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Feb 27 18:24 Afro Samurai 2?
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Dec 30 19:17 Can It Be Done?


Turns out the host is not comfortable with fictional child pornography, so we have no option but to ban it.
So, from now on, all art depicting minors will get deleted.
This might disappoint some people, but for now our hands are tied.
We don't know how long the ban would be, as lifting it would require finding a new host.
In the next few days we will start the process of deleting the existing offending threads.

File: 1554566164863.jpg (493.28 KB, 1600x1200, Disposed girls09.jpg)

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Starting a new thread so the old one could still be bumped for a while.

For newbies: Here are my three past threads:
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I hope lolicit will work, we are going to shock them with what I have seen so far - the guys all love the girls with little forced let alone pain! I think most ask permission to kiss!


A lot of Drabok's work has already been posted on Lolicit by others, so I don't think there won't be any problem.
Besides there is some other interesting stuf to be found. Search for 'Lunarchitech'. You'll see what I mean.


I'm glad all seems to work out. A few gurochan refugees already got to full membership, some just need to make a bunch of posts and have the necessary rep already. And everybody else seems to be well on the way, I think Onix and I have repped almost everybody, others have helped a lot too. At least a few of you got repped by people who are definitely no guro fans, so making an effort in your posts can help.

Those who got in should be able to confirm that there is a bunch of interesting content by other artists, not just in the guro section.

When some of you don't want to follow us to lolicit that's your decision. It's currently much easier to join for guro fans than it ever was, when I joined it took me a week and well over 30 posts to get enough rep.


Hi JT (Beyfer)

I've downloaded twice your rar from Mega but both times it has arrived with some error that prevents its opening. Please verify it.


It is like Ganymed wrote. It is really easy in these days to enter lolicit. It took me 20 posts and two days to get the full membership.
Thanks to everybody who helped me.
And there is a lot of great stuff I have known till today only in example pictures. I am very happy that I could join there. Thanks again.

File: 1529199519134.jpeg (1.28 MB, 4096x2304, quiet1.jpeg)

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I've started to make some things in SFM. At least try to enjoy it.

>be the most loyal and skillful sniper on the Mother Base

>Kaz and other fuckboys don't trust

>then they rape you

>then they kill you

>then they rape you again

DDs are shit lads
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Sorry but any word of anything new from AnonModeON? been almost a month and no one is talking here in this trend.


File: 1587329564426.jpg (253.38 KB, 1068x676, fucc.jpg)

working on something…


good thread man


Samus v anything from Doom is inspired. Would love to see Femshep meet her end at the hands of a demon as well.


how's the progress so far?

File: 1548897828664.jpg (139.13 KB, 1920x1080, Moon_Preview.jpg)

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Another year, another non-bumping thread.

-First Thread:
-Second Thread:
-Third Thread: (thread seems to be gone from the last downtime)
-Fourth Thread:

Poison Sting
After losing a battle to a wild beedrill, a young trainer awakes to find herself at the mercy of the insect that bested her. Unfortunately for her, the bug has decided her rib cage would make the perfect incubator for it's next generation of offspring.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Are you trying to sell something pal?


EVMC is too softcore for me


I would love a Mara animation. Maybe a continuation of the dog execution


File: 1588658936771.png (4.09 MB, 1920x1080, 94B2D851-3BD5-4C74-A788-74….png)

Me as well, I would love to see Mara get clapped


Yeah, the drain deimos wouldnt kill her right away either. I was considering requesting a nemesis skull fuck but OP did one of nemesis and classic jill awhile back i thought a new monster would be nice. Plus, nemesis won't have the implication of parasites crawling around in her brains like a drain deimos does since they inject parasites with the tentacle ingame.

File: 1585914736645.png (3.02 MB, 1280x1024, 32546-1578870226-bc37ac5fb….png)


Just wanted to share what I've done and learn stuff from people. I wanted to see more hard vore, and decided to try my hand at rendering some.

I downloaded Daz Studio cause it was free, and now that I've been doing it, the hardest thing is finding a place to put it! is mainly where I post. I'll put some stuff here, and would appreciate feedback, good or bad.
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Thanks Ant! Yeah sorry… spelled with a z. Soon all this bullshit will be over and we can all get on with our lives, hopefully…


I just found the model. I cant wait to make some good stuff with this…


Can't wait to see it!


1588607185477.png Fantastic Just need to encourage more tit damage Even the big cats resting their weight on the chest or face


Would love to see more PoV stuff :P

File: 1571057570181.png (5.86 KB, 1080x908, black.png)


it feels really awkward

and.. sorry for no thumbnail
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Hey bro, do you have a Patreon or something?


Really nice to see you again! And no worries about the unfinished animation.


Woo! Stay alive my man


Its already awesome mate


This is absolutely fantastic! You are one of the the best guro animators by far!

File: 1588495333905.png (1.39 MB, 1920x1017, screenshot.png)


I don't know if this is the correct place for this, but i wish to ask you all for a little help when it comes to my little project.
Basically i'm re-creating this piece in Blender created by AnonModeOn. (may include more screenshots if you wish)
The idea is to create a metal prison for her, permanent and eternal, one where she is tormented every single second yet at the same time she is kept at the peak of physical/mental health. Powerful aphrodisiacs, electrostimulation, orgasm denial and horrible VR experiences are on her daily menu. (what else can i add?)

While i would welcome any fucked up idea that would make her torment worse, the thing that i truly need help with are the texts and scripts displayed on various status screens.(i'm really bad at those)
My plan is to render the finished piece from several angles, each angle shoving a different status screen.
If you help me with this, i promise to tweak and edit the finished piece so it better suit your tastes.

The main screen must show general info: name(must be degrading), info about her sentence, describe how she's being kept at perfect health, describe her despairing mood and how the computer consider this as the perfect state for her. The text must show that this is permanent and nonconsensual.
Next screen describing the process of her imprisonment: amputations of limbs/wings, removal of teeth (and whatever body-mods you want to throw in), the process of coating her in nanosteel. Add several warnings to each step of this and a question if it should contine. (warnings like that the process is illegal, that the selected settings will bond it to her skin,that the release mechanism in not included, etc.)
Third screen must show info about aphrodisiacs: some random name, if they're considered as illegal/biohazard/experimental/for large animals, recomended maximum dosage (if any) versus how much more is she getting, her reactions to them and how the compurer saves the setting of the mixtures/dosages as the new default.
Last screen should show info about her electrostimulation (for orgasm denial) and electroshocks: basically everything is random- frequency, duration, intensity. I plan to stick a few wires into her pussy as well, so info about the stimulation of her vagina walls,g-spot,cervix and womb would be welcome.


File: 1588495576885.png (1.38 MB, 1920x1017, 1588176799820.png)

Here's an example of a script for her nightly VR session, created by a kind Anon from /trash/, just to give you an idea of what i am looking for.

Initializing sweetDreams.exe…
Importing saved settings…
Runtime set: 8:00:00
Min. sequence runtime: NOT SET
Max. sequence runtime: NOT SET
Sensory multiplier: 1.5x
-Warning: increased sensory levels can result in permanent brain damage-
Please enter search terms for random sequence list generation:
Building list…
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I'm glad really you're back!
I was worried you've dropped all of this, but as I can see you're continuing on doing really interesting and fucked up (in a good way) 3d stuff.
Sorry I couldn't finish your requests, I'm barely finishing my personal things, but since that made you take things in your own hands, I think it all worked out for you in the end.
I think /lit/ and /rp/ boys will be glad to help you with the script, you'll just have to wait a bit.
Anyway, I'm proud of you, this is just Work in Progress and it already looks better than anything I'd make.
Continue on doing God's work here, I'm cheering for your accomplishment.


Thank you for your kind words.
To correct things a little bit, it was the picture from you that made me to start with Blender, not the unfinished request. It was just so fascinating.
And don't sell yourself short, i would love to get another piece from you. Besides, you can always help me with your ideas.
Sadly it seems that stuff like this is not very popular even on this site, so i hope you're right about the help from others. Rouge deserves only the best, no?

Now there are two thing i wish to report. First is that i'm making a few tweaks to the model in my pictures. I'm giving Rouge much bigger tits and big belly.
Second thing is that i have a very juicy script of her encasement. I hope that once things pick up here, some creative Anon can make it even more fucked up.

File: 1588611019756.png (2.44 MB, 1920x1080, AI_2020-05-05-00-26-59-709.png)


Some of my works, do you like this?

File: 1564486643878.jpg (1.74 MB, 1080x1440, Dolcett_Academy_Vol_1_guro….jpg)

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Sup guys. I started doing stuff in DAZ3d about 6 months ago. Dolcett has been my lifelong fantasy and I really enjoy doing it, but as you may know, 3d assets (especially figures) are expensive. So, if anyone could "buy me a coffe" by supporting me on gumroad I would be very thankful :)
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File: 1588524576604.jpg (362.04 KB, 1920x1080, devlog2.jpg)

Another devlog from the upcoming comic :)


File: 1588524615442.bmp (1.46 MB, 800x640, feet2.bmp)

Here's a bigger pic of the severed limbs - i know it's not perfect but I'm still working on it :P


File: 1588543019039.jpg (252.87 KB, 800x640, Guts.jpg)

…testing some physics simulated guts. I can't get the fucking glossy color right :P


File: 1588547596765.png (1.69 MB, 1920x1080, Guts3.png)

another fun test render :)


File: 1588551973973.png (1.62 MB, 1920x1080, ChoppedLegs.png)

The chopped legs and feet in action again :P

File: 1577261435976.jpg (909.53 KB, 1774x3153, 136B Croft.jpg)


Lara Croft: Himiko's Gift
Art by Badger
Story by Sinbad

The alter of stone and bone that honored the Ancient Empress of Japan, Himiko was a reliable place to find Mathias. As he let out his evening prayers, a new phenomenon occurred in his head. While he had heard whispers of an other-worldly source while kneeling before his jailor’s crypt, a full message was far from ordinary. As the whispers grew louder and more understandable, Mathias scrambled and took hold of a slab of stone and a steel pen. Scratching all he heard onto the tablet, the profit-like figure looked up when silence returned and pondered what he had been told. Reading his scribbles in full, his eyes snapped open as the true contents of the tablet were revealed to him. Whistling to a scaver, Mathias order the man to take a few friends and capture this ‘Tomb Raider’ before she could interfere with his plans.

Lara yawned and stretched her aching muscles as she rested in her newest camp. Running the numbers through her head, she knew her ammunition was limited, her radio was unreliable and her friends were still scattered all over the island. Putting those worries aside for the moment, she felt the exhaustion of the days fighting and free running take its toll on her. Sliding underneath a makeshift blanket of grass and twigs, the archeologist shut her eyes and dozed off as the sun set.

The group of scavers made enough noise that Lara was slowly roused from her sleep. Shuddering as the chill of the Japanese island washed over her, she slid from her covering and stood, hands already reaching for her weapons. Reaching for her radio, she thumbed the PPT button and cursed as the screen was blank. Setting the busted comm back on her belt, Lara accepted she was all alone and go ready to fight. Her prep was unnecessary however, for when she drew her pistol and brass-checked it a screaming cloud of buckshot glanced off of her smooth skin.

The swarm of shot was easy enough to shrug off but her attackers had learned from her tactics. A team of the scavengers all swarmed her camp at once, her sidearm cutting down a few but failing to repel the assault in full. Before she could reload her weapon, a rifle’s stock slammed into her toned abs while a sling of another wrapped itself around her slender throat. Lara’s hardened instincts forced her to kick out with botPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1588534113985.jpg (886.09 KB, 3153x1774, S1 HDR 12 25.jpg)

Part 1 / 4

Rey: The Failed Trail
Artwork by BadgerSFM
Story by SinBad

The planet of Korriban looked horrible below. An ancient Sith planet, it had been abandoned for generations by that point. Scanning for life forms, Rey saw that not only was it uninhibited, it was flooded with life forms unknown to the scanners or even BB-8. Hoping that Poe would forgive her borrowing of his droid, she began her descent, eager to claim whatever artifact that Luke’s ghost had told her was needed to restart the Jedi Order. The thought did cross her mind of why the future of the Jedi would be on the home world of their ancient enemies but her worries ceased when Luke explained that in order to protect the recovered Holocron of force-sensitives, he had hidden it on the last place anyone would look or even want to go.

Touching down, she felt a pull in the force and thumbed the lightsaber of Anakin and then Luke Skywalker. After her own weapon had malfunctioned-due to the lack of instructions on how to build the weapon- she had been forced to reclaim the weapon from the sands. Beginning her trek, she felt another sense, one of unease wash over her. Ignoring her bad feeling, Rey entered the wastes, hoping for a short mission. In ways she could not imagine, she was correct.

The massive wasteland took two whole days to cross, something that she had failed to take into consideration when making the choice to temporarily disable her star-fighter. Entirely a result of her bullheadedness, she had refused the nagging thought to simply circle back and fly closer. By the time she was fed-up with her hike however, she truly had no idea where her ship even was. Shaking her head, she simply believed she could find it when her mission was over. Huffing as she slid down a tall dune, she was rewarded by the sight of cliffs and rocky outcroppings.

Her fingers were bleeding, rubbed raw by the sharp stone by the time she reached the top of the stone monolith. Retrieving the small tube of Bacta from her emergency supplies, Rey rubbed the soothing fluid over her torn hands, crying out as the burning feeling washed over her until her skin was fully repaired. Grinning with self-confidence, she finally stopped to look around, frowning as the top of the cliff appeared to be an arena of some sort.

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File: 1588534260267.jpg (633.95 KB, 3153x1774, S2 HDR 12 30.jpg)

Part 2

Rey’s face twisted into a savage scowl as she let out a war cry of her own, spinning her weapon around in a furious flash of blue, each twirl adding a new scorch to her new opponent’s hide. Ducking down as a large hand swiped above her head, Rey rolled forwards on the ground and spun on her knees, swinging the Lightsaber at chest level which swiftly severed the hulking Sith spawn’s legs at the knees! Standing up, she took a moment to catch a breath. Before the first gasp hit her lungs, another of the weaker beasts had lashed out, catching her robe in its claws before ripping it away!

Rey gasped, both from the embarrassment of having her left breast suddenly exposed as well as the shallow cuts from the claws. Jumping back, she slashed again, severing the left arm of the thin before driving her lightsaber to the hilt into its chest. Ripping it free, she saw another one approaching and spun around the dead beast before bending the body over and rolling across its back, flashing the blade around in a diagonal strike which cut off the approaching Hellspawn’s right arm. Beheading it swiftly after, Rey sucked in a fresh breath and felt her shoulders begin to burn from exertion. Ignoring the throbbing ache, she raised her weapon and let another wild fist to hit the pure plasma and fall to the ground. Disemboweling the beast right after, she failed to see that her body was slowing down, far worse than any duel she had fought before.

Rey deflected the glancing swipe of a clawed hand, severing two of the fingers when her shoulder suddenly seized up and froze in place. Beginning to panic, she quickly swapped the hilt to her left hand, finishing off the Sith spawn with a stab through the gut. Tying to free the locked joint, she couldn't help it as another of the damned beasts closed in and landed the first blow of the fight, slashing through the light fabric of her robes.

Gasping as the front of her clothing was torn away with ruthless efficiency, the Jedi tried to repeat her earlier push, only making her enemy stumble back as her connection was once again limited. Ducking clumsily underneath another swipe, she swung the blade of plasma across the beast's gut, cauterizing the disembowelment before any entrails could slip out. Huffing and gasping, Rey dropped to her knee and fell onto her pert butt to avoid a kick to the face finding the strength to cut off the foot that had nearly caved her skull in. Laying down and strugglinPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1588534368525.jpg (913.96 KB, 3153x1774, S3 HDR 12 25.jpg)

Part 3

Even a millennia later, the war beasts of the Sith still felt immense hatred towards the agents of the light side of the force. Coupled with the literal piles of war beasts that his lone Jedi had brought down, their animalistic instincts kicked in. Rey’s mostly bare body was dragged inside of the small opening of the Sith spawn’s den, dropping to the floor with a soft groan as her bruised and beaten body crumpled. Her broken rib did her no favors either, the portion of her flesh depressing slightly as she struggled to roll onto her side. Finally succeeding in getting onto her back, she froze solid as the large beast that had been responsible for most of her injuries was standing over her with a colossal cock standing erect.

Any feeble attempt she made to flee would have left her still surrounded by the hostile aliens but the brute didn’t allow her to get even that far! Grabbing her by the ankle, the brute yanked on her leg hard, nearly popping the ball from her hip socket. Rey’s eyes nearly popped from their own sockets in response! Croaking and screaming with her second wind, the Jedi tried once more to resist but only failed spectacularly. Swinging a hand towards the brute, her weak swing was blocked just before the bones in her forearm were reduced to powder by a very erect Sith war beast.

Rey took her limp, rubbery limb in her working hand and croaked, trying desperately to rush the force through her ruined bones as she had once done for so many others. The thick fog that clouded the force was still there, still rendering her basically powerless to act in her own defense. Nothing reminded her more of that fact then the hulking creature dropping down behind her and spreading her pert ass apart before prodding her virgin anus with his flat tip!

Any strength Rey had left to possibly escape from her better vanished when its monstrous member crammed itself up her rear passage, instantly ripping it apart and providing the croaking Jedi the macabre lubrication of her own blood! Hooking its clawed hands under her arms, the brute snatched her from the floor of the den and held her vertically, bouncing the sobbing warrior up and down its shaft! The rough handling, brutal beatings and shattered bones were already beginning to take their toll on her, her entire body beginning to feel oddly cold on the hot, barren world.

Rey began to swim in and out of consciousness as the insides of her thighs were becoming slPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1588534468078.jpg (630.38 KB, 3153x1774, S4 HDR 12 20.jpg)

Part 4

The Jedi’s corpse remained lodged on the beasty’s cocks as it kept reaming out her asshole, eagerly slapping away into her destroyed rear despite the sudden sense of accomplishment. Dropping the freshly liberated head to the ground, the slayer of the last Jedi shrieked with annoyance as it was pushed out of the way! Rey’s twitching head was snatched from the ground and prodded by her killers, now more of an oddity than a threat. With her eyes rolled backwards and her brutally torn neck-stump still leaking blood and spinal fluids, the beasts quickly grunted with glee, eager to use their newest toy.

The look of pain was still present on her face as her mouth was wedged apart by a thick finger, probing her twitching throat. Her rolled eyes looked up at the grinning Sith spawn as it slid its stiff member up her chin and past her lips. Playfully darting into the vacant hole, another beast got behind the toy and tilted Rey forwards, sliding into her brutally torn neck stump. As both beasts howled with glee, a playful tug of war began with either of the victors sliding her severed head onto their throbbing erections. As her head was being double-penetrated, the brute tugged at its restored cock and growled at the other things waiting for their turns!

Rey’s body hit the floor once again, a large pool of alien semen flowing from both her destroyed ass and her tighter cunt. Bending over, the large war beast snatched her sloppy body from where it had been dropped and spun it around, prodding her wrecked backdoor once again. Sinking in fully, it dragged her dismembered remains along its member at a rapid pace, the rage it still had towards the Jedi being more than enough to fuel its lust. Letting a softer grunt fall from its gaping maw, the victorious beast took hold of her shattered arm and pulled, nearly tearing that off too. Seeing the beast fucking her mouth squeal and stuff her lips, the brute picked up the pace and started to mash into this Jedi fool even harder, the force of the thrusts breaking her pelvis itself!

Seeing its larger brethren pound the corpse into jelly, the lone war-beast wrapped both hands around Rey’s scalp and tugged it on even further, the lack of another cock in her mouth allowing for deeper penetration. Both raped the body in unison, matching tempos and even letting out squeals as her loose ass and neck swallowed more of the bulbous members. With a final press, the smaller pair wrenched on her hePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Part 5

Only seconds later, both froze in place as their balls twisted and pulsed, shuddered and finally spat out their thick, sticky loads deep into her ripped guts and out her mouth! Gasping with raspy voices, the pair looked at one another and ripped free of the dead Jedi. Dropping her sloppy corpse onto the poll of revolting sperms, the brute raised a foot and stepped on the small of her back, forcing its own massive load to squirt from her gaping asshole. The Sith spawn was more considerate however, dragging her head off slowly and making sure her full lips scraped it clean. Backing away with its toy, the spawn left the den with head in hand and raised Rey’s messy face up to the harsh sky and screamed in complete triumph! Seeing the hilt of her weapon still laying on the arena floor, the grinning alien grabbed it and wedged the bottom into a crevice. Rotating her face so it would always be facing the sun, the thing crammed her cum-lubed throat onto the top. Stepping back and nodding, it retreated to its own den, leaving the severed head of the last jedi to bake in the Korriban heat, leaving her body to the whims of the brute.

Rendered in Source Film Maker (SFM)

Post 3D editing in GIMP

Touchup Photoshop Express HDR Filter 12 S1 at 25% S2 at 30% S3 at 25% and S4 at 20%

More art and stories are in my channel here

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