behind Miyu, he reached past her with the drill, held it over the '1' and pulled the trigger.

Miku's scream ascended over the noise of the drill. She found herself involuntarily bucking and pulling at the straps. Bob paid no attention, and plunged the drill into Miku's twitching leg, pressing down into her flesh and cutting through her skin and fat. Blood sprayed in all directions and more trickled down Miku's thigh onto the table.

Bob released the trigger. "See?" he said, raising his voice over Miku's panicked breathy shrieks of disbelief, "she's soft, like cheese, you'll have no trouble." He used a pencil to scoop the bloody disk of skin and meat out of the cutter, and flicked it into a nearby waste bin. "Now it's your turn."

"I can't," Miyu cried as she looked into her sister's eyes in solidarity, "I won't!"

"Actually, you will," said Emma. "We've taken steps to ensure your compliance."

Kasia, who was standing near Miku's head, pulled out a remote control. "We didn't get a chance to test this yet, hopefully it will work."

Kasia pressed a button.

The box Miyu was standing in started to whirr. Unseen, rows of spikes started to move slowly towards Miyu's right foot from the sides. She yelled as they touched her skin "Oh no! Stop it!"

Kasia smiled and let it run for a couple of seconds more. The air was torn apart by Miyu's shrieks as the spines penetrated her sensitive skin.

Kasia pressed another button, and the spikes retreated, leaving Miyu gasping and sobbing. She was trying to hop, and free herself of the contraption, but only succeeded in unbalancing herself, and would have fallen if Bob had not grabbed her by the hair.

"That's great, Bob," Kasia enthused. "I think it might just work!"

Bob handed the drill back to Miyu.

Quietly, with tears still flowing, she stubbornly declared, "I still won't."

"Love for your sister is stronger than the pain?" mused Emma. "I guess we'll find out soon enough. But there's one thing to bear in mind, before you get too heroic. The truth is, you're both about to be tortured to death. If I was you, I'd want to get the whole thing over with as quickly as possible."

"Time for number two!" Kasia called to Miyu, "C'mon girl, you can do it! I have faith in you!" Then she bent over and kissed Miku gently on the lips. She didn't know why, but it felt right.

Still, Miyu didn't move. Once again Kasia pressed the button, this time for rather longer. Spikes pushed deeper into Miyu's foot until there was an audible crunch, and soon she was screaming again, and twisting her body and legs as if doing a strange little dance.

Then Miku called out to her sister. "Miyu! Just do it!"

The irony of Miku shouting Nike slogans as her sister's feet were destroyed was too much for Kasia, and she burst out laughing, with tears in her eyes. The others looked at her as if she had gone mad, but she just waved her hand, and said "I'll explain later."

Bob was still standing right behind Miyu, and his manhood was tenting against his onesie. He grabbed her by the nape of the neck with one hand, and cupped a budding breast with the other, and starting rubbing himself against her naked back.

Miyu could hardly see her sister's face through the tears of pain and anguish. "Sorry sis," she muttered, and then pulled the trigger. The drill gave a little kick in her hands as it spun up, then she dropped it onto the '2'. Perhaps due to inexperience, the drill bit deeper into Miku's flesh this time, slicing into the muscle of her right quadricep until it hit bone.

Miku tried not to scream, but the pain was too much. "Aaargh!" she cried through gritted teeth.

Miyu pulled the drill away, and with trembling hands, pulled out the fleshy bit just as Bob had done. Now she was acting in a trance, forcing herself on as if she was an automaton, just wanting to get the ordeal over with.

'3' and '4' were into Miku's upper arms, tearing away at her little chicken-leg biceps. Miku found that it hurt less if she tried to stay still, but it was virtually impossible, and she writhed in agony, sexily arching her back and pulling against the straps, as if overtaken by a powerful orgasm.

Miyu's next task was to drill holes into Miku's belly. Four holes in a diamond pattern, the last being right where her little tuft of pubic hair resided. She was trying not to drill too deep, but during the last hole, Bob placed a well-timed hand onto the drill and it plunged deep into Miku's quivering abdomen.

Kasia peered into the bloody holes. They made a nice section through the skin, fatty layer and muscle, and into the viscera beyond. She poked a finger into one and hooked out a loop of intestine. "Eww," she laughed, "girl guts."

There was no respite for Miku, as she groaned and sobbed on the table amid a growing puddle of her vital fluid. Next on the list were her little titties.

The drill went down onto her left breast, and Miku shrieked as this most sensitive flesh was torn up by the spinning blade. Miyu pushed it down through the pectoral muscles until the drill met the resistance of the ribs beneath, and moments later Miku was bereft of nipples, only ugly holes remained where those pretty adornments once graced her chest.

"See that's how you make holes!" Kasia explained to the twins, "You can always learn from the professionals."

Bob started to untie the straps.

"Oh, wait Bob. I want one more hole," Kasia said. "Maybe Emma would like to do it."

Emma certainly did. She took the drill from Miyu, and turned it over, so the hand grip was upwards, then turned it on and shoved it up between Miku's legs.

Miku's blood-chilling scream was as horrific as the punishment that was dealt to her teen pussy.

Emma's face darkly delighted in the carnage as she pushed the drill in, ripping apart her pudendal cleft and it parts as gore and blood spattered the table and perpetrators. Again she plunged the tool, ripping into poor Miku's vaginal canal and turning her pristine girly paradise into a satanic hell-hole.

"That was more fun than I expected!" confessed Emma. "Now she's really fucked!"

Then Bob finished untying the straps, and unceremoniously pushed Miku off the table, whereby she collapsed in an oozing heap on the floor, splattering it with more blood.

Miyu's white face looked down at her ruined sister in shocked silence.

"Look what you did to your sister!" Kasia taunted. "Next it's your turn. But first, I wanna do a little experiment, you know, for science."

She once again produced the remote, and waved it in Miyu's face. "I wanna see how far this goes. Maybe you'll do that little dance for us again!"

Miyu shook her head, wide-eyed, as Kasia pressed the button again.

Miyu screamed, and pulled her leg against the handcuffs, but of course there was no escape. The teeth bit into her tender foot once more, this time without stopping, the spikes driving right through the numerous bones and crushing her foot into a bloody crunchy mass of pure agony. Blood trickled from the underside of the box and onto the pristine white tiles below.

Miyu collapsed, and as her feet were trapped, she fell backwards, hitting her head with a clunk.

Bob watched in amusement. Then he turned to the delicious sight of Miku's half-dead body lying on the tiles, which was too much of a temptation. "So many holes! I can hardly decide!" He rolled her over onto her back. From this angle, she looked in pretty good condition, aside from the pool of blood, and the mess between her legs. But her butt-hole was still intact, so Bob mounted her cute little tush and started fucking her there, while Miku sobbed and moaned beneath him.

Meanwhile, Kasia and Emma carried on with proceedings. Emma grabbed Miyu by the throat, half choking her, and dragged her up onto the table. She protested and flailed about a bit with her arms, but a couple of hard punches to the stomach soon knocked that fight out of her, and soon Miyu was strapped onto the table, lying in her sister's blood. But this time, Emma had positioned the straps differently, above her knees and elbows, and one across her middle.

Kasia handed down the sentence. "Miyu," she declared, over the grunting as Bob raped Miku's ass, "you broke my finger, so your punishment is broken bones. Of course I can't do it myself, so Emma's going to do it for me. But don't worry, you know she's very good at that sort of thing. You've seen the videos."

"Miku got ten holes, so you get ten bones broken. Fair's fair. Oh, and I'm not including your foot. You were just helping me with a science experiment so it doesn't count. To be honest though, I think your punishment is worse than Miku's, but that's okay cos you tried to snuff me with the dragon spawn."

Of course Miyu didn't have any idea what Kasia was talking about, and Emma too frowned quizzically. It didn't really matter though. Kasia was enjoying herself, and the screams and pain would soon transcend any mere explanations.

And it gave Kasia an idea. She ran off, giggling, leaving Emma a little perplexed, but soon returned with a pillow, "Now I can return the favour," she explained.

Kasia climbed onto the table, wrapped the pillow around Miyu's head, and straddled it, just as Miyu had done to her days earlier. She nodded to Emma. It was time to begin.

Emma, standing at the end of the table, looked down at Miyu's bloody mess of a right foot. She poked it, as if curious, causing Miyu to whimper piteously.

Then she cupped her hands around the ankle, and lifted. Miyu's knee locked out against the strap and a muffled scream came from under the pillow.

Emma strained, and lifted harder. There was a pop and a crack, and Miyu's leg bent up at an unnatural angle. Miyu wanted to at least have the relief of screaming, but Kasia had put paid to that idea with the pillow, squeezing it tightly with her legs.

It felt super erotic, having the traumatised teen's head between her legs, trying to wriggle free of the pain. A damp patch appeared on the pillow by Kasia's crotch. Her pussy was salivating already.

Sometimes honest hard work gives great satisfaction and pleasure. So it was for Emma, who having bent Miyu's right leg up at ninety degrees, started to twist the foot around, grunting with the exertion as she did so. There were more cracks as ligaments were torn and the tibia and fibula in Miyu's lower leg splintered. Of course there were more screams too.

Screams are always a nice benefit of torture sessions of course, and their variety should be savoured, rather likes fine wines of different regions and vintages. In this case Bob found the way they were muffled added a certain desperation which made them all the more appealing, causing him to nut into Miku's booty.

He flopped Miku back onto her back and looked down at the bedraggled, holey mess before him. It was time to try those holes for size, he thought, and soon straddled Miku's tummy and stuck his hard shaft deep into the hole just below Miku's navel. It was an interesting experience, he could feel the slithering coils of her intestines squirming and writhing around his cock, as Miku panted a breathy, feeble protest. Soon he was relishing the feel of her viscera, as he pounded into her soft, churning guts.

Emma allowed the mangled leg to drop back onto the table. It looked very ugly, with noticeable swelling around the knee. Just looking at it would make any normie cringe in sympathetic pain.

She repeated the process with the other leg. Miyu kept passing out. Kasia couldn't really tell if it was from the pain, or from lack of oxygen. Still it was fun to release the pillow and watch her come round, so the process could start again. After all, she didn't want to snuff her just yet.

"How many's that?" Kasia asked Emma.

"I think it's just four so far, the long lower leg bones. I'm not sure how we'll get to ten, but I'm sure we'll figure something out," she said, laughing. "We'll do the arms next."

"Okay," agreed Kasia, "But I'm sooo horny now, I wanna fuck her while you do it."

Emma reached into her bag and produced at double-ender.

"Thanks, mum!, I knew I could rely on you," said Kasia as she repositioned herself.

Kasia found Miyu to be very responsive, and an ideal, if unwilling sex partner. Each time a bone would snap, she would jump and twitch most entertainingly, and Kasia was making the most of it, thrusting rapidly into Miyu's tight teen minge. Soon she quivered an orgasm, and climbed off, panting from the exertion. In any case, after both arms had been mangled by Emma's unorthodox chiropracty, Miyu seemed to lose some enthusiasm, and was now mostly just a limp fuck toy.

"That's still only eight," said Emma, "I think we'll have to do the humeruses - sorry humeri, or the femurs too. That'll be really fun. Or we could do the shoulder blades - scapella, and some ribs."

"Oh my god! It's like a biology lesson with you. But can't we do them all?" asked Kasia excitedly. "After all I don't really think she's counting any more!"

So, armed with an iron bar, Emma set to work, while Kasia danced around, teasing Miyu and making encouraging noises.

Emma dealt with the arms first, and then the thigh bones, pounding them repeatedly with the heavy bar until they shattered. Miyu's legs now looked disturbingly fucked up, and they had shrunken in length as the muscles had pulled the bones past each other, their sharp fractured edges tearing into muscle and making ugly lumps that poked under the skin.

Then Miyu was unstrapped and pushed off of the table, where she splatted onto the floor, like a sack of meat. Emma pushed her onto her front with a boot, and used the end of the bar to shatter the shoulder blades and some ribs.

Miyu was only breathing shallowly, occasionally waking and then drifting back into unconsciousness as the untold agony and shock overtook her.

Bob looked down at her. "To be honest, even I don't want to fuck that. It's barely human anymore. Let's get them disposed of."

The two half-dead girls were dumped into a trolley and wheeled back into the factory.

"I wanna just squash them until they pop." suggested Kasia gleefully.

"What's with you and squashing things all the time?" asked Emma. "There's so many other ways! Why not turn them into soup in the tub? That would be fitting!"

"No, look, this one." Kasia said, as they reached a compactor. "It'll be perfect!"

"That's true," agreed Bob, "It's better when there's two together."

"Really?" asked Emma, doubtfully, "And why is that?"

Bob sighed. "It's kinda technical. If you squash one girl flat, the head will crush first, so they die too soon. But if you have two together, the double thickness means there's space for their heads, so their bodies will squish and crunch first. So, to be fair, Kasia's got a point. It would be perfect."

"Anyway, what's wrong with squishing?" added Kasia, "To be honest, I think that anyone who doesn't like squishing girls has something wrong with them. Any normal person thinks it's yummy, but some just don't like to admit it."

Emma shrugged. "Okay, I'm outvoted, but next time, no squishing. Variety is the spice of life."

"And death!" added Kasia gleefully.

The compactor slightly resembled a large fish tank, with the space inside being just tall and wide enough for a girl to sit. the long sides and top and bottom were all made from six inch thick Plexiglass, with strong steel frames, and flanked by four powerful hydraulic pistons, which pulled the end plates toward each other with a immense force. To one side was the usual control panel, complete with a large pressure gauge, calibrated in tons.

So the twins were lifted into the machine, facing each other, and the lid was latched shut with strong bolts.

"Miyu," Miku said weakly.

Miyu opened her eyes. She was deep in shock, but the pain had left her now, as her body prepared to die. She somehow found the strength to speak. "I'm sorry sis."

"It's okay," said Miku and gave a little smile, "at least we've had our guro fantasy. I think they're gonna squash us, then it's all over. We'll be famous on video like that Tara girl."


"Yah, together."

Emma interrupted their dialogue. "Aww, look at that, it's so sweet. You girls are so close, It almost makes me sad."

"Well," laughed Bob, "They're about to get a lot closer! Let's get set up and watch the finale in comfort." He disappeared to check the video feed and grab some chairs. Emma and Kasia went to the tea room, and brought back drinks and snacks.

Minutes later, they had made themselves comfortable in front of the 'Fish Tank', as Kasia had christened it. Kasia spoke up as Emma passed her a joint.

"Can I press the button?" It was only a little thing, and it didn't really make any difference, but she wanted to be the one to do it, to seal their fate, and administer the final retribution for Bob's screwdriver.

"Sure, sweetness, go ahead," said Bob.

Kasia took a drag on the spliff, and hit the green button. A motor whirred, pumping hydraulic fluid into the pistons. Slowly the ends of the tank started to move, pushing the unfortunate twins towards each other.

Of course, in the movies, the plucky damsels or heroes are likely to fight back against the villainous machine, pushing with all their might. But Mikumiyu had no fight left, and besides they knew that their soft flesh was no match against an unstoppable force.

The family watched, enthralled. Nothing had really happened yet, and it would take several minutes for the machine to do it's work. So they chatted and drank tea and smoked.

"Do you think this is the worst way to die?" Asked Emma.

Kasia repeated the sentiment that Miku had uttered days earlier, "Whichever way they go, they'll prefer the other one."

"It's definitely the worst," said Bob, "apart from all the other ones. - Winston Churchill. Or was it Abe Lincoln?"

"Haha, I never knew those guys knew so much about squishing," laughed Kasia.

"Not as much as you, that's for sure!" teased Emma, "I see you're becoming quite the expert."

"And not as much as those two," Kasia said, pointing to the twins, "They're gonna find out exactly what it's like. They'll be the real experts." She laughed, and added, "But not for long."

A few minutes later the twins had met in the middle, and their legs were pushed up against their chests, their knees near their faces.

Kasia thought it an apt moment to address them for the last time. She walked to the machine and put her hands on the glass. "Bye bye wabbits, It's been nice knowing you. Soon you'll be soup - no, wait, more like chunky wabbit stew. Yummy!"

Now the twins were being pressed together, like sardines in a tin. Miku's right leg was between Miyu's smashed limbs, and her left knee was being pushed into Miyu's right shoulder. This caused them to twist around a little, and they found themselves face to face.

Miku kissed Miyu on the lips in a series of goodbyes.

The machine continued to press them in it's desperately slow embrace, and Miyu squealed a little in horror as her already broken bones shifted and ground against each other.

Soon Miku realised that Miyu's broken body was gradually being pushed between her legs, and it was making her uncomfortable. She tried to shift around a bit to relieve the pressure on her knees, but Miyu's moans of distress stopped her. Instead she gritted her teeth and tried to endure. God, why was this thing so slow? Anything would be better than this, even the Hamster Wheel!

The girls were squeezed further. Now there was hardly any free space at all, and body parts started to move themselves to where the pressure was lowest. The girls' pelvic regions were being pressed into each other, but now there was no space left for them both, and Miyu found that she was being pushed upwards as her butt looked for a space to fit into.

Just as Bob had predicted, the girls' heads found themselves side-by-side as their torsos started to be squashed. Miku could still breathe with some effort, but Miyu was having a worse time, and was barely clinging onto consciousness, the agony of her ribs making breathing virtually impossible.

More crunches as Miyu's smashed shoulder bladed were flattened out by the hard steel behind her. Then suddenly she seemed to jump upwards, and Miyu gasped in pain and horror as Miku's lower abdomen lifted and started pressing into her guts.

Miku started screaming again, "nononono," as the pelvis of her sister started to push its way into her soft belly, making the holes burn and sting. By now the pressure was such that she was as immobile as her Miyu. "Uggh," she moaned as the pressure caused her to shit herself, a thick coil of poop squirting out onto the glass below. Then there was a crack, and a slicing noise, as the broken end of Miyu's left femur broke through her skin.

Miku squealed and tried helplessly to move away as the bone slowly penetrated her right breast. But nothing could be done now. The two girls were becoming one, an increasingly compacted mass of gore.

Miku tried desperately to breathe, but found she couldn't at all, and an animalistic panic set in, and she tried to squirm with all her might. She was partially successful an for a moment she twisted into a position where once again she could draw breath.

But now her legs were pressing hard into Miyu's chest, and Miku could hear multiple little cracking sounds as Miyu's already broken ribs were caved in, crushing her lungs flat. Juices and blood dribbled from her lips. Miyu made a strange choking sound as the last of the air was forced from her lungs, and then she too lost control of her functions, pissing and shitting. Most of it squirted onto Miku's belly, some finding it's way into the holes.

The family, of course, was absolutely enthralled by the slowly evolving spectacle in front of them, looking at the Fish Tank, and then the screens which showed the opposite view and the view from underneath.

It was the camera viewing from below that captured the moment when Miku's innards started pushing their way out of the hole that Emma had made earlier. Gradually she was being eviscerated, intestines squirting and squirming their way free of her body, like snakes.

More gore erupted from the holes in her tummy, and then Miku was swept by an excruciating agony as her belly tore open between the cut holes. Her innards burst out, filling any voids between the girls and squelching against the glass. This seemed to reduce the pressure on Miku's lungs, and once again, to her horror, she found she could breathe again.

Miku wanted it all to be over, but everything was agonisingly slow. At least her sister seemed to have succumbed, her eyes glassy and empty now. But then her lips parted as if to say a final goodbye, but instead a long stream of puke erupted, gushing over Miku's face, the acid burning her eyes and making her choke. The disgusting foulness was too much for Miku, and so she retched in sympathy, adding her own contents to the juicy brew.

Bob almost came in his pants, watching this all unfold, but then his eye was drawn to the pressure gauge, "Ha, barely even a ton!" he said.

Kasia was super horny too, and seeing Bob's stiffened member, took immediate advantage of the situation. She ran over to Bob, unzipped her onesie, and soon was sitting and wriggling on Bob's lap, as he fucked her gratefully.

Emma didn't even seem to notice, as she was so smitten by the view in the Fish Tank, and was pleasuring herself with her favourite vibrator.

Miku could feel her own bones snapping and crunching now, and knew it wouldn't be long before she joined her sister in whatever delightful part of hell is reserved for guro fans.

As the plates pressed the girls still closer, the pile of entrails between them squelched upwards, so soon it filled the space completely.

Miku began to drown in her own innards. She was actually thankful that at last it would be all over, even as she desperately gasped for air. She succeeded in inhaling much of the vomit that they had puked out, and as it burned her lungs, she at last blacked out.

By now Miyu's thigh bone had pushed its way deep into Miku's chest and through her ribs. Other bones had broken free too, and one slowly speared through Miku's heart, ending things properly.

Growing pressure was causing waves of fascinating sounds to come from the Fish Tank, rapid fire pops and crunches, followed by flatulent squelches, then more crunching and squishing noises.

The twins were becoming a single entity of blood and guts. Each was torn into shreds by the shattered bones of the other, becoming a singular mass of goo.

The space they occupied was now only a few inches wide, and the girls' skulls were slowly crushed. The family stood in awe and looked down as Miyu's eyeballs were slowly pushed from her flattening skull by brain matter. Miku's skull burst open more suddenly, and the onlookers were splattered by it's contents.

Once all the air and gas has been squeezed out of them, pretty half Japanese girls, are essentially incompressible. This isn't cartoon world, where characters end up flat like a sheet of paper. The total volume of flesh remains the same. Therefore the laws of physics say that if you keep squishing, all that goop has to go somewhere. Otherwise, the machine would likely explode, and then this chapter would have a very different ending.

Bob knew this of course, and had allowed an escape route for the wabbit stew, in the form of a six-inch wide gap in the middle of the lid.

So the family watched, mesmerized, as the column of mushed girl meat rose up and started spewing down the sides of the tank. In the end, the pressure gauge read over 200 tons, and there was only half an inch of bony gore left, the rest having erupted like as slow volcano from the lid, dribbling and plopping down into the tray below.

Bob shot his load ecstatically into Kasia's twitching pussy, and Emma simultaneously moaned in climax.

A minute later, Bob lit up another spliff, "Well, I'd say that was a resounding success! Squishy and crunchy!"


>>16577 Wow. I'm at a loss for words. That was incredible. I had such a rush through the whole thing, a rush I haven't felt in a long time. That rush is what drew me into guro, and you are the only one able to make me feel that rush in many years. I love it. You've really outdone yourself this time, and I am truly happy and thankful to see what you have done with Miyu and Miku. Thank you!



Wow, Thankyou! I'm glad you feel I did them justice TBH - quite a lot of Mwuhaha-ing was going on as I was writing that, as you can probably imagine.

Next up, we'll meet Sol's character, and there will likely be other interesting developments along the way…


Dang dude! Fantastic!
That was defiantly worth the wait!


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That was amazing ! I rubbed myself sore while reading this wonderful description of the young girls demise! I thank you for the most intense orgasm of this year ! Please, please continue with this Story !!!



Think you can do something with soles/feet and cannibalism?


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Thankyou, er… Miss? Anyway, whatever was being rubbed, and irrespective of the gender of the person doing the rubbing, I'm glad I could be of service!




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My first thought was 'no'. I'm not really into cannibalism (even though there was a bit in chapter 6.) And I'm not really a foot-fag, (although I find girls in those poses look super hot for other reasons - mostly I'm thinking of steamrollers lol).

But then again, I don't really know what you have in mind. If you could be more specific, I'll consider it. But the answer will probably still be 'no', unless I find it appealing. I've decided to write only for my own personal kinks, and let others take or leave it as they will. But I don't mind hearing what you have in mind, it's all food for thought. I'm still open to character suggestions though.


Oh man… keep on doing what you do… I love it!


Best prose ever:
"The space they occupied was now only a few inches wide, and the girls' skulls were slowly crushed. The family stood in awe and looked down as Miyu's eyeballs were slowly pushed from her flattening skull by brain matter. Miku's skull burst open more suddenly, and the onlookers were splattered by it's contents."


Worth the wait. I mean we all knew it would be, but it's nice to get a chapter or 3.


Haha. Thankyou. I do appreciate that (I'm a total approval junkie as you can tell.) Also it's genuinely good to know what people like, so I can do more of the same!



Oh, and just remembered, I had in mind your earlier comment about eyeballs popping when I wrote it. So yes, I do pay attention to what my fans are saying even if it's just to steal ideas!



Hi Sol, and thanks. TBH I wondered where you'd gone, and thought I might have scared you off.

Sorry for the delay. I've discovered that sometimes writing is hard, mentally and emotionally. But it seems taking a little break was the right thing for me to do.

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I expect the next chapter will be up in the next few days (or months haha).



Miss is correct, dear Squunch,
but besides being female, which means that you might feed me into your masher, I'm a really great fan of your writing! Your detailed descriptions of your tortures are arousing me beyond imagination!
Please do your next chapters in the same style - it's fantastic!



Don't worry about me changing style, Miss Anon, this is the only one I know. things will continue to proceed more or less along the same lines; rape, torture, and splatter. They'll be a few twists and turns in the plot to keep you on your toes too.

Of course if you'd like me to feed you into the masher (okay, probably some other delightful end - unless you insist), I'd be delighted, just post your details, and I'll have Dave pop round with the van.


You'd have to do much more than that to scare me off. Like guessing where I live or accurately describing a van I see on my morning runs. Then I might vanish.

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Well, I'm very glad to have you lurking! Your suggestions have been another nice inspiration to develop a a character from, and now chapter 11 is fitting together nicely - I don't think you'll have to wait too long.


Chapter 11. Tesni.

Bob woke from a strange dream. He stared at the ceiling for a while, as he pieced together its fragments. Kasia. She had been flying in the blue sky. And Bob had been trying to catch her, to bring her down. He had something important to tell her, and it made him sad that she couldn't hear him.

Over breakfast, Bob asked his wife what she thought it meant.

Emma paused for a moment. "Well it's obvious I think. She's growing up, and you're going to lose your child. She'll be a grown woman soon."

Bob nodded. Emma was always so insightful with these things. Satisfied, he changed the subject.

"I'm gonna spend most of the day in the factory. There's lots to do, and Dave's sure to show up one day and I want to be ready."

Emma nodded. "I'll take the car into the village and pick up some supplies. Oh and don't forget we need more logs. You've been so busy in that factory, that you haven't stocked the wood pile, and it's nearly winter."

"No worries," he assured her with a kiss, "I'll do it lunch time."

So Bob spent the morning in the Factory. Today he was working on the Hamster Wheel. It might be wanted soon, and its near demonstration with Mikumiyu had put him in the mood to get it finished. Already there was a conveyor that would deliver victims to their fate, and now he was fixing a Perspex cover over it, to stop escapees.

Kasia appeared at his side, admiring his handywork.

Bob greeted her with a big smile, "Hello sweet cheeks, how are you this morning?"

"Okay, I guess."

He laughed, "Only okay?"

"It's been months, and I'm getting kinda bored. What's happened to Dave?"

"Well, life can be boring sometimes. You'll just have to suck it up. I'm sure he'll be back sometime soon."

"I wish I had a pet."

"A pet? I suppose we could. It'd be a bit of company for you. How about a kitten?"

Kasia paused, "Well yeah, I suppose so…"

"You don't want a fluffy kitty?" Bob asked, teasing her a little.

"How about a shark?" she countered, "it'd be fun feeding it, If you know what I mean."

Bob laughed, "You can't have a shark down here. It's too impractical. It'll probably die to be honest."

"What about a crocodile?"

Bob scratched his beard. "It'd be a big project. Too big. And where would we even get one? Sorry darling, exotic animals are out of the question."

Kasia looked glum.

Bob turned back the conveyor, screwing the curved plastic sheeting over it. But while he worked, an idea came to mind.

"It'll be your birthday in three months. Sweet sixteen! Who knows what presents you might get?"

"Three months! I can't wait that long. I'll go crazy!"

"Well, you know what happens to girls who go crazy down here," said Bob somberly, and returned to his work.

After lunch, Bob took the quad bike and trailer up to the woods to gather some fuel. It wasn't long before he had collected some good logs, and smaller branches, and was ready to head back to the farmhouse. No hurry yet. He sat on a stump and rolled a spliff, enjoying the sun on his back and the turning colours of the trees.

Suddenly he heard a noise and looked around to see a pretty, petite young red-head jogging towards him, dressed in a black fleece and lycra shorts.

"Hi!" she called,

"Morning!" Bob replied. "It's a beautiful day for it, isn't it?"

She nodded, "Excuse me sir, I don't suppose you know which way I need to go to get back to the village?"

She had an American accent. Bob wasn't an expert on such things, but it sounded east coast to him, maybe New York.

"You're lost?"

"Well I didn't bring my cellphone along. I think I took a wrong turn a while back. I'm Tesni."

Bob shook her outstretched hand. "Bob," he said. "That's a Welsh name isn't it? You don't sound very Welsh."

"I'm told it means 'warmth of the sun'. I had ancestors over here. I thought I'd explore my roots before I go to college next year."

"Welcome to Wales." Bob stood up next to the girl, and pointed down the valley, "Well, to get to the village you need to…"

Tesni awoke to find herself in a cell, surrounded by ninjas.

"Are you sure it's safe Bob?" Emma asked, worried.

"Sure. I checked the system. No-one else around. And the ground is dry, so no tracks. And no phone. She's just disappeared."

"Good. Fresh meat then! It's been a while."

Tesni spoke up, "meat? is that what I am to you now?"

"Well we don't usually eat our victims," Emma said airily, "We'll probably just use you as fuck toy, have some yummy fun torturing your skinny little body, then watch you die a slow and horrible death. It's usually quite messy."


"Sure, there's been loads before you, and there'll be more still. Probably you've heard of some of our visitors."

Tesni shook her head.

"No? Those Japanese twins that went missing? It was all over the news for weeks. Probably cos they were so cute."

Tesni looked up. "The Mikumiyu mystery? The experts said they were taken to France. They tracked the cellphones."

Bob laughed, "Maybe only the phones went to France. We'll show you the video later, if you like. They would approve, I think. It's a doozy. They got out of the movie business at the pinnacle of their careers."

"You kill all your victims?"

Bob was a little taken back at her directness. Americans could be like that he thought, just getting straight to the point.

"They didn't snuff me," interjected Kasia, with a big smile, "just all the others."

"Yet." teased Emma. "There's still time. And Bob told me you were going crazy."

"Well, I'm okay now that we've got a visitor."

Tesni sat back on the blue mattress, and exhaled a big sigh. Emma noticed that she wasn't shaking like most of their captives. If anything, she seemed to be assessing her situation, working things out in her mind.

Then she spoke again. "Okay, let's do it! Bring it on!" Emma thought she sounded like someone who had just psyched themselves up to go bungee jumping, and committed to the fear and thrill. Of course, as extreme sports go, The Factory had no parallel as a venue.

Bob was taken aback a little. "Keen to get started huh? Well, I don't mind."

But first there was the processing. Bob was a stickler for protocol, and didn't want to jump the gun. And for him, it was a nice ritual to ease into things, a kind of foreplay.

Soon Tesni was stripped of her running gear, and on full display.

She stood and assessed the trio, evaluating them with her piercing green eyes. Their effect was striking, framed as they were by fine freckled cheekbones, and coppery red hair, cut in a spiky boyish flat-top. Kasia found the judgmental gaze, and Tesni's thin-lipped half smile, to be slightly unwelcome, and for a moment she had the feeling of looking rather ridiculous in her stupid ninja outfit.

Bob had come across this kind of bitchy arrogance before, while interviewing employees in his previous life. He gave a little smile and nodded to himself. This girl could be a real challenge.

Tesni had the perfect figure. Perfect, that is, for long distance running. Very petite, and with the low body fat percentage of a real athlete. Breasts would just be extra weight to carry on a run, and Tesni's were just enough to feminize her boyish ribby torso. But skinny arms can look good on a girl, and hers were attractively well toned.

Bob's gaze lowered a little, and stopped at her flat tummy, which stood out due to it's well defined six-pack. This girl had a hard, muscular edge throughout. Strength in depth. Bob thought she probably had muscles in all kinds of unexpected and welcome places. He bet she could fuck like a champion, and shoot ping-pong balls for miles. Everything was shaved, apart from a pretty ginger landing strip above her tidy pussy.

If everything above the waist was tempting in an interestingly different sort of way, below the waist was where the real delights resided. To be honest, her ass was nothing short of amazing. Of course, like all girls, even elite athletes, it was softened by that delightful layer of fat that made it totally enticing. Very full and pert, no doubt muscled from hours of pounding pavement, Bob thought. "Hours of pounding," he thought again, and smiled. Not a bad idea.

It goes without saying that her legs were of the highest quality too, short, but pefectly formed, with lovely musculature and strong bone structure all the way down to broad, runners' feet.

Tesni (17) 32A-22-34 1.50m 45kg

"Well, I guess she'll do nicely," Emma said casually.

"Yes, but do for what exactly?" Kasia asked. "She's only little, even I could probably beat her up."

"Mmm," laughed Emma, doing that thing with her lips. She thought about the girls wrestling, "I'd pay to see that."

"I dunno," warned Bob, "She looks kind feisty. I'm not sure you could take her in a fair fight."

Kasia laughed, "I didn't say anything about fair! Maybe I could have an axe. Or a chainsaw."

All this banter was making Emma feel horny. "I'd definitely pay to see that!"

Tesni stood impassively and stared at Kasia, her emerald greens piercing into Kasia's soul, and a faint smile creeping along her lips.

Kasia laughed, "You'll see!" But she couldn't maintain eye contact with this girl, and it bothered her. She was used to being top bitch. Well, second bitch anyway.

Tesni turned her attitude on Bob. "So when do we start? You gonna fuck me or what?"

"Since you're so keen, I think we all will," Bob replied, "just so you know your place."

"Maybe we should adjourn to somewhere more comfortable," Emma suggested, and threw some PJs at the captive.

So they escorted her to Kasia's boudoir via a little factory tour. Kasia loved showing tourists the machines. Their reactions were always different.

As they walked past the metallic hulks, Tesni didn't seem bothered. Perhaps she didn't understand the purpose of them, Kasia thought.

"What sort of stuff do you make here?" Tesni asked, innocently.

The family laughed.

"Dead girls," said Bob.

"Splatter!" said Kasia.

"Screams!" said Emma.

"Oh, I'm not really mechanically minded," said Tesni dismissively. "Whatever."

Kasia sighed. As they reached the Hot Tub, by way of explanation, she asked, "Look, how would like to go for a swim in there?"

Tesni looked at the water slide, then the outboard. Then the fifteen-inch blades. "It looks kinda dangerous to be honest. I think I'll pass. But I wouldn't mind seeing you in there!"

Kasia admired her bitchyness. "It happened once. Those twins put me in there and I was rescued at the last minute. It was all on video, so Bob made it into a little action short, with music and everything. Maybe we'll watch it later. It'll add to the excitement while we're all fucking you to death."

Tesni's response was unexpected. "If you're going to fuck me and murder me, I wish you'd get on with it, instead of teasing me so much. I'm still waiting for big man there to take me," she said, motioning to Bob.

"Good point, well made," agreed Bob. "Let's get started."

As soon as they were in Kasia's room, Bob made his move. He grabbed Tesni by the throat with a big hand, and slammed her against the wall, making the whole place shake. Tesni's bulging eyes at last showed a little surprise and fear.

Her stomach may have been lean and hard, but was no match for Bob's right fist as he slammed it into her guts. She sprawled against the wall, her arms flailing helplessly, then Bob released his grip and she fell to the floor, gasping. A little saliva dribbled down her chin, as if she was about to puke.

Tesni thought she might. Her guts felt like they were tied in knots, a horrible aching feeling that made her groan in pain. She just wanted to double up into a ball and recover, but Bob was already straddling her, right there on the floor. But gradually the pain subsided, and soon it was no worse than a cramp she might suffer while over-exerting herself on a run.

Bob thrust into her without a warm-up. Tight, hot and surprisingly, already wet. As he fucked her, he wished he could be re-incarnated as a ping-pong ball, as her strong vaginal muscles forcefully gripped and massaged his dick, waves of peristalsis greedily sucking on his shaft. She was giving him everything she had, her body quivering with exertion below him.

But if Bob was happy, apparently she wasn't. "C'mon, big man!" she cried, somewhat ineffectually beating him on his sides with her girly arms, "you're supposed to be fucking raping me! Fucking kill me if you're gonna!"

Bob laughed, and settled into an easy rhythm, letting her do most of the work for a while, as she spat invectives and taunted him. Then he began to wonder who was raping who, so decided to assert some authority over the situation. He tightened the grip on her throat, and started thrusting hard into her power-pussy.

Tesni opened her lips to taunt him again, but only managed a sad strangled noise, warbling as she was pounded into the floor. But that faint half smile came back to her lips once again, encouraging Bob to plough deeper and harder. He thrilled at her responsiveness, as her muscles worked with and against him, and he gripped her throat harder, showing her who was boss. Then moments later she suddenly went limp, and her arms flopped to the ground. Bob felt her straining tight body suddenly melt into an ecstatic puddle of softness below him, and he spilled what seemed like a continual gush of cum into her snatch in relief. He didn't dare say while the ladies of his life were present, but it might have been the best sex of his life.

He rolled onto his back, and looked up at his wife. Standing over them, she again had that terrible look of lust on her face, and was already wearing a massive black strap-on cock in readiness.

Emma happily assumed raping duty, straddling Tesni and slapping her freckled face until she came round, and her dizzy eyes opened. "Round two, bitch!"

Hard black rubber tore into Tesni's cunt. She made an uncharacteristic squeal in pain as it raked the lining of her vagina, and Emma grinned in satisfaction.

"Fuck you!" Tesni shouted. It was a challenge for Emma to do her worst, and she certainly didn't mind obliging.

Emma slammed the cock harder and deeper into Tesni, feeling the girl beneath her desperately trying to resist its unwelcome invasion.

"Is that all you've got?" challenged Tesni, but she had tears in her eyes.

Emma smiled cruelly, casting a pang of regret through Tesni's soul. Then she grabbed Tesni's tender left breast tightly, and twisted it hard.

"Ahh!" cried Tesni, now unable to hide the pain. Then Emma, having immobilised the girl, used her right fist and punched her in the face.

"Yay!" cried Kasia, egging her on and dancing and gyrating gleefully. "You're not top bitch here, bitch!"

Emma's ferocious bloodlust had risen, and she continued the assault. Blow after blow rained down on Tesni's increasingly marked face. A split lip. A bloody nose. A black eye. Tesni tried to fight back, but her skinny runner's arms were no defence against Emma's farm-girl strength.

The pain of each blow was underscored by an angry thrust of the massive cock, brutally driving home the intent of destruction that Emma craved.

After a minute or two of this punishment, Tesni's face was becoming a shambolic mess, covered in blood and snot. The fight had been knocked out of her and she was no longer putting up much resistance, feebly flapping against the onslaught.

Emma relented. Her arm was tired, and now that Tesni wasn't fighting back, most of the fun had gone. Besides, this foreplay had got her in the mood for some real sex, and this girl couldn't supply that. She retired to the bed with Bob, and left their tormented prey for Kasia to finish off.

Kasia couldn't wait to get started, and had readied herself with a double ended vibrator. "I've never fucked a boy," she taunted, "but you look kinda like one, so I guess you'll do."

Kasia pushed her vibrating length into Tesni's already brutalised snatch. It slid in easily, lubricated by a mixture of girl juice, cum and blood. Tesni seemed to accept this intrusion without a fight. Kasia thought it was probably a welcome relief after being rogered by Emma's oversized cock.

Kasia embraced Tesni's abused body in a tight hug as she started to plunge in and out of the squelchyness below her. Her victim wasn't being so responsive now, but her soft moaning body and the arousing vibrations of the toy meant that Kasia was having a great time all the same. She kissed Tesni's lips and savoured their bloody, bittersweet taste.

Meanwhile, Bob and Emma had fallen onto Kasia's bed, and were soon doing it doggy style while they watched the girls, Bob forcefully pounding into his wife's hungry pussy in time with Kasia's thrusting.

Tesni wilted beneath Kasia, surrendering to her lustful attention. Perhaps due to a rush of pain-killing endorphins, she was now moaning in pleasure, apparently unfazed by her ordeal only minutes earlier. Clearly recovering somewhat, her feistyness began to return. "Fuck me, bitch," she moaned.

Kasia was impressed by her stamina, and duly complied. She grabbed Tesni by the throat, and thrust and the vibrator deeper into of her welcoming womanhood, wiggling it for maximum effect.

Suddenly, Tesni put a hand behind Kasia's head, kicked out a leg, and rolled over like a Judoka. Now she was on top, dominating Kasia. She straddled her as they continued fucking, and gripped her hard between her strong legs. Kasia licked away the blood that dripped from her adversaries face onto her own. She was enjoying the back and forth of this game.

Then Tesni reached down with both hands, and started strangling Kasia's throat.

By now, Kasia was experienced at breath play, and went along with it, riding a wave of being on the verge of orgasm, fighting the instinct to fight. She let things be, and allowed this girl to fuck her, her oxygen starved brain sending her body into a trance-like orgasmic nirvana. Then, blissfully, she passed out.

Bob and Emma too, were thrilled at the theatre of turn-about unfolding before them. It was one of the hottest acts they had seen, and Bob held back from nutting, wanting to savour the moment for as long as possible, but in the end, watching Tesni's incredible backside pound into Kasia's limp, jiggling flesh was too much, and he spurted wave after wave into Emma's love tunnel.

He pulled out, and rolled back onto the bed, panting next to his wife, revelling in the petit mort, he thought this whole session had been some of the best sex of his…

"Bob," Emma interrupted his reverie. "Kasia…"

Bob looked over at the girls. Tesni was still fucking Kasia mercilessly, and still had her throat in that iron grip. Kasia's blood spattered face was turning dark, and a blue tinge coloured her lips.


Tesni paid no attention. Bob jumped from the bed, and stepped towards the girls. The look in Tesni's eyes made his heart stop for a moment. She seemed to be utterly possessed, inhuman, as she laughed and squealed demonically, squeezing the life out of his daughter. Blood was trickling down Kasia's soft throat as Tesni's claws dug deep into her flesh.

An uncharacteristic panic rose in Bob, and he tried to pull Tesni away, but uncanny strength seemed to root her to the spot. Then he swung his foot back, and kicked Tesni hard in the side of the head. Finally she released her grip, and fell sideways onto the floor, the spell finally broken.

Emma rushed to Kasia's side. She wasn't breathing. Emma grabbed at her wrist, and as she felt for a pulse, she wailed. "Bob, she's dead!"


You know, I was purposely being vague about my appearance but you cam frighteningly close to my actual height and measurements.

But ignoring that, I am dripping with anticipation on where this is about to lead. I can only imagine the horror in Tesni's future right now.



>…you cam frighteningly close to my actual height and measurements.

I just dreamed up a character based on everything you said (and perhaps read a little between the lines), that made some kind of sense for the storyline. I'm happy that I got close to the mark in some respects, I'm sure luck must have played a part in that.

>But ignoring that, I am dripping with anticipation on where this is about to lead. I can only imagine the horror in Tesni's future right now.

Me too! I need to spend a little time thinking where things go next.


Yikes! Say it isn't so…


I'm just finishing chapter 12, should be up later today, and you'll find out what becomes of Tesni.

I'm still open to character suggestions, I like to have them early, so I can plan their fates and work them into the storyline. Bob still has lots of machines to test, and the Arena has been depressingly under-used so don't be shy.


Otherwise, I'll have to resort to my back-up plan, where a coach carrying two high school volleyball teams gets lost, and they somehow find themselves at the farm.

And I'm sure no-one wants to read about that.


Chapter 12. The Circle of Life.

Bob and Emma worked as if in a daze. There was nothing else to do. Numbed by the unreality of their loss, they set about dealing with the immediate practicalities facing them.

Bob was especially hard hit, unable to speak, his uncomprehending eyes looking for a world that no longer existed.

Emma was a little more stalwart, and it was she who took control of the situation. Between them, they dragged the perpetrator back to her cell.

Tesni was cackling with glee. "At least I got one of you fuckers!"

The couple didn't react. Grief had stolen their anger. They would return to their captive in good time.

When dealing with profound shock, people often revert to familiar, routine actions. In the tea room, Emma made tea on autopilot and Bob lit a smoke with shaking hands. The couple sat in silence.

Bob's cigarette burned down to the filter, leaving a long semi-erect phallus of ash. He hadn't smoked it at all. Emma took his hand, "We could bury her behind the farmhouse, in the herb garden and plant a tree over her. We can watch it grow while we're sitting in the kitchen. It's the circle of life."

Bob nodded, tears in his eyes. Either despite of, because of his pain, he laughed. "Yeah, the soil there needs improving." A dark thought flashed through his mind of deep roots splitting apart Kasia's beautiful rotting corpse and tendrils entwining and consuming her succulent flesh.

"Then you can decide what to do with the other one. It's your turn anyway."

Bob nodded. "She likes running. Let's make her run. Try out some fresh machines."

"Which machines?" asked Kasia, putting her head around the door. "The ones by the arena? So what happened? You guys look like you've seen a ghost or something. I wondered where everyone had gone, and you're down here, hiding. Anyway I need to get a band-aid for my neck. That bitch really did a job on me."

As Bob hugged and kissed his daughter, Emma said, "We've really got to be more careful checking for vital signs. It's the second time that's happened."

"What happened?" Kasia asked innocently.

Emma sighed happily. "You were dead. We were just about to dump you in the lime pit."

After more hugs, the trio sat and joked and laughed, healing their trauma with renewed love.

"Actually, Bob wanted to fuck your corpse first, while you were still warm," teased Emma.

"That's not true at all," corrected Bob, indignantly. "Emma wanted to chop you into little pieces, and make you into a celebration dinner. But we realized you'd probably wanted to be squashed flat like Mikumiyu or Maisie.

"Well, if I'm already dead, I don't mind. Fuck me, chop me, then just drop a big weight on me - splat! Anyways, what would happen if you did put me in the lime pit?" asked Kasia.

"You don't want to go in there," Bob warned gravely, "it's not pleasant, even by the standards of this place. By the time we'd hear your screams, it'd be too late."

Of course, Kasia was keen to find out the awful details, but the adults weren't really in the mood for explaining the gruesome science of it all. After their shock they decided to take some time out, grab something to eat, and return later, ready for the next phase.

The family reconvened in the evening. By now the roller-coaster of emotions had leveled out, and the thrill of near death had left them all feeling both horny and vengeful.

The cell door fell open, and seconds later, so did Tesni's jaw, as she was confronted by the apparition of Kasia's ghost.

"But you were…" she started to say.

"Regeneration tank." Kasia explained casually. "I've come to avenge my former self."

Bob and Emma appeared behind Kasia. Bob was carrying the Mossberg. Better safe than sorry.

Emma spoke. "You're going for a run. We thought you looked good in your running gear, so put it on again," she ordered.

Tesni donned her top, Lycra shorts, trainers and headband. The shorts did a wonderful job of accentuating her feminine butt, as they clung tightly to her curves.

Kasia laid out the evening's program of entertainments to her. Sometimes it was better to surprise victims, but this time she thought instilling a bit of extra anguish would be fitting. "We're gonna make you run all evening. Between times, you'll get raped and tortured."

The trio escorted her into the Factory, and they stopped by a large Plexiglass wall at the front of one of the machines. A sofa was in the aisle, facing it. Beyond the glass, Tesni could see what looked like a treadmill, the sort that she was familiar with at any gym, but quite a lot longer.

Then she was taken to the back, where the entrance was, and pushed inside. She heard the door lock behind her. Looking around, she found herself in a corridor, and it was clear that there was no way out.

She could see little camera lenses in the corners, and that made her all the more nervous. Already her heart was racing, as if she was at the start line of the county championships 10k.

Then she heard a noise behind her. She spun around to see a large spinning disc start to rotate. It had slots cut into it, the edges sharpened like blades. Tesni worked in a restaurant at the weekends, and it reminded her of the industrial vegetable slicer she sometimes used. And she knew what was coming next.

The family sat on the couch and watched in amusement. All Tesni's fire and feistiness amounted to nothing now, she had been brought low by the superior power of the Slicer.

Emma passed Kasia a spliff, and Bob swigged on a beer. Then he hit a button on the remote, and the treadmill started to move under Tesni's feet.

Tesni started walking. It was an uncomfortable feeling, rather like walking along with a hungry lion just a few feet behind you.

Bob twisted the dial, and Tesni was forced into a jog.

It would have been a pleasant sight for anyone to watch. Tesni had the easy, natural style of someone born to run, and she gracefully propelled herself along, expending minimal energy. Bob watched, fascinated, his eyes drawn to the cleft between her buttocks, as it wiggled this way and that with each stride.

Emma and Kasia wasted no time in making the most of the situation. Kasia sat in Emma's lap, and they moaned and sucked and fucked, sharing toys as they watched Tesni stay alive.

It seemed that Tesni could keep this pace up forever. "What's your 3000m time?" called Bob. He wasn't expecting a response.

"Ten thirty-two." Tesni had said it with pride, and to be fair, it was a pretty good time for a girl with little legs.

Bob pulled out his phone, and did some calculations. Then he set the speed controller to ten miles-per-hour. "Keep this up for ten minutes, and you can come out," he said.

"Hey this isn't fair!" Tesni protested, as she broke into a run. Already she was starting to feel hot, and there was no air movement inside the box. She'd had a long day already, having run miles in the morning and then being beaten and gang-raped. Now this. And none of her books on race preparation mentioned being raped at all.

But she ran. She felt she was on a tightrope, one trip and it would be all over, turned into salami for the entertainment of her hosts.

The heat soon became stifling and sweat was running down her bruised face. Realising she had nothing to lose, she pulled off her top as she ran, throwing it to the ground and baring her pale, boyish athleticism.

The top dropped onto the belt and raced away behind her. Shunk-shunk-shunk. The sound of it being sliced to ribbons behind her reminded Tesni of the price of failure. She supposed she was going to die today anyway, but didn't fancy it yet all the same. Not like that. Hopefully Bob would beat her unconscious while he was raping her, she thought, and she wouldn't be around to witness her own death.

Emma thought she looked like a prime piece of meat at the deli, lean and delicious, waiting to be sliced into a sandwich. Kasia was looking forward to the inevitable splatter, but knew it wouldn't be just yet. After all, the evening had only just begun.

"Five minutes to go!" Bob called. Already Tesni was tired, the lactic acid burning in her legs. She didn't think she could keep going at this pace for so long, and her mind began to wander, fantasizing about what would happen if she stumbled.

"Four minutes!" Bob never thought he'd be an athletics coach, but here he was, urging his girl on. Tesni thought that maybe she could do it. Just four more minutes. About a thousand metres and it would be all over. Then her stomach began to cramp.

"Three minutes!" The heat was making Tesni dizzy. She was burning up. Once or twice, she staggered , steadying herself on the glass sides. Her chest heaved as she gasped for breath, and she pressed on.

"Two minutes!" Dazed, Tesni found herself falling back, towards the blades. She felt she was in a surreal alternative universe.

"Don't die yet," she told herself. One foot after the other. She looked down, and noticed that one of her laces had come untied.

She hardly noticed when Bob called "One more minute!". Her right calf had cramped, and she was using her left leg to throw herself forward with each step, ungainly loping forward. She could hear the others laughing and jeering. Then she stepped onto the trailing lace, and landed face first on the conveyor.

Tesni was swept backwards at ten miles-per-hour towards the blades.

Shunk-shunk. Her left foot exploded in pain. Bob hit the stop switch. "So close!" he consoled her, "you nearly did it!"

Tesni looked in horror at her foot. The front two inches of her left trainer was missing, and she could see right into the gore beyond. Overcome with heat exhaustion and shock, she fainted.

The trio couldn't wait to take advantage of their new sex object. Soon she was dragged from the machine, her foot leaving a bloody smear on the tiles.

"Maybe this will wake her," said Emma. She produced a vibrator, and inserted into Tesni's pussy.

Bob couldn't wait to start on her special butt, and used some lube to force his way in.

"God, she's so hot!" he exclaimed. "I don't mean hot, I mean 'hot' hot. She's burning up!

Any hole which is hot and tight is a good hole, and Tesni didn't disappoint. The added vibrations stimulated both Bob's cock, and his imagination, and he thought of a hundred splatterous deaths while he buggered her. Then Tesni woke up, and started to sob.

"Yay!" cried Kasia, "Now we can have more fun!" A lightbulb seemed to go on over her head and she ran off, leaving Bob to continue destroying her butt-hole. She returned with a bottle. "This is hot too!" She read the label, "Doctor Inferno's 'Morning Regret' Chilli Sauce."

Bob was having way too much fun to pay much attention, but when Kasia grabbed Tesni's leg and poured the sauce onto her ruined toes, Bob found she had unlocked an extra mode on his latest fuck-toy.

Tesni yelped and kicked, the searing pain making her leg convulse. Bob rode the waves for a while before he nutted, spilling his relief into Tesni's butt.

"We should probably let her recover a bit," suggested Bob. "She's a lot of fun, it'd be a shame to snuff her just yet."

So Kasia bought Tesni some water, and Emma bandaged her foot. Of course it was still bleeding, darkly seeping through the bandages, but the wound wouldn't kill her any time soon.

The family sat on the couch and regarded the sorry girl lying on the tiles before them.

"How fast do you think she can hop?" asked Emma.

"Maybe we can do an experiment," suggested Kasia.

"For science!" agreed Bob.

Kasia asked her, "Tesni, what's your best time hopping?"

"Fuck you!" came the reply.

"Nope! I'm gonna fuck you!" Kasia laughed.

"Bring it on, bitch! You know what happened last time."

Kasia laughed, "okay, after you've done your hopping. Then we'll fuck. I'm not gay or anything, but you are kinda yummy. It'll be your treat for being a good boy. You can kill me again if you like."

Of course, Tesni was too exhausted to do much. She stood awkwardly on the treadmill, favouring her bad leg. She knew she was suffering from glycogen depletion, and her legs felt like uncooperative hunks of rubber. She heard the slicer start behind her, the blades whupping through the air.

Then the belt started to move. Terror gripped her, but there wasn't much she could do about it. She lurched lamely forward, hoping to stave off the inevitable horror.

"They should have this in the Olympics," Kasia said, "for sure it'd boost the viewing figures."

Tesni didn't last long. Her good leg crumpled beneath her, and soon she was crawling on all fours, trying to escape the agony of death. But it still wasn't time. Once again she was rescued from the machine.

"Well, I think you're ready for more raping now," teased Kasia. "And look what Bob made me!"

Tesni lay on the floor and her eyes followed Kasia as she opened her bag of tricks, and produced another double ended strap-on, an eight inch phallus of smooth steel.

Kasia strapped it on, and wiggled her hips seductively, making the shaft bob from side to side. She crouched down to Tesni's level, and crawled along the floor towards her like a predator.

"C'mon then, Tesni, let's call this a re-match. I think things have evened up a bit since last time."

Tesni was too exhausted to argue. She lay back on the tiles, and waited for Kasia to take her.

Emma could hardly wait. "Oh Bob, this will be perfect." She draped herself over the arm of the sofa, presenting her shapely bum, and Bob mounted her from behind. The couple had the perfect view.

Kasia pulled down Tesni's Lycra shorts, and looked down at the milky white flesh below her. She reached down and spread her legs. Tesni tried to keep her knees together, but didn't put up much of a fight.

Then Kasia spread Tesni's lips, and pushed the hard steel forwards. Tesni gasped a little as it slid inside.

"It's just like before," said Kasia, as she gently thrust into Tesni's cunt, "but now you're weak."

"Not so weak that I can't choke you out again," countered Tesni.

"Please! It was incredible last time. I felt like I was flying."

Having negotiated a kind of uneasy truce, the girls started fucking. As before, Tesni took the dominant part, rolling Kasia over, taking her young throat in her hands, pressing her fingers into the carotid arteries.

Despite her exhaustion, and the pain from her missing toes, Tesni found it cathartic. The ardour lessened her agony, and she found bittersweet tears of lust and anger flowing down her cheeks as she hate-fucked the younger girl beneath her.

So the two girls continued, raping and lustfully wishing the worst for the other. Kasia enjoyed the moment, knowing it wouldn't last for too long.

Then she felt the euphoric dizzyness sweep over her, and knew the time had come. She reached down onto her belt, and pressed a button.

A horrific gargling scream erupted from Tesni, as razor sharp edges flicked out from descreet slits in Kasia's shaft, tearing into her vaginal canal. Then the mechanized pounding started, driving the blades back and forth inside Tesni's pussy like a jack-hammer. Blood trickled down steel and into Kasia's lap, adding to her own juices.

Tesni tried to climb away from Kasia, and escape, but pulling away only forced the barbed blades deeper into her flesh. Kasia took in the look of horror unfolding on Tesni's face with great satisfaction for a few seconds, and watched fascinated as the vibrations made Tesni's nipples jiggle on her little breasts.

In fact both girls were quivering all over. Vibrations simultaneously hit every erogenous zone in Kasia's body, and she burst into a stellar orgasm as Tesni collapsed on top of her. Kasia gripped her screaming flesh in a carniverous hug, and rolled back on top of her victim.

In and out slid the shaft, slicing Tesni's hole to ribbons. At the end of each thrust, Kasia would hit the girl's cervix, each time giving an extra push, feeling the blades get hammered through. It didn't take much of this before Kasia had cut through into Tesni's womb.

Kasia's orgamsic gasps could hardly be heard over Tesni's screams, and then Kasia's own quivering body added to the vibrations of the toy, a climax on top of a climax. Panting, she pulled out, the pounding shaft dragging with it a chunks of girl-gore, leaving a slick trail of blood oozing onto the tiles. Then she turned the thing off.

"Well, judging by all the noise you were making, you enjoyed that as much as I did!" Kasia said to Tesni's ghostly white face.

Bob and Emma certainly had, by now both were panting and grinning in a post-coital euphoria.

Kasia flopped back onto the sofa with the others, catching her breath.

"Well that should slow her down at bit," laughed Emma, "I wonder how fast she can crawl."

The trio took some time out for snacks, drinks and a smoke, making jibes at the ruined but still delectable treat that lay on the floor in a pool of blood.

"She won't last the night, but it's a shame we have to snuff her. She was a lovely little fuck toy," said Bob, regretfully.

"Let's get her back into the machine," said Emma.

The trio dragged the helpless girl back onto the treadmill, and shut the door, leaving Tesni lying on her back, toes toward the slicer.

Then Bob motioned to Emma with his eyes. The two of them stood up, and started to strip. Bob handed Kasia the remote.

"Give us a couple of minutes, then you can start," Bob told her.

"Where are you…" Kasia started to say, but then watched as Bob and Emma crawled under the machine, into the pit below. She felt a tinge of jealousy for a moment, before she remembered that she was a sex slave. And after all, she was in control of Tesni's end, so it wasn't all bad.

Kasia licked her lips, stuffed a vibrator into her snatch, and looked through the glass at Tesni. Lycra pants around her knees signalled a readiness for action and the sexy way her stomach muscles moved as she gasped for breath made her look quite tasty and fuckable.

Kasia sighed, and pressed the button. Tesni jiggled with the sudden movement and headed towards the blades. She made no effort to escape this time, and didn't even look, as her seven toes slowly got closer and closer to the slicer.

But that attitude suddenly changed, as, with a shunk, seven toes were abruptly reduced to two. Tesni screamed and pulled back her right leg, and started to try and back away from the blades.

Kasia's regret evaporated. The prospect of turning Tesni into sandwich-filling with sauce was quite a rush, and she laughed as Tesni kept crawling backwards.

Of course, Bob and Emma couldn't see this drama playing out, they would review it later on screen. But they could hear it all going on above them. Emma was on top, and she moaned as something hit her on the back, and Tesni screamed.

"It's just toes," Bob told her, "plenty more to come."

Kasia thought Tesni was quite good a crawling backwards. "What's your best time for backwards-crawling?"

But Tesni was tiring. She screamed again, as her feet neared the whirring blades, and she pulled them back out of harm's way, almost rolling over backwards, holding them back with her arms.

So it turned out that the next part of her to get sliced was her butt.

Suddenly Bob and Emma heard more screams, the blood-curdling sort that only come of indescribable agony, as amid the shunk-shunk-shunk blood and flesh cascaded down onto Emma's back and slithered down her sides.

Kasia watched, transfixed, as the blades did their work, slicing Tesni's rump to pieces. Tesni could no longer hold her legs back, and they flopped once again into the path of the blades, and her feet were rapidly destroyed, and shins were cleaved lengthways.

Blood flew from the edges of the disc as it spun, spraying copiously onto the glass, and trickling down amid fragments of bone.

Tesni's lower half continued to be sliced and diced, as the unstoppable blades simultaneously worked their way through her thighs and abdomen, making one-inch sections of her butt, and her womanhood.

The massive force of Tesni's legs getting destroyed jiggled Tesni's torso entertainingly, and Kasia started to cum again. The machine shook and quivered as the unrelenting machine chopped through the thick muscles in her ass and thighs and smashed through the pelvic bones.

A spray of piss leapt into the air as Tesni's bladder was bisected, then shit joined the blood trickling down the glass as her intestines were diced into one-inch sections.

Meat and viscera fell, trickling and slithering down into the pit, splattering onto Emma's back, as she squirmed and fucked her husband in the steaming pile below.

Above, Kasia danced with glee at the splatter-fest of exploding organs. The slicer had progressed past Tesni's belly button, and she was still alive.

Kasia stopped the belt. She looked down at the terrified half-girl. "The thing with the regeneration tank," she explained, "is that it only works if you're in one piece, not one hundred slices. I'm sorry. It's just the circle of life."

She restarted the belt and marvelled as ribs were smashed, arms were chopped, and vital organs diced into a terrible bloody mass of goop.

As Tesni died, and her remains cascaded down onto the couple below, Bob and Emma finally came for the last time of the day, orgasmically squirming around in the mushy pile of splatter that was once a feisty red-head.

And after that once pretty head was chopped into freckly sections, there was nothing left of Tesni at all, except several long lasting orgasms, another video for the collection and a big clean up in aisle three.

As Emma emerged from the slaughter, drenched in blood, she reached down and pulled out a nice looking slice of ham. She peeled off a strip of Lycra and flicked it away. "Supper time!"


Sorry about taking so long to notice the new chapter but I've been rather tied up this weekend and have only now gotten free.

My hobbies aside, I absolutely loved this chapter. The death was especially exquisite although I'm not sure a piece of leg with lots of lactic acid build up will make for a good ham. Probably be really tough and gamy to be honest.

And is it ever a good thing Tesni didn't do what I'd have done in her situation when her and Kaisa went in for round two. Honestly, I wasn't expecting the return of our heroine but I'm not overly disappointed she survived. Rather, I'm looking quite forward to when her brazen attitude does get her killed. Perhaps a double death in some sort of spinning pool? Just making a suggestion since it has come up more than once.

Seriously though, if I was Tesni when the dildo went off I'm fairly sure my reaction would be to put my mouth where my hands were and see if I couldn't rip out Kaisa's throat since strangling obviously wouldn't work. Then again, I've never had my sensitive inner walls mercilessly shredded before so perhaps I'd react differently to the pain than I think.

And since you so lovingly asked for more suggestions I do have another. Try not to read so accurately with this one or I might be tied up for another weekend.

Let's go with another young lady but not physically fit; more in a good shape from basic diet and exercise. Soft but firm would be a good description. Half Chinese and White with a dash of exotic flavor mixed in giving her that perfect look where you can't quite tell her origin. Somewhere around average height with moderately sized breasts and a more demure attitude but quick to panic in the face of danger despite her submissive tendencies. Anything else I think I'll leave up to your wonderful imagination with one tiny request; if you do write a chapter or two on her can she partake of a machine that blends her insides and sprays them out while she is alive? Something like an immersion blender iron maiden hybrid but only below the waist?



Thanks for the detailed reply, Sol, it really is very highly appreciated. I'm overjoyed that you are happy with it.

> Sorry about taking so long to notice the new chapter but I've been rather tied up this weekend and have only now gotten free.

>My hobbies aside,

Lol. I wasn't even gonna ask.

>I absolutely loved this chapter.

Thankyou! I never really know if I'm doing the right thing.

>I'm not sure a piece of leg with lots of lactic acid build up will make for a good ham. Probably be really tough and gamy to be honest.

Ha! That did cross my mind too as I wrote it, but then I thought "Meh!"

>Honestly, I wasn't expecting the return of our heroine but I'm not overly disappointed she survived.

> I did seriously consider going the other way, but there is still outstanding business to be taken care of. Besides, I've gazed into her eyes a little to long…

> Rather, I'm looking quite forward to when her brazen attitude does get her killed. Perhaps a double death in some sort of spinning pool? Just making a suggestion since it has come up more than once.

You're so mean. I don't know what you have against that poor girl. It's a delicious suggestion though.

>if I was Tesni when the dildo went off I'm fairly sure my reaction would be to put my mouth where my hands were and see if I couldn't rip out Kaisa's throat

Damn! Why didn't I think of that!

>inner walls

Makes note of a handy synonym to use in future.

>And since you so lovingly asked for more suggestions I do have another. Try not to read so accurately with this one or I might be tied up for another weekend.

Ha! I'm not sure what you mean, but you make it sound like being tied up is a bad thing!

>Let's go with another young lady but not physically fit; more in a good shape from basic diet and exercise. Soft but firm would be a good description. Half Chinese and White with a dash of exotic flavor mixed in giving her that perfect look where you can't quite tell her origin. Somewhere around average height with moderately sized breasts and a more demure attitude but quick to panic in the face of danger despite her submissive tendencies. Anything else I think I'll leave up to your wonderful imagination with one tiny request; if you do write a chapter or two on her can she partake of a machine that blends her insides and sprays them out while she is alive? Something like an immersion blender iron maiden hybrid but only below the waist?

Everything about that girl, her character and her demise sounds utterly awesome! I'll forward your suggestion on to Bob, I'm sure he can come up with something.

I'm trying to figure out where the next few chapters are going, so if anyone else has requests, now is the time, before I commit to more plot.


Hi I love this story so far, if you are still taking requests can I recommend a 13 year old girl with long blond hair, pale skin, blue eyes and a small body shape. I'd like her to be someone that wants to please and be as helpful as she can. While having extremely low self esteem, apologizing alot and thinking that she is ugly

The kind of person that if the cage door was left unlocked and opened itself during the night she would go and close it before spending the rest of the night wondering if Bob and Emma wanted to make a game out of catching her.

Or if she's giving a blowjob and chokes herself unconscious the first thing she'd do after waking up would be to apologize for passing out.


Also if told that she's pretty she'd be extremely happy that someone would be willing to lie to try and make her feel good completely misunderstanding that she is actually incredibly cute.

Abusive parents/bullying by classmates could be a reason why she acts the way she does and the way she acts makes bullying her extremely fun.


I feel so sorry for that poor girl (does she have a name?), that I wouldn't dream of hurting her. Emma, on the other hand…


>Hi I love this story so far

Thanks! What's your favourite part?



For my favourite part so far is a toss up between Rachel's death and Tesni's death. Being inside someone while they're being pulled apart is insanely hot. And the run rape run rape format of tesni denise was also fun. (The hot source was amazing)


Thanks for the feedback! Funny thing is, I didn't think I did full justice to either of those scenes, maybe rushed them a bit. But I agree, the concepts are hot. And the thing with the Chilli Sauce was just a spur of the moment thing, although I was quite please with the name I came up with for it.

So thanks for the input. I think I'll try to arrange for more cuties to get splattered while they are being raped. As you (and Squishy) said, it's hot.


Thank you, i'm always looking for stories where a girl is being raped as she dies and it's surprisingly rare. For not finding the stories good enough I've seen writer communities come up with the reason for what you discribed being that the writer often has a perfect version they're aware of but often can't put it into words. So the version they write is always being compared to that version inside their head.

However the reader doesn't know of that perfect version so they can only judge what is written down on the page. And in your case what you put down was an extremely hot and fun to read story.

Also I have some other suggestions for girls but don't want to flood you with way too many suggestions.



>Thank you, i'm always looking for stories where a girl is being raped as she dies and it's surprisingly rare.

I feel your pain. For me, it was "hot girls getting mangled up in machinery is surprising rare," so I wrote my own. The closest thing I could find was probably "The Many Deaths of Julie" series. That guy writes much better than me, and I love the slow deaths of poor Julie.

>… that the writer often has a perfect version they're aware of but often can't put it into words. So the version they write is always being compared to that version inside their head.

Interesting, and no doubt true. I don't think I really suffer from that too much though, I don't recall a time where I can't get my thoughts across. But what I do find, is that I always think of more things I could have included after I've released a chapter.

But I'm continually re-writing the story, so the version on my hard disk has evolved a bit compared to this version. Basically, every time I read through it, I change something.

> However the reader doesn't know of that perfect version so they can only judge what is written down on the page.

Yes. I tell myself that, and it allows me to "push the button" and just get the damn story out, rather than pontificating endlessly on it's inadequacies.

>And in your case what you put down was an extremely hot and fun to read story.

Thanks! As I said before, really I'm just writing for myself, but if you enjoy it too, then I guess I'm doing something right.

>Also I have some other suggestions for girls but don't want to flood you with way too many suggestions.

Post them, if it makes you happy. At the moment I'm thinking I can't get enough. Too many machines, and also I want to raise the tempo before the end of the story. I think multiple girl deaths are hot. I don't think I should hold back on the splatter levels.

It's true I might not use them all, but go ahead. Your 'Cassy' character is a perfect example. I would never have thought up a girl like that, and it keeps things fresh and exciting for me.

Maybe I'm better at thinking up machines than characters…


If you're struggling with cute girls then here are a few that I can think of
15 year old white dancer with shoulder length red hair smallish breasts and an amazing ass. She dances to reduce stress, for fun, and sometimes just because there's nothing holding her interest at that moment. She's smart however her attention often wavers and she can be defensive when broken out of a daydream or having her dancing interrupted

14 year old half Asian half white. She's slender with long black hair. Part goth part comic/gaming nerd she has avoided the sun as much as possible in favour for sitting in front of a PC while listening to depressing rock music. She is prone to panic attacks and is sensitive to bright light.

17 years old with big tits, a big ass and almost starting to become chubby she's on the taller side of average. She has an air of self importance and believes she's better than she is at most things (including sex) and she thinks that she is so beautiful that nobody is able to resist doing what she wants.

16 years old with part black part blond hair. She small and she has a median size ass with big tits and a small waist. She has friends at school, she's nervous about getting good grades, and she wants to be able to get into a goodish university as she has no idea what she wants to do after school and wants to use the time to find out. She has a part time job and she likes listening to pop music and getting way too invested in teen drama TV shows.
She's lived a completely normal and uninteresting life and wants it to continue for as long as possible. (Also is scared to death of getting pregnant at a young age after watching her mum struggle to raise her by herself from a teen pregnancy)

22 years old dusky skin colored big tit small brunette. She is a natural born tease constantly showing off her body. However she is strangely really embarrassed about showing off her nipples. There's nothing wrong with them and they are normal if a bit puffy but she just has a feeling that they are wrong. She still likes showing off the rest of her breasts and her ass.

15 a cute freckled girl that is bottom heavy but is extremely flexible due to taking gymnastics. She loves ice cream, gossiping and killing small animals. Not for sexual gratification, she just likes watching the way the blood splatters around. She's been eyeing something bigger in her neighbours small daughter but has been having doubts. Not because of a conscious but more because there's a camera and she hasn't finished finding out how to disable it and leave no evidence behind.

Hailey and Harley
16 years old tall and they should become models with long brown hair goes down their shoulders and they both have one green and one blue eye but they are mirrored on the opposite side. They are friendly and kind to other people, have loving parents, a nice house and have experimented sexually with each other. They had a bright future ahead of them by contributing to their school winning several awards for maths, English and science. They can speak 13 languages between them and they often have threesomes between them and another guy or girl. They will be missed.


Wow those are all super! I actually feel a bit bad for being lazy and relying so much on my readers for rolling characters for me. But you guys are doing such a great job…


I'm going to take some time out from the actual writing, while I collect more victims.

Then I'll plan the next parts of the story, tie up some loose ends, sort out timelines, introduce new machinery and allocate characters to various deaths and so on.

I suppose I should start thinking about an ending. The story so far is already over 50k words. But unlike most stories, this one doesn't have an overarching plot, so of course I haven't planned anything. So it looks like I have 3 options.

1. Don't end it, and just keep going - after all, I've no shortage of splatterous death ideas.

2. Tragic ending. Kinda how you would expect in real life. Then I could start another story.

3. Happy ending - maybe leaving things open for a sequel.

I'm leaning towards option 3. Everything should have an ending, but it's supposed to be fap material, not some dark commentary on the human condition.

What do you guys think?


Of those three I like 3 with leaving it open for a sequel. Kinda like a TV series where you're fine seeing it end there but it another season shows up you're going to watch it.


So I took some time to think about the Iron Maiden of Blending and came up with some ideas for the design. I hope you don't think I'm intruding on anything by making the suggestion more detailed but… I'm already going to pay for this cum Friday so I might as well go for broke.

Perhaps the blender spikes go into the victim as small, pointed rods that unfold the blades once fully pierced. At this point, a heating element at the base would activate to fuse the skin and muscle of the abdomen to the spikes while the blades would begin to blend the contents of the abdominal cavity.

Obviously the poor girl would shortly die of blood loss but because of the separation of the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity she should survive long enough to see her insides spew out one (or more) of her orafices when squeezed depending on which ones are currently plugged up.

Unrelated, please take as long a break as possible; I find it super hard to find smut that caters to my very specific fetishes even on this site. Tsade was one such author and you happen to be as well.

Now onto answering a rather specific question; I've nothing in particular against Kasia other than that she killed Tesni. Call me a vindictive bitch but I'm shallow like that and I love a good for of karma even if I did help set her up for it. Beyond that she really does flirt with danger a bit too much for the situations she finds herself in. The twins nearly gave her the swim of her life while Tesni was barely kept from letting Kasia fly into that great over yonder (probably someplace on fire in Kasia's case). One day her luck is going to run out. Hopefully around the time Dave makes good on her request.

And finally, I vote for a combination of 2 and 3. Tragic but open, kind of like the way Doctor Who changes seasons but a little more permanent for our companion character.



When you need to step back to organise some characters and do some plotting - do so even if it is a longer break. Sometimes it's good to come back with a fresh mind.

That aside - I love this story for gruesome and detailed deaths with psychological horror mixed in. Or maybe psychological glee? I do like the trio of Bob/Emma/Kasia although even without Bob would read about them as they are interesting characters. I guess Bob's character development is in machines :P . So I would vote for a bit of all 3 options if you manage.

You did mention snippets of other people like Dave being in some sort of conspiracy alongside with maybe video watchers of the content the factory produces (sounded like they were made for more than personal collection). Sooooo maybe you can carry on writing about some family friend being all "I want a cool murdersome sex workshop :D!" and doing it similarly with some variable being different. That way you can really close this plot line in any way and return to it or not.

I'd love to read how both Bob and Emma actually got into it and their first endeavours and how they established the routine they have now.

And now onto random character idea I had connected to the above as not good at making them as other people or you writing them. Was thinking that maybe would be cool to have more fun revenge of some sort. If Emma and Bob ever had friends they shared their hobby with and one of them buggered off and told the police about … something not Bob and Emma related but related to the group. Then vanished.

Years later the random person is a perfect housewife living in perfect neighbourhood. Maybe her and her ex husband were into gorey victim destruction but something went awry and she gave him away? And her current family has no idea. She has daughters in posh boarding school who are very sheltered and average in everything. And a husband who thinks highly of his wife.

Maybe Bob and Emma kidnap him and make him sit through watching his daughters get killed with the machines their mum enjoyed watching most. In the end husband get a choice of offing his wife himself and does it on something she absolutely hated.

It is very eh idea as it appeals to me mainly and such are pretty personal xD . Am sure that all you add to your story will end up exceeding all expectations. Even after years pft.


>So I took some time to think about the Iron Maiden of Blending and came up with some ideas for the design.

Based on your earlier description, I had a different design in mind, but reading yours gave me a boner. So it's food for thought.

>I hope you don't think I'm intruding on anything by making the suggestion more detailed

Only a little bit. It's a bit of a complicated contraption, and Bob likes simple, singular machines. He'll probably create something based on your idea though. But in general, I don't need more machine ideas. I've already got too many.

>I'm already going to pay for this cum Friday so I might as well go for broke.

You keep hinting at something that I have no idea about. Either I missed something, or you're teasing me. All I have in mind that if your BF finds out you've been on this site, he ties you up for the duration of the weekend lol.

>Unrelated, please take as long a break as possible;

I'm not really taking a break as such, just doing planning and research etc. As soon as I'm confident where I'm going, I'll be putting more material out. It'll probably only be a week or so.

> And finally, I vote for a combination of 2 and 3. Tragic but open, kind of like the way Doctor Who changes seasons but a little more permanent for our companion character

I see what you're getting at. That could be quite nice too!



Thanks for all the feedback!

> I love this story for gruesome and detailed deaths with psychological horror mixed in. Or maybe psychological glee? I do like the trio of Bob/Emma/Kasia although even without Bob would read about them as they are interesting characters. I guess Bob's character development is in machines :P .

Yeah, Bob's character is probably underdeveloped TBH, I suppose the protagonists all are. And there's hardly any backstory, but this is (mostly) intentional. When I started this, it was just supposed to be an endless conveyor of girls getting splattered, so the main characters are pretty 2D. Now it's gone spinning out of control, and turned into some kind of actual story with a plot and everything. When (if) I re-write it, I might flesh things out a bit.

>You did mention snippets of other people like Dave being in some sort of conspiracy alongside with maybe video watchers of the content the factory produces (sounded like they were made for more than personal collection).

Did I? I don't think I did at all! Those videos are only for the happy couple's use. Funnily enough, I have considered some kind of video business, perhaps like some of the plotlines in Carey, Queen of Escapes or the scenarios on

But mostly, I just think extended story lines like that will just get in the way of splatter.

>I'd love to read how both Bob and Emma actually got into it and their first endeavours and how they established the routine they have now.

I agree, a bit more backstory there would be good. I might do that in the re-write. Or maybe do some kind of retrospective. I'll think about it.

>And now onto random character idea…

There's nothing wrong with that idea, except I don't really want to add more story. I like the way the goings on at the farm are self contained, for instance, there's really no mention of the police, or the fact that Bob and Emma have significantly boosted the nations figures for missing persons. I leave all that stuff out, and let the reader wonder about it. And that's why the victims just turn up in Dave's van - it's so I don't have to explain where they came from!



Another thing about Bob's character, and maybe a reason I didn't describe him much, is that when I started writing this, I assumed my readership would be mostly male (I think of 16 year old kids covertly fapping to this, and sharing it on their phones, hoping their mums wont find out lol).

So of course Bob is a placeholder for the reader to put himself into. That's also why he's the sole male in the rape/torture/snuff parts. Having two guys is so ewww.

As it turns out, it seems I have a number of female readers, no doubt who identify with the ladies in the story. I'm not an expert on women, (although I did see a picture of one once), and they seem to be happy with what I'm doing. It's been a fascinating process for me TBH.



Just remembered - this is from my notes:

>Bob made his money in the real estate business, and got out just befre the 2008 crash.

So I was going to write something about that, but forgot to add it. So now you know lol. He owned a big construction company, then speculated on the property market.

The idea is, he's fabulously indepedantly wealthy, so he doesn't need to bother with making more money (like producing snuff videos etc.) and can just pay Dave for more girls, while living an outwardly modest life.


Squunch sat in his castle, as it floated gently above the clouds. He looked at the spreadsheet of potential characters he had amassed and sighed. What the fuck was he playing at? Shouldn't he just be writing more splatter instead of dicking around with plotlines and character development? What does personality matter when your intestines are squirting from your ears?

And people were suggesting normie story lines again. And machines! Squunch tried not to be too insulted that Sol had suggested a machine for her character. Why didn't she just go the whole hog, and suggest the plot too, then write the whole damn story. Then Squunch could happily beat his own brains out with his keyboard, safe in the knowledge that the world didn't need him anymore. It was pretty clear that she would be more than capable of writing stuff, probably better than Squunch even, if only she wasn't being tied up all the time.

But what was worse, the 'Iron Maiden of Blending' was a brilliant invention. "Just imagine…" as Kasia would say. Squunch got a boner everytime he thought of that half-Chinese girl's innards being turned into screams and squirted all over chapter 16. So the IMoB and it's victim would have to stay.

But now Sol had gone a step too far, calling for slaughter of his beloved Kasia in the hot-tub. The story's central character! She might name herself after the Goddess of the Sun, but she wouldn't be the boss of this story. Time to set the record straight, and get back to work. tappity-tappity-tap.


Shitposts by the the author of the website's flagship thread.

Fucking incredible.



Normie plotlines reporting back :P .

I probably assumed that they share the videos as it sounded like they had loads of methods of filming such as under some machines. And you might be right you have not mentioned it at all. My brain has flu, forgive me.

And my idea was just written from my standpoint as I like grand concepts thrown at me (or making them) and then I cut them up and see what chaos happened. You are much more detail oriented and that reads great so nah - you absolutely can carry on going all splattery in any manner you wish and still would read as good writing.

I did not guess Bob as a potential reader insert as all people I met interested in gore/guro were women ;) . And even more - I am gay so just plain skipped the whole character projection.


>Shitposts by the the author of the website's flagship thread.

Wait, WHAT??

>Fucking incredible.




>And my idea was just written from my standpoint as I like grand concepts thrown at me (or making them) and then I cut them up and see what chaos happened. You are much more detail oriented and that reads great so nah - you absolutely can carry on going all splattery in any manner you wish and still would read as good writing.

That's interesting. IRL I'm not a detail person, I'm terribly messy, and love big ideas. But the splatter requires detail. I realised at some point, that the more horrible detail, the better.

>I did not guess Bob as a potential reader insert as all people I met interested in gore/guro were women ;) . And even more - I am gay so just plain skipped the whole character projection.

I'm constantly surprised by the demographic of my readers! So do you read it more for a kind of horror vibe, or do you still get turned on by it?


I'm writing chapter 13 at the moment. As usual, it has no interest in doing what I originally intended (In Soviet Russia, Chapter 13 writes you). But I think some of you might enjoy it. Probably a couple of days away (or 6 hours, which often seems to be the case.)


Well, I figured I was stepping on your toes a little with my idea but I just couldn't keep it to myself. You probably know how that feels but I'll apologize again.

Also, I've often wondered if this type of story appeals to women more than it does men too. I know several of the authors here do for sure and I had a hypothesis about it a while back when I was reading one of Tsade's novels he posted here. I think it has to do with how masturbation feels for men and women; the length and build up.

Now obviously I can't know for sure but men tend to have a low pleasure build-up with a very pleasurable release at the end while women have their pleasure more evenly spread out with the release being dependent on how the lead up is.

So stories with a slow build up that have a few small crescendos and then end in a gloriously detailed climax are probably better smut for women than men. But what do I know, I haven't slept with a man since college.


>Well, I figured I was stepping on your toes a little with my idea but I just couldn't keep it to myself. You probably know how that feels but I'll apologize again.

Really I was just teasing. I'm genuinely very taken with the idea, so thanks for sharing! Please don't apologise. I plan to do it full justice in a later chapter.

>Also, I've often wondered if this type of story appeals to women more than it does men too….

Well, I've heard women tend to consume porn via literature, and men prefer images. So I guess that would skew things too.


In fact, I would go as far to say, that if you have other ideas, I wouldn't mind hearing them. (I'll make a special exception for you!)

In general, most ideas I've heard from others have been too fantastical, and not at all practical. Or desperately complex contraptions. I like simple, singular functions for the machines. Also, I have to be able to describe them accurately and succinctly which, as you've discovered, isn't always all that easy. But yours seems that it could actually be built, and that's a big turn on for me.


Other ideas eh? Well, don't get your hopes up since I'm not actually all that mechanically minded. But I do have a great number of toys from which to draw inspiration; as well as a good story I can adapt a few things from.

For instance, how does Bob feel about rapid chemical expansion inside of a girl's womb being delivered by a particularly special dildo? Or a more traditional torture device like the Rack with a bit of a twist when it comes to the limbs? You know, something to splinter bone and tendon alike so the girl can be hung as a sandbag in the arena for a bit of quality one on one time with Emma. I feel like she'd really enjoy that. Bob would just have to be sure to use a few tourniquet so the poor girl didn't bleed out first.

Speaking of the arena; I feel like it needs some more use. Take the dildo idea from before but attach it to a few girls (ones that know eachother well) and promise them that the last one standing gets to leave alive, turn them loose with a rough explanation that the dildo will go off after being heated for a few minutes and see what happens. Of course with the dildos being double ended it'd be a rigged game and when the last one goes off it'd be a double whammy.

Another thing that could be fun would be net rounds fired from the Shotgun. I don't know how they actually work or if they are even real, but a bunch of wide spread pellets connected by razor wire fired out at high speed towards another young lady could make for some very messy splatter. Ideally she'd be running and the shot would aim for center mass so that her insides could paint as much space as possible.

Oh gosh, when I start thinking about this my inner DM comes out and I get all maniacal about it. Looking back over this it's a bit much isn't it? But still, I'd love Kasia to take that double-sided dildo for a spin. You know, just to make sure it works.


You have a sick and twisted mind Sol. I like it.

>Or a more traditional torture device like the Rack with a bit of a twist when it comes to the limbs? You know, something to splinter bone and tendon alike so the girl can be hung as a sandbag in the arena for a bit of quality one on one time with Emma. I feel like she'd really enjoy that.

So do I!

>Speaking of the arena; I feel like it needs some more use.

It's under-use so far has been absolutely shocking, and it is a deficiency that will be addressed very soon.

>Take the dildo idea from before but attach it to a few girls (ones that know eachother well) and promise them that the last one standing gets to leave alive, turn them loose with a rough explanation that the dildo will go off after being heated for a few minutes and see what happens. Of course with the dildos being double ended it'd be a rigged game and when the last one goes off it'd be a double whammy.

I'm not sure I really understand that properly. But 'devil take the hindmost / last girl standing' sort of games could be a lot of fun.

>Another thing that could be fun would be net rounds fired from the Shotgun. I don't know how they actually work or if they are even real, but a bunch of wide spread pellets connected by razor wire fired out at high speed towards another young lady could make for some very messy splatter. Ideally she'd be running and the shot would aim for center mass so that her insides could paint as much space as possible.

Doesn't seem too practical as stated, (I'm pretty sure they kinda do exist but don't work too well. Didn't Taofledermaus review something like that on YT? - it was for taking out drones, not girls I should add.) but it's delicious food for thought! Painting by numbers using razor-wire and girls. I see Bob's already got his calculator out…

> I'd love Kasia to take that double-sided dildo for a spin. You know, just to make sure it works.

Which one? The chemically inflating one?


Ah, well let me try it again but with a more specific thought process. The dildos would have 2 or 4 chambers filled with either a liquid chemical or a solid chemical suspended in a neutral substrate that would discharge out a mixing nozzle in the head of the dildo when it reached a specific surface temperature. Either from friction or prolonged contact with aroused flesh. The Chemicals themselves would probably be sodium and something that reacts rather violently with it like water or something that releases hydronium ions in solution. Suitably explosive to burst an unfortunate belly (or chest if shoved down a gullet) but not so much it'd carry any force beyond the original squishy sack it finds it's self in. Well, probably not; I don't recommend anyone have volatile chemicals reacting super close to them. They might get hit by shards of who knows what!

For the scenario specifically ideally you'd want a close knit group of girls that share a bond but also exist in a strict hierarchy. The kind that breeds resentment and bullying; perhaps a schoolbus of giddy little cheerleaders? Moving onto the actual game the dildos would have to be placed on and in the girls with a locked belt; closing off the obvious point of entry for the other dildos and forcing any girl on girl violence to be exclusively oral or anal in nature. From there it really depends on the personality of the girls in the scenario doesn't it? Would they form into groups to try and hunt eachother only to be back-stabbed in the anus? Or would it devolve into a free-for-all where every girl is out for herself the rest be dammed? And what if some of them are willing to sacrifice themselves for another girl they secretly (or openly) love in the group?

>Which one? The chemically inflating one?

Yes, that one. You'd need a test subject to try it out before making enough for a whole mess of girls after all. Imagine if it didn't work and Bob wasted all that time and effort! Or worse, imagine if it did work but not nearly well enough and instead of popping a girl open it just killed her! Madness!


Ah I think I understand. So each dildo has an (ostensibly) inert end, and a nasty end. That makes sense now. It does sound like a fun game TBH.

>imagine if it did work but not nearly well enough and instead of popping a girl open it just killed her! Madness!

Yeah, we'd have left Splatterville and be right back in Normie Town at that point. I mean dead girls are ten-a-penny round here. Luckily all Bob's inventions have worked first time so far. What are the odds?

>perhaps a schoolbus of giddy little cheerleaders?

I don't think they have such a thing in Wales. But it could be a netball or volleyball team. There might even be enough girls in one bus for all kinds of events. Who knows?

>You'd need a test subject to try it out

I think I know who you have in mind lol. You're so mean.

Anyway, it's nice. Girls cumming liquid sodium/potassium alloy into each other (it's liquid at room temperature) is pretty hot. I don't think you'd need to add water, I mean girls are 90% water anyway. I might modify it a bit if I use that idea. I'll definitely give it some thought and do some research though.


Wales has posh boarding school girls that would easily have private buses to go to competitions and such. They do break easily :P . I do like Sol's idea and kind of cyberpunky porny torture device.

As for how people consume porn - I have some expertise as studied that at uni plus was in a group that discussed all sexuality issues as a government advice agency. Hard to explain. However, am sure you all guessed that … porn consumption patterns are random and not even logically related to personal preference in kinks and turn ons and such. So yeah, to answer question - it is both a fun thing to read a well written gorey horror and it is a turn on but for me it is a situation or scenario as those get me more than anything else in porn. Whereas - most of my friends had similar contradictory tastes so known lesbians who only watched gay porn, vanilla-sensitive-romantic people consumed hardcore torture and bdsm and so on.

My offtopic done and I shall be back as a lurkey reader.


>Wales has posh boarding school girls that would easily have private buses to go to competitions and such.

I didn't consider a boarding school, that could be a nice twist.
I have in mind a nice idea for a scenario for how it comes about. I won't spoil it now though.

Maybe it'll be the last chapters of the book. Or in the sequel. I'm thinking netball players, or volleyball teams would be the hottest. Probably not chunky rugby girls lol, though I'm open to suggestions. Or I suppose it could be some kind of athletics trip where there is a selection of types.

>They do break easily

The buses or the girls? Mwuhahaha

>As for how people consume porn…

Thanks for the insight!


>I do like Sol's idea and kind of cyberpunky porny torture device.

So do I. But unless it could be practically realizable, then it doesn't belong in this story, and should stay in fantasy cyberpunk dystopia land.

Let me explain. It's a suspension of disbelief thing, and where the line should be drawn. For me it's a big turn on that things like the Masher could actually be built, and I think would perform as described. Quite often I do calculate stuff to figure out dynamic forces etc. Of course there are plenty of things in this story that couldn't really happen, I mean if it was 100% accurate, then the building inspectors would never have allowed it in the first place.

And lots of stuff I just skip over for convenience of not having to bother explaining it.

But so far, all the machines could be built. Some are a bit borderline, like the ripper-dildo. I think it's practical, but maybe wouldn't perform so spectacularly IRL. I do take allow some liberties in the service of splatter.

A corollary of this approach, is that when I'm describing the gore and splatter, I'm mostly just describing what would really happen, So in a sense it's not fantasy at all, but a gruesome description of reality. And again, I might add some details for effect or humour, I mean it is supposed to be entertaining.

So that's my approach, and I won't be deviating from it much. It is what it is.

Having rambled on now for ages, I should point out that Sol's ideas are really nice. The one that seems to be the main problem is the razor-wire shotgun net thing. I don't think it wold really perform well. The others are technically ambitious but doable, and so I think they'll be included at some point.

This is why I don't really want suggestions for machines etc. I don't want to hurt peoples feelings by telling them their ideas don't belong in this story.>>16712


I've always had a thing for girls doing gymnastics. Nice, soft but toned bodies, and enough fitness, strength and stamina to endure a fair bit of torture. It also opens up the possibility of having different ages at play, with different experiences with and reactions to the sex and perverted torture happening in the dungeon. I'm sure however, that whatever you end up writing will be very enjoyable (by us and the trio that is, not so much for the girls…)


I'd also vote for gymnastics/all girl dance troupe. On average I'd say those two groups have the best bodies and they are normally good at using those bodies.


Chapter 13. For the Gods.

It was the shortest day of the year. The family enjoyed celebrating the Pagan traditions, and had been feasting and partying all day, in a most agreeable manner. Now they were all sitting around the farmhouse kitchen table, in front of a log fire, drinking Emma's home-brewed wine and sharing old stories by candle-light as a winter storm beat against the window.

It was particularly special for Kasia, as it was so rare for her to be allowed out of the dungeon, But Bob and Emma had told her it would be her treat. The feast had engendered a sense of deep warmth and connection to her new family, and as she drank her wine, and talked with the old ones, she felt like she was on the verge of some kind of spritual awakening.

"Do you remember how we got started, Bob?" Emma asked. Of course, it wasn't really a question, but a cue for Bob to tell the story.

"Well we didn't really expect it to happen, did we?" said Bob. "We had just bought this place, and the land, and were doing the renovations and fixing the place up. And God! We were crazy in love!"

"We still are!"

"Well, you know what I mean. It was probably hormones or something. Anyway, that's when we found out we both liked splatter. We had just watched the first Saw movie, and I noticed the way it made Emma so hot. Well, then we didn't think too much about it to be honest. I mean that's pretty normal."

"Tell Kasia about the girl."

"I am, I'm getting to it! Well, one night, we were driving home from the pub in the village. Well, I was driving, and we saw this girl, just walking. Well, I saw her too late and knocked her down. Not really badly. I just bumped her ass and she fell and banged her head. So we put her in the car, to help her. We took her back to the farm."

"And then we kinda changed plans."

"Yes. The next day we still had her. We still had time to return her safely without people being suspicious. Emma went into town, and some people were talking about the girl that had gone missing. But they were saying she had been seen in another vilage, miles away." Bob laughed. "So we knew she was a keeper."

"What was she like?" Kasia asked.

"A skinny little twelve-year-old blonde girl called Becky. After we had her a couple of days, she started asking for her mummy, and wanted to go home. But it was a bit late by then, it would have been awkward explaining the delay."

"So we snuffed her," said Emma.

"Of course, we didn't have the factory or the machines then, so we had to improvise. So we used the rotovator."

"What's that?" Kasia asked.

"It's a big machine you pull behind a tractor, for churning up the ground. It churns up little girls pretty well too. We tied her legs up loosely, so she couldn't run very fast, and chased her down with it. That was a lot of fun. Then it tore her to pieces, and mangled her up pretty good."

"Starting at the toes."

"Yes, the toes. She did scream a lot, and we were a bit worried about that. We were a bit careless with it all to be honest. And we didn't video it, unfortunately. But I remember the way her innards wrapped themselves around the blades before being driven back into the soil. And it's amazing how much blood comes out of such a small girl. That really surprised us. Well it's good for the soil, so no problem. If you go in the top field, you can still find bits of bone sometimes."

"Mmm, yummy," said Kasia.

"Anyway, we had a hell of a job cleaning up. We had to scrub and hose the machine for ages to get the stains out. And we kept finding little bits of ripped clothing for ages after."

"Like a couple of stupid amateurs," Emma added.

"Then we fucked for hours. It was incredible. And we made a pact. That's when we decided to build the factory. I had loads of money, millions, from my construction businesses, so that was no problem. And the rest is history."

Emma poured them all more wine.

Bob smiled at Kasia, and then gave a knowing look at his wife. Kasia thought the candle-light had given a strange aspect to the couple's faces that she hadn't seen before, as if they were older and wiser than usual. They were very special to her, and Kasia had the feeling that she would do anything to please them.

"Anyway," said Emma, "We've been very lucky. It's certainly due to making regular sacrifices to the Gods. It might seem cruel to some, but it's necessary to maintain balance and harmony in the universe. Otherwise people get too complacent, and that leads to the degeneration of society."

Kasia nodded. The way Emma put that made perfect sense.

"And now it's the solstice." said Bob, "The end of the old year, and the start of the new. It's the most important day in the Pagan calendar. That's why we let you out today."

"Thankyou," Kasia said, "I love these old traditions."

Lightning flashed outside, then there was a long silence, then thunder rumbled across the valley. It all seemed very fitting to Kasia, and she was hoping she didn't have to go back to the factory any time soon. The fire crackled as Bob threw on another log.

"It's for a reason," continued Emma. "We should sacrifice a young maiden before dawn, It's only proper. Otherwise we'll bring bad luck on ourselves. The old Gods must be placated. Sol, the Sun-Goddess has died, and must be resurrected with an offering."

Chairs legs scraped on the stone floor as the two adults shifted and turned their attention to Kasia. Emma licked her lips. Bob was glancing down at her breasts with a faint smile. Kasia fingered her choker self-consciously. She knew they were just messing with her head, but she still felt a little uneasy.

"We could build a big pyre," suggested Bob, "and burn her like a witch."

"Or crucify her in the top field," said Emma, "and let the crows peck her eyes out."

"Or impale her on a big post, so people for miles around can see, and be happy that the Gods have been sated for another year."

"Or tie her to a tree, and summon the dragons to taste her flesh."

Kasia laughed nervously. "You wouldn't do that to me. Besides, dragons aren't even real." But even as she said it, her words felt hollow, and she didn't really believe what she was saying.

"It's important to sacrifice something valuable," explained Emma, "and you're the most precious thing here. For sure the Gods would smile on us, and bless us with a beneficient year of good fortune."

"You do want that, don't you?" Bob asked, with earnest sincerity.

Kasia knew she did, she wanted it for Bob and Emma, and love.

The wind dashed waves of hail against the window, and lightning flickered behind the curtains.

"Pyres and dragons are all very well," said Emma, "But it's a cruel night outside. Perhaps we could perform the ritual here at the centre of the household, on the table. A ceremonial union of male and female spirits, then a simple blood-letting."

Kasia thought she liked the sound of the former better than the latter.

Bob nodded, "Or we could just use a machine, I'm sure the Gods would understand. And the screams would surely summon the new Sun-Goddess from her slumber."

Emma took Kasia's hand, and gave her a serious look. "We did say we'd let you choose, Kasia, when the time came. And we'll hold true to our promise. We'll make it as easy for you as we can."

Kasia swallowed. Were they for real? She thought about the machines that she had tended so lovingly. She had come to think of them as friends, but now it seemed they might turn on her. And none of them would be kind to her, if angered. They would as eagerly consume her flesh as they had the other girls.

"It'll be midnight in three hours, the new year," Emma warned, "Time for a new start. It's the turning of the seasons, the circle of life. If you won't decide, I'll decide for you."

Kasia would have preferred it if Bob decided instead. She knew how terrible Emma's fondness for sledgehammers and axes and screams was. "The Hot-Tub," she blurted out, without really knowing why.

Emma laughed. "So be it. Sol will be pleased, I think. Fire and water, like the setting sun. Drink up and celebrate your last hours! Now let the union commence!"

Kasia finished her wine, and then the trio disrobed. Bob gently picked Kasia up and laid her out on the table. The light from the candles flickering on her smooth young flesh perfectly highlighted her curves in a beautiful chiaroscuro.

Then Bob fucked Kasia right there on the kitchen table as Emma, with a knife between her teeth, cavorted and danced to the beat of his pounding, and the sound of Kasia's moans.

She wasn't sure if it was the atmosphere caused by the candle light, or the effects of the wine, but for Kasia the experience seemed more real than real, and soon, as the table creaked and groaned below them, she felt as if every part of her skin was orgasming to Bob's touch. Her mind and her pussy seemed to meld into one tactile, blissful entity with Bob's masculinity. She was in heaven.

Kasia woke from the stupid dream, and waited while the reality of her surroundings seeped into her newly re-formed consciousness.

She frowned, and tried to understand how she came to be lying naked on the decking next to the Hot-tub.

She heard Bob's voice. "She's awake. Good, now we can continue."

Kasia sat up. The factory was dark, except for the light from a few flickering candles. Emma was pointing a broomstick at her. No, it was the shotgun. Next to her was a forty-five gallon drum being used as a barbeque, the glowing coals casting an eerie light on Emma's face.

"You know it's just best to co-operate," Bob said gently, motioning to the tub.

Kasia nodded and climbed into the cold water. She wouldn't even get to try the water slide, she thought ruefully.

Bob started the outboard, and the factory reverberated with a rumble of thunder.

Emma passed her a wine glass. "Drink this, it'll make things easier."

Kasia drank, and then found herself falling backwards into the water, spinning around and around in its clammy, soft embrace of death.

Kasia was awakened by an insistent beeping. She fumbled for her alarm clock, only to discover that she was lying on the decking, next to the Hot-tub.

"You're dead now," Emma told her kindly, "You've been sacrificed to the Sun-Goddess, Sol, the source of all things."

The beeping continued.

"Of all the fucking times!" Bob declared, waving his arms like a madman. "Here we are, trying to do a rebirth ceremony and that fucking thing goes off again. It's probably the wind fucking with the motion sensors. Sorry Emma, I'll be right back."

Emma sighed. The magic of the moment had been spoiled by modern technology. The Gods would not be happy. Next time they would do it the old way, with a pyre on the hill.

But Bob was ecstatic when he returned. "You'll never guess! - it's Dave!"

Bob and Emma rushed away, leaving Kasia cold, naked and bewildered on the decking. She looked around in the gloom, but couldn't see her clothes. And she felt weird. Everything was kinda spooky like in a dream. She thought she better wait until the others came back, so they could finish the ritual. For the Gods.

She waited and waited. Hours passed. No-one had come back. Everything was weird. Emma told her she was already dead. Maybe that's why. Dead. She remembered spinning in the tub. She must have been chopped to pieces. Souped. She looked over the side into the tub. It was dark and hard to see. But there were no pieces. Completely souped, she thought.

She looked longer into the dark water. It was still swirling. A black, terrible void of nothingness that was staring into her soul, judging her insignificance, laughing at her infinitessimal mortality. Her reflection gazed at her from the void. "You're nothing now. A dead no-thing," it said.

Kasia wasn't sure which one was her, and which one was the reflection. "Yes, I'm a ghost now," she thought, "a dead ghost. And cold."

Her eyes filled with tears. She was overwhelmed with a thousand emotions, and as she cried, she started to shrink. Nothingness has no size, and Kasia was becoming smaller and smaller. Soon she would be an insignificant, microscopic particle of death, like all the other things that have died, no more than a speck of dust, hanging in the air. A tiny mote in God's infinite eye.

The mote floated in the cold, black void for eons. Then slowly, it perceived a warmth, that had always been there, older than the universe. It was the fire of creation, and it was drawing Kasia-mote towards it. It was warm, and it reminded her of the Sun. She looked into the dark coals and watched as the fire surrounding them grew in intensity. Suddenly, she was looking at the Sun, as if from the inside, at fantastic filaments of light that connected everything in the universe. She could see the faces of everyone who had ever lived, right there in its smiling warmth, reflecting her soul, her soul reflecting the Sun.

It was the Sun-Goddess. She had returned, and it was Her. Kasia was the new Sun, the source of all things, the Mistress of Light.

"You okay?" It was the Creator, standing next to her.

"I am the Sun." Kasia explained matter-of-factly, as she stared into the barbeque, eyes as big as saucers, "I have returned."

Then she hugged Him for a thousand years. She wanted him so much, and he was like a world to her, the most benelovent, warmest and wisest soul ever to have lived.

Then she heard a musical sound that she hadn't heard for milennia, "She's pretty out of it," the music sang.

Kasia turned to face Earth-Mother's beautiful voice, only to be confronted with a greater beauty so towering and immense that she dare not look, lest it would destroy her. Kasia cried and hugged the Earth-Mother too, holding a softness that could destroy mountains.

"Kasia!" The sharpness of Emma's voice brought Kasia back to a more earthly plane of reality.

Emma smiled at her. "I may have put too many mushrooms in the mulled wine. Do you understand?"

Kasia nodded. She understood everything. She was the Sun-Goddess.

"Dave's got a delivery for you."

Sun-Goddess and Earth-Mother joined hands and followed the Creator to a place where the sky opened. Slowly, very, very slowly, the tiny cage fell from the heavens until it rested at the feet of the three Deities.

Sun-Goddess looked inside at many writhing, tormented snakes. She tried to count, but there was a different number each time. None of them had mouths at all, but all had eyes of hate and fear. And Sun-Goddess knew them. They were the Select Bitches, and they had come to be burned by her fire.



You're both brilliant!
I got it. An 85 seat bus full of gymnasts, crashes into another 85 seater full of dancers, right outside the farm…


I made a poll.

What is the bus full of?

Vote here:


I hope you realize what you've done, right? This calls for a story written from two perspectives.

The A side would be Kasia, still in funnyland, side B would be the objective camera feed.

Maybe alternate?

A: Kasia was a goddess of pleasure in death, and she judged many worthy and unworthy. The thunder rang from her hands, sending the weak into fountains of agonous joy.

B: Kasia picked up the glock, babbled sometimes incoherent about "eternal painful pleasure", and shot a few people. The blood sprayed *everywhere*


I think I feel attacked… Maybe? Drugs are weird.


>I think I feel attacked… Maybe?
Lol. You were being mean to my Kasia, so this is what happens.
Think of it as a tribute to your inspiration.

>Drugs are weird.

That's why I don't take them. But I did see a picture of one once.


Oh, on the idea of a bus I am very much against it. I know that I brought it up as a joke but that was because Squunch brought it up as a joke previously. Think about the logistics of that; a bus full of young girls going on a trip related to their extra-curricular activities is going to be very well recorded. Not only will there be a record of it's departure time but also an expected arrival time. The driver would likely be expected to check in regularly with the school and the police would respond almost immediately by searching anywhere remotely close to it's expected path.

This doesn't even take into consideration that the girls would likely have their cell phones and at least one would contact a friend about the breakdown out of frustration. Most of them would probably snap or tweet about it too.

No, a better idea would be a personal trip taken by a small gaggle of girls in a rented mini van. Something that can be staged elsewhere (perhaps by Dave) to throw off any possible pursuit by the authorities. This would obviously limit how many poor souls fall into the clutches of our intrepid protagonists but it fits a bit more nicely with the setting.

But if Squunch already has an idea about how to solve this then I can't wait to see what happens next. Actually, I can't wait to see what happens next either way.

Oh, and I had another idea but I don't think you'd like it since it isn't all that crunchy of a death. Squirt-guns filled with hydrochloric acid would be a much simpler idea than the dildos I posited for a battle royale between a bunch of girls. Totally my idea and not something some one else came up with after reading my suggestion.

now, if you'll excuse me I need to take a long bath as my ass is very sore.


>Oh, on the idea of a bus I am very much against it…

Of course you are right about everything, I'm not going to pretend otherwise.

>No, a better idea would be a personal trip taken by a small gaggle of girls in a rented mini van…

That would seem to be a lot more realistic.

But if Squunch already has an idea about how to solve this then I can't wait to see what happens next…

Squunch might indeed have an idea.

>Oh, and I had another idea but I don't think you'd like it since it isn't all that crunchy of a death. Squirt-guns filled with hydrochloric acid would be a much simpler idea than the dildos I posited for a battle royale between a bunch of girls. Totally my idea and not something some one else came up with after reading my suggestion.

I do like it, even though it was totally your idea and not something someone else came up with. (Wait- is there another forum where people are discussing this?). The whole battle to the death thing is really nice, and deserves my full consideration. Of course the acid might not be totally fatal, maybe they're just blinded and disfigured, and so they could be rinsed off for some kind of crunchy re-use.

>now, if you'll excuse me I need to take a long bath as my ass is very sore.

It's always about the teasing with you, isn't it?



It's a nice idea. But I don't know how well it would translate to the page in practice. And it was hard enough writing that 'funnyland' bit as it was.

So why did I write it at all? I don't even know. It was an accident I swear, just an accident. And now we all have to deal with the aftermath.

I did enjoy writing it though, even though I actually cried at one point, with tears and everything. But maybe that's just me.


>Of course you are right about everything, I'm not going to pretend otherwise.

If I was right about everything I would get spanked nearly as much as I do. But that is ok because I usually give as good as I get.

>Wait- is there another forum where people are discussing this?

I do not believe so no. At least not in any place I am aware of.

>It's always about the teasing with you, isn't it?

Well, it is the least I can do to pay you back after you so rudely forced me out of my lurker comfort zone and into the spotlight. Hell, I'm even engaging in long running conversations that get me in more and more trouble at home!


I see. You were discussing it with your spanking-partner. Now you've made me jealous.

Anyway, I suppose I'm happy that I dragged you from your shell.

BTW, did you mention something about a story you wrote? I'd love to see that.


>BTW, did you mention something about a story you wrote? I'd love to see that.

I've not written one myself no. Rather, I was making a play at repackaging things form a story written on an old Nokia phone in a cardboard box. I think you might be familiar with it in fact.

I guess I could try my hand at writing but I am no word smith and anything I put to text will be amateurish at best and blended guts vomited on paper at worst.


>I guess I could try my hand at writing but I am no word smith and anything I put to text will be amateurish at best and blended guts vomited on paper at worst.

Well, I think you might be wrong. Consider my own situation. There are things I know I'm good at - All kinds of technical things, for instance. And I'm very intuitive in other ways. And a great prognosticator. Those are my strengths.

And there's things I know I'm bad at - like writing for instance. Well I knew I could write a bit on technical subjects, clearly and concisely. But creative writing, forget it. And I so admired the writers who could do it, who could play with words. It dazzled me. But I couldn't even write a little poem, or a song lyric.

So I didn't. Ever. And I read some stuff on this site. Some is brilliantly well written, but doesn't match my kinks. Some appeals to me, but sucks.

And one day (about four months ago) I just sighed and started writing out my splatter fantasy. I still don't think I can really write, but others seem to like it. And I suppose I'm improving a bit. Maybe my strength is my imagination. I don't really know.

And I've read your posts. I would say you're a better writer than me, at least technically. And you have some good ideas. Maybe you would surprise yourself. Personally I've been absolutely stunned by the feedback I've had. It's been completely unreal. But then again, I suppose it's a niche market, and people will take what they can get. When I re-read chapter 3, I still get a boner, and laugh in shock at the over-the-top splatter. And I cried when Kasia was reborn as the Sun-Goddess. And I don't even know how that chapter happened. I didn't plan it. It was supposed to be Kasia's birthday, but then I had to delay that for plot reasons, so I thought xmas or solstice. Then I thought of Sol, and laughed. Then the thing with the shrooms. None of it was planned.

I've heard that some writers say they are merely a conduit for the work, and now I kinda know what they mean, like when a character decides to do something crazy, and it changes the plot. Remember, Kasia was supposed to have been snuffed in chapter 3 too. I so much wanted to kill her off (Well, I kinda did in chapter 4.)

Anyway, I'm rambling again. But I'm just saying, if you try , you might surprise yourself, and might even find something profound.


This might be overstepping but after the poll has decided on what the bus is going to be filled with if you say how many girls you want on the bus I could do a character map for them. With personalities, appearances and relationships. It's something I've wanted to do for awhile.


Sure. That would be awesome! It's one of the things I slightly struggle with (Because I live in a cave under the sea).

A few things come to mind about that:

1. It's probably going to be a while (weeks / months) until I get to that part.

2. By then I might have changed my mind, or had a better idea and might ignore the poll anyway. (I'm such a totalitarian tyrant.) At the moment the dancers are winning, which is my preference too. Really I'd like a range of ages, including adults, and a variety of body shapes, including some thicc types as well gymnasty types (Maybe some teachers? parents?). Obviously, they should all be at least somewhat hot. I don't think anyone wants whales or 4/10 types.

3. I loved the characters you suggested earlier, but more focus on physical attributes makes more sense in this context I think. Clothing / hairstyles, body shapes etc. I mean don't hold back on the personality stuff, that's important too, and helps me with dialog and plotlines etc. And don't forget Bob's notebook. Actually, you can forget that, and I'll see if I can figure out details from the description. It was such a stupid idea for me to introduce that, because for every girl, given her height and statistics, I have to figure out her weight. Would you believe I end up looking at medical weight distribution charts by age and height and such like. It's a complete nightmare. Well, if you can realistically include realistic weights and measures, I would be incredibly grateful is what I'm saying, but don't sweat it.

4. I haven't decided how many yet. It could be a 12 seat mini-bus as Sol suggested, or it could be more, depending what scenarios for mass slaughter my devilish mind conjures up.

5. So, do it if it makes you happy. Whatever you come up with will likely be used in some way. And thanks again for offering!


I honestly had no idea that you were being so accurate with the weights as I'm so used to writers using random numbers as measurements. (Personal favourite was a woman being given an 46a cup bra and being described as thin)

For 2 sure, dancers are good if they win because they let the girls have those different body types plus they can have a wider spread of ages. (Gymnasts are pretty much used up by 24) I was thinking youngest 10 oldest 28 with a 40 year old teacher

For 3 sure, to be honest with the girls I suggested I kinda got focused on girls in school uniforms and forgot the uniqueness that clothing can bring


>I honestly had no idea that you were being so accurate with the weights as I'm so used to writers using random numbers as measurements. (Personal favourite was a woman being given an 46a cup bra and being described as thin)

That's one hell of a ribcage lol. I don't know if I'm being accurate, just desperately trying not to seem ridiculous.

>For 2 sure, dancers are good if they win because they let the girls have those different body types plus they can have a wider spread of ages. (Gymnasts are pretty much used up by 24) I was thinking youngest 10 oldest 28 with a 40 year old teacher

Sounds good to me. It bothered me a little that gymnasts, are all going to be slim, firm, taut, muscular and petite etc. (I've nothing against that of course), where some squishier types would be nice too. Voluptuous is a nice word.

>For 3 sure, to be honest with the girls I suggested I kinda got focused on girls in school uniforms and forgot the uniqueness that clothing can bring

Focussing on girls in school uniform is always going to be an understandable temptation! I've decided to move away from the whole girls in PJs thing. I think the descriptions could work better if they are in a variety of clothes.

And of course, it doesn't need to be a school trip. Really it could be anything plausable, as long as the meat arrives at the farm.

I don't want this to become a chore for you, so don't kill yourself over it. I mean, really it should be me doing it, but if you're going to enjoy it, then go ahead. I'm pretty sure you'll be better at it than I am.


Okay guys, I've decided to go with Dancers in the Bus, the polling is a dead heat between Dancers and Gymnasts. I'm sure some of the girls can be quite fit, so hopefully no-one will be too upset.

Now thdarkhero can start rolling up characters if he likes, and I can start making a plan for how it all comes about.

Chapter 14 is going to be a few days away, I'm deciding on the best demises for the Bitches.


@thedarkhero, as for numbers, you can do as many as you like.

Despite Sol's protestations about the practicality of it, I don't think the amount of splatter should be limited by such niceties. I can make a 50-seat bus disappear, anyway. It's fantasy fiction, and anything is possible.

Not all the characters need to be fully described (or really described at all) to be honest. For instance, Bob's quite interested to know how many girls will fit in the hamster wheel, I guess those ones don't even have to have names, so if you like to just make some principal characters, I'll just bulk up the numbers with NPC types for the splatter scenes.

So I'll leave it up to you. If you do 12 or 60 it's fine by me. After all, any number at all is a big help.

Reading between the lines, I get the idea that you like the idea of describing the relationships between the girls, and if that's prominent, I'll try to respect it in the writing as best I can.

You have plenty of time, as I've got to deal with the Bitches first, (I haven't started writing that yet) and then there'll be a bridging chapter, (probably with Sol's chinese girl getting her innards souped and squirted), then I'll do the bus as a final hurrah. Then I think I'll wrap the story up there. There will be huge amounts of gratuitous splatter, so hopefully everyone will be happy!


Hi, i'll start rolling the characters this weekend. I'm thinking 2/3 teachers, 6ish university students/student aids called in to help control the girls and the rest students.

Do you want to use any of the girls I recommended earlier in anything else? As some like Hannah would fit perfectly in a dance troupe.

And yeah relationships are really interesting to me. I guess it doesn't really matter if someone offers up their best friend to the slaughter to gain some more time before they die. But the extra emotional pain of either the betrayal or the friend accepting to go willingly to give them that extra time. adds to the excitement for me. Or stuff like someone accepting that they are going to die but taking pleasure in settling a grudge beforehand.

I guess I just like seeing girls react in different ways to their incoming demise and relationships add to that difference.

Also I'm brimming with excitement for the next chapter. Bullies getting what they deserve is always going to be a good time.



>Hi, i'll start rolling the characters this weekend. I'm thinking 2/3 teachers, 6ish university students/student aids called in to help control the girls and the rest students.

That sound completely perfect!

>Do you want to use any of the girls I recommended earlier in anything else? As some like Hannah would fit perfectly in a dance troupe.

I've made no plans for those girls, so please use them if it makes things easier.

>And yeah relationships are really interesting to me. I guess it doesn't really matter if someone offers up their best friend to the slaughter to gain some more time before they die. But the extra emotional pain of either the betrayal or the friend accepting to go willingly to give them that extra time. adds to the excitement for me.

I think you speak for all of us. Already I can see your ideas are better than mind in this regard, so I'm very excited to see what you come up with. Hopefully I can do it justice in the story.

>Or stuff like someone accepting that they are going to die but taking pleasure in settling a grudge beforehand.

That's exactly the sort of thing I'm talking about. I don't think I would have thought of that.

>I guess I just like seeing girls react in different ways to their incoming demise and relationships add to that difference.

Agreed. To be honest, I've not even really thought much about relationships, just splatter.

>Also I'm brimming with excitement for the next chapter. Bullies getting what they deserve is always going to be a good time.

Yes. I'm taking a bit of time to consider that. All your talk of relationships has got me thinking a bit more…

I'm super thankful for you for offering to do this, and quite excited to see what you come up with.


I have an email now, so If you want to send me normie plotlines, characters, hate mail, offers of marriage, or just chat privately, now you can.


hope to see a return of farts and poo in your gorey stories! ^^^;


Ah! the return of Anon Poopster. I'll try to remember! There should be plenty of opportunities…


Chapter 14. Splashes and Screams.

Never again! Chloe thought.

She knew that going to Lauren's party was probably a bad idea. Of course, the presence of Zoe always lent an air of exciting unpredictability to things, but most of these gatherings merely ended up with broken furniture and most of the girls puking themselves unconscious.

Waking up in a cage, tied and gagged, was a first for her, and a sure sign things had gotten a little out of hand. And now things had taken a deeply surreal twist, with the dead girl, Kasia, standing before them, stark naked and ranting about fire and water.

Everyone knew she was dead, along with her family. People had ghoulishly chattered about whether it was accident or suicide. They had found their phones at the top of the cliff, but had never recovered the bodies, presumably washed away by the tides.

But despite the Bitches subsequent celebration party, and the tasteless jokes – If only there had been someone at the bottom of the cliff to Kasia, and the endless discussion of whether they had drowned or been smashed into a gory mess on the rocks, Kasia appeared to be as real as the black-clad big guy and the woman with the shotgun.

Chloe looked around at the other girls in the cage. Their eyes told her that they understood as little as she did. Kasia was dancing and twirling around as if possessed. Drugs, probably Chloe thought. Maybe this would turn out to be a better party than the one she just came from.

Then the woman spoke in biblical tones. "Seven must decide, one must die, choose one amongst you."

"A sacrifice for the Sun-Goddess!" echoed the guy.

"To honour my re-birth!" laughed Kasia.

The caged girls all looked around nervously at each other, as the cryptic desires of their captors sank in.

Chloe started to sweat as she realised the other girls' gazes had all settled on her, and despite the ball gag, she could see Zoe's eyes were laughing. Of course, she shouldn't really have expected anything different. As the newest inductee, it was always down to her to take one for the team, to confess crimes she hadn't committed and to be a punching bag for the others' sadistic desires. Still, Chloe thought, it's not like they're actually going to kill us or anything. No doubt it was some stupid stunt by Kasia to get back at them. But Zoe would think of something. She always does.

As Bob dragged Chloe away, Emma put some steaks and sausages on the barbeque. "Kasia, I thought you said there were five Bitches. But we seem to have a couple of spares!"

"But small. Very, very small," said Kasia, as her spookily dilated eyes stared creepily at a little girl.

Zoe made a noise, angrily trying to speak through her ball gag. Emma moved around to the side of the cage where Zoe was sitting, pulled a knife, and reaching through the bars, cut it away.

Zoe gasped and her newly freed jaw exercised itself.

Kasia addressed her. "Tasty, tasty deaths for you all. Each one yummier than the last! Seven! It's the yummiest number ever!"

"Look," Zoe said, "I know you're mad at us, and, like, okay, we get the point. But we really gotta be going. And Lauren's sisters got nothing to do with us. Just let us go and we're cool."

Kasia appeared to find this the funniest thing ever, and couldn't stop laughing, finally collapsing in a heap on the floor in tears, wailing.

Emma said, "If you're going to try and talk your way out of it, you'll need to do a better job than that. Kasia's told me all about you girls. You think you're tough. You don't know what tough is." She licked her lips and smiled. "Actually, you all look rather tender and juicy to me. I'm getting hungry just looking at you. First course will be soup."

"I don't know what kinda bullshit freakshow this is," retorted Zoe, "but this has gone too far, you're scaring the little ones."

"You make it sound like we should care, but what will it matter after you're all dead? Anyway, they're guilty by association. Kasia will decide your fates. Each one worse than the last."

"Pull their wings off!" cried Kasia, "like little flies! Snakes don't need legs! Worms don't need eyes!"

Despite Zoe's stoicism, the other girls were finding Kasia's psychotic proclamations unsettling, and the two young ones had started to cry, tears running down already tear-stained cheeks.

"So what's their story?" Emma asked, pointing to the little ones.

"They've got nothing to do with us," Zoe said, "They're Lauren's little sisters. Her folks are away on like, a skiing holiday or something, and she was baby-sitting them, so they just happened to be there."

"Good. We'll use them as an example of what's in store for you then!"

Lauren was trying to shout a protest through her gag, and shaking her head.

"Pull their wings off!" repeated Kasia, laughing.

Emma laughed too. "Well, Zoe, looks like your going to see what pulling the wings off an angel looks like! Of course, that's pretty tame, we'll have something much worse in store for you! Each death worse than the last!"

Zoe was about to speak, but then Bob returned with Chloe. She was still bound, hand and foot, but now she was naked and ungagged.

Emma turned to her, "It's time for your baptism."

Bob turned to Kasia. "The sun's coming up. Use these," he said as he passed her a pair of mirrored wraps.

"Whoa! spooky!" said Kasia, as she donned the shades. Bob looked at her and chuckled. They were the perfect accessory to her best birthday suit. Then he walked away, and hit the lights.

"God, that's weird!" said Kasia, as light flooded the factory. "I feel totally normal now."

"Ah!" explained Emma, as she handed out steak sandwiches, "The weirdness of normality. You're coming down from the shrooms now." Then she laughed, "you'll get those 'moments of clarity' a lot before you're straight again."

Bob returned. "Well, it's still only two in the morning. Sunrise is about six hours away. But, y'know – well, we need light for the cameras. And they're all set."

He turned to Kasia, "I think it would be more fun if she was untied, don't you?"

Kasia nodded, and then Bob licked juice from his fingers, put down his sandwich, and carefully untied Chloe, while Emma kept the barrel of the gun trained on her. Chloe stood there, in all her glory, unsure what to do.

She was quite the looker. Not super-model stunning like Lauren, but had a curvaceous, hourglass figure that was accentuated by her short stature, a pretty round face, spoilt by a surly demeanour, and a long brown pony-tail down to the middle of her back.

Chloe stood there, as she felt the trio's eyes check her out. Bunch of fuckin' creeps, she thought. Of course, she knew all men were creeps, and she was used to feeling their gaze. Not that she was afraid to take advantage of that of course. Still, she supposed that once this stupid game was all over, then she could get home, and have a proper hang-over. Clearly Kasia intended to scare them a bit before she let them go.

"Up." Bob pointed to the decking platform. Chloe sighed and climbed up. Bob followed, and turned her around so she was facing the water. "Bend over," he said, as he ripped open velcro, and released his angry manhood.

"Eww! I ain't gonna let you fuckin rape me you perv!" exclaimed Chloe indignantly.

Emma worked the action of the Mossberg.

Chloe wasn't impressed. "Oh fuck off, that gun's not even real. Everyone knows you fuckers are just…"

Kasia cringed as she felt the shockwave hit her chest, and a deafening report echoed around the factory. Something span through the air, and it landed twenty feet away. Kasia recognized it as the bloody remains of Chloe's right hand.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" screamed Chloe as she looked in disbelief at her ruined arm. More sobs and howls came from inside the cage.

"I see that got your attention," said Bob, "Now bend over!" He had his hand on the back of Chloe's neck and was forcing her over the edge, as she valiantly struggled against his superior strength.

He turned to Kasia. "Sweet pea, would you be a darling and help out?" he motioned to the tub.

Kasia knew what he had in mind, and was only too happy to comply. She jumped into the tub with a splash, and delighted as the cold water caressed her heightened senses. Chloe was bending over the edge of the pool, and her long hair was dangling down. Kasia grabbed it, and pulled Chloe's head down towards the surface.

Chloe scrabbled desperately. She had her one remaining hand on the edge of the tub, trying to push back, but her other arm was flailing around, as blood spurted from the flapping skin-and-bone wound that terminated her shattered limb, making pretty pink smoke-like patterns as it splashed into the water. "Nooo!" she screamed, "It's not fair!"

"Neither is five-on-one," Kasia retorted, and pulled her head under.

Bob forced his throbbing shaft deep into Chloe's plush, hairy pussy from behind. She was kicking out with her legs, trying to squirm free of Bob's attentions, but he used his weight to pin her stomach against the edge of the tub. He took his time fucking her. There was no hurry. And of course, raping a drowning girl is surely the most exquisite sort of drowny rape ever.

Kasia knew exactly what her role was in this game. Chief facilitator of breath-play. She hung onto Chloe's hair, whilst avoiding getting pounded by her good hand, or stabbed by the bony remains of the other. As Chloe's thrashings became more and more desperate, water and blood splashed in all directions. Then, after a minute or so, Kasia relented, and Chloe's head bobbed up like a cork, gasping raggedly for air.

Kasia smiled at her, and before Chloe could finish catching her breath, pulled her under once again. Bob was having a great time, as he had the most intimate connection to the girl's every movement and desire. This time Chloe strained with all her strength, trying to straighten her back, and lift her head. This was very successful, at least for Bob, as the girl's butt muscles taughtened against his thrusting quite deliciously. Then she gave up with that plan, and relaxed. Through his dick, Bob had a practically psychic connection with the girl, and he realised that she was trying to conserve oxygen, playing for time.

But before long, her will power crumbled, and she started thrashing again, sending her panicking flesh into delicious convulsions. This time Kasia wasn't so keen to release her so soon, and Bob paced himself for maximum duration. The paroxysms became more and more intense, until finally, Chloe's body heaved and shook, bubbles erupted from the surface of the water, and then the girl was still. But Bob knew she was faking it. He looked at Kasia, and gave her a little shake of his head. And soon enough, the thrashing started again, this time with palpable terror. As the girl squirmed beneath him, Bob grunted as little bursts of uncontrollable precum shot into her snatch. Once again Kasia released her grip. This time Chloe weakly struggled to the surface, her head on one side, coughing and gasping.

"Please I'll…" she managed, before she was once again submerged. This time she didn't struggle at all, and Bob got to work pounding deep into her, as her soft, yielding body drooped flaccidly under him. But of course that was short lived. Animal panic rose in her once again, and the bucking and squirming resumed. Bob was ready to nut, he just needed to hold on a little longer. But she didn't last as long this time, and abruptly, amid the thrashing she went limp, and suddenly convulsed. Bob felt every muscle in her body tighten in a peculiar twisting, and there was another eruption of bubbles. Bob nutted gallons as he felt her dying body fill its lungs with water.

Then he grabbed her by the neck and hauled her out. She was out cold, and making a strange gurgling noise as bubbles foamed from her bluing lips. Bob threw her face down onto the decking, squishing her breasts against the wooden slats, and slammed a knee repeatedly between her shoulder blades. Water gushed from her mouth a few times as he pressed down on her, and then she coughed and gasped.

"Wakey, wakey, darlin!" Emma taunted, "that was just the prelude, the baptism. Of course religious services are sooo boring. But now it's time for your reward, a nice visit to the water park."

Chloe looked pale as a sheet. Then she turned her head and puked, spattering the tiles with yellow bile.

"Don't be like that! This will be fun," Emma teased, "It's time to play on the slide!" She sauntered over to the control panel for the outboard.

Kasia decided that now would be a really, really good time to get out of the tub, and reached up to Bob for a hand up. Bob declined, looked across at Emma a gave her a wink.

"Two for one?" Emma said, and hit the start button.

The V8 motor rumbled into life, and it's vibrations coursed through Kasia's body. Suddenly her heart was pounding, and her throat closed up in panic. She leapt towards the side, the water feeling like molasses, slowing her movement to a crawl. Then Kasia pulled a leg over the edge and threw herself panting onto the decking. Bob and Emma burst out laughing.

"Jesus," Bob said, "I've never seen you move so fast!"

"You fuckers!" Kasia shouted, "you really scared me!"

"Well you should be scared sometimes," said Emma, "it adds to the frissance of life. You don't want to get bored do you? Besides it's a test to see if the Gods decide if you're worthy. A double sacrifice would make Sol twice as happy, I'm sure!"

Chloe was sitting up now, pale, coughing and shivering. Shock and cold water had slowed the flow of blood from her arm to a trickle, and it was making little red splashes on the floor.

"C'mon girl, up the steps. Then it'll be all over," Bob urged. "Or you could go for another round of fucky-drowny game if you prefer. I gotta admit, it's my favourite too."

Chloe stood shakily. Emma poked her in the back with the shotgun, and she made her way unsteadily towards the ladder for the waterslide. She climbed slowly, one step at a time, holding with her one good hand until she reached the platform at the top. Then she sat down heavily on the slide, water running past her fulsome ass as she looked down at the tub, the humming outboard, and the slowly rotating blades.

"Ready?" Emma called. "Three! Two! One! Go!"

Chloe didn't. Instead, her big breasts heaved and jiggled as she started to sob.

Emma revved the engine a little, causing the water to surge around the pool. "C'mon, we're all waiting for you!"

Kasia turned to Bob. "I need a pokey stick."

Bob handed her his Bowie knife. Kasia held it between her teeth as she climbed the steps, giggling as she went. Chloe didn't seem even to register her presence, perhaps her mind had shut down, Kasia thought.

Kasia reached the top of the ladder, and savoured the pretty, sobbing sack of soup ingredients before her. Then she poked the knife tip gently into Chloe's fleshy right ass cheek. Chloe resisted, and squirmed away from the pressure. Kasia pushed harder, and the point broke Chloe's skin. But trauma had filled her system with natural pain-killers, and she still didn't budge.

Kasia sighed, climbed a couple more steps, and switched to an under-hand grip on the knife. "Five-on-one isn't fair," she whispered, then unleashed a frenzy of stabs into Chloe's ass and back. Fresh blood spilled out, and mixed with the water cascading down the slide. Chloe jolted forward from the pain and pummeling, then, horrified by the fate below, tried to push back with her legs, but they slipped away from under her, and with a final prod from Kasia, she was sent on her way down the curving plastic fun slide into the sparkling dazzle of the cool, welcoming water. Of course, it's normal for people to scream as they ride water slides, and Chloe certainly didn't disappoint.

Kasia watched thrilled from her perfect vantage point. Chloe entered the tub with a big splash, and soon was floating on her back, just keeping her head above water, as she slowly drifted around towards the outboard. Then, realising where she was headed, she kicked for the edge of the pool, and grabbed hold with her hand.

Bob scratched his beard, curious to see how things would develop. It was always interesting to see how his inventions worked in reality. Of course, in theory, theory and practice are the same thing, but he had discovered that in practice, that's not always true.

Emma pushed up the throttle a little. Suddenly the outboard gave a purposeful throbbing burble, and water surged around the pool, and Chloe found herself suddenly being pulled under the water, into the undertow created by the propeller. She tightened her grip against the side, but soon the merciless force of the water was causing her to lose her grip, and she began slipping around the tub towards the motor.

Then she lost her grip completely, and was suddenly swept away and under the boiling surface. Desperately, she kicked away with her legs, and for a moment she managed to get her head free of the water, just in time to unleash an otherworldly scream, as the outboard juddered and the pool suddenly turned red.

Moments later, Chloe found herself on the other side of the outboard. Even without the crimson evidence all around her, she could feel something terrible had happened to her legs, as they flopped around uselessly underneath her. Kasia had a better view of the situation, and looked down in glee as Chloe floated around below. It was clear that the blades had severed her left leg below the knee, and carved their way up her right leg, leaving a succession of curved bone-deep gashes into her young, tanned flesh from calf to hip.

And now she was heading for another run through the mill. This time, perhaps due to her relative inertness, as she was dragged under, she hit the blades centrally. A shuddering vibration shook the whole pool, as the blades minced through her abdomen, and Kasia steadied herself on the ladder, as she watched enraptured as a huge plume of bright red viscera exploded up to the surface. Then amazingly, once again, Chloe, emerged on the other side. Well her silently screaming head, torso minus one tit and part of an arm did anyway. Then there was part of a leg, and some bits of guts, fat and skin.

She didn't scream silently for long though, next time round, there was an incredible chobbling sound as her ribs and spine were smashed to pieces and her skull was cleaved into sections. Emma pushed the gas up another notch, and Chloe's remains whirled and blended entertaingly for a few minutes more, slowly becoming soupier as they circulated. Finally, Emma pushed the throttle all the way up. As the engine roared, it propelled a massive jet of souped Chloe over the side of the tub, and it cascaded in a wave over the cage, leaving the Bitches soaked in little bits of un-nameable gore and bone.

"Yay!" cried Kasia.

Bob scratched his beard, and made a mental note to modify the propeller for less thrust.

"One down, six to go!" Emma announced to the now silent occupants of the cage. "Each death worse than the last."


I like how you did the exposition in this chapter, having us see things from Chloe's perspective and giving us her thoughts instead of just explaining it directly. We also know a little about the girls and why they're there from the earlier chapters, and it's nice that you trust the reader to remember this instead of spoon-feeding us the boring (but necessary) background info. The inclusion of the two younger, innocent, girls makes for some extra psychological torment for the others, and I'm really into that. Excited to see where you're going with the six other deaths, keep up the good work!



>I like how you did the exposition in this chapter, having us see things from Chloe's perspective and giving us her thoughts instead of just explaining it directly.

Yes, it was a bit of an experiment. I was going to try to do the whole chapter like that (after being inspired by another writer), but found it too difficult / restrictive. So I kinda bailed out. I think it worked out okay though. I'll try to do that some more in later chapters.

>We also know a little about the girls and why they're there from the earlier chapters, and it's nice that you trust the reader to remember this instead of spoon-feeding us the boring (but necessary) background info.

Well, I didn't think it would be so long before we met them – they were fist mentioned in chap. 5. But people kept giving me extra characters to snuff first! Dave was supposed to deliver them in ch. 7, but some bastard landed me with those nightmare Japanese girls to deal with – Muki and Yuki or whatever the hell their names were.

>The inclusion of the two younger, innocent, girls makes for some extra psychological torment for the others, and I'm really into that.

I'm trying to think more about personality differences, and different relationships in the story to add a bit of extra interest. But I'm not really a people-person. As far as I'm concerned, there are two types of girl in this story, crunchy and squishy. I'll do my best though. I don't have any relationships, but I did see a picture of one once. Anyway, somebody here should know who those two are (even though their names got lost in the editing, and the person who suggested them has probably died of old age by now)…

>Excited to see where you're going with the six other deaths,

So am I! I keep changing my mind…

>keep up the good work!

Thankyou! I've got most of the chapters up to around ch. 20 planned out to some degree. I'm idly thinking about the next story too… Hopefully that one will be a bit more focussed, consistent, and maybe have some kind of plot. I've learned a lot from writing this one, and kinda view it as a sand-box practice session now.


>there are two types of girl in this story, crunchy and squishy.

So, which type is Emma? And what about Kasia?



"Bob scratched his beard, and considered a scientific experiment to settle the matter empirically, using a system of large weights and strategically placed microphones…"



It does bother me a little that the characters aren't really well developed. I mean, basically they're all just me, but with added mannerisms.

Bob scratched his beard.
Emma pursed her lips.
Kasia said "Yay!"


I suppose I'm being a bit hyperbolic, but I kinda feel that's how it is sometimes. Still, probably can't be helped. We are Groot.



Emma strained against the ropes, testing for weaknesses that might allow her to free her hand, but found none. With a resigned sigh, she turned her head and looked across at Kasia, who, similarly emperilled, was lying on the Arena floor next to her. "Well," she said, by way of an apology, "I really didn't think he would go through with it, or else I would never have brought the matter up."

"Shh! No talking!" Bob snapped from the seat of the Caterpillar CS68B, as fourteen tons of yellow approached the girls' toes, "Or it'll affect the measurments. I've only got one chance at getting this right." It had taken him ages to set the microphones up, and it annoyed him that the girls didn't seem to share his respect for the scientifc method. But it was important to know, if he was to take himself seriously as a sub-terranean merchant of doom. The microphones would measure the crunchyness, and by measuring the extent of the splatter, the squishyness could be determined too. Then it would be a simple calculation to correct for body mass, and everyone would have the answer they were looking for.

Of course they had all placed bets on the outcome, and as Kasia felt her spleen squirt it's way from her left nostril, she was worried that she might lose. After all, she was supposed to be the crunchy one. Emma too felt slightly dejected as she heard what sounded like a fat guy sitting on a bag of popcorn emanate from her chest, hardly muffled at all by her mammaries.

Bob grinned, for once quite pleased with the lack of screaming, and pulled out his blue notebook. Another successful test!



Oh YUM!!


Ha! it was a spur of the moment thing. Not sure if it really worked, but hey.

Chapter 15 could be up in the next day or three. I think you'll approve of forthcoming developments…


I wait with bated breath ;)


Having to deal with so many girls is making it take a bit longer than usual.

And I've had to research a bunch of stuff too.

And I'm stealing some inspiration from another nice story which was suggested to me.

And there's a fair bit of preparation and tension building to be done for the 'big event'.

And I've got to figure out many splatter scenes.

And character interactions.

And then I keep distracting myself with more characters.

And what if something terrible happens?

And what if it doesn't?

But in between all those distractions and necessities, it's going really well. I'm super happy with what I have so far, and very excited TBQH. But it'll probably be a few days. I just hope it won't be a colossal disappointment.


You haven't disappointed yet and I doubt that you will


Thanks Squishy!


You know, I do wonder what it would be like to have your innards shoot out of your nose like that. Not that'd I'd ever be so adventurous to try it out myself but maybe a thick oral enema…


>You know, I do wonder what it would be like to have your innards shoot out of your nose like that.

I'm beginning to suspect my readership is not composed of entirely normal individuals.

> Not that'd I'd ever be so adventurous to try it out myself

That's the problem with people these days. No commitment.

I suppose you want an anonymous author to create a fictional character who subjects another fictional character to that fate, then have a third fictional character retell the observation to the aforesaid anonymous author (who may or may not also be fictional), and then presume me to post about it in this thread.

Also, I suspect that if your spleen was shooting from your nose, you'll probably wish you hadn't asked.

In fact, I also suspect you'd be beyond wishing anything at all (no doubt a welcome development by that point).

Anyway, it seems marginally possible, and it amuses me, so I probably should write something like that. Probably in chapter 16. Then you'll know.


>Anyway, it seems marginally possible, and it amuses me, so I probably should write something like that. Probably in chapter 16. Then you'll know.

I'll keep an eye out for it… I have a gut feeling it'll be a smash hit.


>That's the problem with people these days. No commitment.

You say that, but I think we approximated it fairly well. It is thoroughly uncomfortable and painful to have a thick, chunky liquid pushed out of your nose. Also, it is kinda dangerous and I don't recommend anyone else try it since I passed out from the coughing fit I experienced directly afterwords.

It is a real good thing my partner and I are well versed in the art of breathplay. Really, I have to wear turtlenecks and collars far too often for my liking.


I see what you did there…

God, please stop. I worry for your safety, and that my fanbase will suddenly shrink by a third. Also slightly jealous.


>I worry for your safety

We don't normally take it too far but I'll admit… We've been going at it a bit harder recently because of some rather fantastic inspiration. But worry not my dear, beloved Squunch; we have a good safety system in place. One involving a taser and an auto release system for any toys in case one of us goes too far for the other's liking. Haven't had to use it yet but the tests were electrifying.


Well, if you had told me about the taser to start with, I wouldn't have had to worry, would I?

But it seems quite a complex way to test the theory. I mean, If I had my way, all you'd have to do is lie there…


Squunch, if you ever find me I'll let you run whatever tests you'd like on me.


Ah! breaking my heart by teasing me with something I can't have. You're so mean.


I think chapter 15 will be up later today. It's been going slowly due to lots of boring research (womens' clothing), and a bit of trouble getting all the plot elements in place, and in the right order, while still maintaining tension. My main approach to solving this kind of problem is to sleep a lot, which seems to work, but isn't immediately productive.

Anyway, I think it's going to be good, and then I can start on ch. 16, which in theory will be the most thrilling, action packed chapter yet.


>>16921 Can't wait! It will be awesome, no doubt.


Chapter 15. Kasia's Volvo.

Bob awoke from a dream with morning wood. There had been a terrible red-skinned devil-woman, and Bob had managed to trap her in an iron maiden. As the halves of the device had closed together, she had screamed, but instead of blood leaking from the spikes, it had poured from her eyes, nose, and ears. It was highly arousing, and Bob rolled over, reaching for his wife, only to discover Kasia's nubile body first, reminding him that he and Emma had stayed the night in the factory; partly through laziness, and partly to make sure Kasia didn't get murdered in her sleep again if the Bitches managed to escape the cage.

Then, without a word, he turned Kasia onto her side as if to spoon, and started gently fucking her cute, pert little teen ass, as he re-lived the bloody eroticism of the dream, imagining Emma in the devil woman's place.

Kasia woke, breathed a sexy little half gasp, half moan, and snuggled her butt in towards Bob's attentions. The best way to wake up ever, she thought. Interestingly, although she would never know, Bob had the exact same thought. Then Emma too stirred, and soon had joined the action, using a double ended vibrator to share the living fuck-toy with her husband.

On the happy conclusion the pre-prandial coitus, Kasia showered, then padded into the kitchen with a towel around her head. Soon the place smelled of coffee, and she started making the breakfast of steaks, eggs, fried potatos, tomatoes, and mushrooms. It was going to be a big day today, with much work to prepare for entertaining the new guests.

The trio discussed this over breakfast. "It's a little bit unfair that little ones have to suffer for the Bitches," Kasia said. "But only a little bit. Anyway I thought we could do them next. That tart Lauren can watch her sisters get snuffed. Then we'll take care of Megan. She's fucking evil. Then destroy big Georgie nice and slowly, leaving Zoe til the end."

"All planned out!" laughed Emma.

"Well, I've had months to think about it. At first I thought we could put them all together in the hamster wheel, and slowly make a giant mess, and see which one is the last to stop screaming. But I don't really want to put them in machines right away. I wanna hunt the fuckers down. Maybe like we did with the twins. It's more fun that way."

Bob nodded sagely. "Then I've got some things to show you. Maybe they'll help you decide."

So after breakfast, Bob and Kasia headed for the Arena. "You need to wait here a moment," Bob said, as they reached the door to the Arena workshop. Kasia had been forbidden from going into the Arena area for months. It was such a drag not being able to skate there, and when she had asked why, Bob had told her it was a secret, and if she tried to look, her employment contract would be terminated and she would be given to Emma as a plaything to test new toys with.

After a few minutes, Bob returned and let her in. Two machines had their dust sheets removed. Kasia recognised these as the ones she had spotted under the tarps soon after her captivity, but it was the first time she had seen them properly.

"They're pretty much finished," Bob said proudly, "I've just got to put the seat back on that one, and test the hydraulics on the other. Could have them ready for tomorrow, if you can wait that long. What do you think?"

Kasia looked the industrial grey metal over, took in the scent of fresh paint, and her heart started to race. She reached out and stroked one with her hand. Once upon a time, it had been a rather mundane Komatsu warehouse forklift, but Bob had modified it extensively to reflect its new role in the Arena. Some minor changes had been made to the cab where the driver sits, with the addition of Plexiglass screens to prevent interference from stubborn victims, and of course, the addition of many cameras.

But what really got Kasia's juices flowing was at the front. Instead of regular fork blades, the machine now sported a pair of hydraulically operated spiky jaws. At over three feet long, and adorned with numerous three-inch teeth, Kasia thought the effect was rather crocodilian.

Unlike the jaws of the familiar cuddly reptile, these differed in several major ways: Firstly they were aligned vertically, so they chomped from the sides, rather than top and bottom. Secondly, the teeth, instead of being fixed, were set into endless ten-inch deep belts made from steel plates, just like caterpillar tracks set on their sides, so that whatever was being bitten, could be easily dragged deeper into the jaws as the tracks rotated.

The functionality of the forklift platform was of course retained too. Thus these machines had incredible destructive versatility, being able to spike, crush, chew, consume, lift, hold, drop or tear apart any pretty young thing that deserved its fury.

"Bob, they're absolutely beautiful," Kasia squealed. "And perfect! I can't wait!"

"One problem is, I don't know what to call them."

"How about Forkodiles?"

Bob rolled his eyes.

Kasia tried again, "Well, I suppose they're kinda like dodgems. And crocodiles."

"Girl, why are you so obsessed with crocodiles?"

"I just wanna be re-incarnated as one. On an island full of pretty brown girls, who have to come to the lake shore every day to fetch water."

Bob laughed. "You and me both, sweet pea, you and me both!"

"How about Crocododgems?"

Bob shrugged. It was a stupid name, but probably as good as any other. "Okay. But there's another problem," he said with a wicked smile. "There's three of us, but only two of those. Emma said we could easily fix that problem if you helped us test them out, if you know what I mean. Then we'd only need two. What do you say, slave girl?"

Kasia feigned wide-eyed terror. "Thankyou for the opportunity master! B..B..But who will clean up after?"

Bob grinned. "That's exactly what I said to Emma. So I got this instead, with you in mind. Call it an early Christmas present." He motioned to a much larger tarp. Excitedly, Kasia helped Bob pull the cover off the huge machine. Then, with tears in her eyes, she gave Bob a big hug. "I'm so sorry Bob, I just peed my panties."

Bob frowned at the trickle running down her leg. "You're a big girl now, nearly sixteen, so I think you're old enough to learn to drive," he said, handing her the keys. "And I want my daughter to be safe, so I bought you a Volvo. That way, if you do get into a little bump when you're driving, the other party is likely to come off second best."

Kasia couldn't help but scream. "But Bob, it's a fuckin' steam roller!!"

Bob laughed, "Well, technically it's a 'Volvo SD135 soil compactor'. It's not the biggest, only about thirteen tons, but the man at the dealership said it was ideal first ride for a beginner. Besides, the Arena isn't so huge, so I had to compromise a bit."

"I can't wait to show the Bitches, they'll be so jealous!"

"Yes, briefly," agreed Bob. "Get in, try it for size."

Kasia climbed the ladder up into the cab. Bob had customised it a little, adding a number of display screens so Kasia could see the camera feeds from all around, including under the roller.

"You can practice in it later," Bob said, "After you've cleaned and disinfected the Tub and the floor all around where the soup splashed out, and the cage. Oh, and make sure there's no bits of Chloe stuck in the propeller. And Emma says we've run out of PJs so you'll have to launder all the Bitches party outfits too, including footwear, and fix them something to eat. It would be cool if you let them use your beauty stuff too, so they can look their slutty best tomorrow." Then he added with a grin, "I'm sorry it's a lot of work, but really it's your own fault for having so many enemies."

Kasia hugged him again. She didn't have words for her gratitude, but then, she noticed something behind him. "Bob, what's that under there?" she said, pointing at another low, long tarp.

Bob sighed, and his tone became stern. "It's a special device I've been working on. It instantly vapourizes nosy girls who get too close to it, and turns them into screams and pink mist. I'll be looking for volunteers soon, to test it out. Do you know any nosy girls?"

Kasia looked at her feet and shook her head.

A little later, the trio met at the cage. The Bitches were all looking incredibly sorry for themselves, having spent the cold night with their party clothes soaked in Chloe's disgusting, stinking juices, tied and gagged, lying on the painfully uncomfortable wire floor. There was another smell too, of stale urine as the girls had no choice but to relieve themselves where they lay, and shit too, as Lauren had helplessly filled her panties during the night. The little ones were sobbing, and Georgie was trying to make some kind of plea through her gag.

"Not looking so pretty now, are we?" taunted Kasia, echoing their words from a year earlier. "But we're going to be nice to you now. Tomorrow, there's a contest. Whoever wins, gets the big prize – being my bitch forever. It won't always be fun. But life is life. At least if you win you won't end up like poor Chloe."

Processing them all took a while, as they were removed one at a time at gun point, humiliated, stripped of their filthy outfits, teased, sent into the showers and then mocked, measured, photographed and taunted. Then they were locked away, the three sisters in one cell together, while Zoe, Georgie and Megan got solitary confinement.

Chloe (16) 32D 26 34 1.50m 50kg

Zoe (17) 34B 24 34 1.73m 56kg
Georgie (17) 36D 28 38 1.70m 71kg
Megan (16) 30C 24 32 1.54m 54kg
Lauren (17) 36DD 24 34 1.80m 62kg
Christi (12) 1.64m 45kg
Amy (8) 1.15m 21kg

Kasia had completed her cleaning jobs by tea-time. It had been pretty hard work. Arriving at the Tub, she found a disgusting pool of filth, with a thick layer of skin, fat and hair floating on the surface, together with an eyeball. Heavier muscle and bone had sunk to the bottom, almost invisible through the congealing murk. Chloe's gut bacteria, having been granted their freedom, found themselves in paradise, and were ecstatic about turning the tables on their erstwhile overlord. They had already made significant pungent progress towards establishing their utopian empire through exponential population expansion, and it took much scrubbing and bleaching for Kasia to quell that uprising.

Back at her flat, she showered, put the Bitches clothes in the dryer, and started preparing their meal. She decided on a big pot of beef stew, tasty, easy and nutritious, served with thick slabs of farmhouse bread and butter for extra carbos. Then apple pie and ice-cream. Those girls were going to need their energy. And Emma had taught Kasia that boosting morale was very important, thus making its subsequent destruction all the more delicious.

Kasia was already exhausted from working all day, her arms aching from scrubbing the Tub, but couldn't wait to meet Bob and Emma in the Arena for her first driving lesson. When she arrived at the Arena, they were already there.

"We can fetch you a test subject, if you like," Emma said, "So you can test it out properly."

Of course it was tempting, and Kasia thought about who would be best for that role, but she declined. "I wanna save them all for tomorrow. Besides, I've done enough cleaning today."

Soon the lesson was underway. Processing the Bitches had left Bob feeling incredibly horny, but enterprising as ever, he found a way to kill two birds with one stone, demonstrating the operation of the roller while Kasia sat in his lap, with his hard cock thrust deep into her grateful minge.

Once Kasia had felt the delights of the vibration modes, she found mastering the machine was a cinch, the powered controls were light, and it was pretty slow, so there was plenty of time to guide it where it needed to go. Then Bob and Emma left her to her own devices while they used a regular fork lift to bring in some boxes, crates, big plastic yellow pipes, ladders, several heavy concrete blocks, a yellow builder's skip, bundles of razor wire and other obstacles, as well a cage of tools, cables and accessories. Eventually everything was in place.

"I'm knackered," announced Bob. "We can finish the set-up tomorrow."

"Good," said Emma, "It's getting late. Let's see to the Bitches and get some sleep."

The trio arrived at the cells, with the freshly laundered clothes, and a trolley for the catering. First they checked in on Zoe.

She was already standing when they entered, a tall, young streak of pale flesh, topped with long, straggly black hair and a bad attitude. Poor diet and bad lifestyle choices had yet to catch up with her, and her body retained it's lithe girly attractiveness. All in all she was definitely fuckable, with pert, modest tits, a nice ass, and slim legs.

Nakedness had stripped her of her usual arrogance, and she was uncharacteristically silent. Despite the age difference, Kasia thought she could best her in a fight. The thought of that made her angry and horny, and she needed to get a grip on herself to avoid revealing her hot-headedness.

Zoe seemed appreciative of the meal, although of course she didn't bother thanking anyone for it. Kasia threw her clothes back at her and informed her of the upcoming event. "We're holding a tournament tomorrow, and you can wear your party clothes. We expect you to look your best. You're the boss of these girls, so you should figure out a way to win easily. Then you'll be my slave. You know what the alternative is."

With that, the trio left, and went next door to Georgie's cell. She had put on weight since Kasia's encounter with her a year earlier, particularly around her bust and substantial ass. She looked thicc, hot and sassy. Her formidable physique was matched by a bad attitude, framed by a bob haircut and fresh, fleshy face. "You gonna fuckin' die girl," she said, glowering at Kasia, and sounded like she meant it. "You ain't gonna beat me."

Kasia laughed at her bravado, "You could beat me in a fight easily Georgie, just by sitting on me. If you win tomorrow, you might get your chance. Otherwise, I'll leave you for Emma and her axe collection. Anyway, you should beat the others no problem, then you'll be my bitch."

Next up was Megan. Kasia felt a particular animus towards her. More than just a bully. she was an evil, manipulative, weaselly little redhead who would do anything to further her own interest, and used the gang purely as a means to do that. She was political, and would say anything to destroy reputations, then hide from the consequences behind the protection of the group. Petite, she had a homely softness from sitting in front of a computer too long. Squishy thought Kasia. Every angle and bone of her body was softened by a layer of puppy fat, although she wasn't overweight at all. Bob thought her body deserved a good pounding, in more than one sense. She sat on the bed with a nasty little smirk on her face that immediately enraged Kasia.

Kasia flew at her and started punching her. "Tomorrow you die!" she yelled, over and over. Megan tried to defend herself, but wasn't used to fighting, normally leaving that stuff to Georgie. The girls rolled off the bed, and onto the floor. Bob and Emma watched for a minute, enjoying the show, then pulled them apart. Kasia grinned at her bruised, bloody face. "You won't win tomorrow, Megan. I'll make sure," she said. "Get dressed."

It was time to check in on the three sisters.

Christi, the twelve year old, and Amy who was just eight, were sitting close together on the bed. The trio could hear Lauren in the toilet cubical. "She's not feeling very well," Christi explained.

The older girl soon emerged, looking ashen. She was very tall, blond, with nicely defined angular features. Her body would best be described as voluptuous, with the proportions of a supermodel, lovely full breasts, narrow waist, and one of those 'inverted-heart' shaped asses. She had clearly taken time with her personal grooming too, with a tidy blonde Brazilian leading down to tasty looking wiggly folds of flesh below.

"I like tall girls," Emma said, as she looked Lauren up and down, "they take longer to die."

Bob looked at his wife doubtfully. "Really?"

"Well, if you start at the toes…"

"You better be feeling better tomorrow," Kasia advised Lauren, "Or it's going to slow you down. Personally, I'd like you to win. You are the cutest after all. You'll be competing against the others for your life, but of course, we'll have a big say in who succeeds and fails."

"What about the girls?" Lauren said weakly, gesturing to the twins.

Emma spoke up. "Oh, I don't think they stand much chance to be honest. And I think they're a bit young to keep as slaves anyway. But we'll have a lot of fun with them before the end, I'm sure."

"What's the competition tomorrow?" asked Christi. She was the tallest girl in her class, and had one side of her head shaved and dyed blue. Puberty had just started transforming her girly frame, adding little tufts of hair around her pussy, and making her nipples puff up, as if they were already looking for action. She had been the only one to actually ask what the event was.

"Well, my little freak," said Bob, wondering what the hell her parents must have been thinking allowing that hairstyle, "There's a big obstacle course. It'll be like hide and seek. There's a big prize for the winner, and you and Amy can play too. You'll have to run and hide, and if you get caught, it's game over.

In contrast to her sisters, Amy was quite tiny, but very cute, with an amazing little pudgy ass that reminded Bob of pudding for some reason. Bob thought she would make an ideal cock sleeve, but he said nothing. He didn't want to upset them just yet. "That sounds like fun!" she said, swaying her butt provocatively, "I love games like that."

"Yeah," laughed Kasia, sizing up her little limbs for removal, "loads of fun."

"Look, maybe we can come to an arrangement," Lauren said. She was used to 'making arrangements' with men, and few could resist.

"You've nothing to give me that I can't already take," Bob said. "In fact, I might just take you now. Or your sisters." He turned to Kasia, "What do you think, how about another sleep-over?"

"It would be kinda fun I guess. But after last time…"

"We could stay over with you, for security."

Emma cut in, "You can Bob, but I'm shattered. I'm going back to my own bed to sleep tonight. For sure there'll be time for plenty of fun tomorrow."

So Emma headed back to the farmhouse, and amid Lauren's protests, Bob, Kasia, Christi and Amy went to Kasia's room.

"I'm scared," Amy said in a small voice as they walked.

"Don't be scared," reassured Bob, "after the competition tomorrow, we'll have finished with you, and you can go home."

"Where's Chloe?"

"Didn't you see?" asked Kasia.

Amy shook her head.

"Lauren said not to look," added Christi.

A wicked grin slowly spread over Kasia's face. She looked up at Bob. "Video night?"

It took a bit of re-assuring to get the two sisters to relax. Kasia made them cocoa, and Bob did his 'kind uncle' act. Then, while the three girls were snuggling together in bed, he pulled up the various recordings of Chloe's demise. There were a lot of angles, and some great ones from the underwater cameras that would be perfect to show the little ones exactly what became of Chloe. An hour later, he had made a rough compilation of the various video feeds, including some nice slow motion footage.

Meanwhile, Kasia had been playing naughty little games with the girls, helping them to explore themselves with fingers. It was all quite educational. Christi, led by Kasia's experience, was particularly enjoying herself.

Amy squealed a cute little yawn. "I'm sleepy," she declared.

"Let's watch a movie," Bob said, "Then we can sleep."

Bob climbed into bed, and lifted little Amy onto his lap.

Kasia and Christi giggled, as Kasia reached into a bedside drawer and pulled out a little vibrator made for two. Kasia showed it to her. "Do you think you're ready for this one?"

"You're really bad!" Christi admonished, but her eyes were eager. Soon Kasia was on top of her, and the two girls were moaning and panting as they fucked.

Amy looked at them curiously, not really understanding. But it still stirred something within her, and she started wriggling her cute naked rear against Bob's onesie. She looked up at Bob with a naughty grin. "What are those girls doing?" she demanded, like a bossy little princess.

"Just the same as us, having fun," Bob explained. "You wanna try something?"

Amy nodded. Bob unleashed his monster.

"Wow yours is really big!" Amy said, as Bob reached for some lube, "not like the boys in school."

Bob lifted her. She weighed nothing, just a cute little fleshlight for his dick, and she was easy to maneuver into place. He lowered her gently.

"Oww," she protested, "That hurts!"

Bob was trying to be as gentle as possible, but of course it was never going to be easy. She yelled a bit as he broke her seal too, but soon he was mostly inside her, and after a few calming words, she managed to relax again, sliding further onto his shaft.

Christi looked over at them, looking a little concerned, but then got distracted, as Kasia started thrusting harder, as she twirled those puffy little nipples around with her thumbs.

"It hurts, but it's kinda yummy," Amy said, and wriggled a little, as if testing herself.

Bob grunted. She was incredibly tight, and not really a good fit, but it was still a delight. There was something about the way she moved on him that was especially arousing. He had one arm around her waist, and gave a little squeeze as he pushed back into her.

"Ohh!" she cried, a mixture of pain and pleasure.

Bob grabbed the remote and hit 'play'. "Let's see what happened to Chloe."

Kasia and Christi turned their heads towards one of the many screens, but didn't allow it to interrupt their fun.

They all watched Chloe ride the water slide into the pool. Amy looked uncertainly at Chloe's missing hand, "Will she be okay?" Then, seeming to put it out of her mind, she said, "I love slides," , bouncing a little on Bob's dick.

The picture cut to an underwater shot. HD, super slow-motion of the propeller slicing through the water, turbulent vortices making waves of little bubbles dance in the shimmering light from above. Then, to one side of the screen, a foot made an appearance, slowly kicking, but being pulled towards the spinning blades.

"Oh no!" Amy said, then as the foot entered the disc of the blades, and was chopped to pieces, she froze in horror, clenching still tighter around Bob's manhood.

Bob laughed. It was an interesting experiment, for science, to see how the girls would react.

"Nooo!" Amy cried again, and tried to get her legs under her to lift away from Bob, nearly kicking him in the balls with her heel as she did so.

"Yes!" countered Bob, and pulled her back onto his hard cock.

Christi too, had suddenly decided she didn't want to play this game anymore, and tried to wriggle free from under Kasia. Failing to do so, she turned her head away from the screen, but Kasia soon grabbed her hair, forcing her to watch.

So the two horrified sisters looked on with tears in their eyes as the footage slowly unfolded of Chloe being slowly turned into chunks, as Bob and Kasia raped their terrified, wriggling bodies gleefully.

Then, as Chloe's torso fully met it's deathly embrace with the propeller, and guts were liberated, and wrapped around the blades before being sliced apart into a crimson sea, Bob grabbed Amy hard, squishing her middle and slamming her down onto his spurting shaft, as she sobbed uncontrollably.

Kasia delighted in Christi's heaving, quivering body below her too, and soon shuddered to a girly orgasm of her own, before turning to Bob with a big grin. "I always love video night!"


Oh holy hell! I wish I had a clever quip but I'm busy cleaning up after reading that last chapter…


Well I'm glad you're um … satisfied (now go and wash your hands), it was quite tricky arranging for your characters to get the special treatment they deserved.

Of course there's more to come…


Oy Danke Y gracias
I scrubbed my keyboard and screen clean and am eagerly awaiting the next time I will befoul it…


Well, you don't have to wait. Just read chapter 3. again like you usually do.


A loud wet, cracking crunch reverberated through across the factory floor. Maisie's face contorted into a bizarre puzzled expression, with her tongue forced out, then ceased to look human at all as her eyeballs popped out of her skull, and bloody snot and cerebral matter shot from her nose.


I should have quoted the above and attributed the it to you… Sorry


I re-read that chapter often… :)


Just a wild guess lol.

Hey, did I write that? It's pretty good for a writer with less than two weeks experience!

Okay, "through across" doesn't make any sense. Are you trying to shame me by highlighting my typos?


It's damn good and damn hot! I love the eyeballs popping out…

If that's your first story… wow! I can't wait to see your next attempt.

I didn't notice the typo until you pointed it out…



It's still one of my favourite chapters too. I just thought, "what the hell," and let all my darkest fantasies out in that one, right at the beginning of the story.

And I really like the Masher. I think it deserves some more use, if I can find a way to do it without being too repetitive. I think it's the only machine to have already been used twice so far. I so wanted Kasia to die horribly in there, but also wanted to keep her alive for the plot, so did the dream thing with her in chapter 4. I did have an actual death lined up for her too, where Emma says Kasia can stay if she can stay alive in the Masher for longer than she can, and Kasia doesn't quite manage it (of course Emma set things up to be unfair)…

I'm such a softy sometimes, letting cute squishy-crunchy girls off the hook.


Yes, I've never done any creative writing at all before this. In fact I was convinced that I had no aptitude for it whatsoever. Imagine my shock when I discovered that I could actually write fairly adequately, and that others liked it too… It's just like I say at the beginning, I just sat down, and four days later I had 20,000 words, and I'm like WTF! And then I read it, and thought, "shit, this seems pretty good to me, maybe I'll put it online and see what others think."

I must have read that line a dozen times, and I didn't notice it either, until just now. I think your brain filters stuff like that out, which is annoying when you're trying to proof read.


I have grown to like Kasia and her sadistic nature… but if she was to come to some horrible demise that she actually wanted, then well…
I'm a big fan of the squishing death… lots of eyeballs popping and brains spurting out… yummy stuff!


I'm pretty impressed at your first try… the narrative flows nicely and almost zero typos…
I'm loving your story and I hope you keep going with it!


>If that's your first story… wow! I can't wait to see your next attempt.

I've got a few ideas… I think the main difference will be that it will have an actual plot, rather than just be a contrivance for splattering a succession of cuties, because that was all this story was supposed to be. And hopefully it'll be a little more polished and consistent.

I'm unsure whether to do a direct sequel to this one. I've still got plenty of ideas, but I could save those for another story that is better structured I think. Maybe Bob and Emma move to an island paradise, and continue their little enterprise on a larger scale…

Or Maybe a future dystopia, where the tyrant calls for a regular culling of the towns women…


>Maybe Bob and Emma move to an island paradise, and continue their little enterprise on a larger scale…

That sound promising… Torture island or something?

>Or Maybe a future dystopia, where the tyrant calls for a regular culling of the towns women…

That's been kind of overdone… Not to say that you couldn't put a fresh spin on it but it would be hard…


So you keep saying! I don't really want to make all the deaths by squishing, even though it's my favourite too.

But anything could happen, because I don't even know myself. We'll just have to wait and see who makes it to the end of the story…


Squishing and smashing is nice but so is chopping and gutting. Hanging, especially long drop that results in decapitation is nice.



>That sound promising… Torture island or something?

Yes. Or they could just stay where they are, and I develop things in a more interesting way. Maybe (as some have suggested) they take on contracts, or sell premium video feeds, or auction off deaths. Maybe they could accept volunteers to be snuffed. Maybe Bob digs out more hillside and makes a bigger Arena for events. I've got some nice ideas that need more space, hence the island idea. There's a lot of possibilities like that, but TBH, I don't want the plot to start interfering with the splatter. I think the plot should be just enough to create some tension and excitement, to make the reader actually care about the rapey torture / splatter / deaths more.

>That's been kind of overdone… Not to say that you couldn't put a fresh spin on it but it would be hard…

Actually, I totally agree. I'm just throwing ideas around at the moment. But it does have the advantage of not needing much explanation (the advantage of stereotypes). But I'll probably stay in the universe I have now TBH.


I do have ideas for hangings, guttings and other nice deaths, but keep getting distracted lol.

Also hangings are done to death (if you excuse the pun), which is partly why it hasn't happened. Same with shootings, and decap by guillotine. They're completely over used. I kind of see those as 'normie' deaths, whereas I like something a bit more original, slower, and more splattery. But I'm sure one day some of those things will happen. I'm pretty sure I could write a good hanging scene.


> I don't want the plot to start interfering with the splatter. I think the plot should be just enough to create some tension and excitement, to make the reader actually care about the rapey torture / splatter / deaths more.

Agreed… Otherwise you risk going into tl;dr territory. The island idea could work though… more room for machines. The volunteer idea is cool too


One thing I like about the current 'universe' is that it's quite plausible, and doesn't require much suspension of disbelief from the reader (or from me, for that matter!) I want to retain that, and not go to overboard with things.

OTOH, the splatter should take priority, and more /bigger machines is good.

The TL;DR thing is a very good point. I find myself reading others' stories, and skipping ahead to the action. Of course, that's my bias, probably others like the story, but that's not really what I'm about. If people are skipping parts of my story, I think I'm doing something wrong. Hopefully they're not (if you are, please say!) I try to keep even the "boring" parts fairly exciting by foreshadowing, teasing, hinting, putting images in the readers' minds etc.


I do like the Plausibility of your stories… I could see, with the right resources, building these machines and building the dungeon. Not a sci-fi or fantasy thing.

I also tend to skim the long stories to find the action… that's what I'm here for.

If I want a story I'll buy a book.


I made another poll, this time about reading habits:

"When reading this story, do you skip over the boring parts to reach the action?"


Your style is perfect… manageable sized chapters each with good action. If I had to read all 15 chapters to get the pay-off I'd have been gone a long time ago.


Yeah, I try to put some action in every chapter. Like the last one (ch. 15) is what I call a bridging chapter. Nothing essential really happens, except the new machines are introduced, and the Bitches are described a bit more. It could have been a bit boring (Well, it's supposed to be building tension for the next chapter, so hopefully it's not too bad) But I put some action at the end, for fapping purposes, and also partly to do justice to your character descriptions… that was a bit tricky, because I had to contrive a way for them to be 'happy' in the way you described, in the face of the horror going on around them. I think I just about pulled it off though.


#15 was pretty hot… Horny little girls getting off and then anticipating their demise…


Imagine this piece as a required reading books in schools


When I was a kid, We were made to watch safety videos at school.

One where a bunch of kids were visiting a farm on a school trip, all died in horrible ways, I can't remember all the deaths, but one drowned in a slurry pit. Funny that they never cancelled the trip though.

Another one was in a factory with poor safety practices, which ended in some guy falling onto a spinning metal shaft, and having his eyeball ripped out, blood dripping from a lighbulb. Completely graphic. For 14 year olds.

There were others too, about kids playing on railway lines and stuff.

This was before nanny state. They would just shock us into understanding the dangers.


The farm one I'm thinking of was probably this:

So it wasn't a school trip. But I was probably only 11 when I saw it.


I'm eagerly awaiting your next installment!
Btw, I haven't actually thanked you for your previous work… Thanks! It's been a stimulating ride so far!


Hopefully you won't have to wait too much longer… I think I know what I'm going to do next, so hopefully will be writing again soon.


No rush… when it comes i'll cum…


Apologies to all for the lack of writing over the last few weeks. I've been suffering from quite serious health problems which mean I don't have much energy for it, and I also got kinda stuck creatively. I probably needed some time out anyway.

Thanks to some encouragement from one of my readers, I'm getting back into it again, but it's kinda complex so I need to plan things out a bit first by drawing up a timeline. I haven't committed to anything yet, but I'm starting to firm up some ideas of the story as it heads towards it's conclusion, and that means planning ahead a bit.

@thedarkhero How are the dancers coming along? There's no rush yet, it'll still be weeks before I need them, but I'm starting to think ahead to that part - which will probably be in the sequel. If you've abandoned the idea, that's actually fine too, so don't be afraid to say so, I just need to know what my options are.

Sol's half-Chinese girl will probably be in the sequel too (maybe first chapter), and some other characters that were emailed to me.

Now that things are moving forward again, hopefully there should be a new chapter up in the next few days.


No need to apologize, Squunch. Take your time, as you've proven before it will be worth the wait. I'm sorry to hear about your health problems, I don't know the nature of them but I really hope you get better soon!




Guess what? I've actually started writing again! There were so many variables to sort out, that it seemed like an almost impossible task to figure everything out, especially as later chapters depended on more immediate events.

I've changed my mind too, on what's going in the sequel, so for those of you waiting for your characters to be snuffed, it'll likely be in the next few chapters (unless I change my mind yet again…)

I'm assuming TheDarkHero is hiding under his desk or something, hoping I won't notice, and that's fine of course. But it does mean that there are new openings for more characters. The bus idea might end up in the sequel, if ever, as it's not really necessary now for the story arc I've planned. So if anyone wants to get snuffed before the end of the story, I'm open to suggestions again.

So hopefully, there should be something for you all in the next few days (and I really mean it this time!)


I'm really glad to hear that you are writing again!

Since you've already written several chapters starring Mikumiyu I feel like I shouldn't be asking much, but I would like to request Emily from my story, or a similar character. (i just now noticed that I've changed her name to Emma during the last chapter, oh dear!) Emily has read hair, a soft, incredibly pale body, and because of her beauty she's used to getting a lot of attention. She's not too stuck up because of it though, she is a sweet girl. Also, she has an aversion against things involving her butthole…


OK since you commented on my story< i had to check yours as well.

unfortunately it is to huge for quick read, but I finished 2 chapters.

I am not too interested in all that torture thing itself but I like that you are taking "minimal plot" development seriously so it is still worth reading even for that.
and it is interesting to see all those torture methods you invent although making machine just so squish loli girls is a bit overboard effort LOL it is good that it is only a story LOL

On the chaper 4 I got confused with continuity, because Kasia kinda died and now she is fine again in the chapter 5 and later.


Ok Loke.

Emily. Redhead. Sweet girl. Butt hole.

Got it.

It'll nice writing about a singular girl again after dealing with these Bitches! Now I just have to dream up a fitting end!


>OK since you commented on my story< i had to check yours as well.

Thanks, Onix, really appreciate it!

>unfortunately it is to huge for quick read, but I finished 2 chapters.

Yeah, when it's finished it'll be probably around 100k words, about the same as a full sized novel.

>I am not too interested in all that torture thing itself

Yep it's pretty bad in places, although I try to keep the feel of it quite lighthearted. I mean, I've read some stuff which is really shocking, and I'm quite affected by. I don't wanna do that lol, this is supposed to be just for shits and giggles.

>but I like that you are taking "minimal plot" development seriously so it is still worth reading even for that.

Really it's just fap material, but with enough plot to carry it along.

>and it is interesting to see all those torture methods you invent although making machine just so squish loli girls is a bit overboard effort LOL it is good that it is only a story LOL

Very true - don't try this at home kids! I think I said elsewhere, that the stars of the show are the machines.

>On the chaper 4 I got confused with continuity, because Kasia kinda died and now she is fine again in the chapter 5 and later.

Well, I like to confuse my readers a bit! Keeps them on their toes… I think it's nice to toy with emotions. Anyway, I wanted to kill Kasia off in such a delicious way, but I thought she was useful to keep around for plot reasons. So thru the magic of writing I could have the best of both worlds lol.


>Very true - don't try this at home kids! I think I said elsewhere, that the stars of the show are the machines.

I mean those rapists took so much effort to build an entire factory of machines just to torture girls. We should really appreciate their effort LOL
I know how hard is to build something like that ;)

And looks like you wanted it or not but you made Kasia immortal LOL so now she can be killed without much of worrying :)
If you are going to continue I would suggest her helping to design a new machine and then she gets at test ride LOL



>I mean those rapists took so much effort to build an entire factory of machines just to torture girls. We should really appreciate their effort LOL

>I know how hard is to build something like that ;)

Well, it is fantasy, and Bob does have unlimited resources!

>And looks like you wanted it or not but you made Kasia immortal LOL so now she can be killed without much of worrying :)

Kasia is very mortal (and don't forget - squishy and crunchy too!)

>If you are going to continue I would suggest her helping to design a new machine and then she gets at test ride LOL

Haha, that's not a bad idea. I don't know if it'll fit with my plans though. I'll ponder it anyway.


Chapter 16. So Damn Sexy.

Bob sat at the computer desk, flipped open a wirebound red A5 notebook, and scribbled down some notes. Once again, he had woken from the dream of the devil woman and the iron maiden, and it had given him an idea. Kasia was nakedly sprawled out on the bed, panting gently, glowing from the aftermath.

They were alone in Kasia's room. The night before, Christi and Amy wouldn't stop crying from the horror of the video and the rapey abuse that followed. They were still wailing even after being discouraged by being strangled and bounced off the walls. Bob and Kasia wanted some peace and quiet so they could get some sleep so in the end the sisters had been returned to the cells.

Kasia felt like a thousand Christmases had arrived at once. "It's the Bitches death day Bob! I can't wait!" she said, as she sprang to her feet.

Bob continued his doodling, "Mmm-hmm," he said absently.

"You're not even listening. What are you doing?"

Bob looked up, closed the book over the pencil to keep the place, and told her about the dreams, and his new contraption idea. "…So it's like an iron maiden, that turns your insides to soup. The spikes go into your tummy, then spread open inside, like petals on a flower, and whizz round and liquefy your innards."

"My innards?"

"Well, we'll need a test subject, and you are the slave. And your innards would be perfect, I've experienced their squishiness first hand and done the calculations. But I'll have to check with your mother first. I'll only use you if Emma agrees too."

Kasia grinned and threw a pillow at him. "Oh well, I guess it's game over for me then. At least it'll kill me right away, and I won't suffer too much."

"Good point," Bob agreed, "I'll need to fix that, otherwise the fun will be over too soon. Maybe if it only went into your guts, and not the heart or lungs. Then you could live long enough so we could have some fun with you before you completely dieded."


"It's what all the cool kids say these days."

Kasia rolled her eyes. "Bob, you fuckin boomer, it's not 2016 anymore! Anyway, I dunno what fun you could even have. I… no, I mean the victim, probably won't be in the mood for games after they've had their innards souped."

"We could just watch the expression on your pretty face, as we squeeze all that chunky ketchup out of your foo-foo. Imagine the mess! I'm pretty sure Emma would be sold on that idea."

Bob returned to his notebook. "Squeezing mechanism," he muttered to himself as he made more notes.

"Do you need a squeezer?" Kasia asked, "you could just let Emma jump on my guts. I'm sure she wouldn't mind, and then it'd all just come spewing out of my holes."

"So you are offering! That's very dedicated. Just wait till I tell Emma how keen you are."

"I'm pretty sure it's in my contract anyway," Kasia said nonchalantly, as she headed into the kitchen. "Like making breakfast."

Kasia fixed food for everyone, including the Bitches. As she did, she laughed as she thought of blending their insides, like tomato soup, and squeezing it out again. Then she and Bob went to distribute the final meal to the victims, and told them to dress and ready themselves.

Emma joined them soon after they returned. Over breakfast, Kasia gleefully told her about the fun they had with the sisters the night before. "It was so funny when they realised Chloe was getting souped. They had no idea!"

"Oh, you're making me jealous!" Emma said, "You know that's not wise!"

Bob laughed. "You don't have to worry for much longer Emma. Kasia's agreed to let us test my new invention on her. I reckon it'll be ready for your birthday."

He explained the Iron Maiden of Blending idea to her. As he did, Kasia noticed that Emma's eyes were on her tummy the whole time, a dreamy look in her eyes.

Then Emma spoke again, with sudden excitement. "Bob, we could fuck underneath her, as her insides get squeezed out over us."

Kasia worried sometimes. She was never quite sure if Emma was joking.

It was nearly lunchtime before everything was ready for the big event. The obstacles and items that had been brought in the day before were arranged around one side of the Arena, creating hiding spaces for the victims and space around them to allow access for the Crocododgems and Volvomort, Kasia's Volvo of squishing.

The Bitches had been instructed to change into their party clothes, and had been returned to the cage at gun point. Then it had been covered with a sheet, so that the bad girls wouldn't suspect their fate until the last moment, and the trio had wheeled it into the centre of the Arena, mocking them as they undertook the little mystery tour.

Once inside, the family removed the tarp, and contemplated the assorted selection of sweetmeats behind the bars, each one garnished with a pretty outfit.

Little Amy was quite the princess, wearing a shimmery gold leotard, a coronet that held her wavy locks just so, and a white cocktail dress that reminded Bob of a badminton shuttle-cock. He scratched his beard as he thought about how much fun it would be to play that game. Ah well, he told himself, maybe another time. White tights showed off her cute little butt, and led to adorable little gold ballerina shoes.

Christi, in complete contrast to her sister, had gone fully punk, and in keeping with her shaved and dyed head, sported a black vinyl jacket with many zips, shiny vinyl trousers and grungy black trainers.

Of course, Lauren would have looked stunning wearing anything at all, or nothing but her shocking red lipstick. But today she had a slinky black strapless Spandex thing with cutouts up the sides that revealed enticing slashes of tanned girl-meat, and strappy tall heels. As Emma's lustful gaze reached her, she raised her hand, as if she was still in class.

"What?" Emma asked sharply.

Lauren twisted and stooped uncomfortably, one hand on her belly. "I gotta poop. I'm not feeling too…"

Emma cut her off. "Well it's too late now, you'll just have to manage. If it's any consolation, don't worry about making a mess. I mean, what d'ya think is going to happen here anyway?" Then with a dismissive air, her gaze shifted onwards to appraise the next in line.

Megan had dressed down, although she looked cute enough, with an oversized Pearl Jam t-shirt draped over her gentle curves, and ripped jeans holding her soft bum and legs nicely in place, and sand coloured Kickers.

A frilly lime green thing struggled valiantly to contain Georgie's fine rack, exposing a perfect chocolate brown cleavage of enticing jiggle, which when combined with Georgie's sassy attitude was quite capable of bossing people around. Below a expanse of bare yummy tummy she wore a too-tight matching green skirt that had a admirable tendency to ride up over her fulsome cheeks, revealing a frequent glimpse of white panties beneath. Bob nodded approvingly. He liked big girls. And small ones, but big girls too.

Finally Zoe. She had changed into a tie-died black and purple shift with a studded belt around her girly waist, black and white striped woolen leggings that accentuated the skinny waif-like quality of her long legs, and red Doc Marten's.

Emma licked her lips. "So you're the girls that have been mean to our Kasia. Well, now it's payback time. Fair's fair. Well okay, five-on-one wasn't fair, and so neither will we be. So maybe I should say, unfair's fair. You can't complain though, you've brought it upon yourselves."

"Still, you all look the part," she continued. "Quite a transformation! All clean, pretty and looking suitably yummy. But I'm sure you're all feeling a little bit apprehensive. That's to be expected before a big competition like this!" She pointed out various cameras to the girls. "Just like your own reality TV show! Who will survive to the next round? I understand Zoe is the leader, so I guess you'll all just sacrifice yourselves for her." She gave Zoe a conspiratorial wink, but for some reason Zoe didn't seem to share her confidence.

Bob took over. "Listen up ladies! here's the deal. We're going to hunt you down. If you get caught, you'll be raped and tortured to death. Not necessarily in that order. Lots of fun, if you're into that sort of thing. There will be only one winner. Then she will get to challenge Kasia, and if you can beat her, you'll be our sex slave forever. The only rule is that you're not allowed to hurt each other. That would be cheating. Besides, that's our job."

Georgie spoke up. "And what if we beat you all?"

The trio laughed. "That would seem to be kinda optimistic," Emma said.

With that, the family left the Arena, and closed the big blue steel door with a clang, leaving the Bitches to assess their new surroundings. They were silent for a moment, while they looked at the obstacles they were to hide amongst, arrayed against the wall. Most of it looked like it had been taken from a building site.

In the middle, there was a tower made from scaffolding, perhaps twenty feet tall, with a platform of planks at the top, and a convenient ladder leading up one side. At the summit, tied with ropes, was a large yellow plastic pipe, about two feet in diameter. This led steeply down to the left, over a stack of wooden crates, and into a builder's skip below. On the other side of the tower was an assortment of empty drums on pallets, surrounded by eight large concrete cubes, each of which must have weighed several tons.

"What's that?" Amy asked, pointing to a heavy circular metal plate that lay on the floor in front of the tower. It was about six feet across and had a red 'X' painted in the middle. Securely bolted around its circumference were four robust looking camera housings, the lenses looking impassively towards the centre.

"I don't like the look of that, Amy," said Christi. "Probably best just to stay away from it."

"So is that it?" Lauren groaned with disdain, "That's where we gotta hide? It's not much!"

"Oh shut up Lauren!" Megan retorted, "This is all your fault! You just let anyone into your party, and then this happens."

"They had guns!" Lauren said defensively, tears in her eyes. "What was I supposed to do? If you hadn't all been unconscious, maybe we would have had a chance."

"Maybe they're just fucking with us," Georgie said.

"Like they did with Chloe? Yeah they fucked with her pretty good," said Megan, rolling her eyes.

Amy was reminded of the video, and started to cry. Christi pulled her into a hug and stroked her hair comfortingly.

"For fuck's sake guys!" cried Zoe, her voice cracking with stress. "All this bitching is doing my head in! You heard what they said, only one of us gets out alive. So unless someone has a better plan, you might wanna think about that."

Georgie rattled the cage door, then looked glumly at the brass padlock securing it.

"There's six of us, and only three of them." Christi pointed out, "Maybe we can take them out. If we can get the gun…"

"The kid's right," said Zoe. "I've only seen one gun. Maybe we can rush them."

"They said something about hunting us with machines," Lauren said doubtfully. "I don't like the sound of that. I can't imagine what though, I've never heard of such a thing. Chainsaws?"

Zoe sighed. "It doesn't matter what they've got. We just have to try. It's our only chance. But we need a distraction too, a decoy."

Several pairs of eyes swiveled towards Amy.

"No!" protested Lauren, "She's only little!"

"Exactly!" said Zoe, "She's not much use for anything else, at least we can use her as bait."

Then Amy spoke up. "I don't mind," she offered bravely, "We've got to try something."

So the plan was finalized. As soon as the cage was opened, Amy would run for it, and the others would rush Emma and try to grab the gun. Then they would take a hostage and negotiate their exit.

As the others talked tactics, Megan stood quietly at the back of the cage and smirked wickedly. After all, she had formulated an alternative little plan of her own. But her thoughts were brought to a conclusion as she heard distant bangings and rumblings from beyond the blue door, and then it swung open, and the trio rolled in.

A palpable despondency settled over the girls, as they looked with scarce belief at the mechanisms of death arrayed before them. Of course, it shouldn't have affected their hopeful ruse, but the sheer presence of the hardware reminded them of the dreadful stakes, and filled them with doubt.

"Shit!" Georgie exclaimed. "Kasia's got a fucking steamroller!"

"I knew you'd be jealous!" Kasia called, laughing. "I can't wait to see what it can do! No volunteers? Oh well, I guess we'll all find out soon enough."

"You girls look like you've all gone weak at the knees!" Emma shouted from the cab of her Crocododgem. "I know the feeling. These things are so damn sexy, don't ya think?" Then she proceeded to drive up and down before them; chomping and churning the spiky jaws of her machine and displaying its terrible abilities to the less-than-thrilled audience.

The new development presented by the machines caused Megan's mind to race as she pondered how it would affect her plans for victory. As she did so, she felt her t-shirt brush against her nipples and realised that she was getting hard. Maybe Emma had a point.

In the face of the monstrous hardware confronting them, Zoe tried to rally her troops. "As soon as they open the cage…" she reminded them.

But the cage never opened. Instead, Kasia, with a demented look of bloodlust in her eyes drove Volvomort at full speed straight at the cage and its squishy, squealing contents.

The shock of the situation overtook Megan, and she burst in to an uncharacteristic laugh. "It's Ka-Ka-Kasia! she's c-c-coming to k-k-kill us!" she stammered. Even Kasia laughed at the filmic reference, and joined in. "REVENGE", she yelled, as Volvomort slowly trundled towards them.

The brief levity was dispelled, though, as the front of the roller slammed into the cage with a loud metallic rattle, bending it a little in the process. Then with a piercing squealing, like fingernails on a blackboard, the cage juddered and scraped along the steel floor, propelled by the advancing yellow behemoth towards the concrete blocks. The impact there shook the cage some more, and the girls were flung against the side, finally toppling over each other into an undignified pile.

Kasia laughed, "Oh it's so tempting just to mash you all up in there, but no, fair's fair, I gotta give you a chance." She hit reverse, and left the bent and twisted cage for Bob and Emma to deal with.

The two Crocododgems swooped in from the sides, steel mouths agape, hungry for action. Each took one end of the cage, easily crushing the wire mesh in its jaws. The girls inside screamed as the space inside reduced. The Crocododgems pulled back, and with a metallic screeching and twanging, the cage was torn into two, spilling the terrified girls into freedom.


That is damn sexy indeed! Lost it at boomer, I really like your tongue-in-cheek writing style. Can't wait for the bitches to get squished (and crunched). Something about Amy and Christy are really turning me on, I think it's because they are so innocent and not supposed to be there, yet a gruesome fate awaits them. I'm so happy that you are writing again!


>That is damn sexy indeed!

Well, it was supposed to be the machines that are sexy.

>Lost it at boomer, I really like your tongue-in-cheek writing style.

Thanks, I'm not funny enough to write a comedy, but I like to keep things light hearted.

>Can't wait for the bitches to get squished (and crunched). Something about Amy and Christy are really turning me on, I think it's because they are so innocent and not supposed to be there, yet a gruesome fate awaits them.

Interesting observation. Well, it wasn't really intentional but glad you like it.

>I'm so happy that you are writing again!

Thanks! Now that I have clarity as to where the story is going, things should flow a little easier. Chapter 17 is already well under way, but I decided to release what I had now, rather than make you all wait longer. Besides, I think shorter chapters are a bit more digestible.


You know, when I started your story from the beginning it looked like a pretty serious torture of the poor girls, but the last chapter is just funny somewhat resembles my own story on that aspect LOL
This is way more enjoyable than just plain torture and suffering.

So I have to add few more stars to my like rating to you ;)


Well, I suppose it is about 'serious' torture of girls, but at least the perpetrators are having some fun doing it!


And thanks for the extra stars! When people 'like, share and subscribe' it really helps with the metrics. Or the algorithm. Or something. :)


I will risk offending one more author I like, but no, it is not serious torture, In fact, according to MY standards that not even torture at all
when characters start squishing each other with steamrollers, and especially when victims laugh before getting squished, that's cartoon violence. Maybe we can assume it to be a subjective judgment but that is why I like your story even more.

By the way, that scene reminds an "Austin Powers" comedy scene

Also if you go way over the top with torture you will cross the line twice (even if you don't want to do so) and turn tragedy into comedy.



>I will risk offending one more author I like, but no, it is not serious torture, In fact, according to MY standards that not even torture at all

>when characters start squishing each other with steamrollers, and especially when victims laugh before getting squished, that's cartoon violence. Maybe we can assume it to be a subjective judgment but that is why I like your story even more.

Don't worry, I'm not offended at all! (not yet anyway – but just keep pushing buster, and see what happens…)

Yes, I think it's a subjective judgement. Personally, I do see it as a kind of torture, or at least horror, but for me it's more about what turns me on, and that is mostly about the splatter. The torture is ancillary to that, and obviously unavoidable. Real, hardcore stuff, like removing fingernails, and stuff with eyes creeps me out TBH. For instance, I couldn't watch Reservoir Dogs, the ear slicing scene was too strong for me (although I'm probably a bit tougher these days, so might give it another shot). So from that point of view, maybe there is a cartoonish quality to it. I suppose the humour adds to that too.

>By the way, that scene reminds an "Austin Powers" comedy scene

Haha! God, I'd forgotten about that! Thanks for reminding me! I wonder if the pastry scene subconsciously influenced my telling of Kasia's thought of pastry when she was squishing Maisie… I did have a feeling that the idea wasn't new, so that was probably why.

Anyway, for those who don't know, I was referencing this scene from A Fish Called Wanda:

>Also if you go way over the top with torture you will cross the line twice (even if you don't want to do so) and turn tragedy into comedy.

That's a good observation. When re-reading chapter 3 for instance, I find myself bursting out laughing with the absurd over-the-top levels of gore and nastiness. It is funny! I'm not sure if it was intentional or not TBH, not everything needs to be analysed in those terms. In other words, it is what it is.

Anyway thanks again. When you said you were going to read it, I knew you'd come up with some interesting takes!


>But for me it's more about what turns me on, and that is mostly about the splatter.

Hey! that's exactly what I like too. :)

>Anyway thanks again. When you said you were going to read it, I knew you'd come up with some interesting takes!

hehe, yes, I am probably the pickiest person when it is about the plot logic and meaning :)


Gotta say, really looking forward to how this plays out. So many squishy, crunchy girls all running around waiting to get squished or squashed. In fact, I might described myself as dripping in anticipation.


What makes you think anyone's going to get squashed? Okay, I admit there are some clues in the plot so far for readers that have been paying attention.

But there will be some different bad ends too, apart from squishing.

In fact, I'm so excited by forthcoming events, that I need to take a day or two off to compose myself.


I understand needing to take a few days off to compose one's self. Heck, I had to take a rather long break recently to let the bruises and chaffing heal from my Birthday. Not to mention just how sore I was in general from all the use I got. Sometimes I think my other half is a bit too good at what she does for my own personal safety.


Anyway, Sol, I hope you've got plenty of rope ready for the weekend, and that your taser is fully charged, cos you might need it.

BTW, what do you think of Bob's new invention? :)


Well, I don't have as much time to dedicate to ropes and suspension since school is back in session but I will be sure to make some time. Also, I may have exaggerated about the taser; it is more like a shock pad with a remote. Still hurts like a bitch but it doesn't send you into convulsions.

As for the invention… I happen to quite like how he is thinking of it but he is right; the design doesn't leave much to play with unfortunately. Although, if you plugged up the two lower holes and then squeezed while Bob had hi dick in the poor girl's throat… I can imagine that would be a rather novel way to fuck some one's guts.



>Well, I don't have as much time to dedicate to ropes and suspension since school is back in session but I will be sure to make some time.

School. I've made a note of that in my 'stalking book'.

>As for the invention… I happen to quite like how he is thinking of it but he is right; the design doesn't leave much to play with unfortunately. Although, if you plugged up the two lower holes and then squeezed while Bob had hi dick in the poor girl's throat… I can imagine that would be a rather novel way to fuck some one's guts.


I mean WTF Sol - you mean something like this:


Bob laughed as the doors to the machine swung open, and the hapless Sino-European girl whose-probably-going-to=be-called-Luna-to-maintain-the-celestial-theme-as-a-nod-to-my-favourite-fangirl fell to the floor, her face white with shock. Quickly, before she could bleed out internally, Emma dragged her over to Bob and sat on her legs, and made some kind of cruel quip as the readers had come to expect. Then she plugged her holes with some sort of things that I haven't researched yet. As Bob straddled the girl's head, he gazed upon the girl's body and noted with satisfaction that the puncture holes in her tender belly had sealed and cauterized quite well, and only a little juice trickling down her pale flanks gave any clue to the abject ruination they lay within.

As he thrust his manhood deep into the girl's throat, she gagged reflexively, and struggled to eject it with her slick, squirming tongue. This in itself was almost enough to make Bob cum.

"Yay!" cried Kasia in a predictable parody of herself, as she took a happy skip and a jump, landing with both feet on the girl's pale, sexy, abdomen. Due to the muscles there having been mostly souped, it collapsed with a gruesome squelch, and Bob's dick was immediately engulfed in a wave hot, chunky, blended guts vomit, while the 'test subject' writhed in desperate paroxysms of agony below him. As he slid his member in and out of her esophagus, and Kasia bounced gleefully in time, the girl mewled and snorted as more blood and innards spewed from her nose.

Desperate final convulsions wracked her body as she choked, her own fluids burning her lungs, and she drowned in her own liquidized viscera. The light in her eyes finally faded, frozen in an expression of pure horror and gratitude, as Bob spurted the thing she most craved down her pretty throat.


Pfft. Nah. TBH, I don't think anyone wants to read about that kind of stuff anymore. It's so passe.

Haven't you heard? Consensually roasting little girls is the thing these days. Everyone's writing about it. I know those stories are all exactly the same, but that's what people want. Don't @ me.


>I understand needing to take a few days off to compose one's self. Heck, I had to take a rather long break recently to let the bruises and chaffing heal from my Birthday. Not to mention just how sore I was in general from all the use I got. Sometimes I think my other half is a bit too good at what she does for my own personal safety.

Is she half-Chinese by any chance? It's just a theory I've been working on. I've been drawing all over the walls, linking all the clues together so I can find you.

Once I've figured it out, all I need to do is save up enough money for fuel, and then drive my steamroller across two continents.

From your posts, I estimate that there's a 83% chance that when I arrive, you'll be tied up with ropes, and your friend won't really try very hard to save you.


>Is she half-Chinese by any chance? It's just a theory I've been working on. I've been drawing all over the walls, linking all the clues together so I can find you.

She isn't.

>Once I've figured it out, all I need to do is save up enough money for fuel, and then drive my steamroller across two continents.

Oh, I live on a continent now? I was under the impression I lived on an island.

>From your posts, I estimate that there's a 83% chance that when I arrive, you'll be tied up with ropes, and your friend won't really try very hard to save you.

Probably true.


Not at all interested in crushing and mashing but I really like your story and characters (I really feared for Kasia's life in chapter 11).

Waiting for a worthy deathmatch


Oh great, you even got a long distance girlfriend with some lose screws here.
I am getting jealous :)


Yeah, the story is quite focussed on crushing and mashing etc. I try to vary it a bit, but anything I write has to pass the boner test for me.

I really appreciate the fact that despite it not coinciding with your kinks, you're still enjoying it. Hopefully there are some parts coming up that you'll like even more.


Hey buster! Don't say things like that about my long-distance girlfriend.

Actually, I'm beginning to realise that I have several long distance girlfriends, with enough loose screws between them to start a small hardware store.

Sadly, they're all quite virtual, so that looks like those are the only sort of screws I'll be getting any time soon…


>Haven't you heard? Consensually roasting little girls is the thing these days. Everyone's writing about it. I know those stories are all exactly the same, but that's what people want. Don't @ me.

Lol, get with the times bro. Squishing stuff is sooo March you know


You're absolutely right. I'm not gonna write anymore squish porn.

Except for the next 10 or so chapters in this story, and then the sequel of course. And the film script, and the TV adaptation. My manager says it's all to do with the franchise licensing commitments or something.

But I am going to write something based in Didley's universe, or whatever it's called. At the kebab shop. I'm beginning to get an idea for that.


i'm very happy that you are writing again.
i hope that Kasia end wil be not consesual, i loved emma evil plans for her in past chapters!!
you are one of my favorite autor, thank you very much!!


>But I am going to write something based in Didley's universe, or whatever it's called.

Just make sure to get a proper deal on the licensing and publishing rights with Edward's manager. You don't want to be sued out of all your millions you know.


>i'm very happy that you are writing again.


>i hope that Kasia end wil be not consesual, i loved emma evil plans for her in past chapters!!

Who knows what will become of Kasia? Even I don't.

>you are one of my favorite autor, thank you very much!!


Did you mean auteur? I haven't even finalised the film rights yet. :p

Or perhaps you meant autist, as those kids on 4chan might say. That might be closer to the mark! :D


>Who knows what will become of Kasia? Even I don't.

Since she was the crunchy one, I'm hoping for something involving some snaps and cracks; possibly ending with a pop too. And look! I'm not the only one who wants to see our intrepid heroine meet a grisly end at the hands of a squishy thing! Ooh, what if they accidentally roll into the blender while making passionate love on a ground slick with blood and guts?

And then, in the heat of the moment perhaps Bob loses himself and "accidentally" start the motor?


>Since she was the crunchy one, I'm hoping for something involving some snaps and cracks; possibly ending with a pop too.

How about a bowl of Rice Krispies?

>And look! I'm not the only one who wants to see our intrepid heroine meet a grisly end at the hands of a squishy thing!

Yeah, but you guys haven't looked into her eyes for as long as I have. Maybe I'll follow Onix's idea and make her immortal. It'll serve you right! Besides, I thought everyone was bored of squishing.

>Ooh, what if they accidentally roll into the blender

Do you mean the Crocododgem jaws??

>while making passionate love on a ground slick with blood and guts?

>And then, in the heat of the moment perhaps Bob loses himself and "accidentally" start the motor?

I've spent months carefully working out a plan, then you come along with a better one in two minutes. But then again, what would happen for the rest of the story? Anyway I hate you now, cos my pee-pee feels funny. I think it likes your idea best.


Well, since Kassia already managed to survive chapter 4 she can survive anything if you know wahst I mean ;)


That's right. It turns out everything since chapter 4 was a dream. It's the mother of all retcons! Bob wakes up, and it's Kasia's birthday, and he gives her what she always wanted, a trip to Didley's restaurant. THE END.


That's it - I'm suing! You'll hearing from Mr. Utterson!


Hmm… Is that the new Cannibal chain owned by Ned Flanders where they insist on saying Grace before you get to eat any little girls?



One of many potential titles I've been considering, like:


Anyway, I've started writing my own cann/semi-con story, it's what the readership demands, which hopefully you'll really hate.

It's based on Loke's universe of future restaurants where they cook young girls. I see you've been trying to emulate that idea lately, but I prefer to honour the original and best, as a tribute to the true master of the genre.


Wow did I do something to upset you? :-/ I make no claim to be a master of any genre - I just write what I enjoy reading :-)


Wow did I do something to upset you? :-/ I make no claim to be a master of any genre - I just write what I enjoy reading :-)

Oops! That was all meant in jest, and something as a tribute to you! But I have started a little parody of Sidney's – don't know how long it will be, and hopefully you'll enjoy it – even though I suppose it'll tease you a little.


Aah phew! I'd assumed the earlier jibes had been good-natured so was trying to play along! Glad all is well! (Totally haven't been stewing for the past six hours! lol) :-P


>Aah phew! I'd assumed the earlier jibes had been good-natured so was trying to play along! Glad all is well! (Totally haven't been stewing for the past six hours! lol) :-P

Man I'm sorry if my post came off as quite asshole-ish. Sometimes the intention doesn't translate well into text. Yes, it was all meant as good natured fun – well I admit I was teasing you a bit. And don't stew about it, that's what those girls are for!


Haha yup! Plain text is ridiculously hard to "read"! All is well :-) Hope you enjoyed the end of my "Virgin Whore"!


>So how am I supposed to know how much steamroller fuel to buy if you won't even tell me which island you live on?

Fine, a small hint. The island is surrounded by the ocean. I know, I know I might be giving too much away for one as clever as you but I have faith you'll never get the steamroller here.

I mean, it's not like you've demonstrated a mind for interesting devices and you certainly couldn't make an engine that wouldn't be flooded by driving underwater or anything.



I'll just have it precision air-dropped. WITHOUT A PARACHUTE MWUHAHAHA.



Also, have you considered that we might live on the same island? We could even be next-door neighbours and you'd never know!

Of course I'd never know either. And it goes without saying that I'd probably cancel the air-drop if that was the case. Last time I was scrubbing giblets off the walls for days - I dont' wanna make that mistake again!


>I'll just have it precision air-dropped. WITHOUT A PARACHUTE MWUHAHAHA.




>Fine, a small hint. The island is surrounded by the ocean. I know, I know I might be giving too much away for one as clever as you but I have faith you'll never get the steamroller here.

You're playing a very dangerous game, young lady, giving me more information than you realise. Now I can rule out Malta, since it's in a sea, not an ocean. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go and update the big master plan that I've drawn all over the walls.


>since it's in a sea, not an ocean.

Oh, right there is a difference in English. I really should have realized that considering my unique position. Oh well, no matter.

But you sir have told me you live on an island. Or should that be "ser"



Excuse me mudam, wryyy ora you referencing 1980's heavy metal bands?


Damn. Westeros. You've found me.


>Damn. Westeros. You've found me.

Is it bad that I had to Google that?


I dunno. I have to google pretty much everything you say to me lol. I googled "ser" and that's where it led me. Maybe you meant something else. You're very cryptic and I've only got an IQ of 145. We can't all be geniuses <sigh>.


I've not been able to get online all day (don't ask) but in between drawing all over the walls, have found time to just about finish chapter 17. It might not be very good value, because it's quite a long chapter, and only half the Bitches get dealt with, but hopefully some of you will have as much fun reading it as I did writing it. :)

Probably be an hour or six. If it doesn't appear, it's probably because my internet is dead, and not me (probably).


Can't wait!



ffs guys get a room already instead of stinking up the thread with this shit


Chapter 17. Screamroller.

The trio, just to add to the excitement, had turned their machines around to face the opposite wall, while the Bitches ran for cover. After all, hide-and-seek is no fun if you know where the prey is hiding. They gave the girls a couple of minutes to conceal themselves, and used the time to put on their headsets and perform a radio check. Co-ordination would be the key to a successful hunt.

The Bitches split up, and ran towards the relative safety of the obstacles. Any hope of stealing the gun was dashed, at least for the moment, but Zoe hadn't given up completely. She ran for the tower. "We'll get a better view from up there, see what's going on," she told Georgie.

Georgie had followed Zoe without thinking. Thinking wasn't her strong point anyway, but she admired Zoe's cleverness, and loved being her protector. Symbiotic she would have thought, if only she knew of such a word. But it was more than that too. Georgie had come to realize that her attraction to Zoe was more than admiration. It was love. She had been meaning to tell Zoe how she felt, but it never seemed the right time. Now, perhaps she never would, she thought glumly.

Meanwhile, Megan thought that the crates would be a good hiding place, she found one was lying on its side, on top of another, and pulled open the wooden lid and crawled inside. It made a good vantage point too, as she could see out through the gaps in the planks.

The three sisters headed towards the barrels. It looked like a relatively safe spot, shielded by the concrete blocks. Amy quickly crawled into a blue 20 gallon plastic barrel, barely big enough to hold her, and Christy popped the lid into place, sealing her in. Out of sight, out of mind, she thought. Christi hunkered down between two blocks, also hoping that if she couldn't be seen, she might be forgotten too.

Lauren still felt the need to shit. But she put it out of her mind for the moment, as she thought about her sisters. Megan was right, of course. It was her fault. It was completely irresponsible of her to hold a party while her parents were away skiing. She was supposed to be looking after the little ones, and instead, something horrible was going to happen to them all, and she had no-one to blame but herself.

In a daze, she walked to the other end of the obstacles. All she could think to do was to distract the predators away from the little ones, and besides, if she was caught, at least it would increase their chances a little, just based on the maths.

Megan watched her through the cracks in the crate. She thought Lauren didn't really seem to know where to hide, or what to do. Suddenly there was a roar, and the three machines started their engines again. Megan's heart raced as she watched them turn around and head towards her. Had the trio seen her? If so her hiding place would become a trap of splintering wood. She held her breath. The nightmarish sense of imminent hell seemed to strain the very air to breaking point, but despite that, Megan realised she was getting wet.

But then Bob spotted Lauren, and the family, having finally found a quarry to hunt, turned away in pursuit. Megan exhaled and grinned. This was exactly what she needed. While the predators were distracted by tasty Lauren, she slipped from the crate, and slunk back towards the barrels. She crouched down behind one of the concrete blocks, and watched as Lauren confronted Volvomort and the Crocododgems. Megan's heart skipped a beat as Lauren, as if in a trance, calmly walked from safety and into the Arena proper.

She was saying something to Bob. Megan couldn't hear what, but she could see from the body language that Lauren was trying to bargain. Typical whore, trying to use her body to get her own way. For a moment there was an impasse, as 130 pounds of tender feminine flesh faced off about thirty tons of angry steel.

Then Emma's machine raised it's jaws to waist level, and opened wide. Lauren stood firm. Megan felt a trickle of moisture on her thigh and she gasped, as the Crocododgem lurched towards its motionless prey. But then, Lauren's courage seemed to evaporate, and she turned and fled, breasts bouncing under her top as she awkwardly jolted along on four-inch heels.

Megan almost wanted to laugh, it was clear that soon Lauren's threat to her victory would soon be no more than a delicious bloody smear, as the machines would surely catch her amongst the crates soon, and tear her to pieces.

But then Lauren turned.

"Fuck!" cursed Megan under her breath, as Lauren ran straight towards her. She'll give away my position! she thought. She stood up, and reverted back to 'plan A', distraction.

As Lauren reached her position, Megan grabbed Amy's barrel. Even with the girl inside, it weighed less than fifty pounds, and even Megan had little trouble lifting it over the concrete blocks.

"Eep!" squealed the barrel. Megan used her full strength to throw it out towards the centre of the Arena, and coincidentally, Kasia's advancing behemoth.

"Nooo!" cried Lauren, as she watched the blue barrel wobble along on one edge, like a spinning top ready to fall, as it rolled chaotically towards Volvomort. At the last minute it toppled, landing on it's side, directly in the path of disaster.

"Yay!" exclaimed Kasia, overjoyed at the prospect of finally christening her new toy. But soon her delight gave way to frustration, as Volvomort couldn't get purchase on the smooth plastic, and just rolled the barrel around in front of it.

But Bob came to the rescue, and moments later had the barrel securely held upright within the spiky jaws of his Crocododgem. He gave it a squeeze. "Isn't this fun!" he called out to Lauren, as the spikes slowly penetrated the plastic.

She shook her head, as copious tears ruined her make-up. "Nooo! I'll do anything! Just take me instead!"

Bob squeezed some more as he pondered her offer. The barrel squashed into an oval, causing the lid to pop off. Little hands appeared at the rim, as Amy desperately tried to pull herself free, but by now she was trapped in place. She squealed in horror, and pee trickled into the bottom of the barrel.

"Nooo!" Lauren cried again. Bob looked up from the barrel o' fun, and at her sensual tear stained face. He thought it was quite an act. She actually seemed genuine. And very beautiful. And vulnerable. And delicious. And, most of all, available. In the end, his boner won whatever argument his brain was trying to make against the decision, and he dropped the barrel and its contents, and climbed from the cab of his dodgem.

Megan watched as Emma followed suit, toting the shotgun. Bob produced his knife and soon he had cut away Lauren's dress, revealing her delicious vulnerable nudity, and was frantically raping her on the hard steel floor.

"I gotta poop," Lauren repeated, as Bob vigorously pounded her nakedness. He didn't care, and all too soon he squirted his load into her pulchritudinous body, sating his lust for the moment. It wasn't the most epic sex ever, but at least it cleared his mind so he could get back to the tasks in hand.

"Thankyou!" Lauren said, as Bob finished.

Bob was puzzled for a moment by this unexpected gratitude, but then laughed as he remembered the bargain to free her sister. "Did you really think I meant that?"

Lauren got to her feet and stood in all her glory, her gorgeous red lips half open in disbelief. "We had a deal! It's not fair!"

"Neither is five on one!" shouted Kasia, and put Volvomort into gear.

Bob left Lauren standing in bewilderment, and returned to his dodgem. He dropped the barrel, and the trio watched in amusement as little Amy decided it wasn't a good hiding place anymore and struggled free.

She ran crying, back towards the obstacles, but in a moment was cut off as Emma swooped in with the highly maneuverable Crocododgem. Amy's eyes fixated on the approaching jaws, and she squealed and ran back the other way, only to bump into Volvomort, or more precisely, its rear tyre.

She was thrown to the ground by the impact, and before she could regain her feet, the hard rubber of the deeply treaded tyre had pinned her right leg down.

"Oh noes!" laughed Kasia. "Now you're stuck! Maybe we can pull your wings off now, like I promised."

Amy's voice trembled. "Wings?"

"The wings of an angel!" Kasia mused. "Okay then, your arms."

Ignoring Lauren's pathetic pleas and attempts to stop them, Bob and Emma maneuvered the two dodgems into place on either side of the girl, and tried to grab her arms in their jaws. It wasn't so easy, as little Amy screamed and wriggled this way and that. But soon, boxed in on all sides by heavy machinery, she was reduced to sobbing hopelessly as she had no wriggling space left.

Emma managed to grab Amy's left arm by the elbow, then pushed a lever in the cab, and with an evil hiss, the spikes closed on her arm. Amy screamed as the spikes pushed effortlessly into her flesh, thrashing with her free arm, as if trying to reach for an antidote to the pain.

Bob timed it perfectly, and mid-thrash, he managed to intercept Amy's hand, and had her trapped.

Now that the girl was securely held by both arms, Kasia was freed of pinning duty, and decided to reposition her beast for better viewing. Volvomort rolled off Amy's leg, leaving behind a squashed and bloody ballerina shoe.

Bob pulled another lever, and the jaws of his dodgem started to move, the belts of teeth pulling the helpless victim's hand deeper into it's maw.

Amy gasped, and with animal desperation, tried to yank herself free, but only succeeded in tearing the delicate flesh of her arms against the spikes. Blood was running down her arms, and staining her gold leotard. Lauren found herself unable to watch, and filled with guilt at abandoning her sister, ran, heading for the cover of the stack of crates.

Now, Bob and Emma had Amy where they needed her, each pair of jaws filled with those little arms up to the shoulders. They lifted the girl, into a crucifix position. Then simultaneously they engaged reverse. The machines lurched backwards, and there was a brief tearing sound and a pop. Jets of blood sprayed, some hitting the windscreen of Bob's machine, and Amy fell to the floor in a heap amidst a growing crimson pool.

"Yay!" shouted Kasia.

"Oh that's nice!" said Emma with a smile, "I thought maybe just one arm would come off, and we'd have to try again. But no, both arms gone! What are the odds?"

Bob reached behind the seat of his dodgem, picked up a blowtorch, and jumped out. "She's bleeding out too fast," he stated, rather obviously. "Maybe I can cauterize those wounds a bit." He set to work with the blowtorch, searing the ragged gashes of torn muscles and skin, causing Amy to pass out from the pain.

"Mmm," said Kasia, "That smells lovely! Maybe we can barbecue her arms later!"

"Like in one of those super boring cannibal stories that you find on Gurochan," laughed Emma.

"Fidley's restaurant?" Bob chuckled, as he moved the flame to the other stump. "Those girls don't die of roasting or skewering - I think they die of boredom!"

"Piles of dead girls, all been brutally bored to death by being in the wrong story, poor things," laughed Kasia. "We're having way more fun than that! What's the point of writing a story if it's more boring than real life?"

"You should write a story, Kasia!" said Bob encouragingly.

"I dunno how to write stuff really."

"Just write about what you know - that's what they say. And we'll help. It'll be educational. Improve your vocabulary."

Kasia nodded, as she tried to remember how a 'vocabulary' worked. "Hopefully I'll learn some new words too. Maybe I'll just call it 'The Death Factory', after this place."

Bob frowned. "Doesn't seem like a very original name. Maybe we can think of a better one later."

"I don't think it's a good idea," Emma warned. "It could compromise security."

"Meh," said Bob, as he looked down at Amy's charred and smoking torso. "We'll just change a few details and no-one will ever know. Everyone will think it's just another gore story, and not actually based on reality. Kasia would assume a nom-de-plume of course, pretending to be some incredibly witty and charismatic anon on the internet."

"A name that reflects her true passion!" agreed Emma.

"Squishing and crunching girls!" laughed Kasia. "But what?"

"Okay enough of that!" interrupted Bob, "you can think of a name later. I wanna use this one as a cock sleeve while I'm riding my dodgem around."

When Amy regained consciousness, she found herself in the cab of the dodgem, duct-taped to Bob. Any attempt to move her arms just resulted in an awful sense of something being desperately wrong, and caused a terrible pain in her shoulders and back. She tried moving her legs instead.

Bob moaned happily, as she kicked and squirmed on his shaft. "Oh, you're back with us!" He placed a hand on her tummy and pushed her down, his dick pushing deeper into her tight, squidgy little ass. He had tried her pussy, but he couldn't achieve the blissful sensation of being balls deep, so had switched tack. He smiled as he remembered the old joke. Girls that think that size doesn't matter are just shallow.

"Who should we go for next?" he asked Amy, "Maybe your sisters? You can watch as we tear them into itty-bitty pieces."

Amy said nothing. Talking or even breathing was incredibly painful, so she only allowed herself a few pathetic gasps.

But then, Bob noticed the two girls on top of the tower. Zoe and Georgie might have found a good vantage point, but it did have the drawback of being rather exposed. Bob expertly steered his machine around the ominous red 'X', and after working a couple of levers, soon had one of the scaffolding uprights in the jaws. "Rock a bye baby…" he sang.

He was joined by Emma. It was a lot of fun for the trio, watching the tower lurch this way and that, as the two girls clung on. Another shove, and Georgie was suddenly dangling from the high platform, clinging from a cross member by her fingers, her strong legs kicking, trying to find a foothold.

Zoe looked down at her, and realised the game was up, "Fuck!" she said, as the tower reached a crazy angle. "I'm outta here."

She jumped into the the yellow pipe, thinking that she could slide down it to safety, but on entering, found that the inside was quite greasy. With no options left, she let herself go, and whooshed down the tube at an increasing speed until she was dumped into the skip below with a resonating 'bong'. Zoe hadn't looked into the skip before she jumped, and in any case her view had been obscured by the crates. Now, realising her situation, all she could say was, "fuck."

Emma lifted the jaws of her dodgem, causing the tower to suddenly rise and swing back, hitting the wall behind it. Georgie yelped as her grip was broken by the impact. Funnily enough the first thing that went through her mind was disappointment that she had broken one of her nails.

The trio shouted "Yay!" in unison, as they watched her fall, then "Oooh!" as she slammed feet first onto the unyielding steel below with a loud crack.

Georgie found herself lying between the tower and the barrels. As soon as she tried to stand she realised that her legs were broken, and felt cold and sick as shock took hold. Game over, she thought. She lay there for a moment, as the pain seared in her legs. She wanted to scream. She wanted to run. She wanted to die. She wanted anything but this, and nothing.

She started to crawl painfully, on hands and knees, dragging herself into the centre of the Arena. She would give herself away, for Zoe, her one true love.

Kasia watched with mounting excitement, her heart pounding. Now was her chance to really see what Volvomort was capable of. A big, squishy, crunchy girl that couldn't run away - Perfect! She remembered the time that Georgie had choked her and pounded her out, and now she'd have deliciously unfair retribution.

But first she'd need to get into the proper position. She'd need to turn around in a big circle, so she could approach Georgie toes first. Always toes first, she thought, for the screams.

Megan watched from the cover of the barrels, fingering herself frantically through the fly of her jeans. She realised that the chances of her winning had just increased dramatically, now that Georgie, the previous odds-on favourite was out of the running. Kasia was coming towards her, and she realised that she would pass by close to the blocks where Christi was hiding.

So, as Volvomort rumbled by, Megan shoved Christi into its path.

Kasia saw a movement from the corner of her eye, and instinctively braked, but it was too late. There was a scream and a crunch that Kasia could feel through the steering wheel. She looked across at one of the video screens to see Christi under the roller, trapped by her feet.

Bob watched the unexpected turn of events with bemusement. "Look Amy, your sis is about to get squished!"

Amy didn't react. Bob punched her in the guts, and apart from a slight gurgle, still no reaction.

"Well you're a bunch of fun!" he said huffily. He decided he was getting bored of his toy. It was nice having her on his dick, but she wasn't very reactive, and even without arms she was kinda getting in the way all the time.

He sighed, and pulled out his Bowie knife. He stabbed her in the guts, and her body jumped. Bob took a deep breath, and stabbed her again and again, bouncing her twitching fuck-toy body on his cock until he came into her too-tight butt-hole.

Then he took the bloodied knife, and cut the tape that was holding her body to his, and threw her from the cab. A minute later the trio were standing, looking down at the little girl's dying, naked body, as it lay curled up in the middle of the red 'X'.

Amy's eyes fluttered open. "Guhh," she said.

Lauren watched in horror from the crate she was hiding in. She so desperately wanted to intervene, but knew it was futile.

"Well," advised Bob, "We all better stand back a bit."

The trio took a few paces backwards, then Emma pulled a remote from her pocket.

As she pressed the button, there was the "zzub" of electricity ceasing to flow, then a twang from above followed by the heavy silence that only a ten-ton lead weight plummeting to earth can make.

Kasia instinctively flinched as an almighty boom echoed around the Arena, and the floor shook. For a moment, the air was filled with a pink mist, and then there was a pattering sound of small pieces of flesh raining down all around them.

"Cool!!" Kasia exclaimed, then the family looked at each other and laughed. All three were covered in a spray of blood, their faces red, and their ninja suits shiny with gore. Emma licked away a rivulet as it trickled down to her lips.

Bob nodded in satisfaction. "Good. The experiment went exactly according to plan. We can review the slo-mo footage later, for science. In bed together."

A whimper escaped from Christi's lips, reminding the trio of unfinished business.

"Ah yes!" said Kasia. "Toes first. We just squished one the fast way, now we'll crunch one the slow way. Very slow."

Bob and Emma looked down into Christi's pleading eyes. Her face too, was freckled with her sister's gore, and little chunks of Amy clung to her leatherette outfit.

"The cameras are great, Bob, but it's not the same as really experiencing it up close is it?" said Emma. "Like being in the front row at an AC/DC concert, instead of watching on TV."

Kasia jumped into the cab of her yellow beast, and started the engine. At that moment, the couple were startled by a sound behind them.

"Noooo!" Lauren raged, now barefoot as she ran at them, swinging wildly at Emma a plank of wood, nails protruding from the end. Emma raised an eyebrow in surprise, and stepped back, causing the plank to miss.

Lauren, having fully committed to the strike, and only having found fresh air, spun around with the momentum. As she stepped to regain her lost balance, slipped on the slick steel floor, and fell face down on top of her sister, straddling her. The makeshift weapon clattered uselessly away across the floor.

"Noooo!" she cried again. She was overcome with insanity at the thought of Christi's terrible demise, and grabbed madly at her sister's trapped ankles, desperately trying to pull her legs free.

"Yum!" said Kasia, as she put Volvomort in gear, and as the roller lurched forward, Lauren had no time to clear her hands of danger.

Bob's dick rose to attention as the girls screamed together, a beautiful cacophony of agonized harmony.

Emma put an arm around his waist as they watched the girls' limbs crush and spread under the immense pressure. "God, Bob, this is the hottest thing ever!"

To the couple's amusement, Lauren was trying to free herself again, yanking her arms back, but only succeeding in slipping and sliding on the gore, ass in the air, like Bambi on ice.

"It's like she can never decide what she wants! Save her sister? no, run and hide. Dive under the screamroller? no, changed her mind again."

Bob laughed. "You said 'screamroller'."

"I didn't at all!" Emma said indignantly. "That's the sort of retarded thing your daughter would say!"

"Hey, she's your daughter too!"

"Y..yes, but not so much…"

"I wish I could fuck that," Bob said, pointing to Laurens ass. "Shame there's no space to safely get in there. Just imagine fucking a girl as she's squashed flat. Hottest thing ever! Maybe I'll make a machine for it."

"Hotter than me?" Emma gave him a look of pure wanton lust. Eight seconds had passed, and now she was lying face down on the sticky floor, next to the roller in a perfect position to watch the sisters get smashed flat.

"Ass fuck me," she offered, "And I'll role play being Lauren as she gets smooshed. Then you'll have your wish. Kinda."

It wasn't the sort of offer that Bob could really refuse. He climbed aboard his wife's perfect ass, and she moaned as he slid his length into her backside. Emma fumbled a vibrating egg into her snatch, and the couple soon got to work; Emma tensing and relaxing her ass muscles in the way she knew Bob loved, as he ploughed in and out of her quivering butt. Thus they lifted themselves into a state of Nirvana as they watched the spectacle of splatter before them.

It wasn't clear if Lauren was still trying to free herself from the roller, or just reacting to the pain, as she repeatedly lifted her head and yanked back against the advancing death. Emma, diligent in her role, copied the actions, as Bob grunted and pounded gratefully into her behind.

Christi had embraced Lauren in a hug, her arms wrapped tightly around her sister's middle, her sobs periodically giving way to yelps of convulsing agony as she was slowly destroyed by the advancing mass.

Emma squealed and quivered under Bob, emulating Lauren's movements as they revelled in the cracks and pops of knees and elbows slowly being crunched into gore. Guttural sobbing mixed with a tearing sound as Christi's shiny trousers split open along their length, and pale thigh flesh bulged out, before that too split apart, and blood, fat, meat and bone was pressed outwards and mashed together with the flesh that was once Lauren's tanned arms.

At this point, Lauren seemed to give up the fight, and let her head drop into Christi's crotch, her blonde pony-tail spilling between her thighs. It looked quite erotic for a moment, as if she was about to go to work on her sister, but then as the roller advanced upon her skull, she turned her head to face the busy couple.

A gaze of sorrow and fear met looks of bloodlust and hateful ardour, then the roller was upon her, pressing her head into Christi's pelvic bowl. Despite Lauren being pinned by the arms, she was pushed further back, and up her sister's body, until her belly was smothering the younger one's face.

Christi let out a muffled yelp as her pubic arch collapsed with an audible snap under Lauren's head, and Lauren shrieked as her skull was engulfed in a blinding pain of unbelievable pressure. It felt like her head was going to explode, which of course it was. But not right away. First it was going to destroy Christi's developing womanhood.

Christi screamed and squirmed as Lauren's cranium mushed down into her crotch. She felt a searing burning as with a pop, her bladder burst, and wee and blood trickled into her panties.

Then finally, Lauren's pale blue eyes rolled back into her skull, as it gave way with an extended series of sickly crunches. As her brain within was slowly flattened and torn, random neural firings made her body convulse violently, jiggling with demonic eroticism against her sister. She pissed herself of course, a yellow jet streaming down onto Christi's chin.

To Bob's delight, Emma matched the dying girl's convulsions, writhing and shaking convincingly.

"I'm dead now," Emma breathed to her husband, as she went completely limp under him, still in role-play mode. "You're fucking a corpse."

The couple giggled, and resumed 'normal' sex. 'Normal', that is, if ass-fucking while watching two sisters being mashed to a pulp by a screamroller is normal.

As Lauren's nose bone pushed itself through her face, her eyes seemed to move to the side of her skull, momentarily giving her a herbivorous look. She had dieded already, but her autonomic system hadn't got the memo, and she was still breathing, a ragged series of gasping snorts through her slackly open mouth.

Then, with a wet squelching, and more paroxysms, her mouth started to fill up with cerebral matter, and the gasping gave way to a gargling sound as her lungs carried on trying to push air past her mashed up brain.

"I want my mummy," Christi announced sadly.

Then she repeated, at a higher pitch, "I want my mumeeeee…." She trailed off into a rising scream as shards of Lauren's skull were pushed into her vulva, then spread forward with pieces of her own shattered pelvis, like jelly filled with knives into her abdomen, tearing apart her guts, which were then squidged outwards in a bloody wave of gore by the roller.

Bob and Emma fucked in delight as the roller now started mashing the two girls together, in a continuous wave of delightful surprises.

Lauren's ample chest was next, being pushed down into Christi's middle. Bob had to stop fucking his wife's ass for a moment to stop himself cumming, as he devoured the sight of Lauren's left breast bursting open, spilling blood and fat. The contents of Laurens cracking ribcage pushed down into Christi's guts, forcing them up into her thoracic cavity. Christi wept, her eyes searching helplessly, as she found herself unable to breathe.

The two girls were being squeezed like two toothpaste tubes. Of course since they were pointing in different directions, the effects were different, though equally delicious. As the double helping of viscera was propelled forward, Laurens ass rose provocatively into the air, as her lungs, heart and liver were squeezed down into her belly. The effect was augmented, by the reverse happening to poor Christi beneath her, as her guts were forced up into her chest.

Emma was enjoying a succession of orgasms, which felt like they would last an eternity. Bob on the other hand, could barely control himself despite his best efforts and started to cum.

Then as the metal of the roller met Lauren's ass, there was a pop, and suddenly a jet of liquid shit spewed from her sphincter in a high pressure arc, shooting twenty feet across the Arena, narrowly missing Georgie, who was still lying face down on the floor.

As the roller advance further, Lauren's corpse was squished slightly to one side and Christi's head popped free from under her. Bob watched with interest as she did the goldfish impression that Maisie had done a year earlier, then there was an eruption of giblets, gore and guts from her mouth, before her chest burst open and viscera spewed out in all directions.

Laurens pale ass jiggled above it all, diarrhea dribbling from her hole. Then, as if to prove that she still had something left to give, her legs spread apart, and with a comical squeak, her anal sphincter prolapsed, and her intestines turned themselves inside-out and forcefully started streaming in dirty coils from her ass. Her vagina followed suit, disgorging her uterus, then her body ripped apart at the weakest point, the perineum, and the entirety of her viscera erupted, in a wave of steaming gore, spreading out between her long, still sexy legs.

Bob nutted harder than ever before, cumming buckets into Emmas tight yet soft tush. He thought he had finished, but then, as Laurens curvaceous bum was flattened out into a patty of meat and fat and mashed into the rest of the shambles, he came again, filling his wife's hole with gallons of sticky seed.


Wow that's good.




Good point, well made sir.
Wait - I thought this was my room?
And anyway, I don't think I wanna be alone in a room with that one, I wouldn't feel safe…


Any parts in particular that worked for you?



If you were referring to the little Amy stabbed while raped… yeah, I appreciated. Too young for my taste but you can't have everything in life!


Well, I wasn't thinking of that lol. In fact I didn't plan that part, it just happened. It was a plot device really, so Bob could get rid of her quickly, otherwise it would have got in the way of subsequent events.

And I'd always planned for the young sisters to be killed off first, because they were innocent… (poor things!)

TBH I can't remember what I was thinking of that you'd like, but maybe some stuff in chapters 19 + 20 will be more to your taste.

And yeah, Amy's a bit young, but a reader suggested that character, so I don't mind. Actually, If you read between the lines, she's a bit young for Bob too!

If I re-write this story, I might make all the characters at least teens, and maybe over 18. But since I've started including younger victims, there doesn't seem to be much point changing now. I doubt if there'll be any as young as Amy or Maisie again though. The next batch of girls will be in their 20's (more reader suggestions!). Probably chapter 20.


Chapter 17! Wow! Excellent! Thank you


Thanks Squishy! Thought you'd probably like it. :)

I thought it could have been a bit better though. I forgot to put in the part about Christi's spleen squirting from her nose, and I should have written that part from her perspective, with her sister getting squished and dying on top of her. Also the part with Amy getting splatted under the dropping weight could have had a bit more 'visual' detail. I'll fix those things in the re-write though lol.

I'll probably get chapter 18 up this weekend, two more Bitches bite the dust (each death worst than the last lol). Then in Ch. 19 there will be a death match between the 'winner' and Kasia. Ch. 20 will introduce the next batch of victims.

Also there is a new subplot (or is it the main plot?) developing starting in ch. 18 too, just in case anyone is thinking things are getting a bit predictable…

I'm also thinking up new devices, so I'll need more victims.

So ladies, do send me all your personal details, photos, telephone no., home address, credit card no, etc, (or those of your little sister) /jk, and I'll get things rolling for you. :D


I've had some incredibly busy days, so I'm kinda late to the party. Well done with the latest chapter! I was going to give you some critique but then you did it yourself, writing pretty much exactly what I was going to comment. I'll sum my thoughts up for you though.

I too missed more details about what was going on in Christi's head during her last moments, being in pure, hopeless agony with her naked sister on top of her. The last thing the poor girl experienced was her sister pissing, shitting and spilling her guts in her face along with her own excruciating pain. I think that part could be fleshed out a bit more.

The chapter as a whole is still really good. The hunt is exciting to read, especially the part where Lauren tries to negotiate for her sisters' lives. The rape was a bit too quick for my tastes though. A standard rape is boring in this context, but I think Bob could have hurt her a little more, maybe sacrificed a breast for each of her sisters, idk.

To summarize this is excellent writing per usual, but some parts are a little bare and could use some more detail. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.



Thaks, Loke, I was happy with it when I wrote it, so I posted it. Only afterwards did I start to have doubts. I must force myself to wait a couple of days before posting in future, and not be so impatient.

Totally agree with you about Lauren's rape. I noticed that when proof reading, and thought "oh I need to add to that," but somehow forgot, so you guys got stuck with a placeholder for the actual writing. Like the idea for her titties to get sliced off too.

Agree with you about everything TBH. What I find remarkable, is that this is the first negative critique the story has had. receiving it makes me strangely happy TBH, I was starting to think that people were just being too kind to tell me it sucked!


Another thing that gave me pause, was writing that short story about the girl drinking acid (which I deleted - there's a thread about that if you missed it).

I spent proportionally way more time on that (it's only about 900+ words) and the quality of the writing is much better. I haven't posted the latest version yet, still waiting for stuff to happen over at FetNoir.

So it made me realise that maybe I'm getting a bit sloppy, and I should put the same effort into this one.


Hmm… My little sister eh? Well, truth be told despite being older I am most certainly the little one. What you do with that information is entirely up to you of course.


Well I've just written 'SISTER' on the wall with a circle around it, next to a map of the Carribean I've pinned there. Other than that, I don't see how it helps anything.

Oh wait! You mean for the story. I'm not sure how knowing you have a big lumbering oaf of a sister IRL helps that either. Maybe you'd like to suggest a character based on her?


I've decided to fix ch. 17 and re-upload it this weekend. Obvs that means ch. 18 will be delayed a bit, depending on my energy levels. So if you're reading this, and haven't read ch. 17 yet, probably don't bother. I'll leave it up for the time being though.


Sorry sorry peeps. I've gotten distracted writing another story for my muse over at FetNoir. It involves a steamroller too, so I don't want to confuse myself by writing that, and fixing another story about rollers here too. Once that's out of the way I'll come back and normal(ish) service will be resumed. Thankyou for your understanding.


>>17938 Good things come to those who wait, don't they? I hope so at least. No worries though, take your time.


Don't worry, I haven't abandoned you all. But there's a young lady over there who's biggest fantasy is being run over by a steamroller. Also has a thing for being fed into meat grinders, toes first. She practically threw herself at me, so what's a guy to do? I'll probably do series of short stories there, if she's happy with that.

Obviously, I'll be dividing my writing time. We'll see how it plays out.


>>But there's a young lady over there who's biggest fantasy is being run over by a steamroller

I don't blame you for prioritizing that young girl over us sweaty neckbeards!


I'll tell Sol you called her that!



I see; traded me out for a younger, more steamroller friendly model eh? Well, that's ok I didn't want to have my insides pulped and pushed out of my orifices anyway.


It's just a fling Sol, she means nothing to me I swear… You're still my favourite stalkee!


>I see; traded me out for a younger, more steamroller friendly model eh? Well, that's ok I didn't want to have my insides pulped and pushed out of my orifices anyway.

Well, you were all for it before, just sounds like sour grapes now.


Anyway it's too late to back out from the gruesome fate that awaits you. You're gonna be squirting entrails before you know it, whether you want to or not. Or at least your character is. I have something much nastier in mind for you, just as soon as I've finished drawing on the walls etc. At least that other girl has the decency to tell me her home town, and send multiple pics of herself.


Squunch, do you take requests for character deaths? Because I'd love to be written into one of your chapters :)


Oh! fresh blood!

Hi Kari! Sure! I expect I can squeeze another one in!


Awesome :) if you want a character description, I'm in my early 20s, short and slender with brown hair and green eyes. You'd usually find me wearing a tank top, shorts, and barefoot, but I'm not too picky about what I'm wearing!

As for my death in the factory, I only have 2 requests: target my stomach, and make it very slow, painful, and gruesome :)


>Awesome :) if you want a character description, I'm in my early 20s, short and slender with brown hair and green eyes. You'd usually find me wearing a tank top, shorts, and barefoot, but I'm not too picky about what I'm wearing!

If you think of anything to add, that would be cool. The more details the better. And what about personality?

>As for my death in the factory, I only have 2 requests: target my stomach, and make it very slow, painful, and gruesome :)

Yum! slow painful and gruesome are my 3 middle names!

You'll have to wait a while though, I've got a bit of a backlog atm, and haven't been writing much due to health issues. But I'll add you to the list!


> At least that other girl has the decency to tell me her home town, and send multiple pics of herself.
Pictures and location? You've got yourself some one special there but I'm afraid if I sent the same you'd never see me again. Not because you'd get me no but because I'm sure I'd have my internet privileges revoked. And my sunlight privileges too, at least for a little while.


I think your approach is admirably prudent, Sol. There's a lot of strange people about.


Sure Squunch I can give you more details! C cup breasts on my slim body. My tummy is flat but not very toned. I'm friendly and bubbly, if not a bit stubborn. And I'm fairly resilient, with a strong survival instinct. Even if I've suffered grievous wounds, I'll be assessing whether or not I could still survive, and trying to barter with my tormentors for my life.

Hope that helps :)


Almost a real life Julie. I propose a duel, Squunch!


Ha! I'm actually a huge fan of Bloodlust's work, because of how much I can identify with Julie. He wrote me into a story with her, and I think the result was pretty amazing :)

Overall, I'm not quite as resilient as Julie though, or as optimistic. Some of the wounds that she would shrug off would leave leave me panicked and clutching myself in pain.


Super! I'll have a lot of fun writing about your sweet destruction!

I'll consider it Ofix, although I had another idea for Julie too…

BTW, did you read the Tesni chapters? What did you think?


Oh! You are that Kari! Good story, I loved the multiple mechanic stab. Terminator would be less resilient than Julie so the comparison does not hold

I had already read your whole story but in doubt I re-read those chapters. I really feared for poor and innocent Kasie, very good rape scenes and as usual a little too much gore for me but this we have already established in the past.

Great writing as always, it doesn't surprise me that that character caught the attention of Bloodlust


Wait! That post is in absolutely perfect English! What's going on here?
:p :)

Thanks for your comments Ofix, appreciated!

I'm going to check the bloodlust's Kari story, …for research…


Yeah, Kari was in the Escape Room story.


Yep searched it. Turns out I've read it already (think I've read all your stuff tbh), great story!

I think I Julie and Kari might be meeting again, duel or not…


I hope all is well with you my friend


I'm still alive.


Two very POSITIVE aspects I'd like to point out.

- It's quite common for people with interesting ideas to rush some scenes too much. Not you. :) You took time with the details, it was almost like re-watching one's favorite action scene in slow motion.

b) sex AND gore
Far too many art pieces in this genre are overly focused on the bloody bits while forgetting it's main purpose is to be sexual as well. A simple example of what I mean - you read a decapitation story where the victim is beheaded. And… that's it. No one fucks the body, no one even enjoys him/herself while watching, nothing.

I wish more stories had the attention to detail and also still kept things spicy as yours did! :)


Thanks, STB! I'll be getting back into it again soon…


Im not saying the wait is killing me
but I feel like im in one of those machines rn


Do he live?





no i dieded



RIP u fucking beyblade


need MOAR
You can't die yet


Have you dieded to death? :-O

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